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Mushroom Wars

Mushroom Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Creative Mobile Publishing located at Pärnu mnt 139a 11317, Tallinn Estonia. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game, however, I will not be buying acorns or watching ads to finish the campaign which is a shame. As far as only being able to play one multiplayer match an hour is just horrible (each match lasts 2-3 minutes). I would happily pay $5 for the game (like I did for the ps3 version) if it would then allow me to play as much as I wanted. Seems hard to justify using space on my tablet when I only get 5 min of play time a day
I like this type of games and enjoyed this one also but i'm not gonna pay for it which this game forces you to be able to play. Just don't label it as 'free to play' then.
I used to love this game and play it all the time on console, but when I try to play it here it keeps crashing. I'm on Moto G6 Play, please fix!!
I thought is was a great game with nice cartoon graphics but then I got to level 12 which can only be passed if you buy acorns or download other apps. I have gone through the downloading other apps process before and 1. It never works 2. I should be able to enjoy a great game without taking up space on my phone with other apps. I also experienced some crashes but they were nothing major and I would happily put up with them if I could just continue playing
you have to pay for acorns there's a useless free option and after level 12 you must pay other than that it's pretty good
After level 10 it's pay to play or deal with their sponsors to get free in game money. It's a cute overall idea, but it lacks in functionality and controllability. Needs more ways to control output soliders. And a faster way to read input of commands. Lags over all. But cute mushrooms.
You have to spend money to play the whole game. Great game, but it isn't free if you have to pay to play. Poor review due to deception. I noticed the reviews were hand picked for extra deception. Review demoted to one star. I will avoid all apps by this developer from now on. I would have spent $ to buy this game up front.
originally this was AMAZING, now it is dead you used to be able to play until you lost 5 games. then they shortened it to three. (though your plays regenerate over time) it is by far the best game in the mushroom wars series, but they have let it die. I really wish they would revive it. no more than 7 people on anymore. used to be hundreds at any given time.
It's great except for when I 2 finger tap then screen stays golden and won't allow me to do anything only on campaign though. Online is solid. Or when selecting a mushroom to either upgrade or turn,it won't respond. Game still goes on,troops build up just no response from touch. At&t lg g flex with kit kat 4.4.2(dalvik)
Can't progress without purchases. Update: I far prefer purchasing the entire game instead of being surprised with a hidden cost at various points. I have no idea how much I'll have to put up for the complete experience, so I'm not going to commit. I had to uninstall, which is sad given it's one of my favorite little PlayStation games.
Sorry but I'm not paying to finish the campaign. Wish we could pay a flat fee for the app and get the campaign and multiplayer
Small concern is the fact that you needed 29 acorns to continue playing? Well, not many of the free offers for acorns offered many acorns to begin with. One that claimed to offer 30 gave me zero once i was finished with it and i was very upset. Either way i did get enough to continue playing but i really hope that isnt going to become a constant thing. I was thinking of microtransactions for upgrades, not continuing to play.
Brilliant game but too buggy to play. Keeps crashing. Server is flakey. Have it on PSN too. Can't stop playing multiplayer, when it works. However, stopped playing single player as you need to purchase acorns to continue. Or download crapware. Upto €80 IAP, greedy dev. Forget pay to win. Just let me buy the software. Very dissapointed day 1 PSN player IrishTLR.
But on every phone its the same, you play up to a certain level and then you have to connect to the interest to play online. No matter what i do, even if my phone is definitely 100% connected to wifi, it won't connect. Its never worked for me. But when i re-installed it on this phone i got to the level where it wouldn't work online, the entire game crashed. Everytime i tried to open it it made me force close. Doesnt even load the menu screen at this point. I love this game so please fix it.
The game is great, really, only played until lvl12 but got really addicted, the graphics are simple, the gameplay is simple and uncomplicated, and the fact that me and my opponent start with the same chances of winning is amazing. The bad part, i realize you're still new at this and you need money but we can't pass level 12 without paying? Really? And the multiplayer menu sucks, seriously, we can invite friends but not play against or with them. Genius. I really believe this game had everything to be viral.
Bad pay to play model. Would be happy to pay a one-time fee, but does not seem to be an option. Up until map 12 this looked to be my newest phone addiction, shame.
It was fun until I got to lvl 12 and had to pay to continue. I paid since I had some money in my Google account from surveys. Now I can't complete lvl 13 because it keeps crashing when the action gets intense. Very disappointed.
Edit: they have now restored my purchase for me and added an xtra 20 acorns. This is a good game... however I bought 150 acorns and didn't receive then. .. after 5-6 emails I finally got a response from them and shortly after the last email I received I could no longer log in to the game or connect to servers... I can only assume they've banned me!!! For daring to insist I get what I payed for.
Hey! You! Devs! Yeah, uh, the game is continuously crashing. I'd reeeeally like to play, so could you fix this? I've got a Samsung. Thanks! 🖐😊 Edit: still. F******. crashing.......