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My Kemono Girlfriend : Anime Dating Sim

My Kemono Girlfriend : Anime Dating Sim for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Genius Studio Japan Inc. located at 東京都千代田区神田佐久間町3−23 スタウトビル4階. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
ok i love it! but i would rlly enjoy it more if u didnt put in the gem thing... i dont get it.. its blocking all the good answers but OTHERWISE its pretty good! i would play it if i was you!! i like even tho im a female but i still like it!
this app is stupid, it wont load no matter how long i sit there and wait. i cant provide a discription for the game because of this. i would love to give this app 5 stars if you were to fix this problem 😤
ehh half star just because of the rubies, maybe max tickets is 5 please. Still not finished it so yeah. Oh btw to all people who played this. If you didnt know this yet, you can play minigames to get points, and trade your points for a ticket. oh yeah give us more rubies please, maybe 100 is enough to make people a little bit more satisfied.
Now that I've seen Saki's ending I have to say I've thoroughly enjoyed the ride. The tale of romance and redemption hit the mark perfectly. Yes, the timing of the choice made refusing to spend the last day with the other two girls felt bittersweet, but for me the promise to Saki at the beginning was worth it.
you get 30 gems to start off but that is not enough cause you get choices over 30 and you get 0 every time you complete a chapter. other than that it is a good game i like the way you put the stories in and stuff. please add the 1 gem per chapter feature please
This app is a scam that forces you to buy points in order to choose the best option and plus you have to buy a few amounts of points by which they only give you in total of 30. That's nonsense, I highly recommend not to download this pathetic app.
so the game is fun but its the biggest money grabber on the store genius inc. made it so if you want to make a romantic move on a girl you have to spend diamonds to do so at the start they give you about 30 and that's it 10 is 2 dollars or something but that's not the worst of it, when you end a chapter you have to spend story tickets to go on to the next chapter you have to buy those too my biggest issue in the game is that you have to pay money to continue the story or pick an important choice
Fun but very boring at times. The fact that so many parts of the game are locked behind a pay wall of gems is completely stupid. It take 2 and a half hour to be able to read a 5 minute chapter that usually only has 1 or 2 divergences, which unless you have gems generally means you have linear path that you can hardly change. Plus the game shoves ads down your throat and makes you wait to keep reading. It's sad that a game company exploits some of it's fans for a quick few bucks.
its a nice game but just dont like the way you have to use gems for the other options. if it lowered or just removed entirely it would be great
overall not that interesting typical and boring also I wish for once one of these games would just let you be more selective in your story arc why am I always a teenager why am I always socially awkward and why am I always acting like a coward I'm none of those things in real life why did automatically start off with a love interest why was not able to find my own love interest and choose freely who I will and will not date automatically you have to have a certain level of drama stupid.
good art good story the only thing is the devs seem to have read alot of old american superhero comic books because they are obsesed with cliffhangers and paying to see whats next other than that its a good app for people like me
First of all else the rubies are terrible with out a doubt it feels closed in when i can't answer what i want to say to the characters and i can't even get back the rubies i spent because you HAVE to buy them. you can't watch an ad to get more(but you can for "points")and it pisses me off to have to play a choice story with no opinion except the default one were nothing happens in the story so you don't have any point in playing it. i will thank the guy that finds a hack or a glitch to fix it
awesome game! SO into it, annoyed when not enough jems, some tough decisions, and I really put my own thoughts into it about the closest answer to what I would do.
I finished the story it was so lovely. I had to earn the points for rubis but it was worth it I got the perfect ending!
I don't usually write comments but, this is still great, i agree with the no gem thing but, everyone has their own way, all i can do is download, play, and enjoy. (Sometimes with a comment)
I gave it three stars because i hate that i have to pay gems or tickets for romantic replies and you only give us 30 gems in the beginning Its basically a scam!
I loved the game and i was realy touched by the way it ended and i also feel like it helped me through my last brake up😢
i liked the storyjust as much i liked phantom hearts especially the intimate moments on the game. the musis is memorable. keep up the good work.
Why do u have to make it too pay money to get gems huh? at least start us off with 100 gems cause u can't get gems u can only keep the ones u have and never get more unless u buy them that's not fair if ya don't fix this ur gonna not have people playing ur games :/
The story is nice characters are cute especially Erin Needs more improvement for example : Instead of typing (sits) why didnt she sit?
Its good but I dislike the fact I have to get and use in-game money to do actions. But otherwise the characters are great and the storyline is good which I'm always looking for!
10/10 would suggest ,great story ,great characters ,great endings i could go on and on about how good this game is
it was amazing such a wierd but still cool and shocking story i loved it all about how people dont like things because of the past and they just need to get over it i would rate it higher if i could well done developers
take this review with a grain of salt because I haven't done the whole story but I don't expect much from the story because kind of a joke to me but the stories and the special replies are extremely costly to get free replies and free stories you either have to pay lots of real money or do fake scam sings like trying out apps which never works
You can't even play the game properly or flirt with any of the girls without actual real life money so in game purchases. It really sucks and you basically can't play the game to its full extent or as a matter of fact play it decently unless you pay with your money that it's a real bother but it's my first dating SIM so what do I know?
haven't gotten varry far into the game and i like the look and storytelling. But flirty choices cost dimands so i can't make the choices i want to after only one.
its just another game where you have to pay in order to get the good reaction and the reaction you get for free makes it seem like youre an assh*le in the story
This game is good for killing boredom, if only for a few minutes. The graphics are very nice as well. However, I wish the characters wouldn't refer to you as only a guy.
it's fun but you have to pay to continue.I AM ALSO UPSET THAT YOU START WITH A LOW AMOUNT OF TICKET AND THAT YOU HAVE TO WAIT LIKE 2 HOURS TO GET 1 TICKET IF I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY AND ONLY WATCH ADS DO YOU KNOW HOW FAR I COULD HAVE GOTTEN WITH ADS.this is really sad please fix this game because it's really annoying me and i would really love to see what happens next BUT I CAN'T DO IT IF I HAVE LOW TICKETS,HAVE TO WAIT 2 HOURS FOR 1 TICKET,AND HAVE TO PAY TO CONTINE
This was amazing!! I really did love it. Only problem was that it was to short, I finished it in 3 days. Other then that.. I LOVED IT!!!!!! It had a good story, good gramar, a lot of choices, ect! And I also had another problem, I already had spent 3 dollars within a day. And I like how you could extange points for diamonds, I thought that was a very nice touch to the game. But I noticed for the tickets that there was no extange. And I thought you should be able to extange diamonds for tickets.
you could've made it about anything else but having but insteas made it about the girls abuse and say pets and animals are stupid and worthless breaks my heart and pisses me off like the hell is wrong with you all thinking that would be a good idea to have the girls abuse and neglect animals especially about throwing rocks at a dog wth!? i couldn't get through the second chapter without almost crying what is wrong with you people!!! can't believe you thought this was a good idea! ugh!
the app has a pretty decent storyline but you cant do anything to make better choices you have to use rubies and you only get enough for one choice then you can only get two story tickets max and when you use them you have to wait 2 hours for more its a money sucking app and i hate it
lol every time it even has a HINT of romance Oh hey want to spend gems?!11! its only 5 bucks witch cant even get one option on its own then 10 bucks for 60 2 flirty choices as normally its 28 gems for an option. this is rubbish you just want money and really? 5 hours to get 30 coins by watching another just to give you more money you legit need to wait 10 hours just to get 5 gems honestly why are you even making ads about this money scam
A lot of this basically happened to me in real life. Two really cute, sweet, eye catching girls wanted to crawl all over me. They had to agree to share me. It's a Dream in Reality. I love how they touch me. Every area possible. I don't like this game as I love them though.
loved the story it was a little bit confusing at first but it got easier to understand only problem with this app and all of this company's apps r the ruby system, but once again loved the story and the girls to especially Erin would be nice to have them back but with a different story
This game is amazing, exciting plot, loving story and even cute characters! I once thought that it was a 5 star game but I HATE how you have to pay gems for good replies!! its so stupid..
This game was slightly good, though I wish it was easier to get Gems and Story Tickets. Maybe add a way to earn them by watching ads instead of paying or playing other games for abundant amounts of time? Thanks.
i guess 16 dollars isn't enough. This game is a total cashgrab, do yourself a favor and get a computer, go on steam, and buy Neko-nin. Everything is free after purchase and no long waits. this game sucks i am only giving 2 stars because the girls have animation. would have been 3 but they decided everyone else should be a sihlouette.
I loved the kissing when they all are human should pick allison to go with my opinoin though she looks so beautiful and I liked how nakoruma did that in my mind in the game
I loved it, I wish we could have more premium options without the cost of money but besides that the story line and plot twists were amazing thank you
Identifying with the main character in this game isnt hard - i thought the game was reading my mind. However, making the user pay just to use different choices (that seem to be the ones more likely to be chosen irl) is not good. Also, making the user progress the story via the use of tickects and then making it so the user can run out of tickets, really? i was genuinely intrigued and had to stop just because i didnt have tickets.