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Mr Logic - Brain Puzzles

Mr Logic - Brain Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Hitapps. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Going through the main menu after every puzzle ruins the flow of playing and the expert levels have contradictory clues. And having wrong answers pointed out right away makes the game less fun as you don't have to go back and rethink your work. If you had to submit a completed puzzle and it told you that something was wrong and you have to find out what's wrong, the games overall rating would jump up a star or two for me.
I've found a few mistakes that have made it so figuring it out without mistakes/clues is literally impossible which kinda defeats the purpose in my opinion. I don't remember which puzzle but one I did had the bottom box not match up with the rest. Also need to decide whether you're using the Oxford comma or not cuz it switches back and forth which makes it confusing.
Fairly enjoyable game if you like these types of puzzles. But once you fill in enough correct spaces it leaves the puzzle and says you've completed it, essentially an autocomplete where once it knows you have enough correct spots to easily finish the puzzle it ends the level and says you've beat it. It's a pretty frustrating feature because it just ends in the middle of a level, there's no completion. It would be much better if this autocomplete was optional
Like the game, but the ads are excessive. Sometimes just after each puzzle (yes, EACH), and sometimes before AND after. Kind of a buzz-kill, really. Every 5 or 10 minutes, whatever, that's fine, but these are way too frequent.
I've done all of the puzzles on the app so I feel like I should leave a good review, but there are some spelling errors and very poorly worded clues. Sometimes so poorly worded that the clue is entirely incomprehensible.
Love the logic puzzles! But I've noticed several mistakes in the hard levels which takes away from the puzzles....I also wish they would let you make mistakes and fix them....the boxes are small and I've had a few finger slips that I could have just fixed
While I love the game! The color of the font it's too light against a light background and I cannot be read by older folks eyes!! It's also so tiny it's hard to read and since it more than two clues you have to scroll, why not larger font, darker and still scroll. Even if you are younger and your eyes are great you're going to ruin your eyes trying to read it because it's too faint and too small you need a magnifying glass. Great game but I can't play it so I'm very disappointed!!
This game is okay. But there are probably better ones out there. Of course it's one of those apps with a bazillion ads, but that's beside the point. The actual hints you get in game are very confusing. They might have been translated wrong or something. Bad grammar is used and the sentences don't make sense. Get the app if you want a reading challenge.
Great puzzles but I have two issues with the game: 1. After every game, it returns you to the main menu and from there you can choose what level. The extra step is annoying 2. In the hard puzzles, it's really hard to click the right box because they are so small. I wish we could zoom in, or have some other safeguard
I love the game! Absolutely awesome. Only issue, the Hard levels... way too easy, like they may as well have been medium puzzles. I am looking forward to more puzzles being added cause the medium puzzles are easy and the Easy, super easy and I'm flying through them. Hope to maybe have some Super hard puzzles added maybe?
So far decent puzzles. But it frustrates me that i have to go back to the main menu after every puzzle. Wish there was a button for next puzzle and main menu. Also I've had ads pop up during the middle of puzzles? That's annoying. I understand ads between the puzzles, but there shouldn't be any when I'm actively doing one.
I like the concept, but it needs work. The puzzles often contradict themselves. I wish it didn't tell you when you made a mistake. You are only allowed 3 mistakes before it's game over. I mostly make mistakes because I accidentally click the wrong box, which is easy to do because they are so small. Also, if you leave the app mid game, it doesn't save your work and automatically bumps you up to the next level.
the language is misleading at times, less than 10 melons could also mean 0 melons but 15 lemons. Also the tables are faulty at times. The clues mention 25 but the table says 2. If those things didn't make the puzzles much harder, they'd be a little too easy at times.
I recently started playing this game, Mr logic. In the tutorial, it was not clear about the checking of the check mark or the X, but now after I've played for a little bit, it makes more sense and I'm able to move ahead. I'm still in the Easy level; I've enjoyed it, it is relaxing, I look forward to being able to play this for quite some time and it also works my brain to help me from getting Alzheimer's. That's the best part.
I've only done 35 puzzles so far but from what I've seen the puzzles haven't contradicted themselves yet. There are some punctuation issues that make it difficult to read the clues as intended the first time through. Ex. One clue said something like Tina, the person who did not do this, and... It's intended to be two different people but it doesn't read that way. I like it so far even if it's a little confusing at times. Edit: Normal 13 the first clue is wrong the time should be 10:00 and 1:00
As the only true logic puzzle game, I was excited to play it. After playing it, I was disappointed, too say the least. Several of the puzzles were just wrong. It was one answer going across but not the same going down. Another puzzle was the same information for one set as another, despite the clue identifying something completely different than what was in the grid.
I was in the TAG (talented and gifted) class in Elementary school back in 1976 and we worked Logic Problems like the hard level problems in this app. The app functions well and very intuitive even without the tutorials at the beginning. I love the app. Thanks for bringing back memories of 4th grade.
Fun puzzles, but annoying that it doesn't allow you to correct your own mistakes, or undo the "hints" that it forces on you if you accidentally hit a wrong square. Could be fun, if they remove that feature.
It's a great game, really it is. It trains your brain, it's a good time waster, and it's fun and simple. However sometimes an ad will pop up and then it will say I'm finished with the puzzle, even if I'm not. Please fix that glitch.
My biggest complaint is how it counts as an error when you touch the wrong tiny square with normal sized fingers. Just let me fix that instead of treating it like a logical mistake. The game should let you work thru the logic and just tell you how many errors were made at the end. Make me watch an ad if you must, but then let me try to find and fix the errors myself. Also lots of typos in the charts and even a few errors in the clues.
A lot of mistakes in the game... sometimes you have to guess what they mean (for one of the level, it mentionned a basilic while there were no basilic in the choices...). Some also have too few information and you have to take a hint (I read the problems many times and it wasn't because I missed something). Overall, not bad, but definitely needs improvement.
I was playing it on hard and it clearly stated thst Tina had scored 67 points and apparently it was wrong. Absolutely shite game! I also found this on tiktok and desperately hope this company goes bust and they are all left in crippling debt. If you're looking for a fun and enjoyable game I was advise you to look at fortnite. Even though it is the worst game of the century, it provides me with more pleasure than this game. Please just go back to reading the newspaper.
Great game. Really makes my mind work. Could use some improvements such as placing the restart button somewhere much easier to access. Dark mode too! There's also some spelling discrepancies in some names in the levels. Also wish that I could link my game in a google/fb account because I fear of losing my progress. Will change my rating to 5 stars if (some of) these are implemented.
Loved the logic puzzle books when I was a kid. This app is ok. It recreates the puzzles in the books but I am only though 10 levels each of Easy/Normal and 15 levels Hard and have found lots of errors in the clues and on the grids. Needs work to clean up incorrect clues and typos/mistakes on the grids. Need to be able to zoom in as the squares are small and difficult to tap inside the square without accidental errors. As well, I don't like it inserting the correct answer on an incorrect guess.
Even the hard levels are pretty easy, and you have to watch an ad after every game. Navigation is clunky because you are taken to the main menu after every game. Would be better if you weren't given the choice to continue or go to the main menu. More text in the"Story" to really set up the logic puzzles would be great.
I enjoy the puzzlez, and I wouldn't mind an ad after each level (especially if you can close them after a few seconds), but going all the way to the start of the whole program after each ad is too much. Just send me to the next puzzle with an option to go back to the main menu if I want to change difficulty.
So far it's pretty good. However, a zoom feature for doing the hard levels would be nice. On my phone screen I find I touch the wrong spot with my fat thumbs. If I were playing on a tablet it would be ok but small checkboxes on a small phone screen and fat thumbs don't mix too well.
So many ads, and there isn't an option to work through the puzzle without knowing immediately when you got something wrong. I forgot to switch from checkmarks to Xs and it made me watch an ad in order to finish the puzzle.
stop in the middle of playing a level for an ad? nothing warranted the ad just started playing. also after every level. it's too much.. I realize you guys need to make money but it's waaaaaaay to many ads which drives players away. just think about how much more you would make from ad revenue if there wasn't so many and people wanted to play longer.
This game is really fun! Its a good way of puzzling your brain, and the different difficulties of puzzles are nice. Its definitely not a different or constantly changing game, but good for some relaxing puzzling. I will say, I liked the old method of marking correct vs. incorrect answers better, but that is just my opinion. Good game!
It was OK until I tried the hard level; game 1, clue 7 is wrong, so I can't win. Please edit the game. Please disable the auto correction of mistakes and the 3 mistake limit. Please allow games to save to pick up later and allow redos if we make mistakes. I'd like to see the completed game before moving on to an ad or the next level.
Glad to see a logic game app! Would be nice to let the player choose when to move on from a level instead of auto advancing before the level is fully filled out (even once the answers become obvious). Plus would be great to give an option to go straight to the next level instead of needing to go back through the main menu each time. Also I go through levels pretty quickly, and having a long ad after every single one is pretty annoying - maybe reset to only have one ad per time instead? Thx!
I enjoy the game, but it is a nuisance to have to click main menu after each level instead of it just taking you to the next level. It's a small thing, but takes away from the enjoyment. Also, like others have said, some of the answers are not right. For example, level 2 on normal has one of the answers backward. It's a bummer since you get marked off, but the answer they have cannot possibly be correct.
The game was fun but there are way too many ads. After every single level. And if you wait too long to start the next level, you have to watch another one. You do get the option to skip after a few seconds, but still really irritating. And somehow it started downloading a game without my permission?? That was what finally made me uninstall. It can't be addictive unless you're addicted to watching ads.
Love the UI but I have played 8 levels of hard and twice clues have had mistakes. Both mistakes ruin the level. Level 8, clue 8 is incorrect. (Should read locks not guards). I didn't mark the other one. If they can get the clues correct, it's an excellent interface. Would be nice to be able to earn more clues by watching ads (more revenue for app dev too).
I love the game, but it would be great to have an option to turn off the "mistakes" system. Playing on hard, the boxes are quite small and if I miss the box I'm intended to check, it automatically counts it as mistakešŸ˜¤
The game is fairly good until normal lvl 90. At that point the game is pretty much unplayable. Lvl 90 said x wore a white wig. Options were red, green, blue, and yellow. I hinted through it but 91 is the same. Clues talk about seasons and the options are episodes. No problem. But x has 0 in production. The options are 1 to 4. I gave up since the only way to win is litterally guessing.
Easy levels are easy and no contradiction but hard level 1 contains an error that makes it impossible to solve without guessing. Two people are supposed to have taken the same subject test at the same difficulty level, which is not possible for the grid. Other than that I did enjoy it, with 2 exceptions others have mentioned. No way to view the completed grid before going to the ad and no way to continue levels without having to do it from the main menu each time.
honestly, the game is pretty decent, some of them really do make you think. but it does get annoying with the mistake marker only being three and having to then switch from the tick to the cross. also gets annoying that you cant always complete the boxes, sometimes you win and they dont let you finish the filling it all in. otherwise, as i said, the game is pretty decent
This game pulls me in like logic puzzles do but there aren't stories or a question like I'm used to as per usual logic puzzle games. Plus it has been pretty basic so far in difficult mode. I think it needs the ability to turn off being told you made a mistake. It is something that we should be able to logic out ourselves and check our work when we say we are done working out our logic. But I like it nonetheless.