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Mr Maker Level Editor

Mr Maker Level Editor for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Derik DF located at R: AristΓ³teles Martins, JD BalneΓ‘rio - SP. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Mr maker is good the only boss fight king croc is awesome i would really like there was more bosses and items but rating 5 stars :) thanks delvopers ima try your other games now
I like this level maker i also like that its like super mario,and there are games that you did not make.
It's just like super mario maker, but I still like the game because it reminds me of super mario maker.
I have a lot of glitchs one of them is it wont let me climb on ladders and 2nd it keeps on being like super mario run
Good game like super mario maker my complaint is if you run into dirt or grass you fall and die so that docs a point
This Game Is Super Hard! It Is Hard To Jump Hard To Step Hard To Place Blocks And Enimes And When You Die Ad Pops Up This Game Is Not Good At All!
I personly think this game is pretty good it remids me of super mario so ya but it is a rip off that is decent
For some reason after getting game over in the play section level i play again but mr maker is moving right like i was playing the run version of Mr maker i also tried to make my stage but for some weird reason i cant put ground terrain i tap the arrows and it put ground terrain please fix the bug thank you
It's ripoff of super Mario maker and jump is so small it can't jump more than 2.5 blocks and there's so little things to put in level
This is the best game ever This is a must have for people who love building games. If you dont like this games your taste of cames is really sour.
This game is a epic platformer, yes...it is a Mario clone but it is still a great game, just cus it's a clone doesn't mean it can't be good but i do have a good complaint, there are SO LITTLE ads and SO MUCH lag, if you fix those 2 problems then it will be 5 stars instead of 4.
This game sucks you go through blocks and you get killed also once you bounce on a enemy it kills you! It's copying super Mario maker and probably mr maker2 sucks even more!
I found glitches in it to many i couldn't climb the ladders and i was holding the move button and suddenly stopped please and others please fix
You guys need an updated stop hacking why do we get the jump without touching the jump button or clicking the hammer button
people might think it's a rip-off if Super Mario maker but some people can't get Super Mario maker so they get this so they can feel like they have Super Mario maker boom😐☺
Mr. Maker and super Mario maker are NOT REALLY THE SAME AS MINECAFT but a awsome game! Its not lagging me but only Mr. Maker 2 for no reason, but i will be working on ,,super Michael maker,, witch will be for pegi 6.co.uk. And I hope you enjoy super Michael maker!
At first it looked like a nice change from Mario Maker 2 but after reading 37 good reviews and 55 bad ones I knew it would be absolutely awful. I will try it out still and see if it is better than the reviews say. Edit: Ok I installed it. A quick download. Probably means that there is not much to do in the game. Ok I'm having a look.
It has more backrounds than the other game, but you can walk through blocks & sometimes the buttons controlling the screen movement start controlling the blocks making it almost impossible to build!!!!!!!!!!!😠and I once got stuck at the beginning of a level, right by the dotted line, after that I uninstalled it. But it is fun, with easier levels & extra items.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎Its "funner" than the other games.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽBut now you can't climb ladders! Seriously?(true opinion)
The reason why I give you 1. star because there something like a glitch where when am at easy level 10 and I will kill the king croc and then when I press the hammer button it make me jump not make any sense it make me hard to jump to me so fix that ok
It sucks ☹️ At least I get to make stuff because this game deserves 1 * because you can make stuff it least they nailed the part that you can make stuff but I wish there was a part 2 and they are copying super Mario maker
Really liked it a lot It's just that I didn't like it when that thing when you have to level your name on the level you were on yeah I just forget that
This game contains SO MUCH ADS I DIE BECAUSE OF THEM. If you hit an enemy from the front or maybe the back, YOU CAN LOSE YOUR POWER-UP. Also, that Snail enemy, which is the Koopa Troopa in the original game, YOU CAN'T KICK IT IF IT'S IN THE SHELL. There's kind of a glitch where you sometimes get stuck behind the END! sign, but you can get out of it. THE BOSS IS SO EASY. How to defeat King Croc in 3 EASY STEPS: 1-Make sure you have the HAT on. 2-Pass through him like nobody's business. 3-Get to the end. And boom your done. You should've made him insta-kill you if he touches you.
accuatly a pretty good game but could use more work, it lags sometimes and the controlles are hard to use, yet overall a nice fangame of mario maker, 3 stars.
This is so bad! Like, the hitboxes! Or the thing that you can pass trough walls! Or the creator mode! Soooooooooooo awful! And also. Its imposible to not say "oh! Youre talking about the mario maker rip off!" 1 star!
If you don't mind the same add played over and over again and a huge amount of bugs this is perfect it's a pretty good mario maker clone
It's good super mario maker game I am waiting for my switch on Christmas so I play this while I wait. But there is either a bug or feature where a block goes where you don't want it when you place it.
The controller inputs are laggy and the mapping is not so well please make jump A and fire X and B and add analogd stick use have you ever thought about it like this that some people think that if someone played a game with bad mapping but couldn't map them that would be bad for them not trying to be mean but please fix it
Love the game, good graphics, keep it up Gameplay: ⭐⭐⭐🌟 Graphics:🌟🌟🌠🌟🌟 Controls:⭐⭐🌠
In editor mode, can you put unlimited items because I was building a level and the item I was using had an X on it. Can you put unlimited, that will be great of you did.
if you want to copy a very popular game then you cant make any more games. don't copy Mario games make your own games be creative copying makes your game even worse. try your own ideas please.
This game a rip off of super Mario maker. But SO MUCH WORST. It's so boring. I haven't even had the game for 5 mins and I uninstalled.
This game is a huge ripoff of super Mario maker 1 and 2 and when u run u can go threw the wall that sucks. And can there be a crowch button and whenever I jump on a monster I die and can the be a small invincible shell whenever you get hit because now the Santa that is useless and also when can u make up your own trash powers unless then copying everything else and do u even know who mr maker is he's a caring guy on tv 4 kid so this game is for 2 yearolds
The controls suck. The hitboxes on the enimies suck. The thing that drops spikes suck. The challenges suck. The maker mode sucks. The scrolling sucks! You suck! I hope the 2nd game is better!