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My Growing Baby

My Growing Baby for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Fentazy located at 35B Upper Wickham Lane DA16 3AB Welling Kent. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Honestly I don't think it was great One I bought 20 soap then I left came back found 1 soap and I only used 1 ???? πŸ€” Same thing with the clothes
It's fun I guess. I enjoy baby stimulation games. It's not as interactive as you would want, but it's okay.
Boring. And when you play the mini-games it doesn't save ur progress. Plus the money you earn playing the mini-games doesn't even go to your money balance. So whats the point of playing? This game needs a lot of work.
Cool game. Just too many adds... And adds out of place the adds wouldnt bother me so bad of they were places properly. And. Or the screen adjusted so that the adds wernt interfearing wtih the game. Also it doesnt save all the progress i made if i played offline... So now i got to go back and redo all that work over again....its anoying...great idea. Love it ...but at the same toms its poorly made... Its like someone had a great idea and then got lazy at the end ....
Why can't u change the babies skin tone? You just had to make it white, blonde, blue didnt u? Not everyone is that race yk! I like ur idea but just make that an update plz? I've seen a lot of reviews about this so I'm not the only one here. I'm keeping it just in case u and up making an update but plz change it...plz?
the game is awsome but the baby is creepy and you have to buy more things for the baby also when you arent on it, it says i love to play
It was fun! Except for the fact that when u log out completely out of the game at 10months you have too start all over again it doesn't save and I can't seem to figure out how the face scanner works?
I love the game it just freeze up alot and one time froze up and I closed it with 2k and came rite back to it and my 2k gone
This is really a nice game.. seems that I have my own baby.. But more improvement is really needed.. like talking- wherein she/he's able to speak more and different words..
Only 1 star for me because it wasn't the one I was expecting to happen because it said on the details me and my baby matches but it wasn't there nothing like that
Nice I have two things to say please make the graphics more realistic and bright and when I put eyeglasses on baby I can't remove it by pressing remove button please make a walking simulation baby with realistic graphics and colourful cartoon printed clothes thanks baby bye
Awsome game tottaly love this app cant wait until my baby turns 1,i absoulutely love this app!!!!!Keep on making these apps!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
I think it is cute and good but if you added more thing to make it more fun.maybe you could make the baby grow everytime you get all the needs full.And it also takes so long to let it sleep full.
It's a very cool game and adorable game but I don't know how to play it so it's kind of hard for me lol but it is a cool game it's worth buying it I love the game. I love how the baby from 0 months love it thanks 😎😍😍😘
I honestly think that this is a good game because you can unlock all of these new bits but one thing that I did find about boring is that when they baby is sleeping, you cannot do anything else. I figured that I could just play a different game whilst the baby sleeps. Overall, I think that this is a good game so that is why I have given this game a 4 star 🌟 rating.😊
just wondering why this baby doesn't have clothes even newborn babies have onesies and a blanket not just a diaper thanks . Not sure of this game she's five years old and still do the same thing she should be in kindergarten with other kids and do different things thanks
This app is annoying 😑😑 They could of made this better but they didn't. It takes FOREVER for your baby to sleep and when it does you can't do anything! But I do like it because your baby is cute and you get to name it. This is why I am giving it a 3 star rating
this is stupid cus when it got to 90 it stopped as someone else said, it is dum and I think that's an error u should fix
This game is so cute and so hard at the same time so cool right I love it really 😊😍😘😊😍😘
it was good if you just want a chill game but at the same time it takes awhile to make the baby grow and you only have a choice if 3 games and two are just not the games i like but i still took care of my baby
prety good but hard k thanks for letting us play this game with the kids and make it happen about bringing it anywhere in the house and raise more it's fun
This is a good game for new Generations who don't really know about taking care of a baby it's a slow game but all wort it but the only problem is that when you put the baby to sleep and leave when you come back your baby is tried I don't know what happened but it's a fun game tho and my opinion it's alright game you should try it
HORRIBLE GAME!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. There is so many problems with this game. First off why is it that the baby never blinks its eyes? Why is it that it moves like a robot and have no feelings? How can a toddler stand in one spot and hardly ever move. The baby has no joints in its body to move like a real baby. Plus a kid that young can't dress its self. But the game shows it can. I guess the development team behind this think kids are just robots.
Nice game, but progress isn't saving after 6 months. There's not a lot to do to pass the time while the baby is young, and it's a little boring. The growth mechanic is interesting, though.
Its ok but one thing is u only stay in one room and u got to get higher levels to play other games so its boring when u just start but its fun i give it a 4 star
This is the nice game i've never seen!! I want to rate it 1000000 and i can see when she's growing i thought she was my baby i love her very much yeah its just only in 6yearold but i will never delete it she gave me a whole life i've never bored from this game i love it so much please tap the "yes" if im helpful because im soo interested in this game i lobe it so much in fact my mother love it too she said "can you share it?" I said " open your share it mom " so she have it now she really happy.
Deleting as I keep playing the mini games to get money only to find the next time I play the money has gone last night I had 1.7k coins this morning I had 176 coins
I would have liked to have given the game a higher score because unlike other games, the baby grows and develops. However, from age two to four, the only thing that changes about the baby is the height and whatever features you purchase. The baby eats the same food, has the same level of vocabulary, and plays with the same toy. It seems like lazy, under informed or unimaginative designing. It would get a five from me if there were actual developmental changes at each age.
i love this game but there should be more things you can do with the baby like were you can take the baby out side for a walk or were the baby can have a pet just some ideas. I hope you add more things please and thank you. i also love how the baby grows and gets older the mire u play.
I love this game,but can you add more ages or babies?Like when the baby is full grown can you add twins.I'll give a 5-star review
really I liked so much u see the progress of your baby is nice and u can play and see u baby growing up is so pretty realistic
It's a more slow-moving game but I love playing it! While writing this my baby is 4 years old and I think everything is AMAZING except the graphics that can be a little weird. The eyes are always a little wide and when they go to bed in the toddler bed how they sleep seems creepy to me.
I started the game today and my baby girl is six months old, her name is Angelina she has a ribbon on her head I love this game so much & Please rate this game 5/5!!
Well it takes me a long time just to get in the game BC it takes it so long to load but other than that I love the game and I hope the people that made this game will work on that plz
Such a fun game. Better than other parenting games. I'm starting with a baby girl, whom I named Shirley after my aunt who passed away on this day in 2000
These are not problems just want the game a bit more interesting. want to let the baby be sick like if it cries and nothing you will do can stop if you put her in bed she will fall out if she is sick she coghs and then you have to rub her tickle her let her eat and take a bath i want a chupie and if she is sick or crying really loud she spit it last she will fall out of bed and then you go doctor. And last if she cry tickle her she dont stop rock her in bed or and suck chupie if it do bad spank
Pretty good except it takes a long time for the baby to sleep and i got the baby to three years and five months but no matter how long i have done it it stays there i am trying to uninstall and re-install it i hope that work if you can fix those i will definetly put five stars, otherwise so much fun!!!
Far too much waiting for the baby to grow, not enough responses from baby to stimuli. Baby should react to the toys early on. Real babies would. Update. Three year old zombie/robot child is totally annoying. And what is she doing on her tablet - playing an age appropriate game or checking her stocks and shares? All that ooh-oh ahah could go either way. Why can"t she play with the toys on the carpet like a non robotic child?
uh when I changed the color of the eyes I couldn't go into the shop now I can't get the stuff I need for the baby so can you please fix it thx 😟😁 then I installed the app again and everything was fine
Disappointing graphics and creepy looking baby... There isn't much to do, and customization is basically nonexistent
I think this game is pretty cool.takes forever for it to download but you guys or whoever you are need to make some improvements because you guys probably won't have money left once this game is over and done with a lot of people. but I give this game a 5 star.
I love this game however, I got a boy and everytime I exit I come back and his settings has changed him to a girl. Also everyone is saying it is preparing them for a real baby. A real baby gets sick, goes to daycare, then school, also you can't get real money by playing games for real children. While I get this is a game I do not believe it will prepare you for a real child.
I have this game one star Because it would not let me put zero 1 It talks to long for the baby to sleep 2 The way they let the baby crawl on the floor is just very weird 3 If you want this game for your child/children , I would recommend it for 6+ year olds , or not recommend it at all
The game is good but i don't give it five stars because once you leave the app and the baby is asleep after maybe 2 hours,you will find that it has only increased by a few percentages of its sleep.
It's an ok game, kinda boring, but my 2 year old daughter likes it, but she loves anything with babies
It's a good game. Not really much to do after the baby is fed, happy etc. My child is now 1+ year and the baby food finishes extremely fast. Even when I win baby foods, I never get it. If I have 5, exit the game, then rejoin, I have 3 left. Like what?πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’
This app needs a lot of developer attention is a great app but has something wrong because I noticed that when I bought about 20 diapers for the baby and once clicking off the app and returning later on all the diapers were gone and my money was back on my account which I find kind of strange because I bought an outfit for the baby and the same thing happened , this time my money wasn't there and I had to go and buy another outfit.he should be speaking more at age 3.fix please then I will rate 5
I really like this game but when you start the baby is very (no offence to the game but ) its very CREEPY. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
I kept repeating the same thing and xp not increasing. It only increase if I give baby food, give enterrainment to baby and give baby a shower but soon after I did that, I reopened the game and the xp is back to before I give baby food, entertainment and shower. I hope that issues can be resolved.
The game has a bug that stops me from aging up to 2 years old. The XP keeps resetting and I have to start all over. It's very frustrating
There's a good app in here but it needs some work done to achieve. The baby ages too guilty and children of all ages don't incessantly cry when you are feeding them. In fact from 3 to 4 upwards they don't cry when you are doing things for them. The tablet toy is stupid and annoying. More clothes that are suitable for both genders dresses for instance. Better hair styles and improve the graphics too. Some interaction with the baby would be beneficial also.
I give it a three because the baby should do more thing like learn how to walk and stuff like that but overall i think this game is pretty fantastic
I only gave this a 3 is because it takes forever to sleep but the three star is because it is cute you get to dress it up and name it and it crawls
Great game but there are a few glitchs in the game play. The shower dosen't shut off when the baby is 100% clean. The rattle at also dosen't stop when 100% happy. The mobile has the same problem as rattle but only for 6months old to 11months old. It would be cool to see the 1 year old playing with the car or train. Should autosave when the're asleep
It's a amazing game but please when the baby grows and turns 1 it has solid food can you make so that the baby eats one can of food instead of 5
I HATE this app. The graphics and minigames are good, and thats all I like. Ive been playing for 45 mins and I/the baby havent aged, it wont let me change the name, and when the game crashed, it deleted ALL my data!!!!!! Please, please, PLEASE dont install it!
I love this game because when I touch it he says very cute things like like a Google gaga he has 6 minutes to be 1 years old I'm going to play forever but yeah yeah I'm going to delete all of the time and place this system I love this game.
its really a nice game .. but first when i downloaded i could not shop but i installed it again and every thing is perfect please download it
its a relaxing game I do enjoy it but after awhile it gets boring. needs more mini games. also its annoying how you keep asking for a review I'll keep the game but wont play it often just somtimes. Since it is relaxing. its a so so game. not bad but not the best either. more mini games
Fun and actually really realistic it is super super one of the best games I've ever played so yeah have a good time playing and have a good time growing up your baby 🍼 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸšΌπŸ›€πŸš»:-) Funny too some times LOL πŸ€£πŸ˜† Love this game πŸ’―%!!!!!......πŸ˜„ And everyone can play!!!!!!.....❀️
it's a cute game and reminds me of my child Cameron when he was a babyπŸ’— there's one bug though when it wants a second diaper and you give it to him, it stays in ther air above him and he still takes it.
Okay, so the game is very cute and kind of addicting...but it has a big bug that bothers me a lot. Whenever I close the game completely, my money reduces down to $2. ALWAYS. Also, can you make it so that when the kid comes out of the bed, it doesn't have it's wide open the second it gets out of there. Its kind of creepy. Thank you!
I loke the game, but my baby goes up tpo fast. It seems like this game resembles actual children. Cool by the way.
This game is fun but I gave it a 3 stars because it takes so long to grow up so I uninstalled it but if you fix that it will be a great game