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My Farm Town Village Life best Farm Offline Game

My Farm Town Village Life best Farm Offline Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by 3rd Arrow Games located at 3rd Floor, Executive Offices, Meydan Race Course, Nad Al Shiba, Dubai, UAE 450676 Dubai United Arab Emirates. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a pretty cute game. but when you get higher it won't let you buy the dog house and my trees keep disappearing every time I shut off the game and turn it back on. Would have given the game a 5 star if they fix these issues
Too many glitches. Fruit tress disappears. Production items disappear, when you know you created products. Storage issues. Sometimes it doesn't take down storage numbers when you have clearly use those items. Cute game. Offline is the best feature. Uninstalling it anyway.
I really like this game, my only complete it won't let me keep fruit trees, it lets me buy them but when i turn game off they disapear. I would like this fixed. Then it would be the best farm game & i would like to see that
Getting fed up with this I have emailed about this. I can not buy trees. No I can and have done 3 times you take coins off me then the trees vanish however you do not give me the coins back. I am unable to bake some of the cupcakes and also do drinks. If you cannot sort this I will have to delete the game
i gave only 1 star because,i can't watch ad/video to earn some gems and coins even if the network is working and stable. How to fix it? 🙏😭
When I purchased something you can't see it and when I try to purchase it again it won't allow me because it says on the count I already purchased it.
It's fun, and, above all else it's EASY to use which for alot of other farming games seems like a difficult task!
level 10 n it does not give u any chance up upgradung storage so the game is slow n really boring the give u a a list of things to sell on the board yet half of the things I don't have the machines for because I can't make enough money to buy them because I have no storage to keep them. it's a really bad game hey day is way better this is not worth playing
love it the game doesn't use fake woman with fake brest instead it lets the quality of the product speak for the game. in other words the game doesn't use stupidity thinking that is what everyone wants to see it puts it quality into the game. and by the way I have Hurd several other men complain about getting sick and tired of seeing woman's brest and surprisingly not all of them are Christian. so great job. finally a game I can play. thanks
It's a good game but the problem is that when I buy trees in this game and then close the game and when I game open the game my all the trees got disappeared . It happen wil me many time. I told this problem many times through email but they never fix it 😑😑
I just started game this morning. And on level two it's not letting me collect my wheat. Game frozen please fix this. Hi you are gonna laugh when I tell you what happened on this game yesterday. The game was messing up some kind of way one of my factories was hid behind a 🌲 . So I tried to get it from behind tree I couldn't move the factory until I was able to get a saw 2 cut 🌲 down.
Good game but some bug in this game * When you buy something if the puting area Is wrong and you remove your hand from this thing,it will be invisible and also your coin deducted.that is the problem
Well its a nice game but as you reach new levels you'll face problems. I have bought the apple tree 15 times but they disappeared a minute later. The time taken by the products to get ready is a way too much. And i feel there should be more number of visitors . I hope you'll do something about it.
This game is really slow..it doesnt even give you little pop ups that make it easy for a player to know what to do next .diamonds are to less..it should have more to do rather than waiting when crops to grow and so on..intrest is lost easily
It's been my stress reliever since the day i started playing it,but sad to say,just now it can't be played. All the crops,animals etc that i purchased were gone. And looks like it's in zoom in mode. Only the railway station can be seen.
It's cute and love the farming and animals only problem i found is there's no way to replace the garden seeds and no way to replace supplies but I am new to the game and a beginner
nice game, graphics are good, it talks to you thru tutorial. I'm having fun playing it.i don't like that it takes a long time to get milk and carrots.
This is good game in first but when we reach t the high level it doesn't work when i reached at the20 level it going to not work when i open it it interferes look green nothing is there and at level 4 and when i click to the it become 0 coins and 0gems
I like the game a lot. The only problem is that when I leave the game and come back later my apple trees I bought are gone! Three times now!
This game is great but it can be better if they fix the little gliches. 1. The trees disappear everytime you go out of the game and come back. 2. You struggle to find the necessary objects to enlarge your storage space. 3. When that happens you steuggle to play the game because you cant harvest or store anything and you cant feed your stock.
It is pathetic. I bought so many things but nothing appears on my farms. I sent three emails to the support team for resolving the issue. But they couldn't reply even once. I shall report against the app developers on google play store and ITunes app store. Don't download and don't waste your time where support team is so irresponsible.
It was an alright game when I first downloaded it. But I bought a milk maker and it took my coins and then the milk maker disappeared. I couldn't find it and I went to try to get it again and it said I had 1/1 but it was no where to be found. And I was having a hard time moving the barn and the stone pathway. Uninstalling
This is another one of those "out-of-my-reach" games. Probably a very nice and decent game. Some games i just don't ever find access to. I download them, but they jump to some screen never to reach the game. No developer mistake, as it happens to all of them. Problem must be somewhere else.
Its fun at first until when you reached a certain level where there are some fruits being ordered. Tried planting the trees.. Apple tree. But everytime i open it again, the tree disappears and the coins bought for that tree did not even came back. I cant proceed and complete the other orders because it is asking for an apple. I decided to uninstall and look for another offline farm game. Sorry
I lose fruit trees as fast as I plant them, The game is too slow. Let's face it, they've tried to copy Farm Day Village and haven't come close. Too many mistakes so am demolishing the farm and selling the land.
It's a good game but there's a problem when we purchase a tree and Quit the game after some playing then after reopen the game trees are not visible to us. Please resolve this issue. ASAP.
It's a good game but my fruit trees disappear, I have paid a lot for them and they're all gone. Other than the trees issue it is a fairly good time killing game. The mole does not give the metals you mine to the barn for storage, my decorations came and went on their own but would eventually stay where I put them. It wouldn't let me get the dog house or cat house but let me have the horse. With no fruit means using gems to get it and it makes the game not worth playing anymore. But I would love to play if the game was fixed!
Very nice i loved this game little hard to collect germs. And the train was amazing. That's why I gave it five stars realy nice game
Tutorial gets stuck. at level 2. with task to click on orderboard, to see 1st order. when I do. nothing happens.
I have bought items, placed them, go back to the game later and they have disappeared. Apple trees. Bought 6, within minutes trees dissapeared. Same thing happens with land. Fix the bugs.
I love the game, However I can't have trees lately, every time I buy some. When I log in again the trees are gone, it's totally frustrating, I think I will play again when the issues are fixed, n plz add the little man that comes n sells goods to the farm.
It was a nice game but on level 14 I bought an apple tree but when I went back on the game after a while the tree is gone and the coins that I used to buy it. I repeated buying for almost 5 times and the same thing happened again. The tree was lost and the coins as well. Uninstalling this gMe
I am in 20 level but the mine couldn't start.If you solve this problem I will change my review and give 5 star.
This game has so many malfunctions, for example: the overlapping music and voicing, the missing purchases(I bought a cow and it didn't show up but it took my money same goes for the dairy mill) and the blank encouragement of gem usage. I could've listed more if I played longer but my patience is thin and I won't do so
Alright. Lets be real, its a meh game. The animations are quite slow and when the orange haired lady was speaking her voice sounded robot-like. It does not require internet? Hah, I have internet yet it loads so slow, I dont understand. The game is okay, I think you could add a skip toturial button, better voice-ing, and maybe make the game a little harder yet keep it simple and still easy. Overall, you should download if you want a ripoff of hayday.
Cute graphics,only problem is waiting so long for a buiding to be build,and some crops take way to long to grow,enough to make thecgame uninterested.
Fruit Trees Disappearing! Do not download this app as once you have played for hours you'll realize you can no longer progress as a each day your fruit trees keep disappearing.
Interesting game, I'm at level 16, i bought trees from the shop, but whenever i exist the game and resume back, i can't find any tree, I'm just stock I've purchased the trees for 3 times now and i can't find them and in all my coins were deducted, i can't deliver an order cos there are no trees to get fruits. Please fix this, it's getting boring
Knock off version of hayday, only plus is ability to play offline, got to level 14, unlocked fruit trees, spent coins for trees 3 times, came back to game each time and trees were gone, orders want fruit but I can't grow/fill em when they dissapear, uninstalled, also truck deliveries were not counting in achievements, big waist, go back to hayday
Loving it, until I discovered that my fruit trees aren't there when I log back in the game. Lost 1000+ coins till I realized what's going on. If it wasnt for this bug in the game I would have scored it much higher but overall good game
I have install this game but I can't play that game. It load 100% but can't play, and returne in my main menu. Please do some thing because I love farming games . And thats why I'm giving it 3 stars. Please fix this problem then I rewrite . ''Thank you.''
Fairly decent time-wasting game until you reach level 12 or so. The 'you have got the hang of it' message that pops up when you open the game is incredibly annoying. I have bought apple trees at least a half dozen times and the next time I open the app, they're gone. The price increase for makers and animals is too dramatic between levels.
It's not letting you buy seeds. I'm stucked on a level where there's no way i can plant the people are ordering since there's no option to buy seeds unless if you have diamonds. At first, I was enjoying it but now I'm bored.
It is a very nice game the only problem is u guys must give us more videos to watch to earn the money and diamonds but otherwise it is a good game I like it
This is a nice game best farm game offline but there is a problem things have been missing in my farm I hope this problem will go away as soon as posssible
The game is great for kids and playable offline, but due to the lack of response from support after weeks...1-2 stars. Both glitches make parts of the game unplayable d which was very frustrating for my children. One has disappearing trees after they pay for them. The other paid for sheep and they are permanently frozen at the edge of the map.
It's a very fun game ! I love that you can play this game ; without wifi or internet ! It keeps you busy when your board and have nothibg else to do ! 😀 I really absolutely love this farm game ; one of the best I played ! 😍😊☺
i downloaded this game a week ago & love it. it's a great boredom filler, apart from the trees dont stay on the farm and it wouldnt let me buy the dog & cat houses when i reached the relevent level. But now its all just dissapeared!
Its a good game.. But my problem is.. When i buy the trees and exit the game. And open it all the trees are disappear.. Pls.. Fix this ASAP
This game is all the waste of time! In this game when we reach 20th level the game is asking too many coins & gems. And it is taking too much time to load the game. Though it is having the fun to play but I'm uninstalling this.
I can't do anything with this game you can't even buy anything without gems I can't make bread in my bakery or make any chicken feed or cow feed I can't grow any crops to sell Its very frustrating it has issues you need to fix it please and thank you I'm not too happy with this game.
So far seems pretty fun I don't fully understand it yet but so far pretty good go ahead and give it a try.
I ranked it 2 stars because first of all there are so many malfunctions and I can't put the dog house,but it's a fun game and I played it for days until I deleted it.
Uninstalling it ! Thought it was fun at first, but there is no help or description for anything.Sent many emails only response was pages and pages of encoded mail. Was supposed to be short code to enter issue correction . I paid for now 5 apple trees and they disappeared hrs later. Like i said no help. Also hrs for products to finish. Need way to many jewels for constantly upgrading barn and silo. Have to watch more video's than able to play game, to get jewels. DO NOT download their games
I like the game but there is so much bug in this game. Fruits tree are always vanished, dog house is not coming from shop.
Most features work normally, but when you buy trees, they get disappear within few hours. So, it's wasting "money" to buy them, since you can get the fruit yiu aim for.
Don't waste your time fun game but when you get to level 20 progress disappear happened to me twice and i play it with my granddaughter she is devastated it happened again and i asked them to retrieve the game through Email and no response going to try to play again granddaught again lost progress at level 21 don't waste money or time till fix won't answer emails and not smart enough to recover from Gmail apparentlyonce again will try why i don't know granddaughter get upset every time we lose i
Please fix tutorial or option to turn off tutorial, when it comes to first order it needs 3 breads, but are only able to make one before tutorial go on, only way to pass it it to spend 15 diamonds.