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Muse Runner

Muse Runner for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Rinzz Co. Ltd. located at Room 1402, Unit F3, LuGu Enterprise Square, No.27, WenXuan Road, Chang Sha City, China. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really love it! Its fun and challening with the best sound tracks. But I have a problem , I dont know if its my laptop tho.. it just froze while I was playing a level and I died! Pleasee to fix it.
Cool concept and I used to love this game so, so much. However, once you changed the characters our for symbols, it just seems like another geometry dash.
I'm not sure if this is already a mode but can you make make a mode where you can create your own song if you don't do it that's okay I will still and always support your p. Muse series
I love the music, but the small characters make the game very annoying. I liked the larger girls and they were great to play as! You had such nice art and great characters, I wish you would change it back. You would surely get more people!
Terrible. It's a geometry dash/Melodys escape rip off. It's advertised as being able to play as the characters. The game feels rushed and misses a few beats on the music, if you change a feature in the game, STOP advertising it as the old version. It is annoying that the character selection is pointless. You can't even play as the character you choose, which is a big no no. Please fix these mistakes!!
I love the music in this game, it's special, but I would like it if the characters are actually running. I give it an A
i was disappointed in the game since i had it before, on the same device i played it on. i installed it again after i had more space and it kept saying that it wasn't working, to the point where it froze in the middle of the game and then said it stopped working. i had had the last straw and my patience for it had worn out
Absolutely adore Muse Runner!! No matter how bored I am I will ALWAYS play this game and am easily entertained!!!
I love the game, the only flaw is the balls instead of the cute characters, I haven't played the game in a while ever since you removed them, please bring back the characters
I've been playing for a lot time, and after coming back a few weeks ago I noticed you took the runner model away, which is I kinda disliked, and then when I actually play, everytime there's a lag on the jumps, so I'd like a way to put the original runners back?
I can't give much of a review. I never got to play it. I play Project: Muse all the time. But this? I am actually unable to play. When I try, it freezes.
Just playing the tutorial level, trying to learn the controls for the first time, there's an ad for every mistake. Every. Mistake. In the tutorial. Uninstall. There enough games out there I don't need to humor this brazenness.
Honestly, the game was hella fun when I first got it but after you removed the girls and replaced them with balls I gave up on it.
Eh. I like Project Muse better. This one is a lot harder and has no mercy compared to it's sister. Also PMuse is a lot more colorful and fun. TLDR: Check out PMuse instead
I used to love this game. I uninstalled it cause I needed space, I get it back again and it loads fine ish. But there is no sound at all and it won't load in the song. It's stuck on the main loading screen and the song loading screen. Please fix this for 5 stars
The music is really good but the last time I played it you could sea the character on the screen BUT YHY DID YOU MAKE IT WORSE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ’”πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ NOW IT'S HOWELL! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is A LOT if work that needs to be done on this game the original p. muse is great and is fine as it is for now but this game is in need of work 1.the movement is jagged in slower areas 2. It is CRAZY difficult to get new levels and it's easier to get them by what i call the watch an ad and get stuff rather than by beating the game 3. (This is a nit pick but) what happend to the old runner models now it's the same icon as the main game and that was one of the reasons i like this so much was that you could play as the characters but now it's the same and there is nothing different other than your running or rather floating 4.(pro) the music is STUNNINGLY good for a mobile game
I love playing this game but when characters changed it made me really upset my and its annoying to see flying creepy looking balls it would be great if you change this to next update
Well, I love the game but, like everybody says in Spanish, WHERE ARE THE MUSE GIRLS!?!? That was what made the game unique, now it's like Geometry Dash, it just doesn't make sense that you took the Muse Girls out for those little things, don't know what they are called, but why make new characters and show the girls if you can only use those? Also everybody wants the 3 lives back, not me but others. You should make other people's wish come true and you will surely Rise Up Again :)
I use to play this game every day, I stopped playing for a while. I have recently just returned to play the game and I dislike the game because of the gloaming blogs things balls I loved to play as the characters now I cannot I am uninstalling and you giving you one star. do not change what is not broken goodbye
it kind of looks like when you're using that I kept as pets I'm assuming it kind of looks like sperm cells don't you think I think it was better when they were using the girls instead of those things but either way it's a good game and it's a real challenge πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
You wanna know what I hate about it. The fact that you can't play as the characters you can only play with the allies I hate it I rate 1 star I'll come back when its back thanks for ruining the game for me! >:(
i HATE the blob and i see everyone in the reviews feels the same. the characters were really cute, but then there's this weird ball thingy
It's awful. The dot doesn't jump when you press it, and speaking of the dot, why did you replace the avatars with it? This game used to be so much better. Now it's broken and bugged. A serious shame. I had this downloaded a while ago, and I loved it, but had to delete it for storage reasons. Now when I come back, it's just...it's awful. I hope you guys fix it some day. Seriously, this could be a top-selling game if you guys went back a couple updates to when we had avatars instead of dots.
Laggy, confusing controls, and an overload of ads come together to make this a bad experience. The gameplay is like a less refined geometry dash.
There's so many complaints that I have for this game. Too much lag, it's so slow which makes me miss and keep dying over and over wasting energy. It doesn't even respond sometimes when I touch the screen.
The game is really amazing but sometimes it gets hard while using the controlls 😡 but the graphics and amazing the music is amazing. :)
Looks good, but touching does not respond well making awful due to 1 hit dead. Also have so many ads.
I had the game a little while back and had to uninstall it becaude it took up to much space. I really do like the game, but I'm not a huge fan of the little orbs, and i hate that when you try to actually play a level it stops/dies when you touch the screen. Please fix this!
Everything is good and enjoyable except the characters.actually you guys lost a lot of points by changing the characters into balls and I think it would be great if the characters were the same in muse runner and they were balls in muse project if you correct this issue it will surely be the best!!! thank you for your adorable game.
I really enjoy this game it is very challenging and fun to play when you are bored I just wish that you could play the actual characters instead of stars like you used to be able to maybe if you could do that I will rate it 5 stars
it would be better if we could unlock more places, other than that the game is still good, and I miss the old characters, I don't want weird shapes
The gameplay itself is fine, but even coming from the rhythm game and knowing the songs pretty well, I feel like they are too difficult/long to be that engaging
the game isn't bad but seriously? Why add in the little balls when you have such beautifully designed characters to use? Eh, I enjoyed before the girls were removed. Probably won't play again until they're added back. :/
I prefer the older version when was the girls who jumped, they don't jump right and when I tap to jump in right spot...THEY DIE (???) please, bring girls back! I like this game so much but this change ruined it.
This used to be an amazing game especially because we could see and use the actual characters but you guys changing it really made my like for it go down :(
It's not bad. But it's not bad only because of the interesting concept that was stolen from geometry dash. Not only is it stolen, which is forgivable (in my opinion), but it is also badly done which makes me think about it as bad as I do. The game play is boring, at least to me, and the music is exactly the same as in their first game. In a quick summary: It's like geometry dash but worse.
The game itself is awesome. It's relaxing and raging at the same time. Muse Runner always had me running back to play again. I recently downloaded it on my newest tablet, and I was not happy with what I got. I couldn't playit, as it was constantly crashing. Also my favorite feature, the girls that you played as, are replaced with these Cyclops orbs, which was really upsetting. Kudos for the originality on the songs, I loved them. But if you just bring my girls back and let me play as them again, then this would have been a five stars.
I love it!!! but I don't anymore because you took out the avatars. I'll make this 5 star if you put the avatars back instead of these balls.
Terrible. Overall it was too difficult. If there were multiple difficulties maybe it would be different, but the controls are barely doable. If you had an easy mode and didn't make it so difficult I would rate this five stars. I would love this app, but the controls are horrible.
sometimes it doesn't register my taps. for a game where you need to tap, you'd expect that to work. one star until its fixed.
Well....,its too hard when i press the sos and when it ends i just die AUTOMATICLY can u just fix this bug?? Oh and sometimes when it ends i wont die and when i was about to jump i die by the spikes!
This game is excellent. Its obvious to see that the developers put a lot of effort into the game. The music is easily the best part. That being said, I would love it, if they went back to using the characters rather than these circle things. The actual characters were another wonderful aspect of this game. They need to bring it back.
I like this game it's fun but I kinda wished you kept the muse girls than the little icons. It seemed more better.
i love this game ❀️ in just kind of sad the girls arent the runners anymoreπŸ˜… had to relearn how to play
Its hard to explain how much I disliked Muse Runner, So let me explain. When got my first phone the game I downloaded first was Project: Muse and then I find this (This was when you actually used characters not the icons) and I enjoyed it, it was fun but then my sister broke my phone and i had to get a new one fast forward to now and i remember Muse: Runner I redownloaded it and then I read the reviews and they were talking about how the characters got removed and replaced with their icons (respectively for each) but the characters were a great part of the game along with other things, feel looks, etc and they were right. So plz Rinzz bring back the old Muse Runner and then Ill play it again (p.s excuse any mistakes the app store is bugged rn)
This game use to be my favorite but now it's not the floating balls don't work with the game well because it was originally designed to use the actual characters and if you don't want to change things and keep the floating balls I would recommend changing the art work for the game which still shows the girls
Lack of updates and bugs. The song fragments for 'seabed' in the lottery do not accumulate. Used to love this when there were people jumping the platforms. Also disappointed in the lack of updates. Giving two stars because the app still has potential
Where are the characters!!!! You literally just took away the best part about the whole game.. Uninstall let me know when you bring back the characters that we ALL love.
I honestly am a huge fan of project muse but when i saw other games i thought they wouldve been just as good and fun i really didnt like how they timing and the sync wasnt right and rustic boy is just a horrible fake of troll face I really am dissapointed and sad about muse runner ans rustic boy i expected better.....