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My Horse Prince

My Horse Prince for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by USAYA Co., Ltd. located at 東京都中央区日本橋人形町3-3-5 天翔日本橋人形町ビル 3階. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great and funny game! I remember playing it a few years ago and laughing so much! But my in app purchases don't seem to be working- It takes the money out of my account with nothing happening in-game
This game is honestly the best thing to come, very Intertaning and a very cute guy, definitely something teens need in their life, if I was a parent I would definitely recommend this to them 10/10. Would definitely give you a boost in confidence.
Surreal. I was blown away by the outstanding animation as well as the excellently crafted banter between characters. Story plot is mesmerizing to the point of not wanting to stop.....every one wants a horse prince, right? That long neck and human head is something betwen heavenly and a horror movie....sweet dreams, or nightmares, are sure to follow. Bleach in my eyes could not erase the images burned into my mind. A must play!
I went into this game skeptical. But alas the game has proven me wrong, my love for horses has never been stronger. I never considered myself to be a "horse girl" but after playing this game I just hope that I can find a horse prince of my own <3 we would be so happy with our half horse half human children <333
This game is amazing! It sure bring me back some good old memories, before my horse ran away. I remember me and my horse were so close we were such good friends, more than friends maybe! But my horse ran away without telling me the reason why🤧 I miss my horse❤
The art style is amazing, the story, the lore, the handsome men, it's all amazing, this is one of the best of these games yet, it is way more funny and laughable than any other. I love this game and will always love my horse prince❤️ 5/5
This is not like any other game I've ever experienced. My life has changed emotionally and physically due to the impact this immaculate peice of work. IVE NEVER ever felt this way before. I am thrilled to continue loving this game.
Oh MY GOD I KNEW THE GAME WAS CRAZY BUT I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS CRAZY AS IN LIFE CHANGING I always wanted to become a doctor 🥺 and even tho there are in app purchases it'll be worth it because it'll guarantee me a High paying job 😌😌 I always wanted to be understood but I never knew the only one who could support me would be a horse prince but I mean that is true royalty by my side 💖 🙈🙉 unfortunately I can't empathize with the reviewee because i don't have horses let alone have them thrown down
This game was life changing. I love it so much. The story was immaculate and the characters were so realistic. And the horse horses pecs were what really sold it for me. I am so happy I downloaded this it has made my life complete.
This game was life changing. The story was in depth, the characters were fascinating, the consept was trilling. The game play was also invigorating, but to top it all off it was inspiring. I've fixed a marige, am rasing obedient children, started bonding with my brother that I previously despised for many years. I've gotten an extremely successful career and am selling horses on the side at one of my two ranches. This game has truly made me turn a new leaf.
The concept is out of the box, and a real life changer and life saver. Even more life saving than when Sia recorded her Saved My Life, and storyline is immersive and very hooking on to players. I could even see myself looking for my very own horse prince. 1000/10 would definitely recommend playing it.
I know this game is all for laughs and jokes, but omg I never see myself liking this game, evem though it was just a simple one, the animations to the story line and the and everything about it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I highly recommend playing this game just for your laughs and quirkiness
This game is so weird but it's very very kind of cute really have no idea so usually I don't think this is actually a game for kids but even though I'm like 11 so does nothing but a problem with that but it's kind and not fur younger people so don't let your kids play this it's very very I forgot what the word is but it's okay so do not let your kids play this or else you will die from me don't let your kid play this or else I will murder the heck out of you I will get S Slender Man !!!!!!
Before I have started this game, I was a horse hater. After exploring through this lovestory it has inspired me to look for my own. In this present day, I love horses with guys faces on it. Its just so beautiful, in its own way. Now I will search in every barn in the world to find my one and only horse prince.
I first saw this game on Pewdiepie years ago, played it for myself as i was curious and thought it was funny. Unexpectedly the game was good from story to characters and didn't turned out boring lol. Hoping for more fun games!
I played this game years ago when it was first released only on iOS. It's absolutely hilarious 😆 I was literally laughing out loud throughout the entire thing. And to make it even better it's completely free and easy to complete. I recommend it to anyone whose familiar with otome and joseimuke and that just wants a good laugh.
This game is extremely phenomenal. If I handent my marriage would be tarnished. This game adds something new to bedroom every night. My wife calls her horse prince. I can still hear her voice, “Oh my horse prince. I am your owner!!” I don't mind it, because I am her horse prince. Sometimes I catch myself on all fours moaning pleasurable sounds like a rhino in the safari dessert during the first rain in months. I am truly thankful for your game and I will continue to play it with my wife.
this is so good !! highly recommended games especially for horse girls!! i wish i can find my own horse prince too :(( anyways,, this game is so good !! especially the threadmill one he looks so hot running 🥺🥺🥺
it's the best... i never knew this is what i needed in my life, a human- faced horse. my life changed because of this game. if you're ever lost in love, just play this game and you'll be back on you feet. thank you for creating this masterpiece, i will never take this experience for granted.
that was like traumatizing in a happy way ok but, its good the character moves which makes it funnier. The horse is hot tho [lip bite] Jokes aside this is a bizarre but fun to play game they sometimes slap me in the face with ads tho
Amazing game. Love it. After I played this I felt like a changed person🙌😇 It is free therapy 🙏 This game fixed my marriage and cured my depression 🥺 I now work as a farmer and have 3 children and a happy home all because of it🤞 I will totally recommend it 💯
This is the most amazing game you will ever play, and thats a guarantee. This game really opened my eyes to how phenomenal a game can be. This is by far the best game that I have ever played. There are no problems with My Horse Prince. The whole game is a masterpiece and I think that everyone should play it. This is my favorite app on my phone and I will never delete it. I will show it to all of my friends and they can play it to. Thank you, developers, for making such a wonderful game.
Wonderful, Spectacular, Show-Stopping, Never-Been-Done-Before. The moment I realized that I had played through the game was probably the saddest moment of my entire life and I will never be able to find the love I had for my Horse Husband in any human again.
This game is a transendent experience. Every moment I spend playing this game is like a dream I never knew I had coming true. From the way my horse prince gulps down his carrots, to the way his emerald green eyes pierce through my soul and to my very core when we talk. A dream come true, one hundred percent. In all honesty though it's a funny game and if you can live with the man/ horse mashup, it's been very entertaining so far.
This game has completely ruined my love life. My wife Sarah H (Sarah please come home I miss the kids.) divorced me because she started playing this game and now she is in love with the horse prince (not me). She is forcing the kids to suffer by only feeding them carrots, I have been to visit many witches to see if they can change me and turn my body into the body of a horse. None have worked not even horse counselling. BUT I just downloaded it and now I am in love with my horse prince. Help.
Lol this game is really funny been laughing since chapter 1 hahaha. On a more serious note, it is actually well made despite the fact that the whole story is a big joke, even the characters. It also runs smoothly based on my experience. And it's way better than those clickbait games that are overrun with ads and coudn't even properly run. Also the ads in this game is optional that it doesn't have annoying pop-ups every 10 seconds. Overall its a pretty good game. Looking forward to playing this🤩
This basically the worst game I have ever played. LIKE WHY WOULD U LOVE A FRICKING HORSE WITH BOYS HEAD. I already knew what I was getting into but I didn't expect to be life scarring. if could I would have given it zero star rating cuz it's just dumb. The animations were rushed and wasn't good (like have u seen the eating animation). I would NOT recommend it to anybody cuz it's stupid and looks lazily made.😡😡
This game puts AAA companies to shame. From the characters to something as simple as the grass, this game doesn't fail at any aspect. TLOU? RDR? Undertale? The Witcher? This game dwarfs them, even if they were all put together. It's characters pack a certain "umf" that makes you beg for more time with them. This game has changed my outlook on life so much that I now look for my very own horse princess. We will meet one day, but until that day, this horse prince will remain My Horse Prince.
10/10 would recommend, being with a horse has been my biggest dream. And im glad i could finally experience the love from a horse. It was very hot and very seggsy. The animation was out of this world the story was better then most top selling novels. I absolutely adored the whole concept.
Listen. This game is incredible. I played it years ago and I'm back again. The animation is goofy, but genuinely funny and incredibly well done for a joke game, and the story is a lot of fun at that. Try your hand, you may find your prince.
This game is quite phenomenal, the experiences I have gained through playing this game I shall cherish as if it were my own child. Some might say this is "just a game", but i would go so far as to say this game is a way of life. I whiny at night hoping that I too may have the joy of a horse prince to love me as we spend the rest of our days together. The solemn thought of it makes me blush bright red and sends goosebumps all over my body. I 100% recommend this game to all who wish to feel loved.
Phenomenal, perfect, astounding, literally the best thing i have downloaded on my phone, could not recommend anything better you really need to get this. There is sadly no other game like this in the market, so i found myself playing this game over 692 times from how much i wanted this beautiful horse man 😳🐴✨
This really changed my perception on horses I thought it would be a dumb game but it turned out really good I'm so happy that I downloaded the game because I'm happily married to my lovely horse husband, we met in a ranch just like the story but he kicked me at one point but it was just light playing. We now have three kids named hay, baron, horsey. Highly recommend!! ❤❤
I cannot believe I am actually giving this game 5 stars. I originally started playing the game only because it looked very stupid. And yes, that is what I thought, up until level 9, that's when my feelings took a turn. I started realizing that this game is moderately enjoyable and I was sort of crushing on the horse prince, Yuuma. I do recommend this game to horse girls (XD) and people who came from the memes. I won't say that I absolutely love this game but I will never say that I hate it.
This is pure nightmare fuel. Straight beastility. This is the most rushed story line ever. They got lazy on background characters. My sisters and I am scarred for life. It phisically pained me to see that thing pin her to the wall. 5 stars
This game is truly eye opener. Before I played this game. I was depressed, angry, lonely😟. But then one of my boyfriend showed me MY HORSE PRINCE. When I played it for first time I ascended into utopia😩😩, my hair grew, my nails were stronger, my air fryer started to cook my bacon perfectly (which I had been struggling with!!!) I was walking down the street and I saw very handsome man and I decided to shoot my shot when I went up to him he had the body of a horse🥵🥵I am now happy married😍😈
This game has opened my eyes to the world of wonders. Everytime i open the game my mind travels to the world of hwat anime horse men. Oh how i ravish over those stinging green eyes or that luscious thick mane that i oh so drool over. This game puts me in a constsnte state of pure euorphia. Truly life changing. This game makes incredibly horny and i moan for my sexy horse man in my dreams. But alas this game is fictional and has caused me depression because i cannot be with my horse prince
This game makes my stomach do cartwheels. I cannot control myself under his graceful eyes. If only the game would never end for his sting muscular arms will never leave my brain. He gives me goosebumps from head to toe. Oh to be a hawt anime girl just for him. Unfortunately he only lives in my dangerous dreams. I sweat everytimes I hear his manly voice in my head. Yes.