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My Dress Up Diary

My Dress Up Diary for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by PipeDream located at 경기도 용인시 수지구 광교마을로. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Please please please make more than 1 keep button!! Or making a bookmark section would be better❤❤❤Love your game tho, I would throw all my money at you if I had my own money
Literally nothing except the default is free. You get to colour 10 items before you have to pay for it and there's only 3 hair options, 2 of which are short and one is pigtails, you can't even have your hair down. You don't have the ability to look at the things you can buy in full because the shop is a small amount of stuff that refreshes randomly. The most frustrating dress up game I've ever installed.
It's a nice game but where's the undo button for only one thing? I hit the trashcan can everything got removed 🤬please fix this thanks for a great game.
I don't like it....its because it toke soo long to lode into the game...And then when i fineley got into the game it said "you need acsse to gogole play" it pissed me off so i dleted the game.😡
I love this app!☺ but it is now not letting me play the game!!😭 it constantly shows a black screen. Please fix this! This is an adorable game!
I just installed the game and it is terrible. when I click on a color that I like and then I go to a different clothing the color is not there
I gave this app 1 star beacuse it didnt even let me play the game. It had the logo in the begining and then it wad just a blank screen. It kept kicking me out every time i tried to play it. I do not recamend this game
It's cute and I like the dress up options but it's not very playable once you spend the start off gems. The only way to get gems in this is through watching ads and you can only watch one ad every 5 minutes; you also only get 2 gems. So I don't really see the point in playing. Maybe you could open up more options for earning gems such as minigames where you can watch an ad to increase the rewards. It would be better if we didnt earn only 2 gems every 5 minutes.
When I opened it, it takes 5 or more minutes to load . Finally, I saw the start button and click it. It always go back to the start and I can't even play till the end. I didn't enjoy this game. The buttons are too small which makes it hard for me to play.
Its very cute and I like how the shop resets with new items every time but there should be more ways to get gems than there is.
It's too limited to actually dress my character up. Needs money or ads just to get gems. Even if it's like that. I like the style of it. It's cute.
Um.... WHERE DO I START HM?! well first of all The screen says made with Untiy then It leads me back to home screen I tried many times like maybe 5 to 8 I hate it and when I thought this was a good game for once >:( 😡😠😤💔
I love this app, and it's really cute. However there are a few things I wish it had though. Like having the same Item on multiple characters but different colors, a way to permanently delete a character (If you click delete it just comes back), and more facial items like eyes, mouths, eyebrows, etc. But besides those the game is really fun! I do recommend if you like cute art and dress up.
I download it last night and played with it before going to bed and then in the morning I played with it I taped the play button it didn't play I tried restarting my phone an opened it and it still didn't play I tried turning on my data and it still didn't play it was really fun playing with it last night
The game is very cute and fun to play, with many options to make little chibis and try and reproduce characters from other works of fiction...but it would be much more enjoyable if there was a way to keep different saved dressrooms with different items colors without all of them changing at once. As for the rest of the game, very good work!
I hate this game so much I wish you could give it 0 stars , there is so little dresses I downloaded it yesterday and I am already regretting it also whenever you save your character and it has the same item as another one of your characters and it has a different color the color immediately changes to the color of the other character and I also hate it because I don't have any money to pay for the other items that there is and I would have to if I wanted to have fun playing this game👿👿😡😡💢💢
While I was looking at "shop" right after downloading it I kept pressing "keep" thinking I was buying items. They dont have any information about "keep" and it was only after spending over 30 of the gems on TURNING THE PAGE that I realized there was a "purchase" and I hadn't bought anything... seriously? So unclear but the art style's good so it gets one extra star.
I love this app. It's really cute and I play it all the time. There are a few things I wish it had though. Having the same Item on multiple characters but different colors, a way to permanently delete a character (If you click delete it just comes back), and more facial items like eyes, mouths, eyebrows, etc. But besides those the game is really fun! I do recommend if you like cute art and dress up.
Love the art, clothing and doll chibi bod. Easier way to get more gems besides cash, let us view more ads for more gems? More music choice? Get 30 free dye a month if you log in? Obssessed with it rn so its cool app to waste 20min everyday cx
althoygh it's difficult to get the clothing items, its not impossible and it's amazing to helo me design characters. Beautiful game, cute concept.
Money sink. you have virtually nothing in your wardrobe and you have to pay through microtransactions to get even basic things. On top of that you only have access to some 12 items at a time, you pay to view more before there 130 second timer is up. You even have to pay to dye the clothes and hair. Pretty ridiculous when there are games just like this one that are free. I mean, at least add mini games or something. Watching ads over and over for free coins doesnt cut it.
❤ I love this game it's super fun but only thing I don't like about it is all you do is make a girl and then you don't do anything else I love this game over all I give a 5 star review I think is pretty cool👍🏻😊
The gem-gathering takes a lot of time and, not to mention, ads won't work almost all the time. Other than that, everything's fine, adorable and nice, plus I love the graphics. Just suggestion(s): it'd also be nice if you add backgrounds of places like bedroom, house areas, supermarket, school, etc., or maybe just a bedroom to customize with (if that's okay?), and, please, add more ways to gain gems. That'll be great! Thank you so much!
I good game only after you spent your diamonds it is really hard to get more than 2 at a time without paying. So you either have 2 or 0 and some of the dresses cost 30. Otherwise so cool and a great idea.
I love all your games pls mkar more apps tgat looks lije drawing pls i really like your games😔😔😍😍🥰🥰
I know that this isnt really a fair review, since I havent played the game, but I cant play it. All that happens is the screen showing PIPEDREAM and 'Made With Unity', then black. Thats it. And after a few seconds it crashes. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled it, but nothing seems to change.
Please remove two minutes for watching an ad. So, the user can get the free gems easily. One ad, three gems. It might be increase the rating. And also make free dye items. Thanks.
The game is good but its music is sad, so I gave it three stars because there are few clothes, I beg you to change its music and add the equipment to Dress up and I will give it five stars
It's ok,,, very cute ,love the old school diary look to the whole game ,it just gets boring because there is no other way to get gems other than paying with real money and watching ads (which give only 2 gems) it would be cool if there was a minivans added where you can win gems , the shop system is interesting,having to wait to find items you want is good because you can't get everything you want in a few second and remove the game , Overall it's okay ,could be better , but it's fine
I liked how the clothes looked and u could change the colors, but I with u could get more diamonds than one or two. Plus It would be more interesting if u added more animals than cats and different poses and size.
Absolutly love the game, very cottagecore~! However there is one small issue I have run into, the game has a tendancy to crash at random. Sometimes after an add others om start up. I am not sure if it is something on my end or not, just figured I would let you know. QwQ;
I really like this game and the system. The only complain that I would have is the categorizing. When I by a copy of an item just in a different color I would like it to be next the same model, so that I could find it more easily and not just scattered.
I love this app. It's really cute and I play it all the time. I love how it updates regularly with makes it even more fun.there are a few things I wish it had though. Having the same Item on multiple characters but different colors, a way to permanently delete a character (If you click delete it just comes back), and more facial items like eyes, mouths, eyebrows, etc. But besides those the game is really fun! I do recommend if you like cute art and dress up.
This game sucks. You start off with almost nothing and the store has barely any options. We should be able to see the entire store, it stupid. Why isn't almost everything free and it gives you ads every 10 minutes? That would be much better
It has really nice art, but you need to dye clothing whenever you want a different colorway, your options are quite limited to start and you need to watch ads to acquire any new clothing, so it's pretty eh, really only interesting for the very pretty art.
I like the game it's nice and cool and I like the clothes and hair's and it's nice the avatar is cute but when I watch ad's when I'm earning my gems sometimes I don't get gems after watching the ad please fix that. Overall it's a great game 👍😊
It's a really fun game but could you maybe add some like some halos and earrings or nose rings and maybe like a side shaved hair with long bangs and multi colored hair could you also add like makeup could you maybe add an option to have bangs thanks love the game
The games really cute my only problem is that the only way to get gems is to buy them or watch ads for them and when you watch ads you can only get up to five gems so if you can in the future add some kind of cat minigame or something where you can win gems or something so its a little easier to get gems if you dont wanna pay money like me.
Love the gameplay, art style, so cute 😍 But Why can't we have more than 1 to keep what we like from the shop, so it can't be changed when the times up? I hope it'll be more than 1 And please add mini games or something to get diamonds or coin for buying Thanks
This game is so 😘 but I would like it even more if there were different positions for the person to stand
It's fun and very cute. I wish it'll give you at least 5 free gems, instead of waiting like 3?? Mins and also watching an ad to get gems XD But it's other than that, it's actually pretty nice
I say 5 stars because you can choose the colors on the clothes!!! While others don't it's good for my free time and it relaxes me because I love designing clothes and if they look right on the model it's just my thing so yeah I give it a 5 star rating!!!OH and they don't tell you if it has to be a girl or boy or anything! I love it!
Edit: I'm giving it 5★s because I feel like it really deserves it now. I mentioned a problem with ads earlier and now that it's fixed it's easy to get gems. Ads refresh every 2½ minutes; I just keep the app running in the background until the time's up and I can get a new ad and my rewards. The only thing I would like to see now is the ability to put more than 1 face accessory at a time and to resize/rotate background accessories. All in all, it's cute, casual and I recommend you try it :)
It's a good app tho ads doesn't load properly (it's hard to gain gems to purchase stuffs). How I wish you can store same items with different color at tge same time.
This is my second review of this game and at first i loved it and then I noticed that when you put the dolls in the gallery if you use the same hair as another doll it will be the same colour. But overall a great game.
The dress up is really good, but the only downside is that once you dye something it's the same color all across the characters, even if they're saved in another color.
I love everything about this game except on how you get gems.. I hope the developer will fix this problem asap. I really love this game.
It's very cute and very addicting, but I would give it a 5 star if you have the ability to buy the hair, clothes and accessories so you can choose whatever colors you like instead of waiting to get just one dye and save up more.
It really is a fun little game, if u don't wanna pay to get gems, watch videos, or you can just wait for the shop to give you free gems
It's good... But I don't like the system of having to change to another color rather than unlocking them permanently. It's really off-putting and there's no way to buy dye through the shop. I think if the dye system was replaced with unlocking colors, the game would have a much higher rating since it really limits creating characters... It's a huge shame because the art style is super cute and there's a lot of content
I have to watch something to get coins so I can buy clothes but at the end of the vedio I get nothing not even a coin.
The game is great with many options. But a little bit after the new update my game kept crashing. I cleared data, caches, and tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing fixed it. I'm sad because I really love this game.
It's fun to play at first, but you can't get dye easily and you don't have enough dye, so you have to use it sparingly. Plus you basically after a while just have to pay to play. Which gets pretty annoying.
I like this game, but it could be great if we got at least 50 gems daily, like in the beginning, or at least have a weekly schedule that would get us different amounts of gems based on our daily logins. I think then it will be a 5 star game maybe.
I actually like the game the charcter is adorable and so are the cloths in the shop. I dont like that I have to wait on an ad for two gems(which really doesnt help allot) to get even a decent amount of cloths and I dont have money to buy gems even if I did it still would barley help to get various amount of cloths. I really wish you could ad like maybe some mini games to get the gems. This is supposed to be a dress up game but its nothing if you dont even have cloths to dress your character in.
I really like the overall design and feel of the app, but after spending the initial amount of gems received, the app is not very functional. watching ads only produces two gems at a time, and the only other option is to pay with real money. not everyone can afford that, and there aren't even other offers to gain gems.