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Musiverse for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Pocket Games ltd located at 1185 Budapest, ÜllΕ‘i ΓΊt 758.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Audiosurf for mobile?? Where do I sign? :)) Works 100% fine on my Huawei Honor 8, no bugs, all mp3 files work just fine no ads I have not seen another version of the game on Android so this might be one of the best efforts in play store as of now. :)
This game is absolutely fantastic, it does a great job at being the audiosurf clone I was looking for, my only complaint is the fact that the ship addons don't have any explanations as to how they actually function most of it's a mystery to me but I'm figuring it out, explanations in-game would be very useful though.
Is it possible to have the game sync with Sound Cloud. Im not sure If it can be done with Pandora. But Sound Cloud is a whole different story. I think its Royalty Free in a sense. Plus you can help promote Musicians, and singers with their music. I think this will be a win-win situation. It beats downloading music and running out of space. Plus more people could download this game. This idea would be a game changer. And you could be the start of it?
The ability to use your own downloaded music makes this game 10X the experience. Although by the quality of this game is good , could do more about the ads. 10/10
A bit pointless. It's just a racing type game with a selection of background music which doesn't seem to have any relation toy the objectives or obstacles in the course
i like this game a lot I just wish I could play to stuff I recorded while playin acoustic or piano. Yet I listen to streaming services. Perhaps there a way to get sound tracks that showcase you app after watching an add or using some form of in game currency? cuz Ill watch all the ads for ya.
I love this game it's the best game I have ever had I tryed getting the other app where you can play with your own music but it tells me I have to be over 16 but I'm 15
The game is all around really awsome, but the problem is is that if i dont play the game enough it will reset my progress, which can be very annoying. Except that the game deserves 5 stars
Edit: Dismiss last review. Found source of sync breaking: there's a small delay in the sound effect when collecting blocks which disturbs rythm. If its fixed to sound instantly when collecting, it should improve playing experience massively. Much Kudos.
I've played this game on many devices, I would like it to be more Chromebook friendly though. More like the ship hovers where the Mouse Cursor is. Overall I've loved this game for about 2 years or so and would love to see progress towards Chromebooks!
Highly fun game to play, very very close to the audiosurf experience as close to any iv found so far, visual nice and keeps perfect timing with your selected music track the only thing I find really real annoying and is preventing me from giving 5 stars is the fact unless you use Facebook to login any purchase you make will be lost if you delete the game or even change phones as everyone eventually does, it's ridiculous and the only thing preventing me from purchasing ad free
i love this game, but sadly it keeps crashing on my phone. every time i try loading it, it just closes. please fix this
Love it, even works with earrape music and bass boosted. Pocket games, I have this problem with the app, Everytime I get an upgrade on my equipment they be ahead of the price. Back then the price was synced 0% or lowered 2% with the times played.
the skills generating-mp3-songs in this game is great..the beats,the trails,the colour even THE EFFECT!!!I get the best when I play Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas, Japanese hardcore band, songs , IS THE BEST!!!!
Great app for "playing" music. There're only a few things it's missing to get a fifth star. A favorite button and favorites tab, fix the visual and audio offset which is sometimes a measure or 2 off(fortunately the offset is usually a full measure so it doesn't hinder gameplay much. ie you collect the last three notes of a song, then hear them after a pause for the missing fourth beat of the measure, or vice versa).
This game works a m a z i n g l y well for me , i really enjoy it and i play it alot despite the fact that i usually use mobile games as a pastime :)
Very cool, just wish it kept the song data once loading it for the first time, it's kinda annoying having to wait for it to analyze every time. and what do the upgrades do? tooltips/descriptions would be nice.
Only one thing,fix your one advertisement,when this joker advertisement pops up,3 sec after it i lose the sound of the game,and i have to restart it to get that sound back(im in serbia btw,if it has to do with that)otherwise the game is really great,but still it consumes a lot of battery.Edit:i noticed now it's any ads that pop's up by itself(that you don't want to appear but still do)that makes my game lose it's sound(music,sound)and i have to restart it to get it back.
This game is cool the beatmaps and others.The funny thing that also makes your reputation high is the map it's shaped like a noodle
Exceptional. The game is simple yet beautifully made. I just wonder how are the devs doing right now because this was last updated last year 2018. Are we getting new features for this? I will be writing a blog with my satisfaction. Will edit later for the links. Thank you very much developers. Anyway. I joined beta but there are no features differ from the original public version am I missing anything?
I love the fact that it can use mp3 files but its weird that it cant be less than 30 seconds or more than 10 minutes. Other than that its a great app.
This game is promising PROS : Works well with music genres like pop, rap, and edm (including breakcore strangely enough. CONS : Doesn't seem to work well with metal that has alot going on with alot of heavier sounds that sorta confuses the way the game uses bass, so alot of extreme metal genres are out of the picture still playable but it it doesn't feel right WHAT ID LIKE TO SEE IN A FUTURE UPDATE The ability to play longer songs from 10-30 minutes
I would give this a higher score if it weren't for the fact that when you play a song, those notes in front of the plane are not in the same tempo as the song. There's also camera where it's kinda hard to see the incoming notes. I wish there is a setting that allows you to control the camera so I could zoom out.
Great pass time. Love the visuals, however the only issue I notice is the timing. It seems the visuals are about a second and a half ahead of the music.
Seems like a good games. Nice Audiosurf vibes, but, man, this game have stability issues. It just keeps restarting over and over. You get one, maybe two songs and goes at it again. This looks like a good stuff, please fix it.
It's a cool game, but if it had multiplayer or youtube support, I'd like it a lot more. UPDATE: I reinstalled this app again and am now quite into it. When I download new songs to use, however, I can't seem to get the app to register them without uninstalling and reinstalling. Can you fix this in a future update, please?
Honestly, for what is essentially a free Audiosurf clone this game is pretty good. I actually kinda prefer this app's score multiplier system to AS's score grid. The only issues I have are minor; the SFX of the picked up blocks seems to have like half a second of delay, and the pause button is hard to reach when in the middle of a fast paced song if you want to keep your combo; I think a pause button in one of the top corners would be more practical.
Asks you to press start to run through a tutorial of the game... Immediately get hit with a 30 second ad that can't be muted.... I'm tired of dev's only focusing on ads and not game play.. So enjoy your stupid one star, it's a big fat UNINSTALL for me.... REPLY: I get that, but.. Right BEFORE the tutorial to even see if I like the game? I call BS.
I think instead of just uploading your music just to play it i think you should change so its like a editor where you can place what blocks or what colors to chosee and by the way can you make it so we can publish them and you should still keep the way it is simply just call it quick map
Best game ever!!! It even matches the rhythm of my songs with the placement of the cubes... It's really awesome!! Thank you for such an amazing game
First off wonderful game but I would like to see a mode where it goes extremly fast, enough to control though. And more spaceships swell as more color in the maps and a bit more detailed.
Asks you to press start to run through a tutorial of the game... Immediately get hit with a 30 second ad that can't be muted.... I'm tired of dev's only focusing on ads and not game play.. So enjoy your stupid one star, it's a big fat UNINSTALL for me....
I Love This Game.. It's so awesome! I love listening to music for hours at a time, this gives me a fun activity to do while I listen! I download the music I want and play! Its super fun and easy to play.
just wanted to say this is a great app me n the lads used to play audio surf during pre drinks, which was trippy AF but this feels just like the original! nothing like psychedelic graphics and a space ship while flying to listening to disturbed or Limp Bizkit etc lol anyway great app :) sure there is adverts a fair bit but they have to get money from somewhere :) all I would say is try and keep the game simple like this don't do what other developers do and over complicate what is a fun game :)
The last time this was updated was in August 2019. Is this game not going to update anymore? I'll put in one issue I have in mind anyway. The notes SFX is a little delayed, making everything go out of sync. This needs to be fixed!
Awesome game! Only issue I have is that when the colors shift to yellow it's difficult to see which blocks are which, since they end up moving at such high speeds. This obviously isn't always an issue of course, but I would absolutely appreciate the ability to choose what colors the track changes to, if there were theme packs I'd even be willing to spend money on it!
3stars simpli because I can't distinguish between yellow and white blocks. Otherwise solid experience
there's a weird graphical glitch in the menus on the left side and the menu tab switchers seem to overlap the menus themselves. Everyplay has been discontinued and yet they haven't patched out the button. Requires a facebook account to store purchases (why not use Google and why can you even buy anything when you aren't storing the data in the cloud?).
Three stars for one reason. Internal Audio not supported when screen recording. Please give this app internal audio support and I will give your app 5 ⭐
It is amazing. I was looking for something like Audiosurf on mobile and you did it! Thank you. I love that we can play our favorite songs. Any songs that click. Lovely and sweet. I love this game so.
The game does its thing pretty well. The track gen is good and I can actually play my own songs now. But I believe having an option to change the visuals would be beneficial. The constant shaking of the track throws me off on timing for a bit, as well as causing a bit of motion sickness. I also can't see what's in front of me that much since the camera is zoomed in to the back of the ship. Having the option to change the visuals would really help improve the game further, then I'll give 5 stars.
Awesome but there is one thing that should fix it, after i purchase some gems, no ads that's good but now some music does have some problems with "No server". Please Fix and i will give you 5 stars. I already try couple music and while some music does level up my rank, some music don't level up my rank and it says no server when back to menu screen either!
Gameplay is intuitive and easy to learn, the coordination between the block placement and the beat of the song is usually good. I haven't had a lot of issues with it. My biggest problem is that it doesn't detect music that is available on external storage (all of my songs are on my SD card) so if I wanted to use my music for this, I would have to redownload all my music to local storage, and frankly, I'm not going to use 3-4 hours to redownload all my music. I'd love to know if there's a workaround to this issue Edit: I am thankful for the quick response. I have changed my rating based on it, glad you guys have great customer service! Although it's disheartening to hear about the lack of third party support, it's completely understandable. Thank you!
LOVE this game!!! One of my favourites from years ago. I was overjoyed to discover that not only does it still exist, but it's got upgraded features! The colours, vibes, course detailing, and shifting in time with the music makes every moment worthwhile. Only criticism I have is that a few of my MP3 tracks are not listed with the song's actual title; rather, they're something entirely random. But it isn't of much hindrance to me personally, so I'll let it slide and keep this rating at 5 stars.
Love this game half to death and the whole-nine-yards but I've unfortunately discovered a very highly inconvenient con about it, and that is if you're to stop playing for about a MONTH or so--even with an in-game profile & username-- just about ALL of your progress becomes erased!!! 😱😣😞😀😠 Developers, PLEASE fix this whenever possible!!!
I love Audiosurf, so when I found this I was extremely excited. Unfortunately it lacks a very important feature for me which is color curtomizazion, or alternatively a color blind mode. As is, I'm unable to play because I can't tell some of the yellows and light greens apart from the grey bricks. I will still give it 3 stars however, since it feels like it plays exactly like Audiosurf for mobile should.
Too many ads (30s each from the first minute of menu..) and that's the way the "game" is designed all along ago. I am willing to see "some adds" but not more than the time I am actually playing the game... simple reason of human reaction...
i just love Audiosurf and other rythm games like Osu!, tried to find a similar game for mobile and found this, from all the apps i tested this gives me the best feeling, the road moves really well with my music. i'm still not 100% used to the controls, but i don't care, i love this^^
Fantastic game with no monetization that stops you from playing, and the micros that are in there, are reasonably priced. The game is fun and does a good job visualizing every song. Highly recommended, amazing Business practices.
Hear me out, this games genuinely tries and does a great effort at trying to replicate Audiosurf's gameplay. But it just does not feel 100% right. The Pros.. The interface is nice and the search feature is good. It has replayability value of course, difficulty options, and more. The cons... It does go to the rhythm of the music, but poorly. Unlike with Audiosurf, I don't feel like I'm in rhythm with the music. It does not feel right. The collision detection is also questionable at times.
Two ads before I even pick my first song and an ad the second a song finished? I cant even navigate the menus without ads popping up. No thanks!
Who thought of this..like seriously I just have to best experience of my like with the game playing my on my first one like this reason why I can give this an easy five star Is because I love how when youre playing the game during while you're playing it depending on the song the game play would speed up and slow down or change colors rather it's fast or slow for a moment,this game is obviously perfect for me it's too good
I genuinely enjoy this game. It's amazing! It's super fun to play, and it's the perfect go-to if you wanna kill time (I play it between classes). I can't wait to see what else the developers can do with it. πŸ‘πŸ»
The mechanics are simple, but the idea is different and I love it! I've played this for a long time and I've always enjoyed it. My only issues with the game are that it seems to have a latency issue where the game is ahead of the music WHICH NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP and I wish it had more ships and colors to experience. This game while playable isn't really enjoyanle now with this layency issue, tho. Overall a simple music game that you should at least try! Best with your own music in my opinion.
UPDATE: So.. I had some issues running this game again after couple of years because I had done full device wipe recently. More about it below. I was dumb and figured out that yes, your unlocked bootloader does cause issues with this game. That being said, I'll just update this review and give it proper stars that it deserves. [old] I recently wanted to look back into this with some new tracks I got. Haven't played this in past year plus. Back then it worked with older LineageOS in OnePlus One, but not anymore. It loads nicely half way through Pocket Games logo at start, but at 50% it force closes itself. I tried this with Magisk-rooted Resurrection Remix, too, but it didn't make any difference. Now I'm back to unrooted LineageOS. I just can't leave one star review, because it was fun when it worked. I've also contacted devs from their site already and got no response back. EDIT: They replied on Nov 19th, on this review AND to my initial contact from their site. [/old]
This app was actually pretty fun! The only thing I think they should do though is make another sorting option by album. Also when you first launch into the app its kinda hard to press play, so maybe they should change the play button too. Besides all that this game itself is awesome to play if you have downloaded GOOD music to your phone. This game is pretty solid my dude. πŸ’―!
Great game, good variety on ships available ,and variation in the track each time. Fun to play. It would be great to be able to save a list of favourite songs.
I like how it's so realistic but I hate the add popping out sometimes and also Idk why I can't open The shope it says check ur connection but I'm on a. Wifi and it's really fast wifi tho πŸ˜…
I've had alot of issues with this game over the years. One of the big ones is constantly loosing progress. If you dont play for awhile your progress seemingly gets reset or something. That has happened to me 3 times. Also I'm not sure why, but this game had alot of nice ships, but at some point they removed most of them including my personal favorite, the nighthawk. I'm not sure why they did that. Overall this game is a nice Audiosurf clone for mobile, even with the issues I've had.
I couldn't open the app because the Google App Store said that it cant download it, but it was downloaded to my phone. I tried everything and the app didn't work. It used to work on my J3 prime, but now it doesnt work on my 10e and I'm disappointed. This was my favorite game ☹
I dont care at all about the gimmicks coins or bundle songs, the music import feature is where it shines, i put in a crazy fast speedcore track that crashed/bugged out other games and it worked great, even generated a fun challenging track, kudos to the person who built the track generator its awesome.