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MuRevo for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by Team AKO. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game, song and graphics a great, however the swipe and hold (green button) it very sensitive, it says I missed the note even though I follow it. Also I hope that there a more songs to come, I'm just getting tired of playing the same songs. Overall the game is great.
The Game that started it all. i got hooked into rhythm games because of this i thank the devs for making such an amazing rhythm game that inspires newbs to play until they get tired of it but still come back to it's roots.
You know, rythm games are became really popular last years. And it's really hard to find something... new, unique. I remember starting position of revolution level company Rayark. The first days of Cytus was filled by bugs, errors and such things (at least, on my tablet). And slowly they did such a game, nobody seen before. Not a copy of GH or Tap-Tap, but completely new view at rythm games. And you, guys, are students that started from high position of creativity, skills and unique idea. So, good luck! :3
I like this game, but The songs are just not my type that I would listen, There are 2 songs that I like (with piano instrument). Well, keep up the good work! I love the gameplay tho, it is challenging. I also love the art!
This game has potential, I find the gameplay unique. I like the character designs, this is a small nitpick, but I feel like during the gameplay it feels a bit empty. Maybe you can add pulses around the borders, you know experiment to see like each song has it own feel with the effects too. Anyway, great game and I really like it has potential πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
The callibration system is a little tedious, do you have to play a song just to figure out if the beat is right for you? Also, the swipe hold notes, I swear It's too precise. And I have a problem with double notes, sometimes the game doesn't recognize them, I've tried pushing two buttons when the music is just starting and a lot of times it just recognizes one of them
I mean it, it's really well made, it's difficult, it's simple. I guess there's no need for that picture in the middle but w/e, keep it up, awaiting more songs!
YOOO I first played this game almost four years ago and I still remember it and, lo and behold, I was able to find it again!! More challenging than most rhythm games, even speaking as a percussionist. AND DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW PUMPIN' THE MUSIC IS!!!
I like the game's simple design and the music is pretty nice It has a great potential and I really enjoyed playing it for like an hour Here are my detailed thoughts: Pros: -Gameplay elements are interesting -Chart quality is great, they reallymake a good use of the gameplay elements Your finger feels like it's dancing on each side of the screen especially with the slightly excessive use of swipe notes -Simple non-laggy home screen and song select screen -Tutorial isn't too long or boring nor too short and confusing -2 Note designs Cons: -Needs way more songs (I think it has fewer than 10) -Lacks a sense of progression (No leveling system, No leaderboards, All songs are unlocked right away, No achievements) -Needs more different music genres -It's hard to judge charts' difficulty because you have to check them one by one by clicking the song's name after selecting it instead of having it show right away -Score ranking letters have a really big range -Too many swipe notes and too many click notes Calmer sections could use more click notes instead of swipes for example
This is a really cool design for a rhythm game, I havent seen anything like it before. I really like the different note skins. A couple things that I think need to be fixed: the accuracy feels off, sometimes when I think I should have hit a note, but I didn't. Also, add more songs. If there was a way to make your own songs or import stepfiles into this game it would improve it immensely.
Its good please add some more music more than 200 song :3 heheheh im a fan i also play with my sister its like 2 player game
My biggest problem with the game is the swipe hold, it either outright disappears the second I touch it or disappears in the middle, and that counts as a miss (like in laugh maker hard). It is almost frustratingly hard to get one of those. Other than that, the game looks good, please do something about the swipe hold. Edit: the normal holds are a little funky too, the game would often give me a kiss for a hold although I am holding it and the area enlarges to show that I am holding it as well
I find that the background is a bit empty and the 'wow' factor is absent. this game needs more appeal so that everyone can enjoy this game to its full potential. nevertheless, this game is amazing and the simple interface is great. hopefully there will be lots of improvement in the next update.
Very great game.. here's some review and suggestion for improvement: 1) Swipe hold notes are easy to miss. I always miss the short swipe hold one. Maybe if you can tweak it a bit so it more mistake tolerant, or maybe try to make the touch/swipe area bigger it'll be great. 2) The chart is pretty good. But I think you need to balance the numbers of swipe and normal tap notes on some charts. In hard mode there're too much swipes notes than normal tap. It'll be great if you balance it just a little bit.
Love the game but will you guys add a soundtrack on youtube cuz ive been searching the songs in the game but i could not find it instead is i found gameplays of the song and i dont wanna download it cuz i want the original but besides that great game
It's good but im gonna report some bugs and glitches,When I was playing it there is this bug in the right and you connot see what's in the right. Please fix it
It's really great, considering you all are around my age and I'm here just doing nothing. You guys really rocks, I can't believe this game was made by highschool students. Graphics and sound fx are really nice and perfect. The one thing that's bothering me is the long notes are easy to miss.
Wow, great game! Levels are tight and fluid with just the right amount of difficulty for hard levels. Good job you guys! One little problem that I have with this game that could have made it a 5 star is the fact that the slide and hold notes are a bit too precise and sensitive to hold. I would always miss those by moving my finger in the direction of the slide but it will immediately make me miss it as my finger was off of the pad so I lose my combo a lot. But other than that, everything is pretty much fine. Looking forward to future levels and I hope they are unique! Great job guys!
What a great game. It has great musics in it and easy controls. It's up to you on how to achieve or complete each level hehe.
I really love the music and while the graphics are nice and clean they don't go well with the style of the music. The problem with your game is that it's way too passive. If it would have some piano music or light pop or something I'd understand. The gameplay needs more movement, more epicness for this kind of electronic music. More effects and lights going on everywhere, you know what I'm saying? 4 dots in the corner won't do it. Could be good but needs something more in gameplay (or a change in music...)
I rate Cytus a 9/10. I rate this game an 8/10. Really great game. I really hope there are more songs in development because this game is fantastic. And the fact that this game is non profit makes me happy. Like damn. I mean. You guys really should make some money off of this because i believe that this could become as big as cytus if more work was put into it. Great game. Keep up the fantastic work
This is one of those games that is not that popular but it is really good. And its not like those type of bootleg games that are just crap. This is new, keep it up. Are there some problems? Yes. But you can fix it. I would like the next update to have more than 2 additional songs, probably 5. Oh and the touch area for swipe notes are too small for some charts. But nonetheless its a great game
Great game. Challenging but fun. But, on the Slide-Long Note, whenever i slide and hold it, the combo goes off even when i did it right. Any hints?
The game is AMAZING. This is the first game that I did not install afterwards. I never get bored playing this game. Add more music if possible :)
NEEDS more songs! I feel we should be able to choose between bright and dark backgrounds also. Sometimes the bright white can put a strain on me. Plus the characters look really cute. I feel like a character could be its own album. The controls itself is not too different from most rhythm games... except for 2 things. 1) SLIDE AND HOLD! notes! And 2) while they have fixed destinations... they are at the 4 corners making it hard ssometimes and that's awesome! ANY update from this game is welcome! I'm willing to pay if this had at least 25 songs.
The songs are catchy, the controls layout couldn't be better, but there is one lil' tiny problem; there is a little to no time to catch a note late. It makes the game more challenging, but can get annoying after a while. "I got that note one millisecond later, and it's already a miss? How?"
Will there be more songs add? I also passed all song in all difficulties with the revolution rank. Because I am use to these type of games. Please keep it coming with new songs in each update
I do not mind spending money on music games like this. Please add song packs and kick this game up a notch!
The concept is good, but I got this problem from holding down the orange button. I hold it down, but sometime it just slip away. but my finger isn't moving at all. hope you fix this problem soon
I'm a very big fan of music related games, and i'll say, this is great. The music is wonderful and definetley going in my music playlist and the controls aren't confusing. But, the same songs is a bit boring isn't it? Can you add more songs that are similar to Fox Rain and Avalanche? I love those two song and I'd love to hear more of them.
It's a good game overall but for me there's too many notes so it gets confusing, but I'm not gonna rate badly coz there r people out there who can play it so I gotta be fair to u guys
this game is a hit! may you add more music! well the problem was the swipe it misses when there are more keys respawns more which was the most great part. but over all the game was totally a bomb! i recommnd this. hope to have more of it
Not the best rhythm game I played but it's decent. What I liked : the design , the colors , the anime style and the effort put into the game. What I didnt like: the music ( the first song is too long and repetitive I actually got bored and wanted it to finish quickly) the notes dont have a link to the rhythm lol , and the game pattern is boring too , the slide not doesnt work properly too. My fav rhythm game remains Cytus , but this was okay!
I really like how the swiping mechanism is integrated in the notes. Though, there are some things that can be improved. 1) You can only set a positive delay to the music. I keep tapping the notes too late so it would be nice if a negative delay would be possible. 2) The songs are great but there aren't that many of them. Other than that, great game!
I LOVE this game! The graphics and characters are beautiful and I love the set up for the notes. It's a very fun challenge and I can't wait for more songs! Keep up the great work!!! ^-^
I love the game because of what you do there and THAT INTRO MUSIC! Yeah i love it but... it has little songs, i wanted lots of songs cause i thought it would be a great game, but overall, love it!
This game can become better. The music is great. The gameplay is fun and challenging. Some charts are not quite that balanced tho, and the touch area is a bit too small for those swipe notes. But it could fixed right? Overall, I'd recommend this game for those hardcore rhythm gamers. 4 students!? Wow! I hope you guys will get much more support! :)
Honestly, I like the music, but the graphics need a major tune-up. Could you find me playing this on my free time at work? Not a chance. But if I'm ever feeling musical, sure. I'll give it a whirl. I need more things to keep my mind active while playing the game. For example, Guitar Hero has a cheering audience in the background. In this game, if you were to just something basic like a light show or visual EQ in the background, I feel like it would add some more sustenance and value.
The game is very well made, the songs are good and the difficulty levels are well suited, this is something I would recommend, but it needs a few things fixed. 1. Balance a bit more hard, it needs more normal notes and less swipes (or change the directions of the swipes so people won't have the need to flail randomly to hit the correct directions) 2. Fix the hold-swipe notes, make the area it detects bigger, and 3. Add more songs, the game has good songs, but the current amount is a bit lacking.
If you are having issues with slide+hold, try increasing the calibration delay AND/OR start sliding before the note hits the square. I think the issue is how quickly the game switches from anticipating the slide to anticipating the hold. After increasing the calibration delay to 40 ms, I had a lot more success with the slide+hold notes (although it does mess with the music sync a little, so hopefully the slide window will be increased). Keep up the hard work, the game looks great so far!
Truly a great game. Although the the calibration for notes is a bit off. Every regular note and swipe note is always perfect, even when I press it way too early. Swipe-hold notes need a bigger detection range as it almost never registers. I know others have mentioned problems with hard mode, but I haven't tried it yet.
I really like this game. Maybe tweak the swipe and swipe and hold buttons, since it seems that I kept missing them even though I was swiping it. Overall, a really good game. Keep up the good workπŸ‘
This game is nice. It's pretty hard to find good rythym games like this. I wish that there were more songs, but considering the last update date, they have probably abandoned this game.