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Munzee for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Freeze Tag Games located at 18062 Irvine Blvd, Suite 103 Tustin, CA 92780. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It helps me out of the house and I really enjoy it there's room for improvement but I don't have an specfic ideas yet but I like this app a lot
Fun game. A bit fustrating when COs of Munzees become inactive and thier BAD QR scans arer no good yet blocking others from placing a new Munzee
LAME!!! Geocaching knock off. Would rather do the real thing. Geocaching is more fun than this cheap version.
Been playing since 2013 it used to be alot of fun and a great way to meet new people. But it seems it gets worse and worse every passing year. It used to be about the fun of the game with little to no money spent if you didn't want to but now the app lags and freezes it takes forever to load anything and Everytime you turn around they are wanting money for something. In my honest opinion find a different geo location game to play and save yourself the headache of this one.
Been playing for almost 10 years and still love it. You can play the game however you want. So many different aspects of the game. Munzee on.
Had really high hopes for this app but actually was a huge disappointment. 18 of the 20 local stickers were either missing or damaged beyond capture. Many have already been reported as no good for years. Don't bother.
An outdoor locating game a bit similar to Geocaching, and it can be played in conjunction with it, but is less fun, in my opinion. I doubt anyone gets the hundreds of types they invented (all physically just a QR code or location). Everything is system-enforced rather than by players (even if it gets it wrong). The offline mode has been a mere afterthought for years and the system keeps coming up with various reasons to reject scans when submitting.
This app is a Data hog. Munzee won't listen to the may complaints.on this. They forget this is suppose to be a world wide game but treat it as a USA game only. They don't appear to understand that Data costs elsewhere in the world are much higher than the USA. The new scanner that was brought out and then "fixed" recently still has issues on IOS and Android. When complaints are made Rob Vardeman the President makes posts to Facebook it isn't the apps problem it is your phone go buy a new phone. Yet most phones are listed as being compatible with this app but yet are not including mine. The scanner makes the munzee long and narrow and almost impossible to scan. I have a new flagship phone yet it doesn't work with this app? Oh don't get me started about in app purchases and how there are different prices for items based on how you pay. Then there is the online store that is also different.
Fun but seems outdated and a lot that I come across aren't there and should be removed. App is very basic.
Played Munzee for 7 years. They have become greedy and no longer care about or listen to their players. So much time and money invested in this game that now is wasted because they won't listen and do not care what happens to their players. Do NOT waste your time or money!
Meh, it works most of the time. 10 years later, they still have problems that should have been worked out by now.
I thought it was time to reassess this one. No doubt munzee continues to try and keep their membership motivated during the covid crisis. Unfortunately with the plethora of new mythicals and specials the original problems not only remain but have been seriously exacerbated to the point that playing it in the last twenty four hours has been nigh impossible! (09 October 2020) The app is normaly slow and prone to idiosyncrasies making munzeeing not a joyous pastime. Now its virtually unusable.
It's an addictive game and fun, but the latest update broke the scanner. The new scanner takes longer to open, is harder to use and doesnt scan the light blue Ice Mysteries! Why oh why did you change the scanner??? Please, please bring back the old scanner.
Doesn't work offline. The game is only meant to play where you have cell service which I didn't know. So disappointing
Haven't used the app for awhile but on returning found the current scanner woeful. Won't scan and then hangs app, all I was trying to do was a replacement but it was impossible.
ok, it looked fun, sounded fun, and is fun! usally im just laying in bed all day with nothing to do. there is only one thing i do not understand. what are the levels even for? i dont mind them though, i just like to get out of the house and this is perfect for it
Sadly this app continues to take a downward turn. Have been a premium member for over 6 years. Having to reset my presets daily. App graphics have gone down hill as well as the map. Location randomly bounces around making it difficult at times to cap or deploy properly.
Used to be fun and not used it in a very long time. Decided to download the app again and it is awful. The app is clunky at best, and the map is missing key features that allow you to navigate and capture munzees, which is the whole point of the app!
Wonderful way to get your steps up, just find QR codes on lamp posts or signs etc, scan with the app and get points and digital rewards. I love it!
Never had a problem until the new clan wars OTA update.. now I keep getting stuck on the loading screen and have to uninstall and reinstall the app which sometimes doesn't force the ota update.. so I'm stuck with an out if date version. Very frustrating. Especially with a huge event tomorrow. If it glitches out during the event tomorrow it'll drop to a 1* rating.
Since the last update they made it impossible to scan codes 5 times out of 6 when opening the camera. Sometimes its completly warped, sometimes it doesn't focus and sometimes its all clear but doesn't capture it.
Avid player sick of app performance. Icons go black weekly and only fix is uninstslling and re-installing app. All settings lost. Data hog app with regular crashes.
Scavenger hunt qr codes keeps you interested and walking. You dont pay attention and before you know it. You walked a while.
Lots of fun if you like to hunt for hidden QR codes out in the real world. Join a clan and participate in the monthly wars you can get a great chunk of rewards even lower levels.
The map is terrible. It's slow, and when I pinch it to zoom out just a little bit, the map either stutters and lags, or suddenly zooms out where I can see the entire northern hemisphere. The app is slow to open, the map is slow to load and refresh, and the scanner is slow to capture. It's also a battery drainer.
Really fun game. The app would be perfect if they would just use Google. The maps they use totally stink. I think they're using Apple maps. I heard Apple maps were horrible, but using this let me experience it first hand. All sorts of wrong information and looks like a cartoon. Please please please use Google maps! Then I'll give the 5th star.
Fun game. I had to downgrade my rating sine I can't seem to get it to open more than once before it crashes!! Making me having to uninstall it. Then reinstall for one more capture. Then crash again 😭. What's the deal???
Great consept, but app needs updates! When trying to scan the barcodes my phone will not focus on them. There for not being able to grab them
I really like the game, but it's a huge $$$ hog. Ever aspect of the game costs you. I can understand why people no longer play or maintain their munzees. Just started and already $100.00 in. If they want to this game going, they need to rework the costs. Will end up dropping back down to a casual user.
Overall an improvement over the v3 app. My biggest issue is the move away from Google maps, which I understand was done due to financial concerns. I'm still hoping they find a better alternative than they have currently. I have played Munzee for a number of years, started with v2. The new version takes some getting used to, and a few bugs to work out yet, but I'm happy with it.
I am a daily player, I went back to 3.0! You expect a new updated product but it is using maps that in my area are 6-8 years old! You can't effectively deploy when the mapnis so far out if date and the shopping center has been there for 7 years but Satilite maps still shows it as an open field! Also battery and data use is far greater than previous versions! I cannot and do not recommend until things can be improved.
V4 app has its issues, is a huge data hog , and runs the battery down. But it was workable...that is until the scanner stopped focusing. SPOILER - it is NOT a phone problem! How the heck can you play if you can't scan?
One of my favorites, but lacking lately. Today my profile started as if I had signed up today. I uninstalled and installed again. Now I cannot get the app to open at all. Authentication error. App has started freezing a lot. Been a premier member for awhile now. Hope this gets fixed and all my data isn't lost.
I love playing. However, the app is very bad. The app is very poorly made, which for a mobile game is a sign that the dev's dont really care about making a good game and just want to make money. Absolute data and battery hog, and it's so slow. Every update it gets worse; the new scanner doesnt really work and the app is just more cluttered and slower. Munzee uses about 2x the battery google maps uses. Today I use google maps navigation for 30min using 3MB. Then I used Munzee for 30m using 80MB.
Apple Maps are terrible and there doesn't seem to be a way to turn off notifications except the app system settings which is poor. Font size is too big in places also and gets cut off. Otherwise it seems to work quite well. edit: after no action from the developer, one stars.
This app consumed my monthly mobile data in a week of moderate playing. If you have a limited data plan, STAY AWAY. Without this problem, the app is at 2 or 3 stars, since it has serious UX problems. Common tasks requite multiple interactions with undersized items. For example, reporting a problem with a munzee takes 6-7 taps. It is hard to find any area where the app is an improvement over the old one (which can still be used although it lacks some newer features and munzee types). If this h...
I took up Munzee during Covid Lockdown and it transformed my daily exercise walk while I couldn't geocache. As I progressed in the game and got into clan wars its become my #1 game of choice. Great activity and nice social aspect with fellow players.
Love Munzee but HATE the new V4 app. Slow, glitchy, and an astronomic data hog. I use the old version. It works, and doesn't suck all my data. If it weren't for the old V3 being available, I'd have to quit the game. And that would be sad, because I really enjoy Munzee.
Gone back to using the previous version. A few nice touches in this one but zooming is clunky (like, you know, every single other map-based out there manages to work but someone Munzee manages to screw it up), map loading is unpredictable. For the new app to be more of a battery hog than the old app is quite an achievement but they managed that too.
Fun outdoor walking game, like geocaching. There is paid options but very payable for free. Lots of regular new content.
Look, I love Munzee, playing gets me outdoors but, I rate the app so very Low. The streets & names are hard to see. When trying to zoom out it does an auto see your whole country thing. The GPS has been off kilter ever since V4 the data usage is horrendous. The premium filters often reset back to basics. Not cool!. So much work needs to be fixed.
I love the game, and I love that they listened to us and made the numbers in the corner much bigger but there are some glitchy goings on that I'm hoping are temporary bugs. Words are overlapping like the screen isn't big enough for them. Zoom is totally tweeky and the icons are doing weird things. I get that it's all new, and I'm praying everything will smooth out as we go along
Sometimes, this is buggy for other players. For me, I only have issues when MHQ has issues. I'm using a Pixel 2 still and it's always flawless
Upload photos not working for me, app always crashes when I take and confirm photo I'd like to upload to munzee. Problem not solved even after many months after I reported the issue.
Please move to opencyclemaps and cache 2x the area of the map displayed. Also, maybe do some sort of infinite scroll (while also caching basic information for the next 100 munzees) in list view. Finally, unloading things as you scroll down saves a lot of time and RAM when looking for a specific Munzee. If any of my suggestions go through, I'll raise my rating because you're actually listening to your users 😁
It's a fun game that gets you outside. Using a cellphone, find the physical Munzee's, scan the QR Code, then on to the next one. There's also virtual ones that you cap virtually. As you earn points you are able to win prizes also, which can include Munzee's for you to deploy. Great family fun for everyone. There's Munzee Events where players get together at a designated place. Can anything from a park to a parking lot. It can be done while Social distancing.
Last update the added zee ops is trash. Forever loading and 90% of caps got to offline que. Which is useless for virtuals
Great game. Gets you out and about in the fresh air every day. I've been enjoying this game for 4 years now and I'm still finding new fun things to do.
The QR scanner became so much worse. It takes long time to capture, viewfinder warps and doesn't read slightly degraded Munzees at all. And this is the main aspect of the game which is so frustrating now. Some time ago it was best in class.
This is so much fun, its a great physical contact free game. It keeps me surprised but all the different things it offers. I really enjoying this game and its a fantastic app. The new camera has worked amazing it scans so fast!
Constant, repetitive closing... The app has recently started closing quite repetitively and constantly. I have rebooted and checked for updates to the app, but for now it seems to be what it is...