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My Child Lebensborn

My Child Lebensborn for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Sarepta Studio located at Strandgata 41, 2317 Hamar, Norway. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If you're wondering if this game is worth getting, get it. Its really really good. I just finished playing through it once, and it looks like it has great replayability. The choices you make really do matter in this, and I'm sure things end very differently for different responses. I got a hopefully good ending, but my little Karin suffered a lot. I didn't think I'd play the whole thing at once, but here i am at 1:00 am.
It was so heart-wrenching, how a kind bright child had to suffer in a cruel world. I kept playing the game to give love and emotional support to Klaus. Truly, this game presents reality in a very tear-inducing way. 5 stars.
I don't usually write reviews for games, but this one deserves it. What a beautiful game. It's not only addictive, but so powerful and thought- provoking. I feel so much empathy towards my child. Thank you everyone who made this game possible for us to play.
I hardly write any reviews but I feel that this game truly deserves one. A well written and planned out game where the player is placed in the position as a foster parent. As a game based on real life stories and experiences, you'll find your heart torn apart as the game take you on a ride of joy and sorrow whilst experincing the pain and suffering that your 'child' has to go through due to the darker side of society of xenophobia and racism. A definite must play and a must experience.
Progressing in this game is a heart-warming and rewarding feeling. From conversations and interactions with the kid and tough decisions you need to make - everything just fits in line. At some points you can nearly feel the tears in your eyes, or be happy with the decision you just made. A perfect balance between gameplay and well-written story, worth every cent. Top!
This is game is a deeply emotional experience, I cried many times and I was totally invested in the story from start to finish. This game is beautiful, both in its art style and its message, I would recommend this game to everyone however it is emotionally gut wrenching which could be too much for some people, the only criticism I have is I feel the ending is a bit too ambiguous and I didn't really feel like I got closure. It would be nice to see a sequel but I doubt it will happen.
A diamond in the rough, I played it from start to finish this whole day and now that I've seen the ending I am literally left tearing up and speechless. I've felt so much emotions but now my heart sank and I am left heartbroken by an amazing story This is relatable because hatred for others is still going on today. Asian people(Chinese in particular) are looked down on and even harrassed because of this pandemic This game is what everyone needs right now thank you so much for this masterpiece
Good story ruined by lackluster gameplay The stoory touches on discrimination, history and has a very edearing main character.However,the gameplay is too easy,over my 6 hr of playing,I used 5 hr repeating the same actions wiith no challennges and just not fun, so it became tedious.I wish there are more challenges as the story progress.This gameplay also deters you from replaying the game,and you CAN'T SKIP DIALOGUE.Overall,I did not try other endings because it felt like a chore.
This is a very poignant and well-crafted game detailing the horrors many of the Lebensborn children faced following World War II. It's hard not to feel protective of the virtual child in this game and heartbroken/angry when they come home from school with more stories about abuse from fellow students and teachers, which become truly dark near the end of the game. Unfortunately I thought the ending was rather abrupt and disappointing; I wasn't expecting a happy ending, but it wasn't satisfying.
i have never spent money on a game - but this one is 100% worth your money! the amount of emotions i went through in one chapter of this one is crazy, it's a very well written story! i love it so much, and if you have the money, definitely get it!
Love it, the game looks so realistic, but I can't help with...When me and my child have a conversation, the conversation moves on to something totally different from what I had picked, so I wish the response from the child was as different, meaning, my child had not gone to school for 2 days but then the next day, the kind teacher had said she missed school for 3 days...so I hope it fixes just a little, but overall it's an amazing game.
What a powerful story... I absolutely loved the story - incredibly moving and powerful. A great historical insight to the lives of young German children who had to answer for their ancestors/relatives crimes. The gameplay was excellent and I loved the graphics design of it. I have no problem in paying for the game, especially since it goes to an amazing charity. Keep up the work and hope to play similar games about children's stories from different countries/eras!!
Amazing game you get about six hours of gameplay (As long as your child doesn't run away but then you can just restart) you can choose from either a boy (Klaus) or girl (Karin) child! And because of all the choices you can play again and again 5/5 would recommend!!!
Just a few things were off/unexpected; I wish more things were interactive. The toys you make/give them don't seem to do much other than increase their happiness. And there don't seem to be too many endings or story lines for either kid. And some things were just slightly laggy. Trust me its an amazing game, but it doesn't have much replay value other than just a couple go's. This game was emotional, and my heart HURT everytime my kid came home worried or sad. I suggest you buy it!
Worth every penny. This game has an incredibly engaging and emotional storyline. It's truly emersive, my heart ached for this child as if it were my own in real life. I find myself holding my breathe in anticipation throughout the story, hoping he would be okay. This was extremely informative and eye-opening. I truly reccomend this game to anyone.
I loved the game, best money I've spent on a mobile game. Its very sad and very emotional but it pulled me in very quickly and I cried when the credits rolled because how attached I got to Klaus and the storyline. I would definitely reccomend this game to anyone who comes across it.
Love the story, but the game feels buggy at times. For example, I caught 2 fishes, but none appeared in the kitchen. Also, pressing the lamp take around 3 clicks.
Worth paying for it! It really is a wonderful game that has meaning to it. I've just finished playing with Klaus, I'm looking forward to playing again with the little girl.
I played through the whole game inna single day, I couldn't stop myself. I am in tears over it, no child should go through this torture. A massive thank you and congratulations to all involved. This was unbelievably good.
it's a great game where the choices you make influence the child's future. I dont ever want to play it again because its breaking my heart to pieces and reminds me of the helplessness you are to your child. thank you for producing this game. I was glad to get in touch of how it feels like to take care of a child born in a time they are ridicule and abandon. I'll watch other gameplays instead because playing it myself is going to tear me apart. thank you.
Good story ruined by lackluster gameplay The stoory touches on discrimination, history and has a very edearing main character.However,the gameplay is too easy,over my 6 hr of playing,I usef 5 hr repeating the same actions wiith no challennges and just not fun, so it became tedious.I wish there are more challenges as the story progress.This gameplay also deters you from replaying the game,and you CAN'T SKIP DIALOGUE.Overall,I did not try other endings because it felt like a chore.
I completed it in 2 sittings (fastest ever for me), as the story is simply gripping. This serves as stark reminder how devastating a war born from a single dangerous ideology can be on people, and its rippling effects can still be felt for the real children who are now grown-ups. May we never forget the hardwon peace of generations before us, and work toward more understanding and tolerance in this world.
Definitely worth the purchase. I really loved this one, I just wish there were more events happening since after awhile it got really repetitive.
This game was very unique! I'd like to see more games like it. I was absorbed in the story and felt the stress of trying to make ends meet and do best by the child in the game. It was difficult but not impossible. (Slight spoilers) I was worried it was going to keep spiraling out of my control and there wasn't a way to get a happy ending but that wasn't the case, and this made me happy. For me this game was worth the money.
An absolutely amazing gameplay experience. I really cared for the child I was raising, and I felt the struggle of trying to treat my child, and keep them fed. It was heart wrenching.
I love the whole game very heart touching. I Wish theres more story in the game. Graphics was Great. Gameplay was Great. Controls was Great. Worthbuying though
Absolutely beautiful, heart wrenching game. I have never been more emotionally invested in a fictional child.
This game really draws you in and makes you feel real emotion. The gameplay and style is amazing, and I'd highly recommend it!
Incredible historical experience! If not for the obvious tone and warning given at the beginning of the game, I would have been a mess. Thankfully the creators knew how to inform their audience. It's depressing to know this actually happened and similar things are currently continuing to occur. Just be kind to one another.
I enjoyed taking care of the girl, Karin, and thoroughtout the story felt frustration and sadness for not being able to choose other options..when I guess, in reality, there weren't any other options for these children. It was well developed, and I enjoyed getting to know and nurture Karin as much as I could.
Lovely game, very addictive. It's a massive struggle to save money, feed your child and be able to buy them gifts. Doing over time at work means you're home late and there's a hungry, grubby child waiting for you with the saddest look on their face :( For £2.89 I would've expected a bit more in terms of locations to visit and more characters. I wish there were more time points through the day and cheaper shop items. Also disappointing that both children have the exact same storyline.
An emotional storyline based off of true events, that will truly captivate players, and make them shed a tear. The only con I have about this game, is that I had hoped for the story to continue on more, but it does take a lot of effort and time to create a game, such as this. This game truly shows the reality of how it really was back then.
I'm not going to lie, at first I was pissed I had to pay to play the full game but since I really wanted to play it, I purchased it. And now I even want to apologize for being pissed lmao this deserves more recognition! Such a beautiful game in all aspects, would've loved if it was longer but it's alright.
Enjoyed it, liked the plot a lot but I expected more. Played it for 2 hours and it was over and I beat it. I guess I can go back and play it again but it's really repetitive
I love the game because I play the demo game before but now I can buy the original version one. I love the child who must be protect. Even I was young. It make me image and learn the parents live.
Thank you so much for this game! I played many games in my life, but nothing felt so human like this one. I cried so many times because I felt the pain of the child (I played the girl, cause I first thought boys are strong and brave, it wouldnt be that dramatic, but the sex just doesn't matter. IT IS A CHILD!) in such authentic way. It made me grow and I would love to see if you could dev it further. Humanity need games like this. Thank you so much!
This is one of the best mobile games I've ever played. It tugged at my heartstrings and Klaus felt like my real child. Such a hidden gem!
Very sobering story but one that needs to be told. Story narration and progression made me invested in the child I was raising to the point of getting emotional at their pain and thinking hard how I prevent them from losing faith in everything. If I had to nitpick, it would be that that aren't many activities/mini games to do with the child.
It was depressing, and enlightening. As someone who doesnt have children, it made me think about those who do, and how they face these things all the time. Incredible. I only wish that it was a longer story and didnt skip time. I'd also like to be able to see which way your child leans towards due to your answers. Like is she more hard hearted, or soft hearted? Only reason it's not 5 stars.
This is an amazing game. I felt connected to the situation and the child. Learned a lot about german children in norway after ww2 as a result. Would recommend to everyone.
I was invested in this game from beginning to end. I would find myself thinking about it at random moments throughout the day. There are slight glitches here and there, but overall a very enjoyable and educational experience.
This game is beautiful and heart wrenching and definitely worth the money. It's a story that, full of love and sadness, everyone should know. I wish there were more games out there like this one
What a gripping story which gives us so much insight into what these people have gone through, thank you for creating this game and for spreading awareness so that we may hopefully learn from history and not repeat such cruelties.
This gameis very fun and interesting, HOWEVER it is not just about bullying as description says, but focuses on child abuse including rape :(, so if this triggers you, you have been warned.Loved the story, as it shows a part if history we rarely hear of. Hope the developers do a happy sequel though, to make the events a little less unsettling.
Very addictive and was a hauntingly beautiful story. Definitely gives you something to think about. Would recommend this to anyone!
It pains me... a lot to see a small child suffers like this. I give all credits to the developer to create this game.
At first I thought this game was just a child's game. After getting into the game, I knew there was more to it. The beautiful, informational story of how difficult raising and being a child in that time, it's very heart moving. The art style isn't my favorite but it does work with the story. I would really like to see more to this story, It was too short for me. I feel in love with Karen and her story, I strongly recommened it.
I have never heard about war children. This game gave me the opportunity to learn about it. However i give 4 stars because i thought the game would last longer. Its overpriced for it.
Story was great and beautiful in the beginning but everything seems repititive and the same every day. Not worth paying money for if you ask me.
I really enjoyed this game. It's story is just as emotional as it is educational, the child is very endearing and honest, and seeing him/her sad is heartbreaking as the trauma continues. And through it all, no one but you really wants him around, not even his German family. Heartbreakingly honest, exactly how something like this should be. I love the open ending, sometimes the story doesn't end happily, and that's just how it is. And I like that they recognize that fact here.
The first time I played it, I COULD NOT keep my eyes off of it. Playtime was about 5-6 hours, so it's definitely worth the money. Made me feel less lonely, I really wish there was a second game though! It was so sad to feel all the emotions these kids felt and having to provide for your own, making the choices on how to raise them. Ya know? Addicting. Overall, I've played this about 3 times now, and I keep on coming back! Please make a second game!
This game is so deep. It really gives you a great perspective on historical events. Wow. I thoroughly enjoyed it
The game was very sad. Not only was there empathy but also a sense of how life was like during that time. Though it's sad to see prejudice is still the same now as it was then.
Loved the concept of the game. Would love to see more like it! I wish you could raise the child through to adulthood.
Made me tear up, can't say that for too many games. Only knocking off a star because it would have been nice if the toys purchased all could be played with. I get that they affect the game play by increasing his happiness, but since there aren't a ton of options it would make sense for a new toy to create a new option, like you get when you choose to play with the ball. But they put the story first and that is lovely.