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My Boy! - GBA Emulator

My Boy! - GBA Emulator for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Fast Emulator located at 30255 1st PL S Federal Way, WA. 98003. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the app and I have used it on and off for years but my only issue with it, is the constant notification of it asking permission to my good account. I'll change the review if this gets fixed or an explanation given.
Great emulator everything is laid out well. Only complaint is the D pad is easy to press the wrong direction. However it's more of a lack of physical button problem than anything else. Love it keep up the great work
Honestly, this here is the best GBA emulator I've ever used. My only gripe is the game select menu can be confusing to navigate if I click the wrong thing, but that's by no means a dealbreaker.
Only thing that would make it better is if the fast forward option had a variable speed control to it. Or at least a medium speed (in-between normal and fast)
The only thing missing is support for Game Boy Player Rumble (Super Mario Advance 4, Mario & Luigi, Pokémon Pinball R&S), however, I'm not sure if it's possible outside of a GameCube Emulator
The best android gba emulator I've used over the years, well worth the $5. The only suggestion I have is to add an option to create a widget or app icon that directly loads the game. A shortcut I guess is the short version!
This is probably the most easiest to use emulator on the market. I have tried a bunch of them and this one is the best. If you're looking to play your favorite Game Boy Advance games, this is the app to use. It's definitely worth the small fee that they charge.
so far it's worked well, I've been using the emulator mainly for pokemon rom hacks and it plays them very well not only that the app provides adequate options for you to play around with that can improve your experience such as moving were the controls are and the screen layout highly recommend the purchase
So far it's been my favorite GBA emulator on phone due to how simple it looks and to use. Tried several others, always find them either have messy menu or UI. That said, unfortunately the app hasn't been updated for quite a time, while other popular emulators still get constant update. Also the permission to access Gmail is shady, just like others mentioned. Though it only asked me one time in beginning, and after being rejected, it never appears again so far.
Exception Emulator! Please add speed adjustments for fast forward. I've searched the settings and cannot find a way to do so. Thank you!
Bought it many years ago when it was a dollar because the free version only let you enter two line cheats. It's been great throughout the years, and barely takes up any space. Just recently reinstalled it on my new phone and thought it's about time I gave the developers credit.
Keeps crashing when reloading a game. Closed everything down properly and now the app keeps stopping when I try to load the same game. And to think I actually paid money for this.
I bought this to only play pokémon, but i was disappointed as trading and multiplayer wont work. I have leaf green and my friend has fire red so u cannot connect to it. Both parties require the same game which makes no sense
Used to use and love this app. But it constantly spams requests for access to your email accounts now. Which is disgraceful. An emulator does npt need access to your private emails. Uninstalling and won't be using any of your apps again.
This this is sketch. I used to use it back in the day, and it was great. Now, it constantly tries to access my email. Which is a no-no. There is nothing that lets you disable that either.
i love this emulator for android and love that it plays pretty well without needing anything to plug into it. i do have the opinion of if the buttons on the screen had lights itd be optimal if one were to record a video so ppl see which way you want to go and what not. thats just my opinion though
Button presses don't register. To press A for example, you have to hold the on-screen button down for a full second before it will register. I'm able to spam A and nothing happens. The constant email request notifications are also annoying.
Never had any issues with emulation on this app. It's very simple to set up and runs well on all my devices. My go-to GBA emulator
I have both myoldboy and myboy. I know this technology has been around for a while but being able to play AAA Nintendo games on my phone is pretty amazing. zelda and pokemon, kirby. Thank you to who ever put this together. well worth four bucks. I'll probably download it for my son and old lady too. so. twelve bucks. legit. you can wireless battle and everything. 5/5/5/5/5 stars mfer
This is the only app I will use for gameboy games. I refuse to download anything else sense it costed money and this is good enough for me. It's not too slow and it has fast forward which is useful for when I play slow games such as Pokemon
I've always loved being able to play old GBA games on my phone. I would give 5 stars, but the last update was over 3 years ago. I don't think an app deserves a 5 star rating if it's been practically abandoned like this one has. I would like to see some of the bugs fixed that many are seeing in other reviews
Nothing works anymore. It just gives me errors when I install the game and I don't fully understand how this all works, there's no guide or anything not even a tutorial.
I used to love this app. So I didnt mind paying for it this time around. However getting spammed by it asking for access to my email is not okay. When I had this app before that never happened. You dont need access to my email ever. Uninstalled because of this. Dont pay for this app unless you are ready for it to constantly bug you for that access.
I purchased this app specifically for the linking capability and it hasn't worked even once. Bluetooth connection doesn't work at all. Wifi connects, but when trying to link another device through a game, it keeps giving a connection error (check link cable). I have attempted this with multiple devices and didn't work on any of them. I would like a fix or my money back.
Been using My Boy! for over 5 years now, it is by far the best GBA emulator for android. I've completed many games including, Pokemon (link trading works, you can even trade on the same device across 2 instances), Metroid, Golden Sun amd many others. The only thing that I do not fancy about My Boy! is the save formats, which can be very finicky to get working on other emulators such as VisualBoyAdvance and most RetroArch cores. But a google should fix that for ya.
Should move the left and right trigger buttons back to their respective corners. Or leave an option available for this. Otherwise works well. Update is okay
The best GBA emulator you can find, hands down, and I've tried many others here, on google play. I can confidently say that this emulator offers an amazing value, worth more than the few dollars you'll spend to use it! Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time trying other ones, you'll just be disappointed.
So I have tried 4 times and it doesn't save my game. I exit and have to start a new one each time. Not pleased after buying this app
I cant access the navigation menu. My app is bugged out or something. No support from dev? I made sure in the settings that it will show the navigation button. Also you cannot put cover art on your games list, and even adding a widget shortcut you still cant put cover art on that! Meanwhile according to the internet android should be able to. Looks like im never getting another update from android again cause they always break things that work.
This is by far the most fantastic emulator I've ever used. Totally worth the money. Comes with so many cool features like being able to link with other players across wifi or making a local link on your phone to perform link actions by yourself.
I didn't use this app for very long, nothing is really bad about it except that it made me search through my files every single time I wanted to continue playing a game. plus from what I can tell there's a free gba app that does more and doesn't ask for your email permissions for some weird reason. it can be 100% safe but the fact that it tried at all feels sketchy.
App works great but continually requests access to the Google accounts on my phone even after denying it access.
I would love this software being opened as free as in freedom software to be able to modify it and convey such modifications to my friends. Nextcloud support, online gba multiplayer without wifi or servers at all, possibilities are endless. I hope MyBoy developers answer my mail asking them to free as in freedom the software.
I've been using this app for years, paid for it once 5$ and have been using it since like 2014. it works great and is worth the price I PROMISE!!! no ads, the cheats work, and you can play any gba rom on it. I play ffta,pokemon emerald, and hamtaro on it. the nostalgia trip alone is worth the price 10x over.
I had this app for years and all of a sudden it started asking for permissions having to do with my email. Today my phone just started spamming random buttons, then it tried to download a TON of files by itself with the my boy email notification. It's too bad that it's like this now. All it is is malware. I would definitely stay away from this. They are most likely trying to steal information from your phone.
It's a great emulator, every game runs smooth and the controls are fine. However I think the customization of the UI is a bit disappointing. I feel like skins for the player would be really nice especially if we could upload our own too. Also more control for the controls haptic feedback.
I really enjoyed playing the flashback games in this, and making it faster to play when you change it on the settings. I ran into a problem though; I repositioned the GBA emulator controls via the 'Display' settings, and now I am unable to press it, due to the settings button being so close to the 'up' button on the "analog" stick. Is there a way to fix this, without uninstalling and reinstalling?
Free Version didn't load ads properly, which prevented me from accessing my quick save. So I had to buy the app or either enjoy doing what I had done before OVER again. That's not good. For people who are slightly short on money or kids who cant afford to buy the paid version - that'd force them to get another emulator or start over from scratch. My advice: If ads are mandatory, - for those who use the free version - please make sure that they work, or that they don't inhibit save usage
Best GBA emulator and well worth the $5. it has an awesome fast forward feature that makes pokemon game nuzlock grinds much faster and a local link for self-trading pokemon. Been using it for couple weeks with no crashes at all. Paid for what I needed and got more, could not be happier!
This app asks for permissions to access Google account more than once per day. It DOES NOT need this kind of information Very annoying for a paid app to spam you for information that it does not need even if you click on deny. Once I click on deny, it still pops up asking me for access to my Google Account. Garbage app.
So far, this is the best GBA emulator. I'm not regreting buying it. But one thing I don't like with this app is that it keeps on notifying to request access to my emails even though how many times I deny it. Why would you want our emails anyway?
I use MyOldBoy! and bought the premium version to support the dev. I don't use MyBoy! often, but I play well enough...got some free Google Credit and decided to use it on this. I remember complaining about the price beforehand, $4.99 is outrageous for just increased game speed and loading a quicksave....But people have to eat too!
My go-to emulator for android. It had all the features you'd expect from an emulator, and has a perfectly playable free version. Perfect for playing gba games on the go.
Constantly asks you to sync every google account on your device and never stops if there's one you haven't synced. Doesn't even work with any time files I've found from anywhere. Used to work but doesn't anymore
Love the app, but I wish I had known that I could backup my games to my Google drive sooner! I had to get a new phone, and I tried to backup my save files to my Samsung cloud and my SD card, but I still lost them all. Use the sync to Google drive option in the settings!! (This option is also probably the reason that a lot of people are getting permission requests to their Google accounts.)
There's a bug that I've never seen until now, whenever I close the game it glitches and brings me back to one of my earliest points. I'll delete the autosave, play for a few hours, save and save state. When I relaunch the game it brings me back to the same point with no other save files. Extremely disappointing, all I want to do after a long day at work is play some Leaf Green, but because of this I cant make it past cerulean Please patch
Amazing good way to have fun on road trips 😜 it is very usable and is good for people who like to add cheats great game worth the money
Absolutely amazing, id give it 5 stars but i only bought this cause the free version didnt exist anymore, but to my dismay the controls have a completely different layout and you cant set theyre size and placement to exactly what was in the free version, should really have a control layout preset that was like the free versions
A innovative app that brings back your childhood memories. Enjoy the likes of Mother, Fire Emblem, Yu-Gi-Oh and many others with this easy to use app. Make the games more exciting by connecting with friends for a quick run on MarioKart or a Pokémon battle.
It works exactly as advertised. My only complaint is that the D-Pad's hitbox seems to be slightly to the right and up of the actual graphic for the D-Pad. It rarely causes any issues and doesnt impact the games I play, but this is certainly something that could be an easy fix. All in all, I love this app as well as My OldBoy! App. They're great for brief gaming. Totally worth the few bucks I threw at it.
Works really well. Very nicely designed and runs well. Well worth the price. I like the customizable UI. Would love an optional Mute button to allow for easily toggling between game audio and music. Also UI fade after an inactive amount of time would be cool, have seen it in other emulators.
best gba emulator in the app store, its worth buying it since ive owned it for about 4 years l.. also if you are wanting to link games like pokemon or any other kind of game, make sure you send a copy of the game to the other phone otherwise it wont let you link the games, which i had to figure out myself.
Terrible app. First, they forced me to upgrade if I wanted to use any sort of cheats. Second, none of the cheats work because of their stupid interface. Third, the app is constantly trying to gain access to my email accounts connected to my phone. This app is definitely run by people that wish to exploit people for money. Do not buy.
Excellent app. MyBoy has been around for quite some time, and it's nice to see it still here. The emulation is great, video and audio come through clear. I myself had no problems with crashes or lag, I am using a Samsung A8. The only thing holding it back from a 5-star, is the constant notification asking for access to our gmails. It apparently has something to do with backing up through Google Drive, but it still asks even if the option is disabled. All in all, great emulation app, recommended.
Know what would make this 100x better? (not that it's not already a great app)... But casting to a device! I would love to play my games on the big screen even if they don't translate perfectly it would be easier on the eyes than playing on a screen marginally bigger than the original gameboy 😅 Devs, think this is possible? 5 stars are up for grabs! :)
Emulator works great, I have no problems with the functions. GUI could get some improvements. Red flag for me is that after a week of using this app, it started to request access to all of my emails in the background. Luckily my phone detected this and I denied access but it feels fishy. Someone should investigate what is going on.
Android 10 compatibility issues, definitely. I was running android 9 and the sound and video were fine, but after updating to andrpid 10 the emulator started with stuttering in audio and then even video in some games, tried different roms and all, no solution.
My Favourite GBA Emulator! I love using this one! Runs so well. Though the only thing I dislike and wish could be changed is the save file format is a picture. So every manual save slot will put out a new image in the phone's gallery app. But aside from that one thing, I'm pretty happy with this. I've tried to use another but I can't help but to keep returning to use this. It's so good to use.
It's failed to save my data several times now both through in-game save and the app. I lost quite a few hours of progress from a game I was enjoying but no longer want to play. Waste of $5
After having the program for a year, the program keeps crashing hard, won't load anything for more than 5 seconds. Overall, it's good til the crash happens. Tried reinstalling it but it's not working as intended.
What a joke. Multiple times I've had to start over my games with this app. The latest time is just because it decided to stop accepting the game file I have. Not worth your time. It was a phenomenal app when it came out years ago and it's been slowly ruined.
Super reliable. Been using Myboy 4 years and it has pretty much everything you could ask for in a mobile emulator.
This is without a doubt the best emulator, had been using a pirated version for almost six years and decided to buy it to help support the developer, one thing that would be great however is improving multiplayer as it's laggy and allowing a world wide net play feature as it will only work through Lan, maybe make a separate server app for all the emulators made or add it as a feature. Everything else I love !
couple things >>well im a little upset .ive had this app for a while ..then the otherday for some reason my phone delete EVERYTHING and had to re download but this time it cost me 5 dollars when it used to be free..hopefully they could do something about it ..but other then that this is THE BEST gba emulator out there...never had no promblems tell now cause$ also they need 3 settings for speed normal. MED. and FF
People who are saying that this app is trying to steal your personal information are lying, I've used this app for over a year and it's stole nothing. This emulator is great in almost every way. I'm certain that the reasoning to why the app keeps asking for your gmail is because of some kind of bug. Also I'm 100% sure this app carries no viruses either.
I've used this emulator for awhile now, and love it. Recently though I've switched to a Sony Xperia X, and it keeps crashing on certain games. Mostly having problems with Pokemon Fire Red, and Emerald. Otherwise a very solid emulator in terms of speed, and ease of use. Worth the $5 spent, but would love to see the crashing issues fixed.
Love it however it keeps asking for access to my email address. If i click deny it just asks again after a while. There's no way to stop it asking and it's extremely annoying. Would like a refund since this app has become nothing more than a nuisance.
Never have an issue and the option to customize your button layout relieves the struggles of playing on a phone.
App contains malware. After installation I began to experience bizarre and severe functional issues, primarily with my UI and keyboards. After a reboot I receive push notifications asking for permission to access my emails! There is no reason that my emulator needs to access personal information like that. Need to say, I deleted the app and everything is fine now. I'd rather this lower of I could. Do not buy this app! I'm filing this to Google Play as well. I can't believe I paid for this.
Probably one of the greatest Android apps ever. I've had this app over generations of phones. consistent and exactly what you're looking for if you're a gamer!
Had a good experience with it the entire time playing. Had a few games freeze and had to restart the game and my progress but idk if that's the app or the game I downloaded.
Works alright, but every time my phone turns on I get a notification saying MyBoy and MyOldBoy are both asking for access to my email accounts. Incredibly suspicious because that's not in the app's permissions page
It's good but sketchy, Once the app stops trying to access my email and other apps then I'll give a 4 star. But my phone has McAfee security built into it so that's how I know they're trying to access it. Then I have to go and decline your "request" to access other things on my phone. I highly doubt anyone under a s21 ultra isn't see that there apps are being accessed by MyBoy
Love this emulator so much! Has been great to relive the classics and be able to link locally and with others. I haven't had a single issue so far, I definitely recommend this emulator!
Fantastic. I've certainly gotten my money's worth going back and being able to play all the pokemon games from my childhood. Didn't really have any issues at all. Games play easily. Easy to download roms. Great app.
Works perfect playing Shining Force, Golden Sun, Pokemon Ruby and a few others. Gamepad is smooth and easy to set up. Upscaling looks amazing. Runs at full frames, no stutter in video or audio maxed out in settings. Get your GBA fix right here, folks.
Every day, multiple times sometimes, a notification will come up requesting access to your Google account. This is an unnecessary permission that has no legitimate purpose. Makes you wonder why they want it so bad. It will push this notification for every account you have on your phone. I use four accounts so I get between four and twelve notifications every day. This is very frustrating. Overall this is a very good emulator, games run smooth, speedhacks are nice, and the save states work well.
it asks permission to access my email account. That is extremely phishy and concerning to me. Why does an emulation app want access to my email account? Be very cautious when using this app. It does NOT need access to email accounts to work.
DO NOT BUY! Was a 3 star, then they deleted my saves. I had to PAY to have extra saves (free version used to have these) and they just deleted my saves. They downgraded the app after they started charging money. This app used to play regular gameboy games, and they decided to downgrade this app so I can't play them now. I paid $5 only to learn it got rid of that feature. Get a free app, they're as good as this. Extra saves you get delete. Don't waste $ on this trash. Not good anymore!DO NOT BUY!
Runs very well. No lag or frameskips. Using Moto G4. Update: Constantly asks for permission to access your email. Intrusive and suspicious. Don't use this. This app is trying to take your information. This might be malicious code, and if you're wanting an update to fix this, Too bad! This app hasn't been updated in three years and counting. If they don't update this app within days to fix this, then I'm officially going to classify this as abandonware. Goodbye. Never again until it's fixed!
I love this application , It really does perform the best of the emulators i've tried. I'm not being paid to say this , so i will give a small critique... 1- This app needs to have built in color pallette options. 2- This app would do well to include the previous Gameboy iterations. 3- The display of Games could use a "hide Games from selection screen" tab .
App works exactly as described. not sure what the current top positive review or what the top critical review is even talking about as of 5/9/19. The app never crashes for me and it certainly isn't trying to "exploit people for money" regarding email access. If you're experiencing any types of crashes, uninstall and reinstall the app or ensure your phone can handle it. If it's asking for access to your Gmail, then you likely enabled the Google Drive option for save backup.
I love it. It's great for Fire Emblem, and Pokémon when I want to play that occasionally too. I love the customization and everything and the fact you can have both landscape and portrait setup within one option for quick switching, and on a new phone it is a super smooth experience. 10/10, I would recommend. I only wish there was an NES or SNES version by these guys. I have some super old Fire Emblem games I would want to play on it..
Was my favorite app in the world, which is why I bought it. Now it no longer sees the same files I've always used, and won't open a single gba game. Literally useless. I checked my permissions and noticed too it wanted my contacts.. not sure why that's needed. If functionality returns to the app I'll replace this review, until then don't waste your money like me
The google account notification thing is obnoxious and I had to turn that off. Once I disabled that, it's a great app. The main thing I was looking for was the link cable feature, and it delivers.
SO much better than the free GBA emulators with the annoying ads, no irritating vibration when you press buttons. Only thing is that if you don't know how to find downloaded games on your phone, you will have a hard time using this. They should give instructions on that after the initial download.
I love this app. Great emulator. However, recently it has been crashing after 15 to 30 minutes of use. Love to see an update that addresses this, but haven't seen any updates in a long time so I'm not holding my breath. Worth the money, if only to relive my childhood 10 minutes at a time...
It asked me for permission to all of my Google accounts when I re-started my phone. I am disabling all notifications from this app so hopefully it will stop doing that. It already has access to the files on my phone so it can access my ROMs. The gameplay has been good so far with no problems. Also, I like that on my BlackBerry KeyOne, I can use the keys on my phone as controller buttons on this emulator.
Don't waste your money, hasn't been updated in two years. Devs don't care there customers spent their hard earned money on their app. There are tons of others on here and this one constantly begs you to sync with your Google account. Seems all but abandoned. If we got an update maybe I'll change the rating and recommend to other but for now. Shame on you developers.
Been better. Have been using this emulator for years. Possibly since the beginning. Recently the controls have been buggy. And soda can't get into the buttons. Looked for an update, saw the last update was 2017. Can we please get a bug update? First issue with this came around a week ago. Cleaned up my phone to make sure my phone wasn't bugging out, haven't had an issue with anything else. Love the emulator and have for years, getting annoying to use.
I'm very very very suspicious, and confused. As you see in other reviews, the app asks you for your Google account access. I made the sacrifice and accepted, and apparently it doesn't pop up in your security 3rd party section? So either it doesn't do anything or some very good stealthy malicious code. Either way, use at your own risk. (Edit #2:) Uninstalled after accepting and reinstalled. Pops up again. This confirms app is safe to use. Accepting literally does nothing. Probably a bug.
Amazing app. Can't fault it. I mainly use it to play Pokemon though... People are commenting about the access to emails... This app saves your saves (enabled by default) to your Google drive, which can only be accessed by having permission to access emails. The devs are not allowed to view or send emails from these accounts as that is extremely illegal. Just thought I'd express that before more people complain about a feature which is outlined in the description.
This is my trusted gba emulator ever since. really had fun using it. I just wish it could stop asking permission to access my other emails even though I've denied it. only had this problem about 3 times. had to deny every time. please fix thanks
I like the app. Some people are complaining about the Google sync reminder but you can turn off the reminder in the settings.
The app is great. It runs everything I throw at it with no issues at all. However I have cloud sync turned off as I have had some corruption with other apps in the past and don't necessarily trust it. Even though sync is turned off multiple times a day I get a request to connect to the Drive of every account on my phone. If I have it turned off why am I still getting requests?
Even if you deny the pernission to access your Google accounts and turn off the "Sync to Google Drive" setting, the app will still keep requesting the permission every single day through a notification, which is incredibly annoying. The emulator is perfect otherwise. I wanted to send a bug report instead of leaving a review but there's no option to do that in the app's menu... Might want to add that in so people can report issues and give you a chance to fix them before writing a review.
Please update this emulator, it's getting a bit outdated. I think Pizzaboy has the potential to dethrone this emulator by having more features. Pizzaboy only has 2 major flaws. If they get fixed, this emulator will be dethroned. I recommend making the sound quality better. I know getting gba sound right is hard. Have an option to turn off the pitch change when speeding up, adding skins, and have an easy way to transfer save files.
After Bubbles Escaped from Finding Nemo - The Continuing Adventures and I tried to press A Button on mini game, It doesn't do anything, Please fix this issue.
Works with all ROM I like to play, but I cant turn the f**king sound off. I have to plug in earphones to shut it up. A Speed multiplier would be nice as well...
great app other than i am tired of it asking for permission to my email every f%$!*n day!!! i said no 50 times or more! uninstalled! pisses me off considering you have my money!! it wasnt like this when i first installed it!! fix the damn thing devs! this is total b.s. and you know it!!
To be completely honest I love the app the only thing I don't like is the fact that certain ROMs cannot be opened because of the file the file specifically has to be a gba file in order for the emulator to run it but yet on a computer the ROM does not have to be a gba file makes absolutely no sense
Love this emulator, simple UI, and runs smoothly. Just wondering though, does the "reset" button act identically to soft resetting? For instance when attempting to get a shiny starter in pokemon?
EDIT: For those of you concerned about the constant access requests to your Gmail accounts. That access is probably required for uploading your saves to your Google Drive. lol Since Drive is linked to your Google account, aka Gmail. Best GBA emulator available! Smooth and reliable with good gamepad customization. Multiple savestates and the quicksave/load options are useful.
One of the most reliable and stable emulators I've used so far. I will change my review to 5 stars if the creator adds themes/skins to customize what our GBA emulator looks like. Some good examples of an emulator that looks good visually would be GBA4ios, Delta, and Eclipse.
I do like the app a lot, I can play games on it as it says, it is a lot of fun. I bought the app after I realized that the free version was gone, which does suck a lot. But it's still a great app to play gba games and such. I took off a star as it keeps asking me for permission to use my email account which just makes me uncomfortable, I don't want to use the syncing stuff. I want it to stop asking for my dang email tho.
The emulation is solid. However it is regularly asking for access to other Google accounts on my phone. I have four accounts, but I bought this game on my personal account. I gave it access to that one, but every day it sends up requests to access the rest. If I said no, I mean no. I'm just going to disable notifications from this app.
Honestly I've had this app since 7th grade like 7 or 8 years ago. We got it in 7th grade to play pokemon against eachother in class, the premium version had multiplayer. Though every now and again I will come back to use this for other classic games. *recently I connected a bluetooth controller to my phone and it has made this app the best one on the market.* Touch screen controls are limiting. However now that I have a full controller I can play any game I want. No more turn based games yay
Fantastic emulator. Really. Just a great app. I've used this thing for a while now. Its controller compatible so that makes it easier too.
Really great emulator! Little to no lag and customizable layouts really help with games like pokemon! Really wish there was a way to play with people who have the free version, and a way to reduce controller input lag, but it's a GBA emulator on my Phone, can't be perfect in every way.
Just like classic game boy if u get the free version. but when u buy it u can do gamesharke codes and save anytime and pick up were u left off. big pokemon fan. And this made the game a hundred time better.
Works great for reliving my childhood. Plus the fast forward option is beautiful for Pokemon. 10/10 bought due to no ads and to support the devs. (note: I have not tried the tethering options)
Accessing your account is to copy your save file data to your Google drive. So you can use the same save files across devices. Not sure why so many people don't seem to understand that. And you can even deny access if you want. Good emulator overall
The best $5 I've ever spent in my entire life. I love this app so much. It got me through high school and college classes, road trips, and life in general. Super easy to use and a great investment!
DELETE THIS APP NOW! I re-downloaded the app so i could play pokemon. While the gameplay is solid its the constant need for access to my accounts that concerns me. Until i downloaded this app i had NO fake adware on my phone but suddenly i do. The app asks for full access to my google account even after denying. Idk what happen to the app but DO NOT DOWNLOAD! Stay away from this app at all costs.
Amazingly accurate emulation, even on my low-end LG Neon Android phone, an impressive amount of options and extras to get the emulation just right, and an aesthetically pleasing interface. For only $5, this app is more than worth the price of admission. Highly recommended.
Very good emulator. Would rate a 5 if not for the fact playing togather with another person requires the paid version.
Won't work on my s7. Once I load the app it starts flickering and my phone becomes unresponsive. I have to reboot my phone for it to work again.
Scam product. It may work, but it constantly requests permission to access my personal information associated with every Google account signed into my phone. It does not need to know this information for ANY reason and it is completely scummy and shameful that a premium app that I spent money for is trying to fish information from me to sell to spamers. DO NOT USE THIS EMULATOR.
Everything about this app is phenomenal, I was hesitant to buy the full version but it allowed me to transfer saves from my S8 to my Note 9 easily and without any trouble. linking two games on the same device works without any hiccups. My only concern/question is, can I use this app to trade Pokemon with my sister, who has a different Google Play account but has also purchased the full version?
Im disappointed. Been using this app for so long(at least 4 years) and for some reason when I went to download, I had to buy it again. I didn't mind buying it again on my phone. After downloading, I tried adding it to my family library so that I can download it on my tablet and for anyone else in my family. But for some reason it didn't register!? On top of that it began asking me for permission for my Gmail's which makes me quite uneasy. Stills works well but I'll be looking for a different app
I rarely write reviews. Shows how good this app is. It runs well and if it hasnt run any files, its been my fault. I truly love this emulator, well worth the small price you have to pay. Would indeed recomend to amyone who wants to play GBA games on their phone!
I've had this app for a few years & never had any problems. I'm not sure how much of a testing I give it but it runs any games I've tried to use. The link emulator works with no issues & its all really easy to use after watching a short YouTube video. I've used it with a Galaxy S7 & S8. Would recommend.
The ONLY reason I don't give this a perfect 5 is because I keep having issues with the sound in Golden Sun. Criticals and unleashes attacks all sound normal, but regular attacks are very hard to hear. If that could be fixed (I tried a different emulator, it didn't have this issue), I would change my score to a 5.
Perfect emulator.has everything you want. Good performance even at multiple x speed, customisable controls, backup to g drive....the link cable emulation is especially awesome. 1 other feature is transparency options on controls, really good especially with simple gba controls mine are almost hidden so it doesnt affect the game view
There's no reason why after all this time you can't choose where you want your saves to go. I want to keep the saves on the SD card with my games so I can easily transfer them both physically and with foldersync, and the app just doesn't want to allow that. Please give us options. Lowered my score to ONE STAR because a new problem has popped up. Picking a game in the list opens a completely unrelated game in the folder. Reinstalling and clearing settings did nothing.
Totaly worth paying for this app. Best inversion ever. I just wish you guys can update the button control colors, im so sick of the color white. Some neon color button controls would be awesome.
great emulator! not laggy or anything! i would however like some better ui for picking games etc.. if you need someone to help you build the ui let me know i would be happy to help!
Like most people I tried free ones. This out ranks all of them. No cheats included FYI. The rest is basically the same. Like the free one but no ads. I don't think it is license verification so you can sign out with it. Maybe or not.
It's really fun playing on a gameboy on my phone but definitely not worth the money you could get the free version and spend that 5 dollars some where else that's why I'm giving it 4 stars but it really is a great game!
Most of the time, an emulator excels by not being noticed. That the game runs as it would were it not emulated. To my surprise, this emulator also gives you the power to improve the game in some ways! I will save the fan-boy gushing about playing my favourite gba games again and just say "worth every penny."
A pretty much perfect emulator that even has controller support, however I'm giving it 4 stars because it keeps asking for access to my email. It's clearly not essential for the app to function, as I always deny it, but it still asks for access all the time. This seems very suspicious. I can't give it 5 stars for that reason.
The emulator is good, but IT WILL ASK FOR PERMISSION TO ACCESS YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNTS CONSTANTLY, no matter how many times you deny it. Many people may not think twice before pressing allow. I can't think of any legitimate reason why an emulation app would need access to your email. It is VERY suspicious, potential phishing or identity theft. Just be careful, DO NOT allow this permission. One star until I hear an explanation from the developer about it and they fix it.
Awesome GBA emulator! I use it with an Xbox One controller and it works great. Save states make it easy to save your progress at any time and the menu is easily accessible from the controller. The video shaders are a cool addition and make the graphics look really nice. Highly recommend.
I love this full version of My Boy! I have fun with using cheats and playing fast forward to make things faster and easier for me to complete a game! Thanks for these freature I appreciate it really! Happy Gaming!
Easy and convinient to use. Google Drive backup feature is AMAZING, much easier to save my progress onto another device.
This is a perfectly serviceable emulator - It has speed-ups, savestates and other features you expect. The bad: it request access to your Google accounts, constantly. This is supposed to be so that saves can be stored in your Google Drive, but there are better ways to go about it than for the app to appear in the notification tray every single day requesting access to each of your Google accounts. I therefore reccommend you check out any of the other excellent GBA emulators out there.
So I've used other GBA emulators in the past and I always ran into my roms getting deleted after a few months of not playing. With this emulator however, I stopped in December 2019, picked it back up today in August and everything is there. Love this emulator, the controls are great, i use my switch pro controller and it does a good job although it was finicky in the beginning. LOVE the fast forward option, especially while grinding through Pokémon.
I'd give this app a 5 if it weren't for it trying to get access to my email everytime I turn on my tablet, it does not need access to my email to run, and I'm quite concerned for their intentions for asking for access, I paid for this app, I should not be having to worry about invasive actions.
Great app overall. Only problem is it doesn't always follow the device's volume setting. If I'm in the app and adjust the media volume level the app won't change it's volume. I have to hit the home button and open the app back from the recent apps button for it to change the volume. The easiest way to change volume is to hit the home button, change the volume, and then open the app again. It only does it on this device. I've never had it happen on any other device I've owned.
one word, trash. I tried to play pokemon and the save didn't work for any of my roms. so I had to start over, (one of my pokemon games had a shiny) and all was lost. the only thing I did was play gba games, then I took a brake and now I can't even play my games. I want a refund.
Please update this emulator, it's getting a bit outdated. I think Pizzaboy has the potential to dethrone this emulator by having more features. That emulator only has 2 major flaws. If they get fixed, this emulator will be dethroned. I recommend making the sound quality better, have an option to turn off the pitch change when speeding up, adding skins, and have an easy way to transfer save files.
I have had this app for four years and it is the literal best thing ever . It has been starting to lag recently I don't know if that is my device or what but overall wonderful experience.
Does everything well from my experience with it. I mainly play turn based games since touch controls are tough with action games. Wish GBC games were playable like they would be with a real GBA handheld.
Very much worth the investment, I have a ton of games I haven't played yet as a kid and now I can with this amazing App!!
Best $5 I've ever spent on my phone. If you want to dive into all the classic GBA games, the interface is minimal and has all the options you would want for modding your experience
Warning, I strongly suspect that this app is a malware. I had to uninstall it after it repeatedly attempted to access my device's gmail account, which not only contained my emails, but my drive, Google keep notes, contacts and everything else. What does it have to do with all those private info, such as your bank accounts access information? Google should investigate such apps before allowing them to their app store. I don't know how many unsuspecting customers have been compromised.
Keeps asking permission to access my emails, I uninstalled and re-downloaded so I'll see what happens, but until then, 1 star. I also see in other reviews that multiple people are getting the same notification multiple times as I did. This is unacceptable, especially with the fact that it's supposedly a "premium" app with a no-ad perk. It might as well have ads, or rather yet, this odd request is even worse!
Link cable emulation is a huge step forward. It is a little choppy though- Pokemon trades work great, but your not going to play 4 Swords with it. Options are great, with pretty good battery consumption. I wish the UI was updated a little.
Game emulator works great, has a smooth connection through bluetooth and wifi to play with others. Saving games and loading them is easy and reliable! Organizing the games into a folder is a bit difficult but can be done easily with most android folder apps.
Absolutely fantastic, the auto detect in the cheats feature is handy as well, enabling easy code detection as opposed to thumbing through menus with others. Easy to use which goes a long way with me who is not tech savvy
Overall the best emulator out there. Still think the movement controls could be improved a bit but it's not gonna be the same as a tactile key so yeah. Definitely worth the money
Easily the best GBA emulator out there. Clean and simple layout, no ads, and i've never had a single issue with it in the 5+ years i've used it across multiple devices.
This review is subject to change. I just bought this and I cant even access the roms i have on my Micro SD card and I do not have the internal storage space to keep my roms there. If they fix that, it would have more stars. To give more context the root folder upon opening does not allow me to change to SD card. Only goes to the /storage file.
100% worth it. If you can get the roms, will play your gba games. Dont even need to save (unless you change games, havent tested that) when you quit it. Itll just load up right where you left off, mid-fight or whatever
I've used this emulator for years now and I can say it's absolutely solid. $5 is a steal. This would be an easy 5 stars. However, please stop pestering me to sync my email. It's unnecessary when the "Sync to Google Drive" option is disabled in the settings. If I want to sync my saves, I'll do it myself. If the option is disabled, don't send me daily notifications to allow access. It's annoying and a bit suspicious. If this is fixed, then I will give this 5 stars. Until then, it gets two.