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My Boy! Lite

My Boy! Lite for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Fast Emulator located at 27425 emily canyon san antonio, TX 78260. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like it it let me play with my ps4 controller and it automatically costomized the controls and made them perfect though a lot of the features are locked behind payments thats why I am giving it 4 stars
this one is much better thannthe paid app because this is still ongoing than the other and also if u want to remove ads just go to network permissions and disable network only if u only installed the game.edit just kidding it doesn't remove it but either way i just turned of wifi lol.
Works good. Played a game for a decent amount of time, then saved to a save slot. It gave me the prompt about how you can't save to multiple slots on the free version. I through no biggie. Then went to play the game later and it won't load it just gives me that same prompt
Worst emulator ever. Dont download this unless you want your time wasted. I tried to give it 0 stars but Google play wouldn't let me.
To reload a save state you need to watch an ad. Each time you watch an ad you can reload a couple of times before you need to watch another, it gets annoying sometimes but it gets even worse. Sometimes it can't load an ad, you would assume that they would just let you reload but no, they don't and you just can't reload despite it being the fault of the app. They then say you could buy the full app so you don't have to worry about this. It's a very scummy way to get people to buy it.
for a free emulator, its incredibly well made, runs smoothly and has almost unnoticeable input lag with a controller. the only problem i have are the cheat caps on 2 lines per cheat, bit thats not enough to lower the rating. im definitely buying the full bersoin as soon as i can
One hell of an emulator! Every now and then there's a bit of lag, but it's so small and I really only play pokemon ruby on here so I really don't mind at all. I kinda miss being able to load a quicksave state without having to see an ad first, but I'm not too fussed about that either. Honestly this is pretty darn good!
Damn near perfect! The free version has minimal ads and pretty full features but playing for the pro version is worth it if you like to play GBA games a lot. Works great with a controller and even feels pretty good with on screen buttons, especially with ~2:1 aspect ratio phones where you have black space for the buttons to go
I've used this so many times and it is an amazing option if you can't get DraStic . Or you could just download it instead of drastic. ( which is what I did)
It has way many features that let you have awesome gaming experience when playing the games of our childhood, Thanks from the bottom of my heart. But the only thing is that I wish an auto-button-holding feature.
I've been using this emulator for years and I love it. It plays at acceptable speeds and I experience no lag. Although recently I've noticed the emulator is not saving my games. I'm not sure what the issue is but I'd give the emulator 5 stars if the problem were patched.
it's pretty good, all it needs is a few bug fixs (by a few I mean a lot). But still good, if you know what you're during and if you do your reseach.
Most of the negative reviews are likely from people who have no clue how to use this app or just dont understand how free apps work. Yes there are ads, most free games do. and yes, i am regularly asked to upgrade to the paid version. Neither of which bother me because i understand that the people who make these apps/games need to make money too. I have no issues saving or loading games at this point. Maybe ill upgrade to paid version in the future but for now, im happy
I like played many roms in gba emulator and one time i didn't played for a few weeks or so, the emulator just deleted all of my hardwork. I don't know if it's a bug or anything. Its just so painful that all of your hardwork was just for nothing
There is no better emulator out there. I dare you to find an emulator for free that is better than this. The only problem is the ad which isnt even a problem just go airplane mode. I used this emulator for so long now and every single time I hit that x2 speed or cheat button I cum a little bit.
Really good and love that it's free, only thing is that it only supports sertain types of files, meaning that some ROMs are unplayable. But that is not their fault since phones would not be able to support files that big.
Best. Gba. Emulator. Ever. You can input cheats and its JUST like playing the Game Boy Advanced! (I mostly play older Pokemon games) But its great! The controls are spot on. The best part is you dont get all those ads you get with other games. With myboy, an ad only pops up every few times for me!! I love this game! Definitley getting the full version soon! Thanks for making such a good game!!! 😁
What a load of garbage. It won't even let me load my game. Okay so you can't have multiple saves and can't load multiple loads without buying the 'full version' but really I can't even load up the one and only save file I got why not make it so you have to pay for multiple save slots. And keep the one save slot free. Because I can't even load my game without it trying to tell me to buy the full version first. So you are telling me that I have to sit down and play the whole entire game so I don't lose any progress. BS
Left travel button on the dpad travels to the right instead. Can't go anywhere. Stuck. No way to fix the toggles! Uninstalling!
It's great but there's a huge issue, you can only use one save state (which is fair enough) but for you to access it you have to watch/view an ad but sometimes it doesn't load meaning you can't access the save state. PLEASE FIX THIS I DON'T WANT TO RESTART, I'VE BEEN GRINDING FOR HOURS NOW PLEAASSEE!!!!
Nice emulators. After playing all Pokemon games on it . It has become my favourite emulator. Its has hubrid features and setting. And controls are great. Vibration are also available. I prefer to play all GBA games on it only for best experience.
It's fun, but the buttons should be able to be freely moved, not grouped together, the b&a are a little too spaced out for me.
Honestly I've never been so disappointed and upset by an ad experience. I uninstalled and wouldn't recommend. So each time you to try to load the one free save spot you're allowed, you need to watch an ad. There however is an error loading ads so you can't load your game, you know the solution? Pay 4.99 for the non ad upgrade so you don't get the error and lose your game. If you accidentally override that one save you've lost your game, if you want more save slots to use as back up pay 4.99.
Great emulator, the settings are nice and varied, controls are responsive. Only gripe I have is it won't let you load savestates unless you load an ad too. I know why, gotta get that revenue and all but my signal gets spotty out in the boonies so having 'error loading ad. Try again later' pop up when I'm trying to load up my quicksave is annoying.
Terrible. I have to watch an ad whenever i need to load a save file and when there are no more ads to play the emulator just prevents me from loading the savefile entirely. I might aswell get the cracked paid version of this game for free online or better yet just use John Gba emulator since even if the ads are annoying, atleast it still functional. Uninstalling this mess
It is a fun game, unless you like paying just to load your game! In can't believe it, it says free but you have to pay just to load your game! I lost so much progress from this! I love this app, but not the paying part! I hope that you don't have to do that in the future!
Redirects you to face book and won't let you play any games, let alone install any to play. Doesn't give any instructions and not user friendly. Waist of time and not worth trying. Your better off just buying a game system and games. Don't waist time with game emulators. This app needs removed and negative stars.
The best emulator app in the market. Allows for you to play all Gameboy titles and is also compatible with several cheat code programs which allow for mods and alterations in certain games. Has a potential "speed up" button that can help you skip through boring lectures or repetitive animations. The complete version gives you the availability of quick save and quick loading games. A most have for nostalgic gamers.
link mode lets you trade pokemon easily, emulator works great! save files disapear in free version, but upload to google drive in the paid version. totally worth paying for this app, its well-made! My only suggestion would be to have shortcut buttons for the fast forward speed and sound settings.
Everytime you load a save there's an ad before it loads, and 80% of the time the ad doesn't load, so you can't go back to a save even with healthy internet. You also won't be able to play with this if you don't have internet to play the ads. Only option is to buy it. There are better apps really.
For me , this emulator is the best in my opinion, the past emu's are bit laggy and buggy, but this emu is good!, i played pokemon ruby, emerald, and fire red in here, and it runs SMOOTHLY!, it can play smoothly up to 1 - 5 gb ram!, i reccomend u to download this emu!
It has way many features that let you have awesome gaming experience when playing the games of our childhood, Thanks from the bottom of my heart. But the only thing I wish is an auto-button-holding feature.
I've used this app for years, and it's the best GBA emulator for Android, but today I uninstalled it because it randomly started popping up notifications that it was trying to access my Google account. I never once tried to turn on the account sync feature so why would it need access to my personal details? Can't trust this app any longer.
Stupid. I saved my state to slot 1. It says i cannot load it from slot 1. Than I deleted the quick save slot but still cannot load from slot one. Even if it is the only saved state. Stupid logic lost my progress.
It's a good emulator, but it will only work if the ads are able to load (at least for me). Seems pretty ridiculous to me. I don't mind seeing ads. However, if the ads won't load it'd be nice if it just kept working.
Input lag with controllers I have tried several controller, both wired and Bluetooth, on different devices and there in noticeable input lag. I would buy the ad free version in a second if not for the lag.
It's so great I can play games on the go, thanks so much! I've also seen people complain about watching ads to load a save file, just save normally like a normal person playing a normal gba style game
TL;DR- (can't use a basic app function even by watching ads after awhile...) Runs roms just fine but these devs are cancer when it comes to save states. I don't even care that I only get a single save state slot, but if you load that save state more than a couple times in an hour, the ads that it was already making you watch won't even load anymore and you can't use that save state til you wait a couple hours.
Good emulator, but I want to transfer my data from pokemon sapphire to it from John GBA and I can't. Savestates use different formats and I couldn't find the directory where the emulator stores the in-game saves, so I can't even transfer them.
I've been using this app since it's been out. Paid for the original product from the website. You will not find a better gba emu.
Honestly I've never been so disappointed and upset by an ad experience. So each time you to try to load a state you need to watch an ad. There however is an error loading ads so you can't load your game, you know the solution? Pay 4.99 for the non ad upgrade so you don't get the error and lose your game. I'm reporting this
This game is great if you play it without opening internet. It is the free version of gameboy but if you open the net it will give numerous number of adds . But if you play offline then it's perfect. No lag and it can run every game like the real one I mean the paid one . But in this version you can't save your game in more than 1 slot . So if you like my review please note it as helpful.
It is a great emulator. Everything works, any game yet run does indeed work without problems. The only downside is that sometimes sound comes from my mobile phone from the game while my music is off. But apart from that, everything works perfectly
Smooth emulation, unobtrusive ads (unless you save scum, degenerate) easy to work with, tight controls, almost no lag and perfect video? All while being free? This app is amazing. The pay wall is only really for people who'd be bettee off emulating from their computer anyway. Love it!
The emulator was fine, except when playing games with a gyrosensor (usually warioware twisted) it's near impossible to hold b and press a at the same time (even with button a/b), forcing you to play a game of twister just to hold the b button, press the a button, and mash the left and right buttons.
The best emulator i've ever used. Everything is not only fast, but also super quick and easy to use. Every menu is intuitive and provides tons of ways to personalise your experience. The controls are nearly as crisp as the real system, and the sound and graphics are on point and nostalgic. Must-have for any fan of Nintendo.
Best emulator I've had so far. I've tried others and see if it would work but so far they all failed to either impress me or to work, in general. I'll edit my review if I encounter some bugs regarding with the emulator itself but for now it's the only superior emulator that truly stands out from the rest.
Would work fine except at some point you'll get the error "cannot load ad" forcing you buy full version or lose your save files. Very scummy sales tactics. If you want to buy the full version it seemed to be working fine. Otherwise avoid this free version like the plague.
Pathetic design around ads. If the app's developer can't load an ad correctly you are unable to load a save state permanently and it errors out. Their idea of the solution? Not better error handling in their code! It's to shell out money and pay them! Disgusting.
It's cool but they try to make you upgrade every chance they get. Save game "why dont you upgrade" put in a cheat "need to upgrade to add more cheat lines" say no to upgrade "you should upgrade to stop seeing these messages. Like to much. Still good worth getting if you upgrade
This is a great app, it's just really too bad that it's not free, because having to wait for an ad everytime I want to load a save there is a high chance an ad won't even load for me to watch, so I can't play my game.
Why is this the only app that has errors loading ads, especially since not being able to load adds makes it impossible for me to play the game? Or is it just a ploy to try and force me buy the full version?
Since when do I have to PAY to load in a game that's not in my quick save file? I've been using this emulator for years and that came out of nowhere. I literally just lost an entire days worth of progress on pokemon because I didn't freaking know that. Maybe you should put a disclaimer letting people know that there's an UPDATE and maybe NOT TO SAVE IN TWO FILES. I'm seriously pissed rn I just lost SO MUCH.
emulator runs perfect; *But* unless you want to pay full price which is atleast double that any gba emulator is worth, prepare to not be able save state unless you got wifi for ads, and i say ads, i mean everytime you goddamn load a savestate, by the way which they only give you 1 unless you pay the absurd amount they want, not like 6.49$ cdn is at all alot, but for an emulator which are normally free, it sure rubs your hea,d the wrong way. so all in all, don't bother with this one.
Only thing that keeps this from getting a one star is that its a functional emulator, but that all goes down the drain when you try and load your save slot.
Ok at first this emulator does not seem that bad but if use it for like 2 minutes you will see everything wrong with this emulator, it encodes popular games like Pokemon to show an ad in between every and battle like if you defeated a random trainer it will show an ad even in times like saving the game also a lot of ads are vulgar, NSFW and not safe for anyone below 18, also did I mention it also does not let you have cheats and you cannot excel the speed of 2x unless its you have premium
I really appreciate this app, especially for playing Pokémon games, because all you need to do is download the game from the internet and then you can play it. Only problem is that I can't seem to have more than one game on there. I dunno why...
It is good, but i have a few gripes with it. First of all, it will not let me play myrom hacks. Which, of course, the only reason i got it. When you fix that, you can have 5 stars.
I have the free version obviously but it is awesome I have zero complaints as long as people play it like a real Gameboy Advanced and save your game accordingly like a real Game Boy you'll never have to look at ads or worry about buying the full version dont be lazy with those quick saves our loads options just open the emulator click on the game that you want to play and then once you get to the game you're trying to play then you resume or restart the chapter that you want to be on that simple
This is great for a free version, but a few complaints is that I kinda wish an ad wouldn't pop up the first time I load up a save. Also the fact I have to buy the full version to use 2 lines in a cheat code, but not the case for one line... Seriously that last one is just the wackest part. Love this app regardless however.
Great emulator for a free version, if anyone is wondering how to transfer a save file to my boy. all you need to do is get the save file and name it the same as the game its for, word for word etc. make the file .sav and not .SAV. next go to your my boy folder in your downloads, delete any saves or pngs from the game you had before. then put the save file and the game in a folder and paste it into the my boy folder. after this load my boy and u should have the save working.
Thank you for such an amazing app! for anyone wandering if you should get this emulator then it should be most definitely as its free, no ads, modifiable, and easy to use.one minor problem is how close the directional buttons are together but nothing to take out of the gameplay to badly. You have to get your own games obviously
Loved the fun while it lasted for the 2 days i had with the app. I can no longer load quick saves as there is an error with loading the ad. I certainly hope this isn't on purpose to force users to pay the premium. I was 11 hours deep into a really good game and now I can no longer play my file. I hope your customer aervice representative can reply to this review to help fix my problem.
This is a waste of space you can't even save one file . I was at the final stage of game and the save file wouldn't open because of ads no thing positive I can say it's just disappointed bought the one need to pay for a lot better than free version.
Honestly this is the emulator to have in regards to emulation - a truly honorable developer / team of developers - the free version is not only flawless but it's ACTUALLY free -( no-ads, no pop-ups, no annoying redirects or pay walls/holes ) a special something that only the good in the world still offer , i have used the free version forever without issue , and now i want the paid version. truly 10/10 everyone involved - Thank you - im able to re-live my childhood memories because of your works
This app is fine AT THE START. When you will try to load your game it will said that wait for the ad or buy the premium. At first it works fine but 2 days after using the app it will just not show me an ad and make me wait for so long. So please to the maker of this app, don't force us to buy premium.
Love it and reccomend. No need to use save slots when you can dave the game as if you bad the console itself! I love this i can play so many games and nk data gets delted. I can always return to my game even without using the emulator saving and loading mechanic. Thank you~
Great emulator for a free version, if anyone is wondering how to transfer a save file to my boy. all you need to do is get the save file and name it the same as the game its for, word for word etc. make the file .sav and not .SAV. next go to your my boy folder in your downloads, delete any saves for pngs from the game you had before. then put the save file and the game in a folder and paste it into the my boy folder. after this load my boy and u should have the save working.
Great emulator. But I just lost all of my saves (even the configuration of the emulator and the buttons layout). I don't know why. But I did two things recently: one was taking the SD card out if my phone for a moment. (My Emulator is on internal storage, games are on SD card). The other was cleaning trash/temp files with my phone's cleaner. None of these should have deleted the game saves and the emulator's config file. And I'm not motivated enough to start all those games from the beginning ag
Cant load a saved file if there is an error of loading ads. I think this is a fixed error to made you buy the premium version. I wouldnt mind paying it, but there are a lot of complaint also about how intrusive it is with permissions and access to your stuff. So it is not worth the money and the free version is no longer that good as well, is a shame...otherwise would be 5*
This emulator is great! Would totally recommend if you want to play old games for nostalgia purposes.
Only thing holding it back is the controls being semi unresponsive and only one save file without payment, 2 would be better but I understand they need to have a way to market a paid for option
Although this works fine on Nvidia Shield TV, the in-app menu does NOT work properly with hardware controllers in landscape mode on my Galaxy Note 8 with hardware controller. The GUI does not highlight each section, when scrolling down any of the menus, so we can't see or know what option is highlighted (unlike on the Shield TV version). Please fix.
cheating including instant save is premium, but this is the most stable emulator, those who hate glitches should try it, it was glitch free in banjo kazooie for gba, something that other emulators failed
Save file won't work unless you spend 5.00 for something you do 90 percent of the work for. Need to improve this is you want this to take off.
I probably rate this 4 or 5 stars but I just can not get in just like some other dum emulators. If the developer is reading fix this and make it easier to get into a game
Can't save game in the free version. Sure, you can save it, but when you go to load any save file later, it says "loading from multiple save files is NOT allowed in the free version." I'm trying to load one save file. That's it. It won't even let me do that. No point to something like this that won't let you save. Worthless.
I wish the load button and save button were further apart, or could toggle an 'Are you sure you want to ____?' Almost lost 13 hours of gameplay, luckily, I had been remembering to save in-game, so I only ended up losing 2 hours. Amazing emulator, will be buying the full version soon!
Its a fun game and good same the players just dont know how to play it go to setting if you wanna solve that theres a setting that say load/save game automatically or quik save
It can run games. But why would you ever play this where you have to pay to remove ads, when you can play any other free emulator without ads. Ads are alright to me, im fine with needing to watch one to load a file. But when there are no ads available, you can't load a file. So imagine this. You want to advertise your product, so you decide to advertise it on a random probably illegal app. So about only 5% of the time you can actually load a file.
App makes you watch an ad to load a save. That's fine, except the ads quickly stop loading. It's obvious the developer wants you to buy the premium app, which I have tried. The premium app tries to permanently access your Google account. Deleting this app and anything related permanently.
It is the best GBA ever in free you can get it in paid version which allows u to add more than 1 cheats and increase speed to 16x rather than 2x. The free version and the paid version is the best gba version. Also in both version u can get hacked and original roms in these app. All u need is a file of any gba (hacked or not) and extract in ZArchiver app ( or any other apps that can extract) and go to downloads & finish u can play in My Boy.( I prefer to download it rather getting in other way)
You cannot load any saved files and most games don't have a save game option. It's checkpoints, so you have to start over which makes this app useless unless you want to play a new game every time.
The app has not be developed properly. If I have a stable internet connections and still the app is unable to load its ads, then why doesn't it allow me to move forward. The app must be fixed. It's very irritating that an app bug is ruining a good idea.
Honestly, ponying up the $3 (or so) it costs is where this app shines. What the fast forward feature (great for pokemon) allows you to bypass a lot of the loading features that were inhibitors due to processing power at the time.
Free version nags too much and tries to load ads all the time. I'd suggest you use retroarch instead. It's completely free, ad-free, and open source. It takes a little more tweaking to set up but I support their philosophy more than myboy's authors', which is to intrusively remind users to upgrade to the paid version. Sorry, your otherwise well designed app is torpedoed by this money grabbing attitude
The emulator works fine. BUT IT'S GREEDY AS ALL HELL! It constantly loads ads, and if you turn your wifi off, IT DOESN'T EVEN WORK! Sure you can play and save, but you CAN'T LOAD SAVESTATES!! BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS HAVE ADS! This is horrible, considering the games themselves run beautifully. But with this it's unusable. I'm uninstalling.
This is a wonderful emulator except for one thing, the reason I'm giving it 4 stars. This problem us also in the payed version so... yeah but the problem is the arrow keys, I've only played a pokemon emerald ROM but it is very difficult to use at times, other than that it is a very good emulator
Good emulator it is best for my pokemon gaming experience but there is one problem that it runs slowly also in fast froward. i know it is small problem but if you fix it . It become best emulator
Seriously? The emulator warns you that you can't save or load from multiple slots using the free version. It DOES NOT warn you that you can't actually load from ANY slots AT ALL. Meaning the one and only rom I'm playing at the moment can't load a save state. So I can't access my save game unless I pay $5. For one save slot. That's ridiculous. I get you need to make some money, but not allowing even one free save slot to really try out the emulator is not the way to get paying customers.
Fine emulator I guess. Watching ads is one thing but to remove ads, I need to buy premium, ok. But it is location locked. Why? I cannot get access to full version anymore even if I can buy. Plz allow Myanmar again. I'll pay $7 or whatever.
Its good but when I try to do somethings on it, it says I have to buy the original one. But its a good emulator it can play your game perfecty fine and I highly recomend it if you just want to play ROMS on it and not mess around with other stuff.
Unlike the free version fast forward is unplayably fast. Only get this if you need save states and more than 1 line cheats or youll be swapping from free and paid app versions for fast forward if you play with that.
It's a really good emulator but one of my biggest issues is connecting a second controller. You can force a single player game like superstar saga or golden sun to be two player using controllers, but for some reason the second controller plugged in wont work properly even though the controller works fine on their own, Its just the emulator. I hope they fix this issue soon becuase trying to use a keyboard and controller combo doesn't work either, and using two keyboards is a hasstle.
Tested a bunch of GBA emulators with the Golden Sun games, and this one, in terms of video, is the best by far. Smooth as butter and the only one with zero lag during graphically intensive attack animations. However, the sound is more fuzzy and lower quality than others, and some sounds don't show up at all (eg normal attacks), which makes this emulator unusable for me.
Amazing. But please for the love of god make the free version able to run 4x. 2x is wayy too slow for grinding in pokemon.
So i was playing pokemon then the emulator freezes and i didnt save and i got far in the game and now i have to lose my progress because ot froze how can i fix this and at the same time get my progress back
I can no longer load my save because I keep getting "error loading ad". My internet is fine and turned on so I have no idea what the issue is.
You need to watch and ad to load a file. It's fine but after a few time you load your file you will receive a message that ads cannot be loaded. This means that or you pay for the ads free version or you wait for a while until you can load an ad. Avoid it, there are better emulators without ads and limits.
Thanks for releasing the Free version again! (Don't know if it was gone but, it wasn't showing up for me anymore for years.) This Is the Best GBA Emulator overall. Never had problems with this before, hopefully this time too. Thanks devs!
This app is awesome . When I come to this app , for playing my Pokemon emerald copy , it works well. No lag , no add's , if you're offline . But if you're online so many add's are playing on my screen and some laggy situation also happen's
Whoever made the choice to include a double speed option is a saint. I usually get really tired of Pokemon's turn-based combat, but being able to fast forward through the far too slow to load text boxes makes the games much more playable.
I really love this emulator it's not slow like jhon Gba emulator, and quick reminder you can save your game in the game just press "B" and choose save and that's it it's so easy
All going well until you get an error while loading an advert that then doesn't let you load a save game..... I don't care if I have to watch an ad for 5 seconds, skip it and then play... But just because you can't load an add shouldn't stop me from loading my damn game!! PLEASE FIX
Its a pretty good emulator works offline but the worst part is that after my phone died all my progess had been lost even after i placed a save in the game
I am using this on my phone. I used a save slot, which said you cannot have multiple save slots in free version. Which is fine. It still saved to the one save slot. Then when I try to load it says you can only load from one save slot in the free version. Which again is fine but it does not load. Not sure if this is an error or a way to force you into buying full version to recover your saved data. i have tried emailing support but did not get a response...
I really love it! Now I can trade my pokemon that need evolve by trading! I am really appreciate this emulator. MY FAVOURITE EMULATOR!! I am very disapointed with this emulator... When I saved the game, one of my pokemon will be an EGG. I dont't know why it happen... Please fix it!!!!
Fantastic app!! I've been using this app since 2013 and I've never had issues. Simple as that. If you want to play gameboy roms and custom games this is your go to app!!
This is the best free gba emulator. I love it and have never experienced any kind of lagg. Like most people say, the ad part is a bit annoying, but I can live with that. And it will also make you not cheat.
It's hard to find a game boy emulator as good as this. However it's the ROMs and their websites that's harder to understand, especially if you're new to emulators.
Easy to use, good interface and controls. Download roms from other sites and this will play them. Do a little research first to make sure you know what you're doing and where to source from.
The emulator works fine when going by itself, but when I put on cheats while playing pokemon emerald, the screen turns red when i go to a battle, I haven't tested this with other games, but if there is a fix for this I would appreciate it.
Having no problems with the free version at all. plays all the game's I throw at it full speed! Easy to setup. Will be buying to go with my old boy which I have already purchased ! thanks!
I've seen a lot of people who complain about the ads for the saves, but c'mon people, just get creative with it or read the play store description. Save your game in the game, not the emulator, then close the emulator. When you want to play again, go through the loading screen and select your file. Also want to know how the link cable emulation works.
Alrighty. This is a good emulator, I'll give you that. The big issue is the save state fuction. However, thats been discussed already and I'd just be beating a dead horse. Anyway, decent emulator, it runs smoothly, though savestates do need to be fixed.
This app/emulator is one of the best ever i play alot of pokemon Iike Leaf grean,Emerald i love this app/emulator because its so fun u can even trade thats insane . Sometimes it crash but its very less and i like recently I even created a youtube channel on it . My biggest request is to make a nds version . recently i lost my diamond save file in nds and now my nds is broken so i hope they make nds i dont trust any nds emulator . Its worth it of a app.
Loading from the Slots to save progress, instead of Quick Save, is only for the paid version of the app but the fact that this is free is incredible and it's very functional and very great to use. I used to think that reviews like these were made by bots but if anyone thinks the same I used to, this is a hundred percent made by a satisfied living organism known as a human being. Beep. Boop.
I've been using this app since 2014 and I have to say that it's the best GBA app out there. It plays every game with no trouble AND you can customize your button layout. It still holds up after all these years.
Garbage emulator putting ads in after every save state load. Which is fine, but then it has an error loading ads when you use it too much. So now it refuses to let you load any save because of an error on their end. My solution? Uninstall this trash. Pay 5 bucks for the premium version... of PizzaBoy. Screw this clown dev team. Cya.
This Free emulator version works and allows players to save in the emulator, but NOT in game and will NOT allow players to load their saves either. Does work Offline. Honestly...I think this emulator would be ok with games that do not have a save feature...nothing else......... -Uninstalled-
Amazing app except for one big problom and that is saving, saving works fine in the free version but there is one flaw. The game makes you watch a add before you load your save state, which is reasinble since this is the full version but you need wifi to do this and even with wifi most of the time it will say error loading add please try again later. This ist a big promlom becuase I mostly play pokemon but still its something to be causious of. Other than the the games play and control fine. 2 *
I like this app cause it's just a fun way to play Pokémon emerald on my phone. Plus for me it runs well, saves, good controls, it's just all around a great app. Well for me idk if it's good for anyone but me and my brother he loves it. That's all for now.
I LOVE THIS EMULATOR! I do have one complaint though, and that is that to do anything you really want to do with cheat codes you have to buy full version. I previously have used the John GBA emulator, which does not have this problem. Everything on John emulators is free. I will continue using John emulators only for this reason. Besides that, this is easily the best GBA emulator on android, I love this app.
One of, if not the best GBA emulator. Perfect for Pokémon or anything else. One big problem, for me, though. It says you're able to load previously saved slots, but when I try, it won't let me and only gives me a pop up saying I should buy the full emulator. I can't tell if this is a bug or over site.
This emulator is one of the best but I have one problem with this emulator I cannot go back where I was originally it at first let me save the game and now if I try to go to the load part it says that I have to buy a slot in order to go back where I was can you please fix this
Pros: - loads up nicely, no bugs / crashes so far. Has basic emulator tools like quick save / load & pull down menu. Simple & straightforward. Cons: - absolute garbage in every other way: the cap on the speed cheat never bothered me, but not being able to link up without paying? Can't quick load without having an ad play? No thanks.
I'm sorry for some of the others giving a bad review, especially about the ads. This is a free version, and you are having it done legally. I, have enjoyed my experience, and was actually upset that I couldn't find this app for a bit, when I got this phone. Thanks for creating such a smooth emulator, I just would like to be able to do more lines of cheats for certain games, but that's what the paid version is for. Thank you.
Excellent emulator, probably the best GBA emulator out there. I've been using it for the past two years on three different devices. However, when trying to load a save state, the "error loading ad" issue gets incredibly frustrating incredibly fast especially because it's completely random and occurs even when you have mobile data or wifi enabled. Why include it in the first place if it's not going to work properly? That's my only complaint and why I can't give the app the perfect rating.
Love it. Just wish the cheat codes worked. I put a valid code and it claims to be multiple codes even though it does one thing. Maybe I don't understand. I just wanna walk through walls
This is awesome there is no problem with the emulator it runs smoothly the only problem I have is that you need to buy the premium version to enter more then one line cheat code which is kinda unessarry in my opinion but besides that pretty good no other problems
This is an incredible GBA rom emulator complete with multiple save state slots, total control of the button size/posititioning, and an easy to use file navigator. Though it doesn't come with the ability to find GBA roms independently, they can be found online and those files can be accessed and played through this app with great efficiency. Well done!
If you have to play this one make sure to save in quick save slot as if you save in the normal slot it makes you pay for premium to load it. Better just play an emulator on pc, no ads, save slots limits, and no save slot hostage situations.
By far one of the best and most practical gba emulators out on the android market. Most games run well without audio glitches or much lag. Ads never pop up in the middle of gameplay. And the UI is simple to use if you know what you're doing.
Doesn't even display ads for features so can't play games. It shows ads every time I try to load my save file and now it says there was some error in that also.
Want to get the paid version but dev clearly stopped supporting it since 2017. Lots of reviews on the paid version are mentioning issues with newer versions of Android. I'd love to get a version of this with no ads but this isn't it.
An honest emulator for slightly dishonest people who just want to play some games that they haven't played in a very long time.
Games run great on this emulator, but you can only use the quick save and the in-game saving system, not that bad in itself but you have to be connected to the internet in some way for the quick save, so that they can show an ad. Not an inherently bad thing, just frustrating. If you can deal with that, go right ahead
Don't delete as others need to know. Forced ads and when ads don't work it stops you from using your save slot and unable to carry on playing unless you buy the full version. Think it's be designed to stop loading ads after 10 ads or so.
This is a very exceptional app! I use it to play the Sonic Advance series and Sonic Battle. A few things I would like you guys to fix: an option to delete a title and maybe a shortcut to easily run a title.