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Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Blockman GO Studio located at 中国广东省珠海市高新区港湾1号 港10栋 3楼. The game is suitable for Everyone (Violent References) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
In this when I downloaded the game it said that I need update the app so shifted to google place store and then it just said to open not to update . Again I came to the came it always the same , which means I didn't see that the how is the game , anyone who plays this game pls tell and also fix this bug or anything it's .
THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE. i pressed forced update and it kept bringing me to the playstore this game needs to be fixed.
I just love this game. This game is just amazing. When you are the killer, you have to make strategies which develops a strategic ability inside you. When you are the sheriff, you have to be aware about who can be the killer which develops the awareness skill. The civilian role does not help very much but it's fun to collect gold bars and get some protection against the killer. So ultimately, This game develops skills while being a fun game.
It ok, the chanses of getting a good server is very low. I've had to find a new lobby after every game I've played wether the people are players or bots. You only need 3 people to play and only using 3 people makes it very annoying to play if your an innocent because not only are the chanses of the murder catching you or the sherriff asuming wrong go up, but there is no where to hide! It's either a small map with just one big open building or 3 tiny ones. You can't hide in a room with nothing!
I only rate 3 stars so sorry I like this game so much but there's noob killing me when I'm civillian and they are police but in blockman go too there's so many glitches so I'm about to cry can you fix it pls
Actually, the game says force update, I tried to update this game but it doesn't say update, please fix the problem that I have, thank you☺️☺️☺️
The game is fun to and has so many roles you can get in the game and you can play on different types of lands.
Very bad when I enter it says forced update and when I click it shows open or installed please fix for 5stars
You cant play the game becaude it says forced update but then won't let you update this was one of the worst games I have tried to play because of the fact that it wont let me play dont install this game it is a waste of time.
I Don't Understand Why People Are Giving Hate Onto This Game Because Of A Bug. I Know You Can't Play This Game But Wait For An Update Itl Come Eventually.
Perfect games from Block man go! Good thing I know where gold spawns so I buy weapon and kill murderer. I am only 8 but still I play games a lot
I wouldn't know if the game was good or bad but when I got the the game I was excited to play the game when I got a message saying that I needed to update the game even though I had the game for two seconds and when I try to update the game I can't because my game isn't outdated yet please fix this
I have played this game since I was 4 it's a really nice game I do play the bedwars one with the new update with the doubles and solo.
I could play his game everytime but a problem is that it is super laggy that all the people are running in one spot well it is still a good game
This Game To be Honest It Sucks Like Why?! When I Try To play This Game In The Loading Thingy It Takes 8 Hours to To load!!! 😤😠😲🙍👎When You Update This Game I'll Give You 3-4-5 Stars (•ˋ _ ˊ•)
Murder mystery it's so great so there's so many friends you play or if the game is game in progress and always leave the game he had weapons Anythink or things this is a new game just downloaded this game
It is not letting me in the game 😒 there is some kind of forced update thing which just won't let me in plssssssssssssssssss see to it coz I want to play if this thing is fixed I will give it 5 stars
When it finishes download is said update but is nothing!!!! So i give it 1 star bc is say in this game update but where is the update?! My god so don't download this game!! When you download this game oh is said update so don't download it!!!
It's the worst game ever I hate it when I tried to play it always says you need to update but you can't it's so onoing I hate it I'd never play it in a million years even if it started working bc it's just the worst
Minecraft the best gg Lol what is forced update and plus it doesn't even work worst game ever so I went to installed it but then can I said force update so I won't force update but is only it wasn't working please don't install this game it's a rip-off
I love this game its so fun it needs wifi but its obvious why it needs wifi love it but the reason why i gave it 4 stars not only in this game "Murder mystery" also to every blockman go game and its that i want it to have split controls im not used to the circle thing when i play minecraft(cuz minecraft ia similar to this) so pls fix thank you :)
I havent been able to play it says "Forced Update" and everytime i push update it says open or uninstall. Can you please fix this? I love your games.
i installed it and it said force to update and it whent to gogle play store and it did not say update fix your dam game. >:(
What game is this, everytime I enter, it says forced update, and when will the error will stop? When's the next update because it requires bug and error fixes incliding the forced update error.
This game is so fun but please add a feature where the sherrif diea if they kill an inno. One time i was the only murderer and i won before i killed a single person. Other than that i love this game. Also you should add a detective where when someone dies the get a note in their chat bar that says like, hair color, shirt color, or something else etc. But only one clue per note. If you add this the game will be perfect in every way
Read this before installing, this game only shows "Checking for updates" and it does not go to the real game. When you install it shows new update but nothing happens, it will just take us to play store for nothing.
I love mysteries but I was playing Minecraft so I started to play these games as soon as I saw this game I was like oh I really want to play this this looks fun and then I downloaded the game as soon as I went into the game it says forced to update I go back to the play store and it doesn't even say update I got really confused and if I could write a half a star or zero I would well I mean it's worth a trash if I say
This is a very bad game because you can't even play it it says update but you can't even update the game it must have changed the old murder mystery I had on my other phone I would be able to play it I got rid of like half games of my phone and it still didn't work maybe try to restart your phone that might work but still try to fix the lag 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Not as great as u thought it would be but it's good, but how come I can't customise my character like in all the other games or have friends it's stupid, and make so there's server's you can join not a random one and make it so murder's are on a team not against each other. That's all thank you
This is a very bad game it says new version now if I click it and then I do something and then I come back it's like I'm stuck and and it takes like 24 hours to load!😡
This game is so annoying it keeps on saying forced update many times and don't start at all I'm giving one start to this game ... 😏😠😠
I Played it, But We are Just 3 - 4 Players Only, i Thought it is up to 7 - 9 Players But No. Can you please Update This Game , I Love Murder Mystery Games, But Please Make it Looks like a Hero Tycoon Graphics and Gameplay.
OH MY GOD!! THIS APP IS SUCK! 1.It took so long to loading 2.when i press button play and it wont let me in!! I HATE this App so much and the creator!!!! GET LOST! oh my god :(
It just gets stuck on the 'checking for updates' screen and i really hate this. PLZ FIX THIS AND UPDATE IT TO CHECK THE UPDATES INSTANTLY i will give u 4-5 if u fix this bug
Why such good rating and I don't like copying Minecraft and then maken it look surper realistic and there alot of games just like this its stupid but it surper hard too make surper realistic games but still. And I don't kno if any of the game makers has permishen too do this or Its the same game maker and dat ok but hmmmm still.
Why is the game asking access to my media? Seems fishy. I couldn't play, because I don't want to give access to my media for a game.
I've been searching for this kind of a game amd i am loving it.......i think the should do advertisement so they can more players......there are only 3 players coming in match....anyways good game
this game sucks. it says force update when i join i click it and there is no where to update it keeps saying over and over again just the same for everyone elses reviews.i hope you can get this fix
I like this game the control's are very nice and like getting killer is Awsome and basics of the games is very nice for me, thus getting the mode is very difficult I like the killer mode because of we can kill other's hide and other more features so I am putting a 5 or 5/1
Every time I go on the game it always says forced update and every time I press it I go too play store and I can't update it.
I like this app but......the media is so slow and can you make it faster because people might play this one otherwise but I don't know the creator that's why sandbox well people always enjoy murder mystery I play this app for a month but is like this now
I like murder mystery in other games but this one doesnt really make me exited its like so boring and it doesnt give you acivments it doesnt give you rewards just a boring game of murder mystery and it isnt fun its so stupid and boring🙄🙄🙄
This is not great when you get used to it you glitch and you cant change name and avatar please upgrade this so i can play better and when you play please make it long cause its short please make it a long game and when i install the game it said install this get the following rewards its fake fake please upgrade this thank you for reading this
OMG this game is so annoying. This game say (forced update) and when I update it just leaves me at a other app. I tried to update so many times. I spent my whole day to get this work because I love Murder mystery game in block man go and I also don't wanted to just download the Blackman go because it says to do password every time that's why I wanted to download the games one by one. So, please try to fix Muder mystery or fix block man go. That is what I have problem
This game is great and also one more thing please add the role "doctor" where he/she has 2 starting saves to save any person, when a person dies he/she will have to wait for 30 seconds to get revived if not, then the victim dies, the doctor can also buy saves on the merchant
Decent game to play if you have spare time. You should also check out there bedwars build battle skyblock and skywars games.
Before I download it doesn't say anything like update the new version but now it says this and when I am clicking on forced update it takes me to play store and I don't know what to do but on the other hand when I played this game before it was so much fun
Listen to this, so it forces me to update and it just says to open and don't get me wrong i love this game and that's why their is two stars.
Great game! but this is why i ended up 4 stars because: 1.Every game i played is so many geuster 2.Every player i killed they left 3.Pls fix the inventory bc when i'm pancking that the sherrif almost killed me I'm pressing the sword it so slow to pick it. so thats it
So I got on the game today and it says the force the update there's a new update version so I tried to go on Google play to update the app and it does not work it didn't say update always said was install or open but I still like the app I gave it two stars because it won't update this so certain type of bug virus maybe I don't know but the creators of the game sandbox I believe he's affects the situation please sandbox or whoever owns this app fits it now or else I'm installing this app thank u
It's like the murder mystery from Roblox but this one is more awesome and cool graphics! Whoever made this should get an award and his/her award is 5 stars! Thanks for making this game.. ;)) but also... It installs so slow even if I had strong internet connection but it's fine! :3
This is such a experience game I love the maps and please change the gun I like It but I want like a difrent gun soon but I always use the bow in arrow in can go farther then the gun and sometimes I use the gun just to aim
Same with all the other comments please fix this and i used to play it it was fun but i dont know what happened with the forced update please fix it so we can play the game normally again.
I like this game because I like them hide and seek real life but when I came back just today on Christmas it said I need to update it and when I started again it keeps saying up that's update and this game booooooooooooos😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤔🤨🤔🤨🤔🤨🤔🤨😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘🇦🇺🦄🇦🇺🦄🇦🇺🦄🇦🇺🦄🇦🇺
I play this when i was 5 years old and i try again in 2020 i was stuck in intro yes i was try some more of blockman go but it stuck again pls i want to play this game....pleaese fix it
its a good game but some times it makes me the sarif alot and sometimes it makes me the murder alot its cind of anoeing.its mad for a tablet but you can still play on a differint devis.
Not working so I wait a bit second sometimes minute but internet is so fast but the loading is to slow you need to change it to fast if they have a so much enternet
It great but they want accese to picture if you decline you cant play and it take to long to download you need that fix other than that it's a great game
Same I can't play I have to update alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time.i gave it one more chance but still until the next day still doesn't update uhrrrr I'm done with this game ahrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Acha sahi ha wd in a week and a half and a week after then we have been a little busy with our young girls and their family members who have been there for a long time nhi hota ab and the validity of the week is going to be a great success for us all this week is going well and I am excited rha for a few weeks now to
It was a fun game especialy block man go but im sad to gave it four stars only i want to make a request so i can give it five stars next time please ad lije a real minecraft game on block man go it should be creative and survival mode...thanks:)
I played this game for a week or so and it's really fun I don't know if anyone else likes it then I would give it a a star at least 1/2 * plays this game and after the updates I believe we should get a star
Well I just started playing, when I got stuck at the intro I left the game I wait for a few minutes and it started loading. It was about time it finally finish