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Mutant Fighting Cup 2

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Ace Viral located at 16 Birchwood, Sunderland, SR4 0AP. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's fun exciting 😁 you've always got a feeling that you might get something good and the game surprises you 👍👍👍
Im like the cuztomization of the mutants but battling in the campaign is more of a unfairness cuz AI can use special how many they want they dont run out of coins so the keep using special and another thing when im battling in campaign my enemy did 3 claw stun on me 1 did critical and others did 56 or 78 damage it was unfair and they attack bar dont change they can use any skill if they wanted this is the unfairness of the game also the ai can stun me how many times they like
you can't do anyting without having to do add an advertisement first and then again after and more than that you have to pay for just about everything real money not in game currency not worth it not for something that looks like this
I think the monsters should a have pets if you die they should come out to fight and you should have levels and you should get the pets on level 10
I used to play this game on a laptop it was one of my favorite games and it bring back childhood memories I rated this game five stars because it's a really good game you guys should update the game though
I hate this game all of time wasting when you got all cups your game will start from beggning if it had a option of 0 stars i will give it worst game for ever in my life
This is the best game ever please try it but turn of wifi then there's no adds you can actually make a monster it's awesome 😁👌
All the ads are somewhat of a problem but they don't interrupt the battle's other than that this is the third time I've got the game and I'm going to be beat it for the third time good game man good game
Good game, but I can't seem to connect my google play account to the game itself so I never got the achievements, how do I fix this?
always it asks money or forcefully drag u to watch ads to play next level.poor graphics and boring game.
Good game but only issue is that this game doesn't contain linking with google play games and even with facebook. Otherwise this is a great game for mutant fighting game lovers.
Would be a descent game without that god damn energy bar. Screw you and your god damn energy bars. Secondly, every single purchase is outrageously overpriced. 3 dollars to refill your completeky unnecessary energy bar once? Its a shame this game's graphics are the only improvement to thre first game.
the game is great but i have encountered a horrible bug which is caused by the tutorial that makes it so i cant get special or supportive mutations
The ads. Constant ads. Before and after every fight as well as the banner ad. This is almost as bad as voodoos games. Just play this on pc to avoid these ads.
This game is a game of ADS. Your animals look ugly anything you do, UGLY. This game also runs very slowly. Loading takes 5 straight minutes, battling also lags.
Great game, amazing combination parts of different spicies. My 4 year old boy love the game even at his age. He know what apps id good. Recommended for all ages.
Don't get me wrong I really love it but in the secret lab battles it is kind of hard because of the amount of hp we start off with.
Its very fun...100% would recommend for people who like to compete, although i only rated it 4 stars its because i wish there was like some sort of mini games or something to get your pet ,like more xp or health or earn something like that. Like a gym where it could be online with a chat.idk if your up for it but i just like to share my opinion. Great game over all.
This game is the worst when you are in the final they will give you the worst possible move,i cant even 1/4 the health of my enemy because of invade,stun,high power attack.if i were you dont even tried this worst,terrible,not fair game,if you see this preview dont try to download this it just a waste of time
Brings back good old memories of mutant fighting cup 1 back in middleschool, if ur looking for a good game i definitely recommend this
So basically its a good game but there are sooo much ads and i remember awhile ago you can go in a mode where you can customize your mutant with no coins and go in survival kinda but they removed that ¯\_(◔ᨎ◔)_/¯ please add that back pls also theres a energy bar and well you basically have a limited time to play it until your energy is restored which sucks |ᴗ_ᴗ|
dark, violent, cool, rarely ads, every good time to take out on an monster. EVEN THOUGH PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THE ADS...I AM LIKE*WAIT!?WHAT!?Oh pvp is hard to get into
I love this game because your own character changing their outfits and buy some more characters and upgrade it but it's OK to watch some more ads
Cool game but four star BECAUSE IT NEDS MORE MUTATIONS and MORE ANIMAL. Please put most of the animals game coins NOT REAL MONEY and please make more mutation games they are cool!!!!!😁
i love the way u can change the way the animal looks and fights plus they are really cheap so please make more games and keep up the good work
:0000 dude, whoever made this is a legend, I didn't rate it 5 full stars because I would've rather get more movements because the movement like the Lazer is like the bite and the foot and the scratch I just hoped it will be a different movement the attacks are pretty good and u made the eagle one very hard which I like about cuz if it would be easy the game wouldn't have any fun the enemies are also scary goodly😅😅 and it's very fun to click the button which blood comes from mouth somewhere
This is a great game but this game forces you with ads!... If it weren't for it I would have made it 5 stars.
Nah this poor app Bug When u started playing and say Please scroll or what u age and i cant scroll and no number bruh this wrong app i even Seen
I click on the game it opens then it says mutant fighting cup 2 keeps stopping can you please fix this issue I really want to play this game because I use to go on my computer and play mutant fighting cup 1 I loved that game so much but then now I heard there is a sequel I wanna play it than that happens please fix this asap 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
I love this game because the graphics and mutant animals are cooler than mutant simulator this game it is just so cool
To much adds! And some of them you can't even skip but good game. I like this game a lot i would've given a 5 star review if it wasn't for the adds.
Remove the stupid energy limit if you can't provide ads, this is just stupid, can't play the game at all.
this is a very good and addictive game and I've played it before on my other phones and its been a while but I'm glad they added a free bunny character/monster thing
This game is so fun I dont know about anybody else but this is a whole next level of fun!!!!!!! I love how you get to design a animal with all this awsome stuff.to bees to poison to spikes on your animals back and then you FIGHT!!!I'd play this game all day all night even if I had school in the morning this game is awsome
I really like this game because it's cool and easy to play but there is a stupid thing and it is the energy who ends too fast and if I won a full energy card and my energy is full I have 200 energy
Only 1 because everytime i open it and play it doesnt keep allowing me to create my hybrid and its just a dog
I like this game and since in computer it is one of my favourite game and in phone i cant found it and i search it to youtube and download it. I gave 5 star becouse this game is good no log and good like computer games
Its a good game but I don't mean to rage but... THE ADDS ARE VERY ANNOYING! and make the phone glitch it's very agrovating And pls get rid of all the adds it makes my phone glitch. But very very good game so that's a bonus. Edit: you know what I'll change the two star to three but make some more updates with new like heads and parts plz like new legs and new abilities like a kick that stuns the enemy
This is great I've been playing this when I was 4 I pretty like it so much but today I'm 8 I will download it cuz it was my brother tablet I've been finding this in there I found it and thank u for reading this
Nostalgic but during the tutorial type thing it prompted pvp and put me against someone who 1 shot me, not the best introduction to pvp. Also payed for the ad removal but still gotta watch ads, first game I've seen where that still happens after paying for ad removal,even if it is for rewards etc.
Still as good as i remember but to the people who put a one star on this game dont do it just because you dont like how it works or because it wont load
Alright so I deleted a review where I said the game crashes on my phone everytime. It seems to be fixed now. Cool! If you devs did this then that's sick!
Too many ads. Almost every match begins with an ad. It isn't enough to have a constant ad bar at the bottom of the screen.
This game is really fun but the battery is going low every seconds and if i play some rounds it cost some battery i will like if i just die in one round thats battery will cost.but this game is awsome
I remember playing the flash version for hours! So glad that now I have it on my phone and my progress saves! 😄
This is way better than the first one it is more action it has better graphics that's why I have it a 5 star review
Its a great game! My only issue is that you still have very few animals to choose from. It would be better if when you complete a cup, you get to buy that creature eith the in game currency and mutate it however you want but you can still use the rat and turtle and instead of having to buy the cat with real money, you just buy it with the in game currency. Other than that, great game!
So much freeze during gameplay,i've buy potions and buff then the game freeze so i've to relog my game and lost all the money, shame on this poor service
this is the first time I've ever played I can't believe I played it before and I love it good job to the people that made this game I think you guys made the best game in the world luck to you guys and your crew best game ever hashtag mutant fighting cup 2 and finally the best editors ever and goodbye
Was a fun game despite some design flaws. However, if my tablet dies while playing, after redeming a 100 energy token, it should not wipe my save.
The game is incredibly Awesome, The Graphics is Clean, The Movements are Smooth, But The Ads, After I battle a Mutant I Get a ad, which annoys me, But this game is Incredibly Underrated App! Thank you! :D
well when i was five years old i was playing this in PC and i always steel my the computer while my cousin is playing mutant fight i really like it now im nine years old i forgot this but when i saw this i remember Flash back and nice amazing game i always win UwU thank you for creating this game OwO
ever since i was a kid i always play this game even now that im a teen i still love it i don't know why maybe because i love mutation and animals but anyway good work guys i suggest add more pet like crocodile and monkey and add some unique genes such as fish tail crabs hand etc. and also plss make a bind account so we can keep our gameplay thats all. thank you!
great game but the ads are forceful, i suggest changing the auto load adds to optional watch ads get rewards. I would be willing to watch ads then
it's a fun game with a lovely concept, but after my first fight, the game won't respond to anything i do. also, there's wayyyy too many ads. i'm okay with ads, i get that the developers need money. but in the original pc game, there were no ads. i don't mind the change, but it's just every single battle that there's a 30 second unskippable ad.
Honestly was super bored with every game out there right now cant find any actual fun different games. I deleted every game I had and download this looking for a game. Was searching for awhile. Yes I am a real person and yes you can trust this review. I really like this game and I been playing it for only a bit. I just play during school and late at night. It is a fun game but it is MISSING ONE MAIN THING. It is missing a buyable remove ads. This game has slight ads but I wanna buy skip ads. PLZZ
The game is awesome but I wish you could buy the rat for 10000 instead of 20000 so the players could buy it so they don't take to long to get a new animal
I love how you can mutate all the animals and the bosses are also really fun to battle.i play this game like every day and its been really good.theres only one thing theres to many ads but still the game is good
this game is awsome but its the fact that it keeps shutting down the moment i finish 2 mutants i suggest you try to optimize it. if you can fix this bug ill give a better rating
It's very cool and all, but each time I try to get in it says "Mutant Fighting Cup 2 keeps stopping" and It's not that my phone has a problem, I could play it perfectly before.
It is very well done for a cartoon-style RPG, I very much enjoy it! Well done to all of the people who worked on this game!!! However, I would also like an update to the game so you can do the following: 1. Be able to customize your Mutant's name. 2. Be able to choose any type of animal as your Mutant. 3. Make all of the Mutant appearances more realistic. (ex. make the Dog Mutant look like a real Dog, and not a cartoon-style Dog with a broken lower jaw.)
Amazing 😍😍❤️❤️ I played this game when I was 6, 7 or 8 but now I am 12 and I gotta say it's stayed the same since I last played it. Also about the graphics, they are amazing and I love it how they changed it from you can kill it to you can't accidentally kill them any more. And one last thing, I absolutely love it how you can customize the pet. Like you start with a dog 🐕 but you can change the pet to a rabbit 🐇, a cat 🐈 and other animals too. I love this game!Keep up the good work ❤️❤️❤️❤️
i didnt like it, there was a lot wrong with it (or "that i didnt like"). p.s you should just give us all the peices so we could actually just create our own monster
Maybe I didn't play long enough, but after the first few easy fights then every opponent gets to do 3 to 4 moves per turn!! Im stuck doing just one! 3ven 30 fights in! Sure I can do more if I continue to pay real money every few fights to stock up on specials. So zero skill or strategy involved. Either buy extras and have a chance or don't and try to use strategy but are stuck doing only one thing per turn and get absolutely slaughtered. Would buy a game, but will not pay $ continuously.
Wow! If you like animals and creative mutations, then this game is for you! The game is not overly graphic or gory despite its app name. It's not really what you'd expect on the market these days. It has a old-school online PC game feel to it. Not pay to win, but the cat can only be unlocked by paying which sucks. Developers, can't you guys make the cat unlockable by having to buy with a ton load of coins like the turtle and rat? The new bunny animal option is cute though, so I appreciate it!
Great game hard to complete but that just makes it more fun, good for roadtrips if you turn off wifi there are no ads. Will reinstall to play again, 1 suggestion is to make a restart button for those who have completed and want to play again.
The game sucks, why you ask? Oh I'll tell you why. It's because, it's not challenging and when you fight all you do is just stand and attack with your paw, mouth and claw. The grapjuc disks btw
It's an awesome game, but I want to inform the dev's about a new bug immediately, when you are away from the game (not playing it) your battery/energy does not restore unless your have the game open and just wait, I find this to be a huge problem and makes the game alot less fun, please try and fix this, thank you.
Its good And i love it For those who complain about the ads just lucky patch it so the ads will be no more :)
this is the best game ever but you need to find a way to stop hackers because i could easily get app purchases for free and i could ace through the first cup and win and also could you lower the difficulty of the challenge mutant fighters becuase a newcomer could think "oh ez pz" and then rate game badly becuase of how bad thay are.Could you also add a friend option so that i could friend my cousin plz and please add more part options and could you add a sandbox mode were you can experiment
it's ok but there are many app purchases and they are very high also you can hardly choose what you want your character to look like!?!?!?!?😡😠😡😠😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡
Omg I really love this game I played it before when I was still a little kid really love it♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ my sister says she loves it too this is a cool game she says it awesome and my little brother says that he rated the game my mom and dad say that they love this game that they will rate give me money on the game and they even say that they will give everyone in my house money on the game I'm Soo happy that I found this game from so long ago I still love it♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
My personal favorite thing is about the games is that you get to upgrade your animals my favorite was the lizard update it's a awesome game and you should try it it's fantastic
I played this when I was little now ima show this to my little cousin he likes making monsters and making them fight I think he'll like this game I found this I forgot it was real hehe it's really fun to
This is an awesome game to play against your friends you will love it your new to it just give it a try I know you won't be disappointed☺
my uncle and me are professinals at this game.The only problem is that it takes very long to install the game.Also this is a great and cool game.Love it.Also please fix the problem:)
I would rate it 5 star but if you dont grind you will be stuck in a specific cup,but still a grate game 100% will recomend.
Good game, very fun. but there are waayy too many ads. not only do you have the constant ad bar at the bottom, but ads befor and after every fight. its annoying, i know you need money but come on. 4/10 would recommend smh
It is a asome fighting game but i haves ideas it can have a survivle mode and you can unlock mre animals and make a 3rd one please (add my ideas pls)
Fun but there are way too many ads with no way to remove them and a gross energy system. Would like a pro version with no ads, no energy, and faster progression/no extra purchases nessasary. Stay away as is though.
A good turn based battling game I know this games been out for a while, I'd like to see a 3rd game, or a spinoff game focusung on dinosaurs, and or robots, music and sound is good, animation is good, overall a good game
Its a good game, but it blackscreens after I turn off and turn back on my tablet, and I have to close the game to fix the issue
Its a nice game but why men why is the enemies in challenge mode has unlimited mana's and stuns and my evasion is stronger than the enemy yet my evades are not working men it only works for smaller attacks of the enemy.
It's a cool game! I like this game becouse i love this customizing, collecting and fighting! So keep up the good work and stay safe of the N-Cov
Really want to love it man... but why can't u get some cool mutations without paying out of pocket? I've downloaded the game like 3 times and every time my monster ends up looking dumb as [email protected]#$... put the game in consoles if you want cash smh half of the ppl on mobile games are kids anyway you money hungry [email protected]#$heads....your moms are watching
Lithe game itself is OK cool graphics and so but the only thing is when I click on the app it does take up to 47 minutes and so to come on that's disgusting so I suggest u guys do something to make it work faster Maybe on all Android devices...then I will give 5 star.. so am looking forward to it... am not gonna uninstall it..
Garbage Game, cause tons of annoying advertisements in almost every end of battles. Whoever invented this game better delete your game.
when I first got this the battles actually loaded but now it's my second day playing this now the battles won't load...please please PLEASE fix this.
i hate all the god damn ads every 10 seconds, i cant go a single minute without being told to go buy something from the shop, and this game depends to much on pay to win. Its a good game kind of, but its not worth playing
This game is really amazing to play, it takes your mind of things and you're just focused on the game. But I really feel they should remove the battery/energizer thingy it really ruins the vibe when that thing is finished and you gotta wait like 15 till you got enough for just one round. But anyways overall it's an amazing game.