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Multiplayer shooting arena A2S2K

Multiplayer shooting arena A2S2K for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PLAYCODEX. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its a good game and a time killer too,I rated it four star because it has less weapons and maps.if u add more weapons and maps I will rate 5 stars.peace :-)
why is there noone playing this game on multi player? It's graphics and smooth play are exceptional! Great game!! Awesome! please reply why noone is online playing! I can't believe it
I am very interested with this game, after I downloading this game I already play it and for me it is fun, so if I were you download it and you will become enjoyable
I 'have not yet played the game but seeing its graphics in videos i love it and also it can be played multiplayer offline which i like the because net does'nt work in our village
Nice game but when add scope in gun when use then not use lef side aim & after complit the mission the game is hang never use any option. The move botton not constant stop the moove the move botton. The cantrol botton setting not editing.If u change this then like to play the game.
Good graphics but seriusly there are no players its really good game but just one problem when we play offline mode when the other players shoot the lags
It's great,I mean everything.Starting from the graphics to the missions,just no words to describe it,splendid!!
This is one of a wonderful game and it's fun to play, you can play with your friends and also you can play offline with computer enemy. But the only reason why i didn't gave one star is that there is no (Granite Bomb and Smoke Granite) to throw at the enemy side in this game and if i play offline there is no team fight mode. Others are perfect, i like this game than other shooting games because two items that i really like are included in this game , thank you.
It's really good to play I recommend this to the one who's searching for multiplayer games this is the game for you😁😁
The game is interesting. But the multi-player mode has issues it will just disconnect in the middle of the game showing the player left the room and the player is still in the room. You need to fix that please
Nice graphics, but I downloaded it thinking it has a LAN wifi multi-player feature... Add this and blow the competition out of the water... I'll freeze it for now because it's not useful to me at present... But if the lan feature is added then I'll share with friends.
In the start you would experience that the game is very nice,,but! when you started playing, the controls are very hard,and you can't change it,,and something is not right in the enemies,they look like an idiot,,but it is nice when you share it and play with your freinds
I don't understand how to play online with friends we can just crate a room not join it and when we click on join room it says room is not created while other person who has created the room is in it .nice game if this is removed
Very boring .. dont download it its not even realisyic even when u shoot it doesnt even make a sound like a bullet should .. also the blood its not realistic when u get shot the blood is like squares ..i hate it
The customization option was great but then all the red rooms and scary death animations one of mine was dyeing to nothing falling forward and being dragged while resisting.
This game is so great, It has a bit of glitches, but can you please fix the issue if you open your game it takes so much time, please fix this issue , otherwise this is a great game
I think this game is awesome but development some of the system and multiplayer should also conect with other connection not only internet connection us for me i like this game if you a Whant to download a thriling game thus is it
Good game..but need some improvement..like when playing singleplayer, please allow us to put the AI bot on our team and opponent..put more setting on this game and improve the sensitivity.. otherwise is please improve the model quality graphics
This game is just adorable controls weapons mission ward are plenty n very nice for group gamin graphics are 5 star worth only problem its rare to find prople online to play with work on that guys plus.... And kudos for this game its a mini militia on its own unique and reality graphics try it 😍...... Please the online part even make a page facebook for people to create invitations there.... If possible enhance audio for players to talk as they play
Game is good, but bad luck i didn't see anyone other than myself, there is another group i know if you like coordinate with them. They were the best for sometime but couple of other playstore members took over the sponsors, but clinical enough. I see u guys got potential !
the game is nice but it has one issue ak 47 doesnot gets ammos picked up when i pick them it shows picked ammos but the counter remains 0 please work on it rest 4* game
The game is very cool and fantastic, but please add more maps like airport and office and more weapons but I give still five star because the sample game I am surprise.
The game is good. but lot of updates should be provided. Demerit ; there is no customizing options for control , lot of MB its gains, aiming not accurate Merrit ; it can play in offline mode also.
This game is my favorite game. I can connect with my friends and I can create a room. If you read this. Install now and you can enter room id to connect in Id of the room...No bugs and no lags.....
This game is freaking owsome. I really love the game by looking at its graphics and the weapons are so good. I downloaded it few hours ago and tried it and everything is okay but I encounter a problem which made me boring. Heaven't try multiplayer mode but on the single player mode when I played. Once the enemies shooting at me, it will slow or take time for me to fire back at enemies. Other thing is the aiming is not that steady. Please I would like to ask the game company to make improvements.
this game is good i like it the graphics is good the control is little bit not good but its fun thier is single player and multiplayer
this game has the texture and, I see potential in it,but you must fix the lag, the controls and the hud should be optimised,online multiplayer should be of different kinds like-deathmatch,knife match, etc,upgrade the graphics a little bit, it would make the game complete,I am saying this cause I played a lot of multiplayer shooter,and I mostly play mpl shooter,good luck,👍
SUPER COOL FPS GAME! has alot of potentials just keep on updating please. Good game. Has a lot of room for improvements. Optimised the game, make better control, improve graphic details of guns and maps. I will make it 5 stars if the bugs are fixs. It gets stack and too much lags. improve the gameplays add more characters. Add different weapons for the AI BOT. ADD REAL RECOILS AND REAL GUN SOUND FX. Polish the iregularity to the maps. remove floating coins and guns not cool.
I love this game because this game can create your character and place scope on guns but there's one thing can you put in the another upgrade that you can place new scope,guns,and clothes
(left button plz)Games itself great but it could be much better if developer add left shooting button.....
Nice game but very hard to buy guns please fix this bug unlimited money and i will give 5 stars and my issue is i dont play for 2-3 days and when i try to load it does not work please fix this important bug please.
I very much love the game..but I can't use the multiplayer aspect of the game, seems it doesn't even work at all 🔥
I know the glitches out of the map it is very fun the game has kinda good graphics. You can see your body in some games you don't have one.
omg!!!. this game is so amzing that the graphics are so good and the guns,maps and even got a multiplayer with it so i try & tell my friends to share this to them so weve fight play together we have so much in this game but that ill the offline but wen i turn my data or wifi it gots alot of add and thats my problem so thats why i have to gave it 4 stars. but i still love this game soooo much download this game for free and have fun!!😃😀😄😆
Plz fix bug.there is a problem. We can't create room Or join and In single player after winning there is no continuation. We have to restart again to play again .I request to make customable control and add 1 trigger on the movement side. I'm giving 5 star so plz fix the problem.
This game very interesting . I pass my liesure time by playing this game . In this game there is some awesome place which is not seen anywhere.