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Multiplayer Jigsaw Cooperative Online Puzzle

Multiplayer Jigsaw Cooperative Online Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Rottz Games located at 5825 Sunset Drive, Suite 302 South Miami, FL, USA 33143. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really enjoyed this app until the last two days! Numerous players are entering the puzzle and ruining any attempt to solve it! They grab the puzzle pieces, right from my fingers, and move them off screen, to the farthest edges of the screen! They then try to put together a portion of the puzzle, hoarding all pieces of the same color and shapes, making it impossible to solve it unless you are in full zoom mode. If you try to move the pieces back to the center of the screen, they grab them back!
It is play with some on and beat that person to like to win them.😀😃😀😃😀🤩😷💖💖💖💖💖
I enjoy the variety of puzzles and the ability to work on public puzzles or private puzzles. My friend and I work private puzzles together, but the friend request feature doesnt work, so I just text her the puzzle number. I have connection issues daily, but not entirely sure if that's my device/internet or the app.
Nice game, whole family sits around doing a puzzle, but can't add them as friends it says request sent but they don't receive anything and private games by invite code really aren't private when others can randomly join.
Currently there is a player named Ramos who is a complete jerk. Making a mountain of pieces over what your working on, grabbing pieces away. There needs to be someting that can be done. Im looking for another puzzle app now.
Great app for CoronaVirus 19 separation from your spouse. We share these puzzles from a distance and giggle!
Fun. It might be nice if you could communicate with your fellow puzzlers, but you can't have everything.
I have enjoyed the Jigsaw Puzzle, but I have recently used the Beta Testing. I choose the 49 and 144 piece puzzle and it chose a 324 piece puzzle for me.
Excellent game, me and my Wife can join the same puzzle and see live moves from each player. Although, the coins feature to play a puzzle needs a little work, I have to wait a full day to afford another, so 4*
Overall pretty good experience when playing with friends. But it would be much better if there's a voice chat instead of just emoji. Also puzzle pieces would look better if it has some thickness.
Really love playing with friends but for whatever reason I can't actually "friend" anyone. Can you please help with this? My wife and friends can but I can't. Other than that great game!
Very cool. Requesting friends does nothing in the app but I just share the pin to the puzzle with my friends.
The game is stuck on a screen saying Connecting to server . Yes my internet connection is fine and all app permissions are fine.
It's difficult to actually enjoy the multiplayer. It's possible differences with screen res causes people to move pieces to the wrong areas or overlapping with other pieces. Also, there's no rules to the game and no way to communicate with others if they want to play turn-by-turn or by a section/color/pattern. I've also had pieces snatched out of my hand mid motion. The friend request hasn't worked for me yet. Not sure the purpose of the coins or # of moves tracker with no scoreboard.
It's my favorite, but could someone please tell me how to add friends or why I don't have the option too?
love being able to put together a puzzle with my daughter who lives in another state. Not as interested in making this a contest though others might be. Having trouble saving my name and finding how to add friends.
Great game to play with a friend or spouse. Relaxing and definitely a decent challenge at the higher puzzle count. Also beautiful puzzles!
When playing in a private mode random people joined the game and started playing the game. Not at all safe and secure
I've been having a lot of fun puzzling with my family even though one of my sisters was far away. The only thing I wish was different is I'd like to be able to play with my friend who has an iPhone, but this app doesn't seem to have an Apple version.
You have to have to already have friends on this game in order to play with other people. You are limited to three sizes of puzzles. You cannot choose the option to rotate the puzzle pieces. I played two games by myself. I was not impressed by this app. Sorry if I sound mean. I don't intend to. These are are just my feelings.
Great game. I would love to have the option (for the person who starts the puzzle) to boot out players hoarding/swirling/flooding the pieces. That ruins the experience for those who love to do these puzzles. Chat feature that could be turned on/off would be great too! Addendeum... just played a game where someone took all the pieces, put them in the middle of the puzzle, and stopped everyone else from being able to play... including the person who started the puzzle. So frustrating
The idea of the game is very good. I wanted to ask you to add an option of uploading a photo from my gallery to do with friends like in the singleplayer jigsaw. I will re-rate when there will be an option, thanks.😁
Multiplayer option should have options like creating a room. Also the no. of puzzle pieces reduced in multiplayer mode. Please increase that upto 1280X pieces.
No it's no fun to do a puzzle alone although I've done many it's pretty cool to be able to do a puzzle with your peeps or someone else's peeps thanks
Tried some solo and public matches. Looking forward to trying a private match with my elderly mother.