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Mundus: Impossible Universe

Mundus: Impossible Universe for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rumbic Studio located at Rumbic Inc, 901 N. Pitt Street, Alexandria, USA. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I had 5 stars Been playing and as much as I see I don't feel like I missed a day but seems like I go to bed then wake up I have too start all over again too many times. love the game but it's getting boring watching my status go back down to day one again Yes im back but on a new tablet I transferred from old but I started on number one, but I quess its ok, I like this game yes its impossible at times. It really helps when I get free hour or so, I don't want to stop! It's a cool game! 5 stars.
Fun game, but I don't like that they don't describe new pieces, forcing you to lose lives figuring it out.
I like this game...no ads! Also great graphics and sound is soothing. Some easy levels, some hard, but great bonuses for getting farther in the game.
I've been meaning to edit my first review of this game for a while. I now highly recommend it! This is an ORIGINAL one of a kind match 3. The game boards are not secondary to the other stuff. Completely free with NO ads unless you want to watch. Play daily & the rewards are high with at least 2 free hours of play a week along with other bonuses from achieving goals & more than anything the consistency of these! Skill out weights the 1 level per planet that's more luck!
I just love this game. It's a lot of fun & the little man is so cute. I like everything about the game even when its hard to get to the next level. I will leave then go back.
Fun, but i expect it will get much harder at higher level to tempt people to spend money. I wouldnt mind that so much but power ups are usually WAY to expensive, and essentially we get nothing for the money lol
love it but thing is why do i have to go back on beinging tho??! LIKE? TWO TIMES NOW!! things that don't like it. to started it to the Beinging...their are no way to played it "Three!" cause no time to spending on it. so love it this game and ain't to go back to it...Im Done 😑
I love this game!! It's so fun and each planet is so creative and unique. I'm waiting for new planets.
This game is a little better than most games. It's a little harder to play with the different setup than usual.
I would love to find one of these games that didn't get harder and harder. It gets so hard it's no fun to play when you can't get out of a level.
Lately, my phone always restart when starting this game. It happens since few updates ago. Huawei Mate10. I don't know what's wrong, but please fix this if possible. I play "heavier" games but they never restart my phone.
Good challenge. Lowes ad gets caught in a loop. You have to close out and go back in. Frustrating when you are trying to get more money
It's fun and unique but they don't have adds because of micro transactions. I'm a little over 120 levels in and so far it's been far to easy to lose and blow through lives. On the bright side, you can always buy assistance...
INCREDIBLE GAME MANY MANY CHANCES OF WINNING UNLIKE THE ORTHER MATCH 3 GAMES THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE IT TELLS A STORY ABOUT OUR HISTORY LOVE IT THANKS TO THE DEVELOPERS FOR MAKING THIS Don't know what happen one of your ads froze my phone could not use my phone for a couple of seconds and then some how my phone shut off and restarted so now ads are hacking phones πŸ˜•
The best game I have found and also played in a long time. It's a real diamond in the rough... The graphics are awesome... I enjoy this game a lot...
What an awesome way to unwind! This game is such a mellow match 3. The music is so tranquil...just love it!
The game starts out fun, easy to learn and just challenging enough to avoid frustration. However, by halfway through the second world, it quickly becomes pay-to-advamce, as you will not be able to beat some boards without having the boosts...which of course, you will eventually have to buy. So, off to the delete pile with it.
very annoying, not eñough chances to win you get to one remaining piece and you are out of chances. You always want the players to spend the coin, or use the gathered weapons to get ahead. The game is supposed to be fun and entertaining, not frustrating, and defeatist. Horrible Gamè it teaçhes you the art of always losing there seems to be something wrong with the program, it is not letting you watch videos to gain more chances to solve the puzzles.
Fun game until you reach a level where several chiefs need to be won and at least 2 chiefs aren't even exposed so you can retrieve them. Very frustrating!
This is a really lovely match 3 game. The different levels have some very unique, cute and sometimes funny things to release. It is NOT however the game advertised which was moving a ball through spinning circles. It has therefore lost a couple of stars.
I would give it more stars, but everytime the Lowes add comes up, I have to go out of the game, which means I don't get my coins. This has happened many times. Please fix, or stop using that add.
So far I love this little game so much, it's very spiritual and sweet. The graphics are great as well, If you like Fishdom you will probably love this game.
This is a great game, but recently I attempted to buy a special package that was advertised to me, and since I like to support the good games I tied to purchase it. I got an error message so I tried again and got the error message again so I gave up. I then discovered that I had been charged twice! I never received the package. I have tried to contact support in a number of different ways to no avail. Very disappointed and angry.
Great game, but the Lowes ad is still a problem. I reported this week's ago but no one seemed interested in researching it. Now today, the game closes everytime i open it. There is a bug somewhere. Please fix it.
Good game. Little bit high on the download and a few bugs that cause the game to lag and the game play needs to be a little more smoother and you should make the game more fully operational than using countless hearts to beat levels.
My new favorite game!!! So glad I found it and gave it a whirl! Loving it! 7/24/2019.This game just gets more AWESOME the farther I get! Graphics are beautiful and the story line is tight ! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!
Would be better if play was not limited to 5 lives with a 25 minute wait to get 1 life back Perhaps you could make a version for people like me who just want to play a casual, stressless game for more than 15 minutes. Bonuses could be given to players who move thru difficult games more quickly.game is definitely not addictive the way it is set up....only frustrating.
Fun game, great graphics. I always turn off all of the sounds and music when I play a game. I saw that a few of the reviews said they liked the music so I left it on. It is nice. Good job. Can't work, so it's nice to have something when the cooking and cleaning are done.
It was fun at first, then you can't progress unless you spend money! I want to relax enjoy the game AND I'm not spending money
Too hard. Can't get past level 99 without spending real money. Any suggestions? Otherwise, a beautiful and intriguing game. I would have given it 5 stars but I can't get out of the 2nd world.
Beautiful Art πŸ’• I think this might be the most artistic graphics I've seen so far in a game. The shaman theme transports you to a far off world. I like the challenges too.
Love this game! Based on a "match 3", but far more interesting. Challenging, but not so difficult as to become frustrating.
I downloaded 2 days ago. The game hangs up and wont load. I have literally just set here for the last 10 minutes and it still wont load
I am really enjoying the game. It can be challenging, but it is interesting to play. UPDATE : I am still really enjoying this game. There are some games which are really challenging, but eventually, I succeed. My favourite.
Good game but it gets difficult pretty fast. I've been stuck on one level on world 2 for a month. I refuse to buy items in game. It doesn't matter if a game is free or you have to buy it; you should be able to play the game without paying anything more. There should be more ways of getting special items or winning levels should give more coins to get extra time on future levels.
I am not much of a gamer, but I do enjoy playing this game even though I'm not very good at it. I find that I can actually play the game without having to spend any money or watch any ads. Granted if I felt like spending money I could go a little faster through the levels, but what with covid-19 and all, I'm just not in that much of a hurry.
Why is the game in Landscape mode all the time πŸ˜ͺ so frustrating that I cant rotate it to portrait mode. Please fix it.
I am the ancient mariner of video games. As a senior citizen I play on the computer through blue stacks and usually have no problems at all. I have been waiting 10 minutes for this game to load and all I got is the loading bar filled in 30 seconds and waiting since then, all i got was the theme music playing and the original title screen. Very sad, wanted to try this out
This is the 3rd time the game reset on me. The 1st time I had downloaded it onto my new phone & even though I was connected to Facebook, it didn't recover my previous game so I had to start over losing 50k coins & bonus items I had. The 2nd time I had only just started playing again trying to rebuild what I lost & it started me from the beginning again. I wasn't too far in yet so I didn't complain. Now I was just on level 18k something with almost 15k coins & bonus stuff I bought again. GONE!!!!
Great game & beautiful too. Just wish i could watch videos cannot afford to make purchases at this time. But awesome nonetheless.
Love the game but, wish I could choose when I use the hour of life prize. Many times I get it, but can't use right then becuz of real things I have to do.
A game that is a complete waste of time you get to the fifth area and no matter how much you try you cant get through it unless you are stupid or rich enough to waste money on futile assine games
Love the game. Fast, awesome graphics, I like the levels so far. I expect them to get harder as I progress however I see I need more stars each level. That scares me
Colors are vibrant and different puzzles keep things interesting. Movements are creative. When changing screens I believe the graphics could be similar to the planet your on
Fairly simple game but strategic to complete stages, some quite challenging. Overall good time passing game.
I love πŸ’– this game. So much fun,and lots of twist and turns in the puzzles, it keeps it interesting 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 .
Just wish you had a way to opt out of watching the leftover moves become bombs and explode at the end of the level. I'd like to be able to move on.
I came back to try again, really can't remember what it took me to leave but this game is pretty cool. It's not like the old match three that you don't have any goals in.
It's a little different than other match 3 games, so it's a little harder but challenging and really great. Graphics are wonderful.
I just love this game! The challenges are entertaining! The graphics are pretty neat... I truly enjoy it!
This game is a absolute joke 😑 you can try to make one level and try about 10 time and you still not do it . I have enough I delete this game!
I am really enjoying this game. The graphics are beautiful and l love the challenge of it. In this age of Clovis and shutdowns, it is a great escape!
Very original game. The worlds are imaginative and entertaining. I love it. Difficult but not impossible levels. Addictive
Love this game. It's different from other match 3 games. The play is so much more fun. You get a decent amount of coins when beating a level that can be used for power ups to help get through hard levels. Love all the different planets. Much more fun then planting gardens or remodeling houses. Love the music also.
Frustrating. I got to level 119 and the last butterfly never appears. You run out of moves and can't ever pass the level.
Pros n Cons: Pros = really fun. Visually appealing. Requires thought. Cons = after a few unsolved puzzles you have to wait 20 minutes or purchase time.
Totally awesome game!! Has beautiful graphics as well as the musicβ™₯️ it's not too easy or too hard to complete levels. Great work guysπŸ‘
Have loved this game for 3 years, playing every chance I accumulated 5 lives. Nothing ever got in the way of my time with Mundus. Always stood up for the developers, especially because of all the complaints I read about having no choice but to purchase in order to pass. Not me, I reached level 1354! Been attempting to pass for over 8 days now! This has never happened! I give up! The developers didn't deserve my defence! And I'd like to apologize to other players for my defence- I WAS WRONG
I wasn't sure about the game at first, but im hooked. Its very challenging, and it has so many different things to do as you progress on that it doesn't get boring. Im still not sure what the point is by using stars for the add-ons for the cities because you don't get to interact with anything in the cities, but maybe it changes as I go on through the game. Besides the cities, i enjoy playing and seeing whats next.
Still adjusting to how pieces fall, bomb capabilities; etc. Seems each level always needs a couple extra moves to get thru tho. BUT great graphics & am anxious to get to the next world. Feb16,"21 UNINSTALLING ON ALL DEVICES! The impossible is on purpose. No longer enjoyable at level 120 and up. Game wants you to use coin & ammo all up encouraging a purchase. No thx1 900for 5moves & yoy might get 100 per level IF you watch an ad EVERY level.
Lots of fun. My biggest complaint is that sometimes the movement I make to a piece is interpreted completely wrong. It doesn't happen too often, fortunately.
AGAIN...I NEED MORE LEVELS!When are you getting more levels? I don't like the 'dark' planets but the other are quite nice! I recommend this game!
Not near enough turns to complete a level. One is forced to buy options. Options too expensive. I am seriously considering uninstalling. I do not rcommend.
Really enjoying this app. The graphics are awesome and the levels are achievable, though it may take me several tries. Recommend giving it a try!
Really love this game. It's an entertaining time that I can really relax with while I play it. Building world's is so much fun. Thank you for dreaming it up.
Wish there were more lives and or shorter time to restore lives. Then I could play the game more often or for a longer period of time.
Very good version of this genre. Original and fun plus you can get far in the game without spending any money.
I love this game. Difficulty level is just right..The music and noices are funny and meditative. The connect three part is addictive and changes often. I like the chickens and the sound of the rocks breaking. The symbols are interesting and colourful. Really good fun to play because your building a little world.
Changing my review from 5 stars to 1. Made it to level 327, I've been trying for over a week, I can't move on, impossible universe is right!!I thought this game was different, I was willing to spend a couple dollars as I appreciate that it is free and want to support good games. Now, I don't get bonuses, or many coins, something has definitely changed. It's a shame, I thought you were different. Guess I'll have to find a different game.
I have got to level 1546 and can go no further. The game crashes out. I have tried unistall and reinstall, it keeps on crashing.. Like the game but cannot play..
Need more levels! As soon as you get really into the levels stop. Then you have to wait for them to create more.
Addicting, but very frustrating most of the time. As with every other game I've enjoyed, when you add $, the game gets harder. I think 1 star per level isn't enough, and props (bombs, dynamite, etc) are way over priced
The game in and of itself is really fun, some easy levels and some hard ones. The reason I started to play this game is that the graphics are out of this world. Looking forward to more games from this company.
I am new to the game! So far i am enjoying playing the game. I think the best thing i like is that you can use the coins you win to purchase tools to use in the game. Its a very colourful game.
For some reason I love this "" impossible" game. The makers should be thanked and raised paychecks... Graphics are super, simple, and no bugs so far. I'm going to download there other games
It is a somewhat fun game. But like all these games, it is not much fun unless you want to spend money. They say you can play without spending money, but they don't say how tedious the game is if you don't spend money. You can spend days playing the same game over and over again before you solve some of them. Tedious indeed! They really want your money. That's the whole point.
This is my happy place. I love the colors and the creative graphics and enjoy the background music. I also find it more challenging than some of the other games and I really have to think about it at times so I feel like it's keeping my brain sharp too.
Level 61 Second World If you get to this level you've done well I did but without paying you can't get any further Money Racket Game It has took the Fun out of this cool once game There are much more better games than this it's what it says IMPOSSIBLE ITS 0 STARS FROM ME DONT DOWNLOAD WASTE OF YOUR TIME UNLESS YOU PAY DOWNLOAD DIAMOND GEMS MUCH BETTER AND CAN GET FAR WITHOUT PAYING NO STRESS.
Excellent game. Some stages is challenging. More rewards would be nice. Either than that good work guys.
well this game was alittle hard at first, but once i got the hang of it , i just can' t put it down i really enjoy the different levels and the graphs designs are great ! you will not be disapointed
I am tired of begging for this app to be fixed. Yes, It's a wonderful idea, yes, nice graphics. But no support is just wrong & not fixing anything that's broke is wrong, as well as the levels are designed to be unwinnable unless one spends money. Soo, I'm going to delete the game & would advise anyone who is thinking "oh, this game looks good, think I'll download it"---DO NOT DO SO! Because you will be, not only sorry, but discouraged, as well. The universe is not the only impossibility here!
I enjoy this game. Makes you think more about your moves than most other match games. Would like to see more competitions to win rewards.
Love the game, need to have more side games and more coins for the extra moves you have left. Need to be able to skip a level nd you should get coins when you use a bomb or other extras. I've been stuck on level 1553 for a month and I am about ready to delete the game.
Like this game a lot. People here complaining about difficulty are ridiculous. I'm literally on level 2556 (yes FOUR digits) and haven't paid a penny. You people just need to get better.
I reduced your rating bcuz you hv added another ad that is way too long and runs way too many times. I hv a finite amount of time to sit and play, I don't want to waste it watching the Banner ad over and over and over and over and over.....gets annoying doesn't it. You also hv an ad that doesn't even run, screen just goes black. Game is awesome when I do get to play, lots of levels.
This is fun. I like that it is always changing. I may get bored down the road, but I'm enjoying the matching game as well as the new civilization.
Totally loving this game. Easy to learn, challenging to master. But not so hard as to frustrate, just keep you on your toes. Cute, interesting story & graphics. Very well done.
It's a good and very different match three game that I'm used to playing that's why I'm giving it such a high score
This is my third time playing from the beginning and I love how this game runs so smoothly! Although, I haven't had the pleasure of Finishing this game yet, as I was booted back to the beginning of the game the first time. Which I'm guessing it was due to the developers having finished making the final touches on the game... because I started playing B4 the extra way you earn money by gathering each color of stone or chicks, ect... I really like this game!
I just purchased 50 tokens for Mundus. I had 5 tokens left & after buying 50 I went from 5 to 22. Plz refund my money in a credit or a full refund in a check. This is the SECOND TIME. Ty, T. Cline
Each new level challanging but after repeated attempts I eventually passed it. Needs a little more totorial about upgrading habitat and transportation etc. Also the other a ets remain a mystery?!
I really like this game. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is it never gives instructions how to play the more difficult levels. Consequently, you can spend hours trying to win a particular puzzle, and you can't skip it and go to the next one. It can be quite frustrating. Other than that, I like the the graphics and the legends for the different worlds, and I enjoy playing this game.
Amazing game! Colors are rich. Graphics are unbelievably detailed. Games are fun some very challenging. I have not purchased anything yet that I didn't have coins for. No ads. Great game. Fantastic!
This game is unique, challenging, beautiful, and interesting. Totally hooked on it. Definitely reccomend to anyone.
Love this game! It's challenging but most of all I feel completely relaxed while I'm playing it!!!!!!
I have alot of fun,it's relaxing and it gets a little harder, but it's seems to me that it cost to much for a few extra turns.
Pretty fun, and quite different to the usual match 3 which was nice. I couldn't get past the music tho, specifically the very flat panpipes at the end of each level... The note it ends on is VERY OUT OF TUNE and I only got through maybe 5 levels before having to stop playing. Also the big increase in stars for each bit is disappointing. I don't think you need to increase it by that much...
Great game with gorgeous graphics and cute animals and characters. Starts out easy and gets more challenging as you advance. Highly recommend this match 3 adventure.
High quality, responsive, no long animations you have to sit through, you can refill lives with in-game currency
Found it hard at first but really getting in to it I enjoy playing as I am elderly would give it 3stars
Colors are vibrant and different puzzles keep things interesting. Movements are creative. When changing screens I believe the graphics could be similar to the planet your on.......................... A add for Lowe's comes on & freezing play..... Add says to tap to continue..tap & says close screen..... going nowhere... level #1445....HELP........NEW... level 1601 doesn't show any butterflies to remove, 3 moves left & 3 butterflies to remove..none showing on screen...??
Ads are ridiculous.. this game was awesome..... it has become ad oriented... and to make it worse, they are all 30 seconds... and you cannot beat the levels I am at without clicking on them ....used to be a relaxed fun and satisfying game..... no longer....
Very interesting, not to easy, not to hard . Got my attention, can't put it down. Good graphics. One of my favorites πŸ’“.
Four stars is deserved because it's a fun game. The lands that you create while playing, are cute...particularly the 2nd one. But, be prepared to spend a bundle getting through the challenges. The first land is fairly easy...by the middle of the 2nd land, you're hooked and start spending $$. I'm going to uninstall. Too expensive for me.
My new favorite game! Challenging levels, beautiful graphics, encouraging rewards. If you're like me, and can only handle match 3 games, check out Mundus: Impossible Universe. Have fun
Truly an enjoyable game. I have an updated comment. I was on the third world and when I went back into the game I was changed back to level one. I have spent a lot on this game because I was enjoying it, not now. I sent an email and still no reply. Time to uninstall and find another game.
Fun to match 3 on hex grids for a change. Only problem; the grids are so close to the bottom of the screen it can be almost impossible to use the hammer on the bottom row. Pretty silly story line but lots of good game play.
I love this game. So many challenges. Keeps my brain working. Try this game you won't be sorry. It's a great game.
Love the game .......would have rated higher , but you don't get a chance unless you buy more items . Not going to happen ..
Super great game. I've been playing for a good amount of time. And have not been disappointed. Im over 300 levels in and am still hooked. Its the only game i have on my phone. Truly a great game. Thank you
Wonderful graphics and imagination. Upper levels get quite challenging. Its very hard not to spend money on this one.
Good game, not many ads. Progressively harder. Sometimes frustratingly hard. I have been playing this game for over a year now. It grows on you.
Game is awesome, lots of levels. But for the past few weeks your Lowe's ad makes me have to log out and get back in. It is stuck in a loop and does not play thru. Please fix the ad or remove it. Other than that, I do really enjoy the game!
The game is very interesting and way different than any of the other match3 games I have played . I try and challenge myself to not play with bonuses....but may have to on current puzzle , lol ! πŸ™ƒ
This is a challenging and different match game. It's very cool; however if you cannot afford to buy things, dont bother cuz you dont get far without the extras. Too bad, I really enjoyed it!
Fun game but the 1 minute ads are to much. Using on my laptop and ads for AI won't exit, have to close game and lose sound.
The game is a lot of fun. I like building the village. I just wish there were more ways to win the extra bombs and rockets. I can not afford to buy them.
I like the game I don't love it. It will cost me money to play. I'm not very good. It is difficult. I need more moves to beat the levels. Will probably delete.
INCREDIBLE GAME MANY MANY CHANCES OF WINNING UNLIKE THE ORTHER MATCH 3 GAMES THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE IT TELLS A STORY ABOUT OUR HISTORY LOVE IT THANKS TO THE DEVELOPERS FOR MAKING THIS Don't know what happen one of your ads froze my phone could not use my phone for a couple of seconds and then some how my phone shut off and restarted so now ads are hacking phones πŸ˜• guys please help switch all my data to new phone I was on level 700 now all Is lost help!!!.
Wow.. Quite the game... Very hard to get anywhere without boosters... Not much of a return in boosters... And coins are very cheap when completing levels. Not sure if I will keep this game installed
One of the best free games ever! There are no popup vids or a requirement to watch one. IF you want extra time or some rewards YOU can opt to watch some. Highly recommend.
When are you getting more levels? I don't like the 'dark' planets but the other are quite nice! I recommend this game!
Like this game a lot. People here complaining about difficulty are ridiculous. I completed all planets and haven't paid a penny. You people just need to get better. Please add more planets!!
I love MUNDUS 😁 the graphics are beautiful ❀️. The game is fun I never get tired of playing on it . I'm only in the first stage of the game, but I'm determined to see the rest of this beautifuly challenging game. Thanks t o all the folk who Created the MUNDUS πŸ™. TRULY , enjoyable.
Great adventure and fun keeps me busy and happy loads fast also, unlike some other games I've played.
Just love Mundus Impossible Universe. Music is wonderful.Colors are vibrant, and love playing this game. Great job, thank you.
This a match-3 game essentially but it's very different than all the other match-3 games. It has engaging characters, but only one or two speak. It is set in a very different and and unusual. Having fun!