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Multiplayer Driving Simulator

Multiplayer Driving Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by AxesInMotion Casual located at Horizonte, Num 1, Planta 2 41927 Mairena del Aljarafe Sevilla, ESPAร‘A. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really love it but can you guys add more cars?. Like a Mercedes Benz and make some more cars easier to get but anyways I love your game and I hope it continues to get updated.
very enjoyful this game make more fun with frndsbut here it become boring when we got alone or unknown player.here should some updates like nightmode& we should allow to move for out of map theyshould make map more places like airport ,village area etc but the thing which make me give four star is if we unlock any colour it should unlock forever
Nice game but one problem sorry 2 problem I cannot buy an car it take a hour to get a car another is add when u quit the game it show me add.this game is an add and stupid game but also I love it we can chat and we can race but we cannot make friends and when they will leave we cannot meet with them again that is the problem please update it okay that is my wish thank you bye
The game just becomes so boring after you unlock all cars, like it would be more epic if there is like Airport or Offroad like Extreme Car Simulator. Or maybe paint shop in multiplayer mode, which would be super cool. Other than that nothing wrong, but just boring with a city the size of Vatican City.
this game is really cool but could you update the game so u can write a full sentice instead write a few then can't write anymore,also i don't like when u go to the garge and always get a ad and when i swtich my car and log back on again i get put on a different sever and could u fix the gltich when the camo hacks everybodys cam ya everybody hates ot even me! so could update the game and fix these bugs please?i the update could u add some more cars cause i have a lot of cash put more packs
It is great except almost all the stuff in chat is swears and I will give it a 5 star review if it is fixed. Please fix this problem as soon as possible.
I love the game! I could have rated it a 5 star but it's a 4 because the map is small unlike the original game. It has an airport And an offroad. I mean like if we had an airport, it would be more fun to play with friends. I hope you would update this and not removing our proggress
Could add a little more cars and do the same thing with off road and airport and increase the limit of typing other than that it's a good racing game for boys and girls๐Ÿ‘
Not everyone uses facebook so multilayer shouldn't rely solely on that. I don't like heavy metal rock [makes me irritated] you could include alternative rock tracks. I would like a map to be included and hidden areas. I would also like night time and country side roads too. I don't like the left and right controls, they are not stable, the car just swerves badly with no stability. The car is also paper like and the graffics needs to be improved too.
I love this game it's has quite realistic graphics but it's great that it's real-time multi-player and pls fix the Chevy camaro 1971 because it gets on other Peeples third person camera fix it pls by the way awesome game
This is a great game overall. But there is one thing I really dislike about this game, it's the Chevrolet Camaro. It's so glitchy and takes and destroys everyone else's driving cameras. So I would be happy if you fix it already. That's why I gave this game 4 stars. People are getting so annoyed at you for not fixing the Chevrolet Camaro, why don't you spend time fixing this or just update the game. This isn't the only reason you get 4. Also, Desiree. If you disagree, then go away. Very fun game.
Through all the multiplayer car games i played this the worst the cars are good but all the multiplayer and single players ive played the maps are big in youre single player game driving simulator the map is sooooo big and all the multiplayer car games ive played both of yourebdriving simulator games they have no mini maps please do somthing or soon nobody will play youre game and make the map super big and make put the aor port road and make the airport bigger put everything
This is super fun it does work and you can play with your friends if you Click exact same thing at the exact time or you can play with other people and if you want you can chat it's so fun it really works you can give yourself a GamerTag and you can also play by yourself if you'd like and you can play traffic mode with other program and then you can play with other players online it's super fun and enjoyable you just drive around some cars how fast though you can buy cars that if you want them
This is a great game overall. But there is one thing I really dislike about this game, it's the Chevrolet Camaro. It's so glitchy and takes and destroys everyone else's driving cameras. So I would be happy if you fix it already. That's why I gave this game 4 stars. People are getting so annoyed at you for not fixing the Chevrolet Camaro, we just want a fun multiplayer game without the Camaro bug. Why don't you spend time fixing this or just update the game. This isn't the only reason you get 4.
I need to drive the orange truck. I never get to drive it but I could drive it on free and traffic mode.and that chevrolet ss car is glitching the other players cameras.also everyone is glitching out when they are driving the car. Also can you add cars from the game car driving simulator: sf to the game? Pweassssssssseeeeeeeeee
It won't let me play multiplayer it just keeps telling me please wait instead of letting me play with my friends and i just got a bugatti and i wanted to show it off but then it stoped working. Don't recommend this game until it gets a new update.
I am in love with this game. It reminds me of the mobile version of forza horizon3 and it is fun. But the issue is the amount of people per room and the amount of cars. In extreme car driving we had good amount of cars. Also plz put back the option to watch videos for money. And plz add the airport to the rooms plz and night mode. Lastly put more customization options plz. Other than that I love it.
I love this game! I like the cars. But there is one problem. When i tried to go to multiplayer, it keeps gliching. That why I rated 4 stars. And fix this.
The game is very nice, however there are three things you can do for everyone. 1: making the map larger. You can add much more sections like the airport and off-road. 2: fix the Camaro camera glitch so everyone can drive safely. 3: upgrade the graphics to resemble the new version of extreme car driving simulator.
I like the game but i needs something added to it 1. More cars 2. Y not add race traces in the game like the real life ones 3.the car sounds, i would like to hear them in the game like u would today 5. Costmization and 6. A massaive map so during this uodate i would like for these to be added to it
Can you add bikes and new cars and some more space with stunt ramps and only in one map there should be racing circle like one circle like when we go in that circle like 6 or 7 players will go on racing map and when race finishes we go again in first map like plz do it please then you will get frofit so please please pleaseeee add this...
This game is the best game I have played in my life and but I think you would like to make like extreme car driving simulator with the air port off road and like that but best game
I found this game very nice and made many friends in the online multiplayer and request to play guys thanking ๐Ÿ™ to make such a good game
I love this game cuz it's just a cool game and I have the Bugatti its speed is 999 KM/H which is so fast just my overall favorite game from axesinmotion i have one axesinmotion game on my IPad which is Extreme Car Driving Simulator this game is on my mobile and one more is Extreme Car Driving Racing 3D also on my mobile just good games and I have all cars and cool graphics abd i like steering wheel control and I've got some my favourite cars and, what can I say? Just an awsome game to play
It's a good game I played it for like 3 years know. And all I can say is it needs a update. The last update it had was 2017 and it's 2020. Yeah it needs a big update and I'm sure a lot of people said that.
Well I think it should have more modes like police mode etc. and the graphics should be updated like extreme car driving simulator and there should be more cars also too many ads so I gave 3/5
Very nice game ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘! I play it with my friends, I make friends in this game too! My best friends are: Maxwell and Queen Zahra.
I give this a 1 because I HATE the ads u have to pay to delete the ads like ๐Ÿ˜ณ are u serious and then u just straight up drift slow like what the world!?!? Soooo u need to upgrade dis game like foreal foreal. And if u don't upgrade dis game I'm deleting it like I'm not even joking. So upgrade it like please and I can't even get a cool looking car for free like get a wheel of cars and u can get 1 spin for FREE!!! A day. So please upgrade dis game it's not boring but I can't really play wit friends
I love the game, i love how easy it is to control the car and i dont care that much about the graphic but it's quite good. I just have a suggestion. I noticed that in multiplayer a lot of bugs kept happening... like when you bumped to another car then you suddenly jump out of the world. I also noticed a small problem... the wheels of the cars of other players dont spin xD. Anyway i also hate it that you cant see the damages of the other cars. I also had a hard time finding my friends...
I would've given 5 stars but the ads are to much and also the comaro is glitched so when you join a game with a comaro in it you only see the left driving view of that persons comaro and everybody sees it so we cant do anything about it and people like to torture others with the comaro and wont change their car so everybody has a good gameplay. Also i think it would be cool to be able to upgrade the cars for better acceleration, more speed, better braking, and maybe even Nitrous. Thanks! Bailey
It was okay, it was very fun, yes, but there is a couple of things that need to change, such as the horrendous amount of ads in multiplayer, the amount of real money or time you have to spend to get one of the car packs, the abcense of the airport and offroad areas, but I digress, great game, 4/5.
This game is good, amazing job, but there is a problem: map is too small, you have similar game and there is airport, off-road, docks, etc. And can you add private room?
Very nice game ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘! I play it with my friends, I make friends in this game too! My best friends are: Maxwell and Queen Zahra. But please add the ABS, TC and ESP. But the Camaro Classic destroys others' cameras. That's why I am giving it 4 stars.
This game is great u can also play multiplayer online only. The four star is for the place it is a small place if you could make it a little bigger i would have rate 5 stars but it's great
Its good but i would like better damage graphics. Cause there is nothing for money other than painting cars and buying new ones. Please make it so that if you crash too much on a specific spot then the thing comes off like a bumper or door or something. Thank you!
I love playing this game the internet is always working but it would be nice to pick a server to be in based on you internet besides being teleported to a random server
Guys i love this game but please dont play the multiplayer mode because there are lots of people in multiplayer mode so if you chat with them and tell about yourself they can do harm so you dont know if the other peron in the game is a nice person or a robber so dont play the multiplayer mode you can play the traffic mode and free mode in the game but not the multiplayer mode the multiplayer mode runs on wi-fi also the other modes in this game dont run on wi-fi listen to this Thank you๐Ÿ˜€
Love this, it helped me practice my tilting skills in playing driving games and the graphics of the cars are very good!! Except for the city.....and pls add more maps because this is getting a little bit boring in playing at the same map everytime and make the roads a little bit curved so it can be a little more interesting and pls make a server list in multiplayer so that we can create servers and to find friends easily!! And add alot of gamemodes.I wish this will help...so just improve the graphics of the city, add more maps, put some curvature on the roads, and make a server list in multiplayer, add alot of gamemodes, and also I almost forgot...add more cars..but not too many!! Just add any amount of cars as many as you want.I know its a lot of work to do this stuff..but people will love it!! And I will love it too!! So please.....can you do it? I will rate this app 20 if theres 0/20 if you do it...I PROMISE THEY WILL LOVE IT!!!!!so pls take this advantage to improve this game.
The problem what I know is 1. The muscle car will ruining all player full view 2. Now my game got reset for nothing plz fix it plz PLZ 3.Now my connection is perfect it said cannot connect in the server 4. It's keeps game crash t 5. Bad graphics 6. The graphics had to be same as extreme car driving simulator 7. The veyron is ugly at the rear 8. Need summer updates must same as extreme car driving simulator
This game is a short term game. It gets boring after sometime. But first two days are the best๐Ÿคž. I recommend this game for communication and gameplay. I think that the game could add some events in classic mode. Like find the ring, coin battle and so on. Overall this game is an average game. Pls download.
this game is amazing but I know a game called extreme car driving simulater and it is kind of like game and I don't know if thats good enough so can you step it up more I'm really sorry but I still love the game ok.
Its soo cool and when i was all alone and then i found this app and played it and dont have to be alone cuz i had some new friends and we play tag and hide and seek and race it so fun! And we talk and we giltched and my other friend got stuck and he was free and he had done it again
i think it is a very cool game but i would make the map bigger and more realistic and have a the logo on every car.. i think the person should out more effort because the person who made the game never made changes ๐Ÿ˜ก
There needs to be more maps then the regular map over and over again it just gets boring but other than that 4 stars until there is a new map added then I will do 5 stars
This is a very good game but the invisible wall is too high and the game needs more cars. There is also a glitch in which when u drive the car after the bugatti it hacks the cam (shows the side view of the car after the bugatti) btw it is me amin az
Awesome I used the play back when in 2015 when is was first released and now playing it today and it's still good as it was then it just needs new cars new maps and new chat new way of making friends and bigger rooms and private rooms.
Nice game but please add more cars if u can do the stuff in ultamite driving simulator that would be cool and please add more areas for money the enless highway is for supersonic cars and it unlocks drag car pack. Airport unloks airplane pack. Futuristic city unlocks flying car pack. Subway unlocks train packand.offroad unlocks monster truck pack. And please ads crate drops and now to the garage updates.please add car matireal and the starter ones are glowing andmetalic. Also the first car
It was laggy. It shut down every time i try to log in, and when I was able to enter a server for their so called multiplayer i'm thrown in a random ass room with people I dont know. Why cant i just invite a friend with their name? The graphics are also boring and slow, and the animations are broken.
The game is great and really fun but I wish that the creator added some microphones so we could talk to each other. Other than that the game is great
BEST GAME EVER!!!! For a girl like me this is probally the best game where people understand me,i love how you can get collectables and get your favourite car. Also how you can play other modes than multiplayer(for if you get sick of the multiplayer)for if there are people you don't like of who playing,no problems with the game and I recommend it very much ^_^if you like cars and people to communicate with. The graphics is a little bad tho control's are easy oh and there is also race mode!
Its the best car game I've ever played,but please add more car and finally make the map bigger add other places like in Extreme car driving simulator but also add race track that would be good for the game also put more space for players
Its really fun especially online but there needs to be 1 or 2 servers no more than that because i was playing with online friends and i went to get a new car and it put me back in a different server please fix this
Hi. I give 4 star cuz this app doesn't have any updates now and they should have an update of making your own car and dezinging it. well it's still a very good game. and we should have a button to friend people In the game too!
Its cool maybe lower the amount of ads and higher the amount of players in 1 server. Maybe get better crash physics and graphics but its really fun to play with friends
If you are looking for a chill game this is definetly one of those games that you dont have to buy car packs with real money and it doesn't pressure you into buying anything. They are alot of bugs and need to be updated but for a game that was last updated in 2017 it still has alot of players and it has pretty good detailed cars. You can use any name that you want and what I like is that the chat is censored so if someone cusses then it censors great for children ๐Ÿ‘
Its a fun game, an I appreciate the multiplayer function. But there are many improvements that could be made. 1. The Chevrolet Camaro camera glitch. This car takes cameras whenever it is used, and it is very annoying. 2. The map is rather small - you are basically limited to just a small city, where in the original version there is an Airport and an Off-Road Zone. I would be happy if these were added. 3. I'd like the option to invite friends from more than Facebook (i.e. Play Games)
It's good but it needs improvement it's good at finding player but it needs a server list and I wish you can get characters and get out and get in ur own car thtll be nice also add guns pls I'll give a 1 star if the game isn't updated with these updates.thank you also there's like a lot of ads X1000 every buton I press there's a ads
That game is fine but the map is kinda small and it makes online stuff a little boring. If the airport and offroad sections were added it would make the game a LOT more fun and a LOT more easier. My only complaint about the game is the ads during multiplayer mode, I don't mind it during Free play and traffic just not when other people are involved.
It won't let me play it says I have no internet but I do overall the game is really fun I downloaded it I had everything that I had to delete it and redownload it to see if it would let me play it but it didn't let me play after I re-downloaded it so please fix it
The car like an old car it hacks your camera and it's anoying everytime pepole log in with the first car in the extreme racing pack it's anoying please fix that bug
this game is really good. Very enjoyable and addictive. But it needs update. U should fix the graphics and make it realistic. Airport and off road should be added too and change the sound of car engine, because it sounds the same. although it's a good game. no hates โœŒ
On the multiplayer races my gf and i are haveing issues with facebook friends racing together no names show up and then the races will not reset on their own for public you have to bqck out restart but the problem is it puts you in a empty que....
The car's are so cool and I love your game and I would rate it 100 stars so keep up the good work and I love your game so much
I love this game but theres one thing the cars are really unfair i mean do u rlly have to drive 300km just 4 a bugatti then the second thing pls update the game with like 4 example sometimes when i like crash with someone else i like get of the map then pls make some buildings more acessable like example the bldg's are just texture packs and one last thing pls add a mode where u can get out the car pls anyways its a great game ever since the first version came out i played it(as a kid)
Its not bad but its outdated. It really needs a update, better car sounds, bigger map. And why the hell are there ads in the middle of an online game makes no sense to me. Better interiors too. New cars like a toyota Supra mk4 , ability to change the rims and rim colours, car performance upgrades, car suspension customizations etc.
Nice game๐Ÿ‘, I think it can be better if the settings are advanced in that one can be able to select a preferable sensitivity and also on the chat,if aural chatting is enabled it will reduce distraction on the race and it will be good to go. Anyway i like the game.
Single player is fun as it is multiplayer is WAY better if you played the single player version then you gotta try this out it does lag a little but if you have a good enough phone it can run perfectly
LOVE The chat! But why 3 stars? Well..its because can you create an option to create\make a room? Thanks!
Pretty fun Beta and simple, all in all shows alot of potential. But of course i have a few gripes, 1st off is the Muscle car camera glitch, when someone uses muscle car in Multiplayer it will show that players front left tire, plz fix. 2nd gripe is that I spent $5500 for a car pack and cant even use the truck online! Plz fix. 3rd gripe is the Racing mode invincibility glitch, Upon leaving racing mode and entering classic mode, the game will make your car god mode and its very annoying. Plz fix.
Nice game and all but also the graphics aren't great so that's 1 star and the game play is too uncontrollable so that that but over all it is a good game for low end devices so I would advise you to get this game
Says multiplayer but in the tags says offline and single player, confusing. Plus there is tons of ads. Not good destruction either.
So fun to play with friends. Graphics r kinda bad but that doesn't matter. Good job on creating a game like this
The problem what I know is 1. The muscle car will ruining all player full view 2. Now my game got reset for nothing plz fix it plz PLZ 3.Now my connection is perfect it said cannot connect in the server 4. It's keeps game crash
Its overall an amazing game but I wanna be able to use my social platforms to invite just my friends into a private lobby and I also want more customization. I also want tuning and modifications
This game is awsome realy good graphics and NO ADS IN IT i like this game so much. For that thing here take these five stars and keep up the good work
A great game and all .... But the damage to the cars is just too fake .... I hope on your next update this will be fixed ... Thank you
I love the game the onley game I can find with multiplayer freedrive mode . 1 thing tho make the map a bit bigger
Can u please add the airport and off-road areas like in the extreme in the next update?It's fun and all but why are there no ads to watch to get money can you fix that and also can you add challenges like in some of your other games to get money,and CAN U PLEASE HAVE THE GAME SAVE ALL THE CARS YOU HAVE UNLOCKED AND SAVE THE PROGRESS LIKE IN YOIR DRIFT GAME PLEASE
I'll tive this an 4/5 because: 1. The graphics need to be fixed 2. The camero car,whenever it joins a server we only see his tire 3. The city is too small and theres no airport 4.Add more maps and add more like: more trucks more cars more lambos and stuff add an off-roading map with people to play And add more supercars,trucks,jeeps,muscle cars (but not glitched). 5. And i still love this game!.
i keep getting kicked out of race mode when the room is full. it does this when im already in the room to make space for other racers
I love this game sooooo much and im zack mage and what i love most is the glitches like i glitching into a building do u mind creating new maps just like the airport or offroad that u made earlier i live the airport thats my favorate u don't need to make new maps just update the map tq for making this game
This game is cool. I recomend this game to anyone out there who wants a game that you can talk to people on. But also the game needs more cars to drive for free cause it takes a while for enough money. Overall this game is great!
I love this game it's a little glitch but my tablet is old so that's expected it really is a nice game I highly recommend very very nice game and very easy to use I can't get enough of it wish more people would play again I highly recommend!!!!!!!!!
Those of us that don't have Facebook shouldn't be allowed to play with each other? U ought to add a Google play option for the "play with friends" It is also frustrating to find your way around without a map.
Very good game but you may be wondering why the 4 star well there is a glitch that when another player has a certain car in non in person views are from their wheel perspective
Yeah...so um it's $ky...from the game..if any of my friends seeing this hello..This game is amazing. I've met so many friends except there are some creeps. -cough- King. Anyway all my friends left- so..I'm stuck on the game with no one honestly because it's dead. 2019. I joined..made friends met fox..2020.new people came, ppl left. I didn't fit in with 2020's. Guys please come back. Fox.. Ily..and I miss u๐Ÿ˜”I don't know what happened..smh ...~$ky
I had it before and I loved it but some people think it's roblox and say no dating I wish they would stop and if you deleted it accidentally I wish it could save your progress and fix the damn camaro glitch as well as the truck bug for multiplayer
I rate it one star because one PEOPLE CUS IN THIS GAME STOP CUSING and second I HATE THE ADS and third I HATE THE COUNTDOWN and fouth IT TAKES YOU 3.00 to remove ads!!! no and fifth PEOPLE HAVE WEIRD NAMES!!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE
The experience was great, exactly what I expected from the AxisInMotion game! Almost nothing was changed from the original game besides missing a few cars, adding a couple others, no nighttime (which is a good thing), and the unfortunate absence of two other zones. I would easily rate this 5 stars if there was one more zone added as a separate server (the airport one, if any).
Plz stop Gamer 1455 because this game has alot of potential and I've been playing this game since I was a kid but the only problem is that the cameras keep on changing to other people's cars so I would like u to fix that but overall, this as a spectacular game and I would approve it all day :) This is like the first multi-player car game and it's great
Fun multiplayer game but when ever I log into my Facebook on it, it just stays on the "connecting to servers" page and now I can't play multiplayer. Please fix this as well as the muscle car glitch.
This is awesome!!! But....It having some issues...It not letting me do mutiplayer. It keep kicking me out to my home screen..
This game is great, however, i wish they could add a "friend" feature, where you could add people to ur frinds list in multiplayer mode. Also, it be cool if there were more options to create private servers to invite your friends. as well as differant maps rather than just one. Also add a feature where you can change car without having to go back to the main menu. There is also WAY to many ads. Instead of paying real money to remove them, i think using ur game money to do so would be good. $1500
I love the game but there something broken in technology in the game in accelerate and steering after a few hours its not working and the chats is few writes only but its needed infinity.
I really enjoy it but can you add the ability to turn off the ABS, TC and ESP plz and also add night mode!
I like this app. but sometimes when I open the game I see that it control are wrong.if I press brake it press acclater so please fix this. Thank you.
This game is so good but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because it doesn't have enough cars and no police cars.Please install police cars and I will give it 5 stars.good luck
Its great just need to fix some bugs and get new cars,new part of the map thats why I put it at four stars
Cool game! But the reason I gave two stars is that each 10 seconds there will be an ad. so plz make the time between the ads longer. And when the next update comes and there are too many ads I will never play this game once again.
I really enjoyed the gameplay itself. Graphics aren't a big problem. I feel like making the vehicles upgradable and customizable would bring more zest to the game. Multiplayer function works well, but could you add a voice chat function? I usually end up typing a message and my car coasts into a building. Another thing is the controls. They work beautifully, but can you make button size adjustable? It causes some problems when using with big hands.
Add more map parts. Like the airport, and the offroad part. If u can,pls add a lan multiplayer option,and put some pedestrians walkin in da streets that can be thrown out of the ๐ŸŒ. Remember, add the lan multiplayer cuz the online servers are real empty
it's not the best because people talk smack A lot but I like the features and how you can play with other people
Ok, good game, but needs to update just like the Extreme Car Driving Simulator game. Add more cars and, yeah, So, Mabye update the game so it can have like realistic cars and stuff. Also add maps like, Airport, Another City, Offroad. Etc
This is best game ever I seen๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ. But Chevrolet car is damn car. When any player come with Chevrolet car then my camera hacked with the wheel camera. So I didn't like Chevrolet car๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž and also on the chat box there is writting limitโ˜น๏ธโ˜น๏ธ. If there is for 40 words limit then I like this game๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€. And the update is good of the chat. I like it and please fix the problem of Chevrolet car's camera so I can see properly.
i love this game but it would be better if we could watch an ad to get 100 dollars and a city as a map. but good game keep up the good work axesinmotion
I love this game because you can finally play with friends instead of alone. But I have one or two problems, First I can't join rooms and next you can't even see the name of other cars like displayed in the image. Pls improve, five stars if you do
Well, a little less than what i expected. you can only drive in a city, nobody ever joins, and, as with almost all the cars across all games, the cars all sound exactly the same. what I like about it is the number of cars, how easy the game played on my device. (smooth fps) Where did the crashing sounds go?
It was a good game I had to remove the ads which was 349 dollars but overall this game is good it has good graphics and gameplay I would definitely keep on playing this game thanks for making this awesome game axesinmotions.(:.๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘โœŒโœŒโœŒ๐Ÿ‘‹โœŒ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜„โœŒโœŒ
It's a decent game and it shows promise, but, the controls could use some work. Also, the second time I went to play the game, the controls were off to the side of where the icons were. I was pressing the brake to drive and next to it to stop and reverse. The other controls did the same. I pressed the wrench icon and it dropped my car back in instead of fixing it. Maybe a dual joystick set up would work better. One for the camera and one to drive.
Awesome Game! I love this game. it's so cool that you get to play with friends and other people! I would love to sponsor this developer for all the fun he or she did.
I give it 3 stars because one, I hate ads. They'll force you to watch ads for 15 or 30 seconds, and sometimes they'll force you go to Google Play Store after seeing ad. Unacceptable. I also hate 3 2 1 countdown until the ad starts which is also unacceptable, and second, I hate when people thinking this is a online dating apps. Are you kidding me? This is a driving simulator, not a online dating app. You also need to pay $3.49 to remove ads. I'm not paying for that, nope.
Hilariously mediocre! It's a fun game, I'll give it that. It has it's many flaws but is fun and I guess that's all you need! My friend and I had a good amount of fun messing with the young children on there and seeing how much we could get away with. We had a ton of fun ironically playing it, and a bit of fun playing it seriously. So it's worth a download either way!
i love the game but there are wayyyy to many adds can you guys maybe make side ads so we dont get pop up ads because everyone is complaining and making the entire game of racing not fun and highly unfair because in the middle or start of a race someone in the race gets an ad giving the other player a huge head start. Im not reallyncomplaining im just speaking out for all of the others really. Btw love the game and how you unlock cars
it's nice but it could use more cars better cualidy it's a 7 out of 10 good game very little lag and enjoy playing but plz add more cars and stunts and allow to win cars or bet them for the people you race and also bet cash hope you read and hopefully you could put bigger car brands ;) :) :) :) :) :) :) also make the cars drift better and be able to customize the cars plz good advise
It is a good game but game developers have to increase the graphics and much more and over all it is a good game for beginners
Game is good but multi player mode does not open. It write no connection but I have fast internet connection so I give it only 2 star because it depend upon online mode
4 stars. Best online car game I played, but you could at least add more locations. This could have been a 5-star.
Very good game, the only thing i think you should improve on is that you find the car peices to unlock it and then for example the bugati, i found all the peices and i thought i unlocked it but i still have to drive 300 odd kilometers. Please change that because i dont want to play the game alot for just a car. Over all though great game.
There is just one ad that pops up everytime i try to go to garge and its a unskipable and that just is rude and its a hobby lobby ad whitch it is nonskipable so i. Would give half of 1 star!!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
the game is pretty good it is multiplayer and it is a driving simoulator but Needs a ton of inprovement here are some of them 1. Need to add custamizing 2. Map is small 3. Lot of glitch through walls and the ground 4. There is adds in the racing gamemode 5. Make it so i dont fly when someone hits me
This game has changed my life! I loved every second of the laggy yet charming online interactions. Playing this game has made me reflect on my past crimes and I am now a better person because of it.
The game is awsome because you can call your friends and play in multiplayer mode and you can unlock new cars my favourite is the jeep, it so cool so i recommend this game.
It's a good game I played it for like a year know. And all I can say is it needs a update. The last update it had was 2017 and it's 2020. Yeah it needs a big update and I'm sure a lot of people said that.
Dont play this idiot game, its a pile of trash stacked up with other bad games, i cant even play with other players, this is a sin and a lie, everytime i join multiplayer, always says "Good Result" please fix this, this is the worst game for Play Store
please add new thing like (1)add gps map (2) add big map(3) add capacity of players (4) add new cars (5) add police and crime in car (6) add computer cars and human please please please
This game is very good! Lots of fun!. I just want to find a way to invite people to play, and maps that are bigger
Quite a good game would like ai to go against in the racing mode but like an offline version where u go up against ai. Also more paint options and damage on for ai. And maybe a bigger map. All of that aside though a great game enjoyed it quite a lot but could u please consider those options. Much appreciated.
I love this game so much . This is just better than extreme car driving simulator . In extreme car driving simulator if we want to go back always a ad will be there . But Multiplayer Driving simulator have no ads but only when we Press garage but that is not a problem for me .
I love the game but the invisible wall is disturbing so can you delete it in the next update and make it have more cars and paint your car in multiplayer and make the game has more modifications like rims stickers body kits and spoilers and lastly more maps like airport and offroad in the next update thanks axes in motion and make challanges in multiplayer
I am in love with this game. It reminds me of the mobile version of forza horizon3 and it is fun. But the issue is the amount of people per room qnd the amount of cars. In extreme car driving we had good selections of cars. Also plz put back the option to watch videos for money. And plz add the airport to the rooms plz and ight mode. Lastly put more customization options plz. Other than that I love it.
Its awsome but it could use some better graphics and id like there to be a way to friend people because i have a hard time finding my friends and :( maybe make the map bigger and have there be more players per surver like 10 or more and make it so you see damage on other cars and could you plz fix the chervrolet camaro camera glitch๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
The main is that when I open garage the ads come that disturb me from and the game should allow to play with friends By the way this is good
You really tried your best...And the game is enjoyable. But you need to fix/change few things like,putting more cars,expand the map, fixing glitches,And improving graphics. It would be better if you put a voice chat for easy communication. Please make this game a free-to-play... I've been a supporter of this game for years... But you haven't yet met my needs...or even gave me a feedback.
Can not live in there! You can only join with 5 players so disgusting but when it comes to the playing in the game so much better than the other that is why I rated it 4 stars
The game is very bad and the graphics sometimes look like shredded wheat. You can clip through the floor. The UI is copied from a different game that was also bad. There's ads for every button you press (and I mean EVERY button). Wanna pause the game, watch an ad. Wanna start the game, watch an ad. Wanna restart the game, watch an ad. The only good thing is that the multiplayer is real. I'd say 2/5
I love it but it has too many online daters and hackers. Every once in awhile, someone will request a boy (or girl) friend by asking if you are a boy or girl. One time somebody hacked the game and I couldn't move. I wish you could report or kick-out people who are legally online dating or hacking the game.
Wellp I am playing this game for 3 years and I did not even got a crash or glitches the glitches in the game r so fun to do keep up the good work and just one favor can u please add some more cars and a bigger map new map thank you otherwise the game is awesome
i love this game this is not my first or second time im completing this game, its my third! but there are too many ads and ive played this game long enough to say that ads pop up exactly every 5 minutes its getting old and please add the airport. everyone loved it, everyone wants it so please add it in and theres too much dating, tell them to get kik pls and thank you i completed extreme car driving simulator too i have played a lot of your games and keep up the good work.
A really fun game of multiplayer. But the BETA version glitches sooo much. So please improve it and make the real game soon ! Also i want to do burnouts in this game so add burnouts in and different maps in a future update please.
I really hate the ads like, i cant exit the ads when im in racing mode ended. I still liked the game but the reason why i hate ads its because i cant exit the ads. It makes me soo angry and rage
Just like the other axesinmotion, I love it. Great controls and details. Just need more area to drive around in and when in multi-player mode, when you crash into someone, both cars should go flying, not just yours. I play religiously though. Lol
The Game is fun ,but it needs more action maybe changing the car's rims ,spoilers, lights,music and so on
It's a good game, but it glitches sometimes. I had perfect internet connection but it still put me in a room with no other players.... I had to play by myself for a whole day!Al's there were too many adds! I was in the middle of a perfect race and after the add, I lost!๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ข
going pretty good so far. no ads like in extreme car driving simulator. in all, very good gaaaeme!!!!!!!!! yay
Always the best game producing company. I like it very much. but please disable the ads because they are very anoying .
i like the game but too many ads and pls make more maps for the multiplayer mode. the current one is now boring! thanks but i love the game still waitng for new maps!
I like the game play and physics are wonky just the way I like it. And too many ads, the're flooding all over other that that it's good.
This game is absolute trash. The graphics are horrible, there are so many ads I can't even keep track, you can't even play with people you actually want to play with, and you need to pay just to get a simple thing. This app is just a money grabber. It's very suprising how many people actually play this game. It's not good at all. Don't download it. Try: Car Driving School Simulator. It's actually really good and it has a better rating than this piece of garbage.
You should add friend list , new cars , big map in multiplayer mode , and don't take , money if you add new cars and no km take only game money , improve Graphics and your game will be popular ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘
I like the video,but I can't install it.Even know I deleted 6 games for it and one was the best,I still can't๐Ÿ˜ง.My device is Android Samsung Galaxy S4 Tablet.Let me know if the same thing happened to you
Pretty good simulation. I would prefer for the cars to have more individuality, and the graphics need work. A computer version would be nice.
Nice game but this could be added like new graphics physics and maps also upgrade paint shops and add cars and resemble this to the newest version so this could be more fun.
I love the game but the invisible wall is disturbing so can you delete it in the next update and make it have more cars and paint your car in multiplayer and make the game has more modifications like rims stickers body kits and spoilers and maps like airport and offroad in the next update and make challanges in multiplayer and also better graphics and better garage and can also can enter the second flour and we wlll see a circle when we go in the circle we will see cuztomize thank you
I like this game but I gave it 3 stars because I have my language in English but everyone speaks Spanish for some reason It may be a glich I will try to fix if it doesn't work I will tell you. it didn't work please fix for me I speak English in a game so I don't chat much with the ones that speak English. Fix this the no control glitch.
Good game graphics ok. Needs drift grip abs esp etc. I don't mind the ads. Best online simulator for cars.
Everytime I join there is no one, graphics are good but could use some work, also it gets boring after a while because it's the same map every time :(
I like the open world multiplayer and the racing, but please please please add more worlds/locations/tracks. It would make this game so much more fun
CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE UPDATE THIS GAME CAUSE YOUVE UPDATED ALL YOUR OTHER GAMES EXCEPT THIS ONE.Can u please add the airport and off-road areas like in the extreme in the next update?It's fun and all but why are there no ads to watch to get money can you fix that and also can you add challenges like in some of your other games to get money,and CAN U PLEASE HAVE THE GAME SAVE ALL THE CARS YOU HAVE UNLOCKED AND SAVE THE PROGRESS LIKE IN YOIR DRIFT GAME PLEASE
there are tons of ads . When u click the classic or the racing mode u never get the perfect result u always get good result even though if the internet has an excellent quality . Before when u newly join the game u get perfect result but after a while it changes to good result then it never gets fixed even try again and again and if u get good result u join a different server and where none of ur friends are there and if u get a perfect result u join a different server . it needs to get fixed!
The ads are a huge problem. I opened the app for the first time, clicked garage, and got an ad. I couldnt click out of it no matter what I did.
Only reason why I marked it two Star is because for some reason my sister was just playing and there was a cuss word that popped up and it did not block it out and like people are been saying like the b word and cussing and like it's really bad and y'all need to stop and actually just like seriously blocked the cuss words out and that's another problem and also there's like two. second reason is because like you need to start making where you can ban people please do it ๐Ÿ˜!!
cool game!!! thank you so much for making this game,but please make customization body kits (front bumper,rear bumper,side skirts,spoilers,hoods and please don't miss fenders,front and rear and decals) but the game is cool
This is a good game, although the physics needs a very very small upgrades, the gravity needs to be more realistic. Add new cars too, i like the Paganis, Agera, lambos, bugattis, but add new cars too. Add new places am curious to explore other places. Lastly, pls make it a little bit easier to earn cash to buy more cars in that game, because the more cars people can try, the more chance people would wanna try it out. Overall, this is a good game, keep up good the good work and good luck!!!!!!!
The over all experience is great, one thing I would like is the daily rewards to be given without having to be connected to the internet. Also, to make a private game mode to where people need a code to get in, or just to let people th view the current rooms available at that given time. Last thing, add a Porsche, a Ferrari, and some motorcycles. Motorcycles would be awesome.
The graphics not that bad , buh the loading experience for the multiplayer is horrible , try and update the game more , i love it