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Mr. Luma's Island

Mr. Luma's Island for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by mrluma located at WuHou Qu, Chengdu, Sichuan, China KeHua Road No. 68 . The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The purpose of this game is to first just build your own islands and design them however you want to. Go to your boat and harbour and press blue rectangle (this allows you to extend the path for your truck). Then press on the microscope and tap near your boat. At the harbour there is a truck. Press the truck until it moves down the path. After a while you have to control the truck so you can collect the items (flowers, mushrooms, acorns and berries). Once you reach the end of the path, the truck will turn around and you can collect any things you missed on your first round. Once you arrive back at the harbour the items in the back of the truck will appear on the boat, which will then travel to I don't know where. That is All I have found out. This is a good game and my brother sometimes takes my phone to play it.
Well all the haters are right this game is fake when i hit play its just white just white the haters are right DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME
I thought it looked fun and cool. But I got bored easily. What is the goal? I don't get any rewards for discovering new animals. It does not even tell me the animal type. Also you just collect items for nothing. No money reward or anything. Would be great if you could get money then use it to build new things. But it really has no premis. Not to mention I can't even get through 5 minutes of gameplay without a stupid add. Way to pushy with the ads. Makes it annoying.
It looks really good but every time I press play it just goes to a white screen with the noise effects
As soon as I click the play button, the game is stuck in a white screen where I can't do anything. Was really excited to play but I wasn't able to.
To mrluma Um it was very good but please do these things on my list. The. : ad people ( :let the animals sit rest drink and eat plant's:let the people pet the animal's and pick leave's to get clothes:) please please please do this it will make it much more interesting game And I want to zoom in and out with my fingers please do this please.
I always had just a white screen I member there the buttons where from the picture shown and I did to something but my screen was white so what?
Game looks as if it's loading just fine but once I tap the play button I can't do anything except zoom in & takes photos...the game doesnt seem to respond to anything else though...when I push to build up land for example, it sounds as if the tool is selected but then nothing further happens. No hints? No tutorials? Perhaps my device just isn't supported? Looks like a visually stimulating game...would love to re-rate it once I can play.
After I press the play button, it just goes to a blank white screen and stays there. Don't recommend this game at all. Fix this please
It's cool but, the paths destroy things that they are not near, and you are limited to trees, paths and land- that's all you can really add! Can you make it so we can add more things such as, huts, flowers, cactuses(on the sand) and our own animals! I hope you consider my change ideas! It is a good app with good graphics and simple controls to! Super relaxing! But just needs something!
Would be better if you knew what you were supposed to do. I don't know the person of the boat and the dock, and I cannot figure it out. Maybe you could add a tutorial? Gets three stars because of the controls. They aren't too bad, though they certainly could be much better. Besides that, it seems like a really fun game.
I love the idea of this game how you create a land and all that but the controls are difficult and keep freezing I'm just very confused I would have loved this game if the controls and freezing weren't as bad.
I HATE IT! IT'S NOT A VERY GREAT GAME!!!..... please find a way to fix it! as toca...I DON'T KNOW!... please please please! Make it toca thing... OK?! THANKS!!!
The graphics are OK, but there's almost nothing to do. There should be goals and rewards and stuff, and a list of the animals you've found.
Its fine, but really laggy... unlike toca nature. its like this game copied toca nature, besides toca nature isnt laggy at all and i do not recommend installing this game. please fix this game!!
I want to expand my area and more things . Or a guide , more animals , more trees , tree pedia i m thinking at a book about trees : what fruits they make . A town where you can sell your fruits from the islands. And it be better with a Christmas edition. But i love it ! it s a good game ,it works very very fast, the controls are good! I can t get bored of it !!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Looks like a fantastic game! Problem is, controls are rubbish and it's really slow. If you fixed that I'm sure this game would be incredible
theres barely anyhting to do in this app, unlike toca nature were you can acully MAKE AND SPAWN animals creteares and ilands, you can do anyhting but make roads stare at animals and.collect.food! plus the controls are WAY TO FAST.
Once I tap the play button, it just goes grey and never loads. Man I wanted to play this! Please fix!
This game was good and all, but unfortunately the camera needs a bit of tuning. Please make it so that I can zoom out for once to look at what I sculpted. Thank you in advance.
This game is fun but gets boring fast. The controls need to be fixed and more animals added. I did get a blue fox though
THE GAME IS NOT MEANT TO HAVE A GOAL YOU JUST DESIGNE YOUR ISLAND!!!! THAT IS THE POINT!!!!! its super fun unlike other games were you have to work towards the goal....their simply isnt one.... ITS AMAMZING
Ok what kind of game lies to you? This game! Not worth your time unless your trying to waste your day 😒 # worst game evar
All I see is a screen as if it looks like its loading. I can tap and move around and here the water and ground but still see nothing.
Stupid this is for little kids.😤ummmmmmmmm sooooooo There is ads in middle of game play and it's so glitchy I'm sure Samsung tablets or phone don't even respond to this app. Worst. Let me just guess they are not updating the game, so just uninstall this dump. GOODBYE I don't even care if u disagree because u have a iPad or u like it. It gets really BORING and the road never works. Well bye
The colors! The animals! The interacting! I love it. Once you've got the hang of the controls you fall in love. You can mess around with the island and add trees, take trees away how many times you like. You can shape the island every possible way. The trunk game is also fun. Just to watch you driving througj your island and watch your animals is just very calming. 10/10
Amazing I love shaping the land its so fun. Someone Said Oh Toca nature is better amd you can place the animals. But Toca Nature Is Money So This Is Free And Is Basically The Same Thing
It is fun and awesome but there is no levels,money,reward nothing.the fun thing taking photoes of animals and making land and water
Well. I Dont like people who copy off games but this is a very copied game.So i dont like you're games and you make games that are boring.Also this is copied from Toca Nature So everyone give this two stars its two because of the effort of copying.