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Mousebusters for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Odencat located at Minami Aoyama 3-1-30 Avex Building Coworking Space "avexEYE", Minato ku, Tokyo. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I finished this game within a day. The gameplay is minimal, yes, but the story is cute. The characters are simple, not so compelling but- more so welcoming. I think this game wants to teach you some things while telling a story. It's cute, entertaining and has mice wearing clothes. 5/5, 10 out of 10!
It is a great game , but many people think half of it is behind a paywall (it sort of is if ads are intolerable for you) IT IS COMPLETELY FREE all you gotta do is to go back when they ask you to pay. It would have been nice if they tell while asking for money, 'cause i almost uninstalled this game hadn't I left some episodes and "discoverd" this alternate method
Beautiful, I loved it, it was a bit short maybe 3 hours of playing, but either way it was an amazing game. Edit: pay wall in front of content and what I assume would be the cannon ending or something, I would do the bean stuff but I feel it would take more time than I've actually played the game. Fine I'll pay for the stuff and edit again later Edit after paying the thing: It was worth every penny to see the conclusion of the story, beautiful, kinda wished it continued more for a conclussion.
It's not much of a game. More like a story and you have to do some physical tapping to progress the story. (There is actually a real shooting minigame on the computer which you need to watch ads to play.) To play more than 10% of the game you need to pay or watch 33 ads or wait 15 hours (with the game on, not exaggerating). If you pay for the game then you can play the minigame for free.
I LOVE IT the story is amazing the characters the plot are just perfect I love the 8bit style and the fact you can just collect 2000 coffee beans instead of paying to continue with the story just amazes me keep it up!
I love this once i saw the the art style. its so cheery and simple. I had some few opinions though. the main character we play as, is too fast. Getting seen is just a the same scene runover we always respawn on the side of the bed thought this was kind of a team based shooter? kinda got tricked but what do i know Weird thought but... I would like to make the characters notice your clothes will play again once i buy the episodes
You can tell the game was made with a lot of heart! The free section is cozy, but you definitelly need the other chapter to be able to get a full story. Luckily they have the option to get it through watching non invasive ads! it was easy to do just on the side while doing something else. Otherwise if you have the money is pretty cheap to get as well. The ending is beautiful, definitely shed a few tears.
This is a more interactive visual novel, with a charming story about the things in life that hold us back. If you don't want to spend any money, the BBQ scene is a good enough ending. However! If you want more story with some horror elements and potentially heart-wrenching scenes, I STRONGLY recommend buying the extra chapter. It made me emotional, (the grandma's part had me in tears) and hit harder on the topics adressed in the free section of the story. Very good game, I'm so glad I tried it.
This "point and click adventure game" leads by the nose through the whole story. A glorified game of "press the the button we tell you to press" with shallow extras and a boring story. Dont play it.
honestly, I loved this game from start to finish. it has wonderful art, and tells a rather interesting story throughout. strongly reccomend playing, and for the devs, thank you for the quality content!!
Good graphics and decent music. But, gameplay is so boring. Nothing to do but tap and read. The missions are too easy as well. I had high hopes after Fishing Paradiso but this game just pales in comparison. The story is just okay, Bear's Restaurant is a lot better than this one, even though both are tapping and reading games.
Relatively short, but a heartwarming game. Not just a small quest adventure with squeaky mice, ghosts, riddles or puzzles - you will succeed in any case. Think of it as an interactive story of how important to be human, to greet neighbours, how is to follow your way and enjoy those little moments we still have to enjoy. Pretty important to know there is still good in this world even after all the tragic events this year
It is short and sweet. That said, if you didn't pay for the "ending", it's just short. This has been a repeating occurence, hiding the "ending" behind a pay wall. That seems to be a pattern in all this Dev's games but this is one of the worst as it is extremely short overall, specially compared to the other ones. And the gameplay, or lack thereof, is just sad. It's too linear and it doesn't have much replayability. That said, I would still support this creator as I know they make great stories.
The gameplay was a smidgen bit lacking If you're expecting a normal free-to-play mobile game. But, the story MORE then makes up for it. Genuinely love the option to be able to work around a paywall with a little bit of time. Without spoiling anything, the content is worth waiting for, I promise.
The story is wonderful, aswell as the controls, but there are multiple things considered bad, like the fact that there is a paywall. Yes, we get alot of episodes, but the last is paywalled, making most unsatisfied with the game, unable to see the ending. I wouldn't have paywalled it.
I... the game was good! And then it said that I must buy the ending. With no warning, leaving it in an awful cliffhanger. Just like that. The game per se was... pretty boring? You get told what you have to do constantly, and though it had a pretty nice story... It would be better to just have it as a fully paid game, instead of letting you play free until a sudden paywall appears. All in all, it's a regular game.
I may be a little unfair in comparing them, but I think that this game is lacking in actual gameplay and story compared to the others. I still enjoy the visuals and the unique mechanic of going around to fight ghosts, but the characters feel one dimensional compared to those in Bear's restaurant for example, and the "shooting" less fun than the fishing of Fishing Paraiso. The free part is also not interesting enough for me to spend time collecting coffee beans, but i do appreciate the option.
I really like how your games have an option to tap things (and by that i mean watch adds (cause no one is gonna do it without adds)) as an alternative way of paying, because really these games are at a level where they should all cost money, because the endings are usually the best and most important bits. Also I didn't really get any adds inbetween chapters in the story (didn't know if that was intentional or not it's just that it said that that would happen. Finally, why so sad...
Really good story driven game and for the amount of game time. Has really emotional segments in the game and absolutely loved playing it! Well done developer team! :')
Mousebusters is a beautiful story-based game that should not be rushed through with. If you take your time, you can appreciate the storyline & hard work that has gone into this. The ads between chapters are 5 seconds, and the chapters are long. At the end, to access the ending, you can purchase with money or you can watch ads. For me, watching ads was definitely worth it. The ad-watching part is not that bad and can be done in 2 hours. There is nothing to complain about. Good job, Odencat!
I immediately downloaded it the moment I got the notification and now that I finally got around to play let me tell you it was such a wholesome game. I love the art style but I anticipated some more plot maybe regarding the characters? I wish the changes in the neighbours after you defeat the demons were shown more? nevertheless I liked it :) Edit : Nevermind I realised the game continues after I dropped the review ahhh :)
Expansion demands money or watching 50 ads back to back to see ending. Was almost one of the best games I had ever played until that moment, ruined all of Odingames for me, some of us just dont have money or credit cards to spend so that we CAN see an ending to a great game good job on RUINING your own game!
This Stories make me cry.. It literally looks like it was true- (But fiction). I waited 3 hours to get all those Cacao or Coffee Beans! And that hours was Worth it!! Thank you so Much! If i had some money i should 'prolly' donate some for this Amazing Games you guys have created! I'm counting for more! Do your best!! (I played some of your games. I'll just play the rest then i'm done :)) But all in all Thank You again!)
I love this game its pretty fun but the reason i gave this a four star review is because of the credits you know how come so many people bought gold sponsor? that is so annoying and the credits take so long to finish even scrolling doesnt help at all i made my review 2 star because the things you have to buy are unfair you have to PAY TO CONTINUE AND PAY TO BE A SPONSOR IS SUCKS LITERALLY EITHER LEAVING ON A CLIFFHANGER OR PAY TO CONTINUE/SPEND DAYS COLLECTING COFFEE BEANS WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!
This is a pleasant little game. I will probably get the other episode. The story is nice and small enough that I can actually finish it. I love that you translated the game to a decent ammount of languages. The english translations a bit grammar issues, like "a mail" instead of ""mail". It would have been nice to know this was the review for the free episode.
Great game as always, but for some reason I can't get the ads to operate. I've already tried resetting the ad seed but still no luck. EDIT: in response - This isn't my first Odencat game, but to be fair, it's also not the first time I've gotten ad bugs. I know it's got something to do with Google Ads and their seeds, but I could never fix it. Oh well. -.-
This is such a great game i played the free trial ends up sometime to get the free full version and after i played it it's such a great game please try it out
This game is amazing because you can skip the pay purchase by doing a side quest ans i think tuats amazing because you can have a really great experince and it can still continue so thats why im giving it 5 stars and i think every amazing game should have that experince that makes thebgame better
Not really even a game. Not sure what to call it, other than a boring, low quality story. Super linear interaction, to the point of being little more than unecessarily complicated page turning.
It has a pretty good story overall but there is still some things that aren't explained at all, plus I wouldn't exactly call this a "horror" because there wasn't a single moment where I was scared. Another problem is the gameplay is just tapping. There is really nothing to challenge skill other than that one ghost with 4 heads but still then he is easy to defeat. If you are going to play this game I suggest you play it for the story and not gameplay.
Super game, I like story!!!!! I really cry 😭 😢💔 at the end of the story , when I shoot the boss!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really cry. What I say , no words.... I am also crying now to write this . I love story. I miss you the game boss....
This was such a rewarding and beautiful experince. I don't understand how they could tell such an amazing story in less then a half hour simple gameplay. I loved every second of it and dedinitly recommend playing the whole game through, including the ending. Great game and story. 100 stars!
Pretty good game altogether, though the coffee bean minigame just to unlock the next chapter is kind of a huge slap in the face. Would rate 5 stars if you didn't have to gather so many beans.
the game is fine, but the presentation of choice is everywhere, I feel like it would have been better if they cut out the "game elaments" and when all on for the visual novel department, you already can't do anything outside of the visual novel category, so why not kill the middle man and remove the "shooting" it plays 0 part in the overall plot, its stupid simple and ended up bieng the worst part of this buitiful game, and Americans don't talk like that, the game got borderline racist sometimes
The story was amazing, the graphics felt nice, and I loved the music. But one of the few things that I didn't like was that you didn't really figure anything out, and the only thing you really controlled was the combat.
I like this game sooooooo much. It is new realese and the story is so good and it's very sad😭😭😭😭😭😭 because if you try to catch the ghost, the residents will notice you and start again and the thing you became a mouse. (like i became a dog series but it have some multi-ending) You gave the mouse a food and then booom you became a mouse too because he is human too and became a mouse. Please can I purchase the last objective pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. thanks. But I will catch 3k beans to unlock it.
A really nice game. It's short and sweet. I wish it were longer, but at the same time, it's good as is. I really loved the art in this game, especially, and the writing felt so realistic despite the, well, non realistic aspects of the game.
There is nothing not to love about this game. Everything is so cute, the story is superb and it can also be quite challenging by moments. I also love the half-mini-quest if you can't pay, you can still do the entire game and its not that long, plus you can do mini games on the side. I will definitely be supporting the game and the studio, this is not the first game of theirs i try and i have yet to be deceived. This is a game for everyone to enjoy, and the people behind it are to be treasured.
Wow. Best mobile game ever. Not much in the way of gameplay, but more than made up for in story. Possibly the first mobile game to make me cry. Even the ads were super tame! ...Until I refused to pay for the full game. I then had the option to instead collect 2000 coffee beans, which I did. With several dozen ads to speed up the process. That was the only negative part of the game, though. Great job, guys. I'd support you if I had money.
I've played almost all of the devs games up until this one. LOVE these games. The necessity of watching ads for the gameplay can be annoying, and the games are relatively short, but the experience is worth it. There is a small bug currently with the game loading back into after ads. [13/9/20]
It's a good and cute game! I suggest you to download it. It's not a hard game, I like playing interactive 8 bit games and they make a lot of similar games! Thank you, for making the game that will give me a good expression. The last part is kinda emotional, anyway sorry if I made a mistake writing this! :)
wow. really wasn't expecting for this to make me cry like a baby aha. when i saw it on the play store i wasn't expecting much from it but it really shocked me! in a good way, of course. this game is so well done. although I was a little upset at the coffee beans part i find it great that you added a second option for those who simply cannot afford it!! very great game, I recommend it! :)
its an amazing adventure with some great comedy thrown into the mix a great game to play if you are bored. delevoper if you are reading this I can't wait for more content and story to be added to the game
Not much of a game. Really just a slightly interactive story. Graphics are well done, but the game is very slow and repetitive.
(Buy or do the coffee beans for free game) its so worth it. Mousebusters... If you have played bears resturant there is a very familiar type of story plot. Its happy endings but with a heart break. Mouse busters is no different. But i have never been more captivated in a android pixel art game. Thank you for the playthrough and experience. But F YOU for the tears at the end :P i wont come to expect any happier experience with you
Really nice, short, entertaining game. It doesn't have intrusive adds, the design is really cute and gameplay is simple and nice for relaxing a bit. Cheers to the creators.
This game was so WHOLESOME! That was really well done and arranged, and honestly the simple graphics of the game only made it more enjoyable. It's like you didn't have much to take in and yet you were immersed in the suspense. I loved both the episodes, and the ending. Keep up the good work man!
This is one of the best games I have ever played! The art style, the story, and the gameplay are all great! Theirs just one problem I have with the game, Its that you have to pay 2.99 or collect 5000 coffie beans to be able to continue the story. And their isnt even any warning about it until you reach the pay wall! Its irritating that the pay wall came out of no where, it would be great if you gave a warning about the paywall. And that not being able to see the ending without paying is just sad
Overall, an awesome game. Granted, it's short but it's sweet, has its own unique feel and other than the obvious parody to Ghostbusters, it's very original. I wish there were multiple endings however and that there was more interactivity in each level as no matter what you did, you couldn't fail.
I really dislike the fact that you have to either pay money or pay personal time for the second part. Also you didn't say anything about having to pay for the second part in the description of the game. It's kinda messed up that people most likely find that out whilst playing the game! So if they're fond of the story, those people would mostly be disappointed that they have to pay to find out what happens next.
The game is very simply. The graphic and gameplay is not very much to talk about, but what actually matter in this game is its story. The game has some interesting stories about each characters. I bet you can learn a thing or two from it. So yeah, I must say that this game is a well made game.
Its really fun until its pay to play. Sure they give an option to not pay but to collect 5000 coffee beans when like 1 falls every 5 seconds its kinda upsetting. Other then that a great game.
Its a nice app, with a classic uniqueness. Especially for the fact for people who could not afford to buy the next chapter so you decided to add some random old man offers it for free. Very nice, one of the best (and cutest) RPGs I've ever played.
Very relaxing ghost hunting game. There is an aura of strangeness and mystery, but it is a cute and upbeat game at heart. The second quest will emphasize the weird aspects as it is a rescue mission in a creepy Limbo world. The Limbo mission was creepy, but there was a bittersweet satisfaction in saving everyone. You'll have to play to understand why. I suggest playing the Mousebusters minigame frequently when you've bought the game. All of the rewards are grindable even if you're bad at it. :)
This is the best games ever I played all the games of odencat I have played they were awsome.but one thing is that i did not like is when there is end of the game we have purchase money for the second part and I want to continue the game Mousebuster please do not take money for the second part.
Really enjoyed this game...I also like that even after the story ends, there is still a lot of content to unlock and explore by either sponsorship or minigame achievement (clever way for dev to earn but gives player content with greater value than the ad imo). Best of all, I love the "Boss" soundtrack by Jinjo, so cool😎 thank you for this game!
Another great game Your games carries great meaning and gives an important message of life to remember and gives hope and courage Keep making bsuch games
Good game, good story. I've cried out on the moment where I was saving the old lady. And the best thing of the game, If you don't have much money to buy full version, you can get it by grabbing a coffe beans by watching ad, but, It kinda fast (about 20 mins to grab all 2000 coffe beans to get full version) All 5 stars! Game deserves it! You definitely should play it, also if you like pixel platformers. (And one more thing: I've made my English language skills better during playing that game :>>)
The game is fairly easy and you don't have to play to win the entire game. But why is there shooting training i mean cant you just make a part 3 or something for the secret program from the end of part 2 when you turn into a human. 3 stars
The game had a great story but I think the ghosts were too easy to kill and there were some Easter eggs and the game was fun I had a great time and even cried in some times I cried when the cat died but he came back later but when the cat died it reminded me that my cat also died so I had to cry but yea the best story game I have ever played I never played story games so this is my first and the preregistration was worth it picause I was one of the first few people to play it thanks for the game
I really enjoyed this game, but my only complaint is that I can't change my character's gender, But I still enjoyed the game. I hope that you will release a MouseBusters 2. Keep up the great work👍🏾😉
great story, I was really to pre-order the second part but to my surprise it was already made, I'm happy to had buy it. Is so funny the mouse animations i take many screenshots since the mouse looks so cute, and badass. But omg the second part, isn't for kids well, never mind most kids would understand more the second story than adults.
Words just can't describe this "game". You really have to play it to get it. I jumped in thinking it as another indie game but it turned out to be totally something else, and i'm glad with what came out. I hope such hidden gems keep appearing in my feed in the future.
pretty great story, the translation and actual gameplay leaves something to be desired, but it is quite an enjoyable and charming experience all around.
Very good story. Main story wasn't enough to convince me to pay for the rest, but I really appreciated having the option to play a really long mini game to continue for free (with lots of ad boosting since I do want the developers to get paid). It kind of felt like washing dishes to pay for your meal, and the rest of the story was rewarding enough to be worth it. I cried a couple times.
The premise and story are interesting, but there is not much of a game - it is merely an interactive novel and I the interactive part is boring and linear. Expected way more from ghost fighting mice :-)
Beautiful. I love the gameplay and the plot! It may be short but I enjoyed every single bit until the end. And the fact that the devs actually gave a chance for people who can't pay is trully amazing! Keep up the good work! 🙌
Cute and creepy fun. I liked the ghost design and the story. More of a story than a game. Only complaint is that after I played the free chapters I purchased the rest, and then found out there was another paywall. I didn't purchase silver, bronze, or gold, so I may have missed something.
This was a real nice game. I loved it! The way the graphics were reminded me some of the old games. The storyline was awesome and at the end they give a message how life doesn't need to be so dull and to say hi once in a while to some one new. The ads were not bad there was not many at all. ❤
this was so cute and the story was interesting and the ending was very sad, the only thing that annoys me is you need to spend almost the entire day to get coffeebeans (even if watching ads) which kinda ruined the game for me but overall it's really cool! I honestly wish more games come out similar to this one and bear restaurant or somethin like that
Not what I expected in a good way! I enjoyed playing it very much! I thought it was going to be very hard defeating the ghosts but it was just a tap away. So simple. I hope to play more games like this in the future. Happy gaming everyone~
A very cute short visual novel with a very positive message. Theres an additional episode after the free content which I haven't played yet. I highly recommend anyone to play even the free parts only for the cute aesthetics and good feels.
This game has some incredibly amazing story, a tale of our everyday problems caused by ghosts, and even a dark past that you can uncover. 10/10
Amazing game with an amazing narrative. This team deserves more recognition for having stories like this as well as having a way to do the next chapter for free (albeit time consuming), while also making some beautiful pixel art and music. That ending is so beautiful but I won't spoil it.
I loved it. The story was so good, the character development was excellent, and the ending was so moving it almost made me cry, which has never happened to me before. I loved it a lot... And the watch-ads-instead-of-paying option was really convenient
Love this game!! Down from the graphics to the storyline, im in love with the plot, I bought the ad free and extra episode, zero regrets! You guys are so creative im hoping to play more of your games! 🖤🖤🖤
10/10 it has a amazing story. I will tell everybody to play this game. It even made me cry at the end it was so good. I would have never expected this game to be this good. Also the plot is * chefs kiss*. I can not tell you enough about how good this game is.
I like the game's visual style which reminds me of Mother 3. And that is a compliment for any game. However, I don't give this game 5 stars because it's inaccessible for FTP (free to play) players. The cofee bean minigame (if you can call it that) takes great amount of time and you can't progress if you don't complete it. Overall, this is an intersting game and it's worth playing even if you're a FTP player.
If you're dealing with dark ghosts of your own, I fully recommend this game. It really hits close to home. The story was beautiful and brought me to tears. Once you complete the first chapter, you are hit by a paywall, but there's the option to do it for free with time and ads. That's the only reason I'm not giving 5 stars. But trust me, it's well worth it for that ending.
Really cute and different... So far anyway, the current tone states something can get real dark real fast, I look forward to the supprize
I was just gonna say great story even though its kinda short, and good music, especially in the credits... But.... This game is actually AMAZING!! Also, I love the music. Honestly, a really great, in-depth story. I highly reccommend buying the extra episode. It was easily the best spent $3 in a while for me. Couldn't put it down till I finished it all. Fantastic game and many props to the developers💯
Nice story, and I like the ads, they're not intrusive, they're not annoying and they give me the chance to play for free, the only downside is the 5k points needed to unlock the full game
This is a very fun game! There is a point where you have to pay to continue or watch ads but they make watching the ads entertaining. I enjoyed all aspects of this game!
Ideally speaking, this games speaks moe volumes in the storytelling than gameplay. The ghosts here seem to represent the insecurities of the neighbors, and you as a mouse are to help people get together. There will be different people with different personalities, and though they may conflict, only one person must be there to join them together and open up. Overall, it was great and fun.
Now I really like this game, and I rrally enjoyed it, but there's ONE thing that made me choose 3 stars. I really don't like rhe fact that after you do the first 'round' of the game, you have to PAY just so you can progress. If you decide NOT to pay, then the game makes you have to collet 2,000 coffee beans!! And they fall SO slowly! I know that you can use ads but that doesn't help completely! If only I could type more I would, but 3 stars. Please change that! Thank you.
So glad that I found this treasure. It's very rare to find these free gems on mobile nowadays, I just wanted to say that this game is overwhelmingly recommended from me. LOTS OF LOVE to this application, savour this treasure before something happen. Cheers!
One of the best story based games on phone. I wont spoil much but it hit in the feels. Also developer were kind enough to put the coffee collecting minigame. I see many people are complaining about it but i finished the whole game without paying a cent. I just collected coffee every hour or 2 for like a month, watched few ads and i collected all the coffee needed. If devs see this review, i just want to wish them a nice day :)
This was a great game story wise definitely worth the pay for ads removal and complete game but I think you could have done much more with it. Shooting ghosts for example is more fun while they are moving and you could have put some mini games in it. For example with the computer guy and the screens, I was hoping for a memory game or something. The guitar guy maybe something with hitting notes on time. But all and all great story game. If you wanna contact me, Irvan010#3716 is my discord.
this game is one of the best free andriod game I have played, and there are not meny ads at ALL. this game gives a message while keeping it nice and fun, I do wish the game was a little longer but I really enjoy how short it is. if your looking for a nice short game to play in one with story and is not stupid hard and has so meny ads please try this game❤ I hope the creators see this and please keep making games like this, I absolutely love your game and I hope to see more❤
Its a very very a goo...no i mean FANTASTIC game i ever played.the story are very great and as always some little surprise.and i sad at the ending (the real one).even if i am a boy its very broke my heart.but i really like the game.
A surprisingly charming tale with Earthbound-esque undertones had me hooked. While gameplay was simple, the presentation captivated me. I thoroughly enjoyed. One word of warning: The full story is only unlocked after either purchase or through ads so most may not see this touching story to the end. Great job nonetheless and I hope to see more from these developers.
I was about to cry when the fireworks started and i thought the game will end but oh well fortunately it doesn't and I have the option of paying or playing for free(through ads). I am playing for free but in the future I will come back and pay for this awesome game. Thanks devs for the game:)
This game is one of the few games I actually didn't wanted to end, probably because I knew what will happen in the end, and it was just too sad and emotional. A great story, with such innocent gameplay. A big kudos for the entire team behind it. ❤
This is honestly such a good game, and it was worth binge playing it. I really hope this gets a sequel as the full game with the additional story is soo worth it. You will never regret spending money for this wonderful story, which is far better than the free to play story. Genuinely loved this. I started from Clock of Attonement and will stay for more. I definitely believe that this game is not for people who DON'T like to read so I had no problems with the dialogue.Thank you Odencat!
wow! Such a nice game. if u love a good story then this game is recommended. The ending is so sad. Oh my! I am still crying. Especially the shooting part at the end is so emotional and nerve wrecking. Odencats games are a must to play. I urge you to try this game. Trust me it's really touching.
I was a f2p on the game and i had to finish the beans to fully write it. But for me the game is pretty much worth buying. It has a good story with a simple gameplay. It's packed nicely for people to be able to get thru the story and not worry about gameplay and it has some points and morals across. Very nice game. Hope one day it'll get a sequel of some sort. Keep up the great work especially ryota who is scripting the story.
This is the BEST OF THE BEST GAME I have played in my existence till now. I'll always remember this game. I really love the pixel art, the music, game design & every tiny particle of this game. I know how much effort this game has taken, as I am also a indi developer, & a lover of pixel art games. THIS IS SIMPLY TRYWORTHY. I have to congratulate the Dev's of the this game for this masterpiece. From now the name of this studio is always on my lips. I like to post this games game play on my YT.🙏☺
the story was cool and the characters are awesome and the effect, animations, and dialogue is cool, keep a good job :)
I decided to buy the other episode and like all your other games it made my heart jolt. It was worth more than the purchase and after this game I had to go hold my pet Guinea pigs cuz I was crying over the ending
nice, but short. gameplay babies you. I kinda wish there was more figuring out, and rogue-like elements, where you'd have to hide from the humans and stuff. that's the only reason it isn't a 5 star, because this game is phenomenal and I want to see the creators make more.
One of their worst projects so far, and definitely their shortest. It really suffers from a lack of depth, and there almost no gameplay in this one. At least in their other games you walk around, solve puzzles, and have dialogue choices. I HATE the MINIGAMES too. Just profoundly disappointed. Of course, the Additional Episode is a must-play (as always). EDIT: Finally all gold medals. Gold sponsor package was nice but not worth $5.
amazing! such a touching game, I love it. I was so sad when it ended. I hope you could do a part 2 of the game? or maybe an update? that would be really cool. greetings to the directors! the game is truly creative :)
Thanks odencat for making this beautiful game, it was a great experience and super immersive and here's your five 🌟.