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My Block for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Addictive Puzzle located at WAYSONCOMMERCIAL BUILDING 28CONNAUGHT ROAD, WEST SHEUNG WAN, HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game but I'm on 1550 and they haven't made new levels for over 6 weeks and all the ads suck please update so I can keep playing.
Fun until you accidentally touch the ads bar! There's no way to turn it off! You must enough coins in order to turn a block and the game is in control of the block shapes... I believe for all the commercials you have to sit through you should at least be able to rotate the blocks at will!!! Find another block game don't waste your time.
Played to level 1179 or so. Didn't want to pay anymore so i uninstalled. Reinstalled a few days later to play without $$$$, NOW STUCK ON LEVEL 151 because it shows need 6 butterflies but only 4 appear. This is no close option!!!! Restarted tsblet several times. Problem does not correct. This is one of the best games EVER! But it is flawed on several levels. Usually restart helps but not for This level 151. Grrrrrr!!!
Lots of fun. I enjoy having the goals and if I don't reach them, it's not bad waiting for 30 seconds to get another chance.
When are you going to upgrade again. I've finished all the levels. I keep on checking if you've upgraded but nothing 😭😭😭
I'm up to level 1010 and its extremely addictive BUT I've spent more time with the ads then playing I cant find how to pay for the full game but I'm still going to keep playing
I love this game. Very addictive. I've gotten to 700, is this the last level? I'm on 1500, is there going to be another update soon?
Is a fun and cool game to play. Easy at first, but as the level gets higher the hard it gets. This like mind thinker kind of game.
Fun way to spend idle time: Gameplay cool, Controls cool, enjoyable game. UNTIL you reach Level 150 when you get nothing but lousy pieces and the programmers pat each other on the back... cheap CHEAT CHEAP gameplay abounds. Delete after Level 149, you won't regret it.
This has been a great game I finaly made it to the first game where you have a animated caracter to help.
Has challenge levels where you have set black to fit into the space given, which is an easy way to earn coins. Challenge levels where you eliminate certain numbers of the given blacks. Also has the regular levels you see in other versions with an open mat and building and eliminating the tiles with offered choices. This is where the coins come in so you can flip and rotate, but the challenges let you earn those coins rather than buying them. Oh, and very few ads!
The game is great. I love playing it. What I don't like is when I have to watch an ad, and the ad bugs out, to the point I have to pause the ad and then play it again to get through it. Sometimes I have to close the game and lose progress because the ad will crash the game. If you can fix this, I'll give 5 stars.
I enjoy playing games that you have to plan your moves ahead. Since playing more I've adjusted my thinking and doing better.
This game challenges my thinking. It teaches me to anticipate sutuations before I make my move. It helps me see opportunities. It makes me feel smart, I like that.
Was enjoying this game until level 151. Cleared the purple boxes. Cleared 4 out of the 6 butterflies. So, two left, however, no more have come out to clear. Restarted the level and the same thing happened.
Tried this game before now i get it easier by ok..ing the watching another ad ..enjoying it a bit more....ty for the game....will keep in my library . i am back Much more enjoyable.
Great game. Challenging, creative, and entertaining. I'll be uninstalling it though, because of the ads. Not only way too many ads... it's the way they're programmed. You can't skip an ad, you have to watch the entire 30 seconds. Even just going back to the home screen you have to watch an ad. I get that ads are how programmers make money. But you don't have to waste our time forcing us to watch them. And, you can't close the game in the middle of a level, because it doesn't save your progress
When it works, it is fine. But sometimes freezes after "Out of moves" at "Play on"... Update: Still freezes despite several updates and icon is not always available on screen.
So I love this game and play it all the time, but I gave it a low score because the adds are annoying. When you lose a round you can choose to keep playing for free if you watch an add. The thing is, All the adds are the same. They get so annoying when you have two adds about Mistplay app that they play All The Time. I wish they'd get some new adds!
Love the game been playing it for at least 10 months, what can I say oh, wish there were more than 3 different block games within the game apart from that great time waster for when you are bored
I really love this game, it gives me a better excitement of playing My Block because of the different game boards & levels. It helps relieves stress & keeps me calm throughout the day. I can focus on things with clarity. It helps me with exercising my brain. My mood is better. It helps with mobility with my hands as well as keeping my hands functional by working out my fingers to keep them flexible. My Block is a wonderful game overall to get you to stay engaged for as long as you need to enjoy.
I like the different challenges, which seem to appear fairly randomly. Achieving the target aim is more enjoyable than trying endlessly to improve your total score.
Love this game. Lots of different challenges within each level. Also, they've now added a mini game section with promise of more mini games to come. My only gripe would be that paying for an ad free version would only remove the pop-up ads. If you get stuck on a level, you can watch an ad to get 3 new jigsaw pieces but I'd rather pay a little more for totally ad-free and just have to restart a level if I got stuck or buy new pieces with the coins earned on completion of each level.
It is an amazing game but the is a serious glitch at level 1199, even when I have cleared all the bubbles and yellow blocks it will still show I have some bubbles to clear, it needs to be fixed.
This block puzzle is better then any block puzzle i have played. Love the different levels of the game.
This game started out pretty good and I was enjoying it but by the time I got to level nine I was watching more ads to get new tiles than I was playing the game. It takes too many coins to get new tiles especially when you're just starting out. Then the developer asked me what made the game so boring. well I wanted to play the game not watch ads to get more tiles and they also addressed me as sir. I don't know too many men named Pam... that's just stupid and very offensive!
The game has nothing to do with the ad i used to install it. A waste of money on the a from your side.
It's better than other block games because you aren't just trying to get a high score. There are challenges on each level that keep it interesting and fun.
I'm really having fun with this game! Simple starting out and that's where I am! I prefer it that way to give me time to learn the game! Looking forward to seeing where it goes!
Wow, more fun and challenging each time, it's so much better than other normal block games. Started to get addicted to this. Yet, the best part is that there is NO ADs! Bless you. Kudos to you and keep it up, Jake
Love this game. But have finished levels (1550) back in july 2020. Still waiting on an update. Would really like to know if there is going to be one.
This to me, is the best block puzzle. After playing a few levels, you get the chance play making a bridge to help grandma cross to the other side to use the bathroom. This is a fun and exciting game that's hard to put down.
Great game. Very simply but appropriately challenging. Made it to 1500 lvl. And there are no more levels πŸ™. But still a great game
Cute Interesting at the beginning A little bit slow with stops and bugs Little by little it becomes boring
Love the game. Have played every day since I downloaded it and now I've reached lvl 1500 & have completed all of the Granny games. I hope you're working on new expanded levels. My faves are the ones with the green moss and the smiley faces. More of those please.
Go granny go... Seeing her run to the bathroim each time I finish the blicks is hilarious😘😘 love it! I thought just figuring out how to make the goal was good. Naw, hranny tops it off... Thanks for that
Great game. Would rate it a solid 5 stars except for all the Biden ads. I understand that ads pay the bills, but please vary the product of the ads.
Great. I was up to level 1200 and got a new phone, forgot to save and had to start over. Dang it! But love this game.
Interesting game, it keeps your mind wondering so that you are able to make the right move. You must stay focused in order to complete the level and move on.
Fun when it works right. Constantly loses the game I am playing, which is beyond annoying. Will probably uninstall, not worth the aggravation.
unfortunately I did try to give the game a chance. However as many have stated the game is nothing like the advertisement. The advertisement I saw was on facebook, and you had a stick figure character need to get to the outhouse but there was a giant hole in the way that you had to fill with blocks. now in the advertisement you can freely spin the blocks before placing them. your game charges your reward currency to do that. all in all not a good thing.
Love the app, but have reached level 1550. When will there be more levels? Also reached max of mini games.
OMG! This the most fascinating block puzzle I have ever played. And I have played quite a few, the challenge of grouping the star,the colorful balls that change colors, trying to group them together to reach the amt to move on to the the next level. It tells how many stars or symbols you need to move on. Then the screen starts moving making it more difficult to group the stars,ball.The came keep your reflexes working quickly. I think the young old will like it as well.I am still playing .I'm b
Love this game, So addicting , but can get irritateding at the same time, but I still couldn't put it down! Beat the game tonight so now I have to find a new one like this! :(
It is a block puzzle, but with a twist. There are levels, each level is slightly different, with distinct achievable goals. This makes it a vast improvement on previous block puzzles that end up relentless and boring, and the aesthetic ensures that the puzzle is blissfully devoid of pink.
Really enjoyed this game but i have completed it and there is no sign of an update for more levels . Hurry up its been months 😩.
Enjoy playing the game reached level 1500 are there more levels to play and level 150 on the granny ones but no more loaded .
Has cubes changes from bombs to stars to bricks of ice. Would like more texture and a bit of color. I cant seem to stop playing this game.😬
It is a awesome game to me it is better then the other block games i have played alot of theme but this one is the best its really hard to stop playing once you start and i love the fact that its different on levels instead of the same thing.
Fun fun so far! The best Block game iv'e played a few and I adore this one. Thank you all who helped too put this game togather. Still think this Block is the most fun, Again thanks to the crew who put this game out. I would rate it higher than a 5... Still playing, thank you all great pass time....
Fun. But get to a certain point you need an abundance of coins to pass a level in which the 'free ads' stop. Turned into a disappointment. Debating deleting the game.
Extremely disappointed. The advert is completely false advertising, the game itself may be good fun if it's what you are expecting and wanting to play but it's not what you and many other companies are showing in your adverts! It's a silly thing to trick people into downloading your game by showing false adverts! I hope others see the reviews before also believing they are getting a different game to what you are showing.
UPDATE: Once aware of the problem, the issue was fixed and an updated version available in a matter of days. very fun game except I'm now stuck at level 732 because the game keeps glitching and saying I have bubbles to pop when none show, so of course, I can't advance forward. It's a shame. I really enjoyed this game.
I really like the game but I got to 1500 games. It won't go no further. It says new coming soon.i miss the game !!!
Great game. No problems since i started playing 2 days ago. Ads not too bothersome, fairly short. Good time passer. Like playing the mini game (tangram) too.
I truly do love this silly block game! πŸ˜„ I recently had to purchase a new phone and i was sad to know that my My Block couldnt transfer to my new phone. I was on level 733 πŸ˜’ But I got the app on my new phone, luv it that much...heres to starting fresh!
Way different from any block game I've ever played. Game play is very smooth. It's fun, challenging, and really addictive.
Now I dont usually comment on game ratings but I had to on this...thos game is super fun what's best about it is it suprises you with different challenges when u get ip in the levels I'm at level 259 and surprised at the missions you gotta complete it's not the same thing over and over and over yall put some dandy things on this and I ty best work break game ever those tomatoes, those changing colors blocks , the solid color blocks, and those little men you gotta bring down...well thought out
Some times it can get boring but whizh out that i love it it is a realing gane to play when you are stressed or sad and angry its very good for problens which is inside of you.
I really like this game, however it takes me back to the beginning quite often...maybe the problem is with my tablet...I don't know, but it's very annoying.
Fun fun so far! The best Block game iv'e played a few and I adore this one. Thank you all who helped too put this game togather. Still think this Block is the most fun, Again thanks to the crew who put this game out. I would rate it higher than a 5... Still playing, thank you all great pass time....still happy no problems I see again thank you for the game.
The stage levels update too slowly. I feel like it's no longer as fun as it is. I had been waiting for more than 3 weeks and it's still at lvl 1550 and coming soon. It's really not worth the wait for e game to have higher lvls.. i had reviewed my rating from 5 * to 1*, if there is 0*, i would have rate that. If it gets updated faster. It will be better. It sucks to keep waiting and waiting for the team to develop new levels.
151 what can I say, unless you fix the butterfly issue I'm deleting, which will be a shame as I love the game, but there are others
Horrible game, it doesnt give you pieces that you would need, so the app forces you to watch ads to continue to extend the game to get more get pieces. Otherwise you keep replaying the same level over and over. Pieces do not come out at random, as they should, they come out in orders where you cannot use them which ultimately causes the game to end. I will be uninstalling this game.
This is one of my faves. Keeps me company. The game isn't too hard. I would like to see winning more coin. Overall great game
Love it. But please can you bring the next level. I've got to level 1550 and there's no more. We need the next levels. Thank you.
Now that i'm closer to the cash out amount, the game doesn't add the amounts i am entitled to. I have a few pictures proving that it times out. It's very annoying.
It is awesome addictive game.Once i played this game many years before.then i remained in search of this this game.now i am verry happy to found it.
😊 very addictive. Only one thing is frustrating and that is some of the blocks in Help Granny get to the restroom take a while to slide to complete puzzle
Where are new levels?? It's been 3 months since I reached 1550...Fun and addicting, BUT.....I maxed out at levels 1550 and 150 in the mini games. There are no more levels. I complete the daily challenges but now what? Might be uninstalling due to this .
It gets you nowhere. It's like the creator didn't think anyone would make it as far as he stopped creating. I'm well passed that only to not be able to go further. I'm over it now.
Super fun! Its official...I'm addicted to this game!!! My only issue are the amount of adds. I get on a roll and want to keep playing but the adds constantly come up.
I find the game, boring and most of the time block given was all over the place. For example you receive loads of large blocks and no small block. you have many games like this, you would automatically lose to many games
This is a unique game. I enjoy because it is different from most. It is not only fun, & interesting you need to think. I'm glad k tried out. Thank you for it being am add on another game I was playing.August 31,2020. I really like this silly game. It's fun mind boggling and just down right addictive. Who would have thought!
I loved the game until you updated it and then everything went to hell, my phone was stalling, your game was stalling, my battery in my phone went from 100% to 50% in 10 minutes!! Why is that every game I get addicted to does an update and then goes straight down the drain to the sewer and doesn't work like it's supposed to? I had to uninstall the game, now my phone is fine!!!
Fun after you reach into the 1,000 levels but during ad popups...everything freezes and it's no longer fun especially at Level 1,155!
How long till next levels? Ends on 1500 πŸ˜₯ Favorite game. Coin master ads are super annoying tho. Recommended.
Now, I only give one star change from 3 stars. Here's the reasons, 1. Too many ads. Pushing you to watch 15 to 25 seconds then you can continue with new blocks and plays. 2. Bottom of this left and right corners, accidentally touched your fingers easily to lose your credits. 3. I have more than 8000, and reached more than level 200, don't want me to go higher anymore. 4. After choosing to watch the ads, sometimes connection was lot or long. I finally uninstalled the game.
Once I got to level 151, nothing I did would get rid of the last 2 butterflies. No new ones ever came up. So, it keeps you stuck at that level and you can't go further. I've seen that others have this same issue yet, nothing has been done to fix this issue. Will uninstall the app if I can't continue with new levels.