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Ms. PAC-MAN for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. located at 2051 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game was my favorite growing up. I can't tell you how many quarters I used playing this game so when I downloaded this app I was very excited. The game itself is very similar to the retro arcade game with lights sounds even the fruit bouncing up and down. But I have to agree with everyone else the controls need a gamepad swiping is just too hard and I don't remember the power pellets stopping after level 17 I mean it's kind of stupid to have them then. I wish they would fix this
Just like when I was a kid. I see where some people are having trouble with controls. I had a similar issue, but I changed the sensitivity to high and got a more smooth result. Hope it helps.
This game is wak. When i eat the big pellit ghost never changes color.. What a waste of time and money..
I'm upset, because the ghost no longer turn blue when I eat the bigger dot, making me get caught, and the game null & void. I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it. Same Problem! I want my money back.
It's a fun time killer. Works much better with a bluetooth joystick. Haven't seen many glitches. The only thing that stands out for me glitch wise is that sometimes the sound of the bouncing fruit plays, but the image isn't there. Well worth the money.
After the first couple of levels, Ghost don't turn blue from eating big corner pellets. Thought maybe I'd play further and it'll go back once I advance. Nope! Bummer. Deleting game at level 137.
Complete waste of money. Turning in the game doesn't respond, leaving me stuck in corners and caught by ghosts. So I basically can't even play because the controls suck and are non-responsive half the time. Don't waste your money.
I beated ms pacman nice but my main concern the controls are off but overal its okay game wish u could play it from begining again idk
The controls are frustrating. They're totally inaccurate & the entire game is retro & it gets annoying after a while. No options to change game play. I've played Pacman for years and to this day, that app always has bugs. Bandai has horrible tech support. File a report & they make it nearly impossible because ur required to send I'd numbers related to game. Ridiculous. They ignore requests to fix.
It's a shame the developers don't read these reviews! I just bought this game to enjoy but I can't because there are so many glitches that make the game uneasy to play. I'm having the same issues as everyone else. I'm going to uninstall and move forward with a different game. For those who think of downloading this game, don't! Trust me, It's a waste of time and money!
Hard to manipulate the turns and the ghosts don't stay blue like they're supposed to...not even 20 seconds....takes the fun out of the game to chase them!!!! FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!
Some of you never played pac man and it shows. Power pellet timers are almost exactly how they were in the original. The game runs fine, although the controls leave a lot to be desired.
Update 4TH/NOV/2018: Still no Ipega Wireless Bluetooth JoyPad Support for Pac-Man & Pac-Man 256. However Support Still Stands for Ms. Pac-Man & Pac-Man CE DX. But its such a shame to the PAC-MAN Legacy, that Bandai don't care enough to simply update these Apps with the correct support! After what Bandai Namco Entertainment, did to My Favourite goto Android game Pac-Man following an update. Which i only found out about, earlier today (Tues/25th/2018). I'm over the moon, that Ms. Pac-Man, is still the Amazing Retro Classic, that it always has been. With no nonsense. And especially since my Ipega bluetooth controller, still works like a dream on it, too. So for now, i'm happy with it. So i hope BNE, don't touch it at all. Because why would you mess, with perfection!?!
Much better with a PS4 paired controller. Dont bother with swipe controls. PS4 controller is simple to connect to GS9, and makes the game playable.
I downloaded the original Pac-man and it is much easier to play on Ms. Pac-man you can't corner very well and the ghosts don't stay blue long the original pacman is free why is there a charge for Ms. Pac-man
BUYER BEWARE... The glitches will vex your nerves. The controller often moves every way EXCEPT the way you directed it. The Pac-man will freeze up periodically and you have to wait as the ghost gobbles you up. If you uninstall and reinstall it you'll, get the same results. It's hit or miss at best. I bought the download about 6yrs ago and these glitches continues to exist. They've had years to improve the program but haven't. I no longer enjoy this version and may have to explore other versions.
This game is great, a classic, even boys and men can enjoy it. My only complain are the controls, they are ok, but, they aren't the best. Overall, this game is amazing and a great time killer!
Doesn't work, had to uninstall. I'd like to know what devices people are using who gave this game good ratings. I've had several devices & the controls & swiping never work. Yes, I have played the original game. If also like to know why some people have given the App 4 & 5 stars, BUT then go on to say how it does NOT WORK. Talk about nonsense.
Need to make the joystick work better...my finger wants to arrow up n it goes straight .. please update n fix
Purchase ms pac man so grandchildren play and it won't download keep saying download pending have not been refunded purchase don't try to purchase and download you won't get what you paid for.
Pac-Man eats the big pellets and the little ghost stay the same they don't turn purple so they can be eaten nothing happens....
Many folks are right the ghosts are quite fast even on the initial levels, and the swipe controls will get a player nowhere fast. However now that I have my game controller for my phone it's now more like playing the arcade! One shouldn't need to buy a controller for more precise movements but man nothing is ever perfect lol! Other than that, this is every inch my old pizza parlor favorite 😋
The controls are TERRIBLE!!!! Such a fine game gets so much injustice with controls that are slow to response at best. If you need quick game adjustments, forget it
I paid for this game Pac man eats the big pellets and ghosts stay the same you still die don't waist your money game don't work right
Don't waste your time. I invested several months of casual play into this game, thinking I could master touchscreen. I don't think its possible. My highest score is around 110,000, which sucks. Most of my deaths are touchscreen failures (Galaxy Note 9). Also, no turbo mode, which is the worst. Probably because turbo mode would make players realize fast that pacman was never intended for a touchscreen. Also a bug where pacman often passes right through the fruit. Sorry, fans.
this is the closest to the arcade game so far. the only gig I found is, the game does not keep your points correctly. Other than that it's almost perfect !
At first I was super excited about this game, but quickly disappointed. The ghosts are way too fast and only stay blue for five seconds (literally) its not at all comparable to how the real game was. I get it has to be challenging but it also should be fun not nearly impossible. Im swiping on a phone not using a controller. I really hope the developer will do an updtate and fix this and Id be happy to adjust my rating!
This game has no point. Pacman is dree with more than 16 levels.. Why pay 4$ for this. I emailed trying to get this app $ credited to the in app purchases in pacman. Auto email. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!
For some reason the controls are inaccurate. Doesn't happen to me on PacMan or any other game. Uninstalled and reinstalled months later but same problem.
Controls are fine. I adjusted sensitivity to high and had no problems. Contrary to what someone else wrote you can exit the game. Nice to have the game with no ads or microtranssctions.
The controls are awful. You'll swipe one way and the game will go another. Other times you swipe and it'll get stuck. I have a regular Pac-Man game and the controls on that one are much smoother.
Fun and challenging but right around level 20 or so on a red screen you can't outrun any ghost and it's beyond me how can you clear the board when the ghost are so much faster and relentless in there persuit
I don't understand the poor controls reviews...mine works as well as arcade. Sometimes it messed up there too. I should have given it less stars only because it's addicting, and I should be doing other things! 😊
Works perfectly, no issues on my Galaxy Note 9. Only wish the area where you swipe to control could be themed to look more like an arcade cabinet.
I just started playing on this app.. so far, so good.. I've always loved Ms. Pac-man as a kid.. I've been searching, but can't find it for my game console..
A great game is ruined by unresponsive controls. Ms. Pac-Man will, more often than not, ignore the instructions I give regarding when and where to turn, and instead turn too late, turn the wrong way, or just sit in an intersection and not move. Recently, she has added bouncing back and forth at intersections instead of turning at all, or jumping back to a previous turn instead of taking the turn I told her to. All of these inevitably lead to getting killed, and leave me thinking she's suicidal.
The game is fun however the swipe control doesn't work well all of the time and sometimes it feels like someone else may be directing the game.
I am very glad to be able to purchase good apps for a small fee rather than get free apps with adds and Bill suit.
It's Ms Pacman. Doesn't really need much of a review. Love was put into this though, and worth the buy. No game overs and you can always choose what level to start out on up to the level you're currently on so if you lose all lives you can jump right back in it. Controls are very responsive in my opinion. You can swipe what direction you want to turn before you get there and it'll turn for you, and I haven't had any mis swipes yet.
I just bought this game and i wish i hadnt..like a few people have mentioned in the reviews aftera certain stage power pellets stop working and the ghosts are so much faster than ms. Pac man plus to top it all off the swipe controls will fail you when you need them not too..g..Honestly if i can get a refund i really would i cant pass a stage because ghosts are ridiculously fast
OK game to pass the time but needs to be improved. Once you get to a certain level (17-18) the power pellets stop working altogether and you must continue to play the rest of the game without that perk until you reach the final level 258. Yes the power pellets will change the ghosts direction for a couple of seconds if Ms Pacman eats one but this doesn't really do much to help you out because the ghosts are still faster than you and will still catch or block you with ease. Pointless really.
Love the game but power pills won't turn blue after level 16. Makes it kind of hard to beat those levels!! Fix Please!!!!!!!!!
Maybe it's just me but does this Game go really fast from the get-go. I found it hard to make turns. Really frustrating! And I usually love MS Pac Man.
3 stars, like has been said already, Control is way off, made it no fun. But i think if you have a joystick option available to you, then it would be better.
I would have no problem with this game if I could find a way to log out or exit from it. I paid for this game and could not exit any way shape or form. My husband and I both tried. The only way is to shut off and restart my phone. Ridiculous.
Great game...other than that...the speed is horrible...right from the begging it starts you off on level 6 speeds. You eat a pellet and you only have like less than 3 seconds to eat all 4 ghost....terrible....just terrible speeds....dissapointing
A very good remake, I love how unlike other ports it features difficulty settings, level select for any cleared level, control options, and even achievements. Only thing missing is the intro attract title screen from the original. If you're having trouble best to customize the game settings to your liking. Might wanna set it to easy, or joystick mode. Though I prefer swipe controls sometimes. However when I get nervous sometimes I swipe the wrong direction. Luckily, you can adjust the sensativity. The joystick works well too.
Impossible difficulty setting. No way any child could play this. I'm an adult and seasoned Pacman player from the 80s. This is set from level one to an equivalent of level 30 from the start.
The Swipe Controls are less than desirable. When your cornered by the ghosts, you can't get away. The App isn't worth the money that you pay for it.
why does the blue eatables leave .i thought ns pacman eats dots in these games not so i don't like that part can not win the game. bridgett f opinion.
I literally dislike this game. You can't control ms Oatman how you want to. You swipe left and it goes up or down. 🤷🏾‍♀️
There is only two times ate return back in games but these is multiple times they turned back which is not as per the real version fix this error
Great Classic, but please do make the app icon one of the now standard circles. You'll get 5 stars then.
This game sucks. It doesn't go in the direction you want. I ate the pellets and they turn the ghost blue and when it did, they were only blue for 2 seconds so I was unable to eat them. I need a refund. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THD REVIEWS, DONT GET THIS VERSION!!!! I WOULD GIVE THIS NO STARS
Folks, save your $3.99 cause they weren't kidding when they said the controls are horse💩💩💩💩, even for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone. The controls are absolutely terrible, unlike the ORIGINAL Pac-Man. 🎬ACT FOUR: UNINSTALLED🎬
The joystick control for Regular Pacman Is Far More Controllable Than With Mrs.Pacman. Very Disappointed With the Fact of Paying $ for this game and Register Pacman is free. Seems that if we pay we should at least have a better version of the controls versus with the free app.
The glitches in control program will vex your nerves. The controller at times, will move any way EXCEPT the way you choose for it to move.
Just like the plug and play Ms Pacman I used to play years ago! Great retro game brought to the smartphones.
There is no portrate mode and no center ing on the control stick for controller support plus there is bugs where you don't eat dots and go through them and you go through ghosts.. please fix this. I am on Samsung S20
The question I would want to ask is did the developers even play this game. Just like everyone else has said, after several levels it's almost impossible. You spend all 3 lives and most of your continues to get through one level. The swipe controls are not the best and even if you change it in the settings, it doesn't really help much. This could be so much more fun if they would have made it a little more fair as far as the ghosts go. Dont waste your money. It's not quite like the original.
Pellet stop working and enemies can't be defeated even with best efforts. Fix this else give me refund
It's not as easy to move around the board as pacman because each move requires you to lift your finger off the board and put it back down
When i was 10 this my favorite nitendo video game. I have completed the game and saw the end. I can't believe found it here on google play. Ms. Pac-Man will always played by me. When it comes to the app i have no issues. Thank you Namco fir making this app happen 🕹🎮😊