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Is a Music game developed by I-Inferno located at 中国北京市海淀区. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game!! However, my screen just goes black when I try to access Inferno level modes, anyone else have that problem??
i found this while playing muse dash, and i have to say, i really like MUSYNX now i like rhythm genre games and this one has some great music so sign me in.
This game is fire! It really has good songs and good graphics! The moment I played this with my brother I already fell in love with the game! I enjoy playing this every single day and it just makes me happier every minute playing this wonderful enjoyful game!
I think this game is perfect for beginners to rhythm games or a fun little casual for advanced players, its one of the best made mobile rhythm games and it has tons of tracks with al!most no ads. 5 stars.
I like this game because even though it has all the regular music tap game stuff, the backgrounds and driving forward feeling make this one stand out above most of the others. the detail is tight on those backgrounds too. it can be challenging and shouldn't it be?
After playing this game for hours on my switch I don't regret anything buying the full thing on mobile. It has more songs and more note variety in comparison to the switch version. MUSYNX and Muse Dash have fulfilled my rhythm game itch currently.
I just started playing and I love it! I played a Japanese game like this on my friends phone before since they had a Japanese app and I wanted to find something like it that I could understand. Very well done! This is exactly what I was looking for! :)
It's alright. Not much music I like; the dynamic backgrounds make seeing the notes rather difficult; the screen likes to move around on hold notes, which really makes hitting notes difficult; the offset feels weird, where some notes feel synced while others don't.
Hey you! Yeah you reading this...stop reading the reviews, just go ahead and try it! You won't regret it! If you do, flamed me... Seriously one of the best free rythm games. It's not hard nor easy, it's just a whole lot of fun! No kidding! I'm not paid to write this review. Just being honest with my experience with it, ok? Enough of this, just try it! PS. My only complain are the in app purchases, devs, can you tone it down a bit, pretty please?
I didn't expect that they would give us a lot of free song!!!!! U can play all of it....and ofc if u want an extra song u can pay for it....but I think what they have given is more than enough!!!!😍
Absolute beautiful. Sure no tutorial but, easy to learn. The music adds a certain push to keep a high score.
This game is fantastic! Some good level design great for playing thumbs only. When you first load ths game the levels may seem off sync. To fix this you need to go into advanced settings when loading a song and adjust the judgement until it notes feel in sync with music. For me I had +86 running on an LG30+. Usually this would drop a star from me, however the runway theme saved it for me. Edit on October 13: Cant select Inferno Difficulty. It always freezes on black screen.
It's good, not too difficult for a rythm on th beginners stages. Strong visuals and themes and the songs are catchy enough. Good for a free game
Still lacks alot.. No home menu, no setting menu No tutorial for new players not yet fans of music games, The inferno button doesnt work Setting doesnt save after exiting game, note speed resets to 4.0, When opening the game it just put you on the song select menu, its still lacks alot of stuff, needs more polishing.. but the game itself is nice, would love to see some improvements on this one
I like this game played for a while before i said anything and i like that its not perfect to click the just really need to be timing right and then your a god but needs more challenging vibing music and the ppl in the reviews saying dont get this they are bad 😁 and blame the game i see nothing wrong;just get good 👍 thank you have a nice day Best rhythm game ive definitely played on mobile
Love the music. Just a little tip.... "tap sound" should match the kind of music..... So maybe you have to make it so that every different song should have rhythmic sound of "tap". But overall its good.
Recently purchased the forever friends bundle and it screwed up the audio quality on ALL of my songs. Virtually unplayable. Please fix this bug.
I love it! I just downloaded not too long ago and it's amazing. I like how you can adjust the speed and tapping sounds. The music is fun to listen to, because I've never heard any of the music in this game before. Overall, wonderful game.
I love this, it's a really beautiful game and the characters and music are spectacular and magnificent ✨ as well! 5 stars for the masterpiece! 😍
Not sure if it's the game or my phone but the audio is sometimes lagging or buggy but my phone works perfectly fine on others games, kindly fix it thanks!
this is a great music game and has simple and crazy hard levels you can imeadiatly find the right difficulty for you
Wow, my first impression was it was another cutesy poppy rhythm game based on the first song. It is not. It is very dope and has some great music. The animations on the charts are some of the best I've seen in a mobile game yet.
I love it the moment I played the first song. The game is very forgiving in the tapping part as long I tap to the beat of the note I can succeed cause i got fat fingers and i can get A's and S's regularly in easy mode.
I really like it when I use the off mode because when you play the first song on off mode its really relaxing (´▽`) and I love the back ground and the graphics If you reading this rn you should definitely download it I can guaranteed you with it (✪ω✪)
I love it so much! I really like the songs and the beats that go with them. This is very fun and addicting in a good way. Keep up the good work!
Too many problems. There is nothing to help with adjusting offset, and it can take a long time to get it right. There's a lot of songs, and no system to break it down and make certain songs easier to find. There is no tutorial (funny thing to pick on, I know), so if this is someone's first game, they won't know what's going on, and there's nothing to teach you how to navigate. I pressed infernal on a song, and got stuck on a black screen. Too many problems, and not enough room to address them
cant get it to work on chromebook. the moment i push a button it freezes. if i sit and wait it crashes. i just get past the intro and thats it.
That game is literally the best game I've ever played. I don't understand why it's so underrated. The graphics are beautiful, the songs are just wow and the controls are easy to learn. I love this game I'm addicted to it. I wish I was in the game lol. I just love the game. I promise you, you won't regret downloading it. The creator(s) of the app did an awesome job. Thanks for making this app. :) <3
Inferno bug - once I click that option, screen goes black and audio fades, and it gets stuck at that screen. I am able to quit the game. I can close and reopen the game normally, but everytime I go inferno the same problem occurs.
The first I saw this game I think it's boring because of the music but when I download it this game literally change my mind. If some one reading this you should download it this game is perfect. For those who love high quality and offline rhythm game. This game is fit for you pls try it this game is awesome
Ok... The game design its ver good, looks very well... But it has some weird things 1- inferno difficult always freeze in black screen 2- only 2 kinds of notes (taps and slides) we need more kind of notes unu 3- its weird to search for a song The game its good, but it can be alot better
Best game ever! If your screen is black, you need to give app permission or else it will not function. Playing it free has its limits but, $39.99 has lots of variety. Most of the songs sound Chinese to me but I could be wrong. It wouldn't be the 1st time. Takes a lot of space for the full version so, keep that in mind.
This game is so fun. The songs are uplifting and even though I don't speak the language I can still groove to the songs. I like fast paced rhythm games and if you do too download and play this game!
Well, actually it is pretty good, i love the ui and graphic the ilustration is really awesome, personally i prefer japanese or just instrumental music but it is different than i expect, the music collection is great, only it wasn't my preference XD
This game is fantastic! I've been searching for good rhythm games aside from dynamix, voez, and so on. It's kind of confusing to start, as there is no tutorial, but it only takes a few minutes to figure everything out. I also wish that there was an option to turn down the graphics for the game. My phone can run most of the songs smoothly, but a few of them lag, making it difficult to play. Other than those two things, the game is amazing. I recommend to all people interested in rhythm games.
WOW! So far as I'm playing this It's SO Good, a really recommend it to people looking for music games! Though sometimes my taps don't register Its still a Really Good Game! Hope you guys don't stop working on it!
Beautiful game lack of a tutorial which kinda sucks but so far haven't particularly needed one but visually its beautiful
Overall it is a good game! I like it and how it plays. I find it a little hard because you have to play it lanscape but i like a challenge. Not sure if it was just me but there was no tutorial. I could figure it out because I have experience playing these types of games but not everyone could have prior experience. I recommend adding a quick tutorial if there isnt one.
Half of it is untranslated, some of it is made in PowerPoint it asks for a lot of unnecessary permissions and I don't even know how it's scored. Don't download it. Some game modes aren't even playable.
Musync is really on par with paid piano rhythm games I've played before, most commonly DEEMO. It offers a modern and aesthetically pleasing GUI, however, no songs really stuck out to me that I wanted to play. That's probably entirely because of my music taste, though. Highly recommend!
The game is very fun and I love how i just have to use 2 fingers to play, especially on mobile. Sometimes i am forced to used 3 or 4 hands just to time my tapping properly. I really love it!
Don't know what happened and I WOULD have thought it was just coincidence, but the app slowed down my phone to the point that everything else on my phone was almost un-functional and the same thing happened to my friend who I recommended the game to. After I uninstalled the game from my phone it was no longer slow. All my other apps started to work just fine too.
doesn't seem like a bad game, but there's no damn tutorial. stupid thing just threw me into the game, not knowing anything.
I've been trying multiple rhythm games and this by far is my favorite one, it's accurate with great songs and maps
Really concerning why the app needs the ability to make phone calls or other need to get into things, but the music is okay. Not going further on using this app though with shady reasons behind the need for such things though.
Says easy but is mapped like it's hard or medium and the only difficulties are "easy" and "hard" with speed modifiers
the game is great and all, i just hate how the skins are overpriced and the default skin is hard to read with..
Honestly, meh. The touch area is kinda ridiculous, only a straight thin line. The sync, oh my god. Irritating. At some point it sync, most of it no. And the ⭐exact⭐ thing just too distracting and annoying. I love the songs and art tho. There's no even calibration... Overall it's not so enjoyable.
Somehow I can't access inferno mode. After I pressed it, it stays on a dark screen forever with only force close as an option to return. 5* if there's a reason for this or fixed
The music stutter for some reason. But when I try the Chinese version on TAP store it plays smoothly.
I love this game so much I can't stop playing it honestly their music is amazing and wonderful you can pick the speed and stuff honetsly if I could I would rate it more than 5 stars I love love love this game and I recommend yall downloading it!
I love this game. beautiful graphics. great gameplay just it wont play on my Samsung galaxy s8+. (Note) I got a new phone, and got it to work! An amazing game with stunning graphics, and good music Fully recommend
I've been playing it for some days and it's an amazing game. But I have a problem, whenever I want to play an inferno song the screen turns black and nothing happens, hope there's a solution for that.
It's a good game.... yes. Aaaah the way they ask for ratings is cute so here I am, but yes, it's a nice, and fun game.
Imma rate it three bcoz its sucks but bcoz the songs sucks i like the graphics and the gameplay its soo smooth. My only problem is the songs i cant even find any good songs that suits my taste it was only 3 songs out of those more than 20 songs..
The extra music/vocals that are supposed to play when hitting the notes with the correct timing, no longer work for me, for example, on the song "Little Red Riding Hood's Daily" there's supposed to be accordion music at the beginning, and "la,la,la" vocals later on in a different part of the song, when hitting "Exact" notes. However, that no longer happens for me after installing latest update. I already tried uninstalling and I changed the "hit sound" to auto, but none of that fixed the issue.
The lovers grade I get in this game is A and it's annoying as hell because I definitely fail some of the maps. The graphics and mechanics are great tho but do something about the grading system and add more modern songs some go the current ones sound like songs from the 60s kids' shows.
Decent rhythm game, but the game itself is extremely bare bones in terms of options and depth. Gameplay is simple, but there is also no tutorial; they throw you right into song selection. My biggest gripe with it is that they ask you for permissions to your contacts, make calls, and media. of course you can deny it but that is extremely scummy for people that blindly accept all. -1 star for that for sure, there is literally no reason this app should ever need that
Its good. It has delays in my phone but does not affect gameplay too much. Does the inferno difficulty work? It's just black screen after i pressed it. Maybe increase thickness or color of the beats so i can see it clearly falling down :(
This is actually pretty good, but theres really not much music I really like. But anyways, the game isn't too strict for the game. In other games, the offset is really strict or whatever. But maybe just make it a bit more strict because I just keep getting exacts. Thanks!
Super fun with good beats, but more forgiving than other rhythm games if you mess up slightly. The beatmaps are more simple than something like LOVELIVE, BANDORI or PROJECT DIVA. Its easier to FC, although there are some harder beatmaps such as Inferno for those that want a challenge. Keep in mind I can combo Expert and Master songs so your mileage may vary. All in all I enjoy it very much. Ps Bibble the shopkeeper is 10/10 design
Great game, I've got EX in all the normal songs a few EX and some S's in hard. Really fun to play and enjoyable, for me. Only problem is there's a specific song with an inferno option and when I click it the screen goes black and nothing happens. Other than that all in all great game, hope there's more songs added in the future.
A pretty decent game. Inferno is broken though. I don't understand why people are complaining about having no tutorial. Just go to an easy song for god's sake. Try using your own heads for once. If that doesn't work, search it up! Google is a thing, you know!
Very well made but I do have one complaint. The game has some ridiculous pricing. Seriously 10.99€ for a theme. 1€ for a metronome. That's absolutely greedy. And the song packs are overpriced as well. Way to make a good game suck by being greedy.
Looks fancy, plays terrible. The UI is confusing and it seems to not even have any proper rhythm game mechanics. I managed to get 510 combo with 540 perfects by simply randomly mashing the screen. Not kidding, I started up a hard song that was faster than I could handle and by just mashing the screen I got a high perfect combo. The ever changing themes and angles at which notes move at you are also confusing, while attractive to look at. Better games out there if you want a rhythm game.
So I've had this game for a while now, and I've been through a couple breaks and well. This one seems to be different. I'm pretty sure something is getting mixed up in the code at the launching of the app. Either that or the app is just disabled for now. Either way, I know you all will fix it, it's just a matter of how long it will take to do so. I know you can do it!
It has absolutely amazing visuals and music but the gameplay is like I'm on Google slides. Maybe my phone is as good as yarn but there should be some theme settings for crappier phones that cant handle such high graphics
Good game but there is a bug or glitch that when I increase the note speed, the music doesn't catch up with it (how can fix it ?; Speed 9)
Overall, a good game. There are some lag spikes here and there, but the gameplay is still pretty consisten. One thing I'd want for this game is controller support.
Its a very great game and the graphics... But there is one problem, the inferno difficulty isn't working... When i press inferno it goes black screen and i waited for alot of hours to work.... But it didn't please fix the game 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
I don't know if it's just me, but does anyone else notice the Inferno mode doesn't work at all? Otherwise, AWESOME game. DEFINITELY one of the best out there. Fix that Inferno bug, and it'll be legit perfect
I have a couple criticisms to get out of the way. First, I can't help noticing, that the syncing with certain parts of some songs seems to be off, this is with the sound enhancer set to auto. Second, I find some songs on Hard diff. are hard to flow with as not all the notes will match with the music. Besides that, it's lovely! I bought the Forever Friends (very well priced) because I have high hopes for future songs and improvement. The themes ate great, and the songs are great. Keep at it! 💝
This game is absolutely amazing I love the different types of song choices we get to play. You can also have the choice to ramped up the difficulty or make easier for each song. There are other advanced features such as reducing or advancing the timing of the song. My only suggestion is that there should be a choice to add any song as their favorite, and have it shown as a list of all their favorite songs so if we want, we can only play those songs instead of trying to find the song. Great Job
It is very animated and cute I like it but my first rythem game that I played deemo was so much better as an experience it had mystery atmosphere and story which was not needed for a rythem game but still I love it for those reasons this is a good rythem game but I love deemo more
Im not even a rhythm game enthusiast and im having fun with this. Reminds me of a more challenging tap tap, great for killing time. (Definitely recommend playing with earbuds or headphones in). Havent ran into any ads either, there are iaps but its for more songs and cosmetic stuff.
It's hard man but I really like it. Out of the like 4 rhythm games I tried this was the best because it's simpler and so it's less of a puzzle more of a music
Simple but super challenging, but can also be quite relaxing. An excellent experience for cutesy music game!
It's a great game but you need to pay alot of money to get more songs and that's why I give it 3 stars i would like if you're could put more free music in the game
As a rythem game its pretty crucial to have the music sync with the buttons. I play the game on Playstation and was excited to have it mobile but its ridiculously hard to play when your hitting notes almost 3 beats ahead of the music itself with absolutely no way to calibrate or even remotely sync it.
The audio glitches which makes the game hard to enjoy. I doubt it's my phone since I have the new S20 +
I've played this game before and it was amazing, although i deleted a month later and now i decided to play it again. For some reason though, when it finished downloading and i went into the game nothing happened. All i saw was a black screen for the past 10 minutes. I've refreshed it and tried redownloading it and the same thing still happended. Please fix this problem!
neat game overall, but a tutorial would've been nice. don't know why it needs access to my contacts, but okay. IMPORTANT EDIT: SLIGHT TRANSLATION ISSUE (i think) it should read "OK" instead of "RIGHT" ok = it's not good but not bad right = i am agreeing with you
Best rythm game I play so far! I love the music, art style, and many more! If you searching a good rythm game to play, I recommend this game! You won't regret it!
Definitely the best rhythm game I've ever played , the beat is accurate and easy to play ,thankyou for making such a beautiful music game
App is now playable. Great effects without sacrificing frame rates. Manageable and good calibration systems. Only downside is that it hangs whenever I select an inferno chart, its just a black screen. Great game but needs to fix some flaws.
Really fast / easy to get into music rhythm games on the market no tutorial included which is the best thing also pricing affordable I wish more music gaming companies would adopt this style of pay instead of 10 $ per song pack... Great UI unlike archea alot of free songs unlike cytus II where you are stuck with only like 5 free songs...no annoying progression system as well which makes this a 5 star game. Hopefully this stays this way with the app with alot of potential in the future.