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MouseBot for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Vector Unit located at 930 Irwin Street, Suite 209 San Rafael, CA 94901 USA. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm not fond of 3D games! This game is fun, but the developer went all out to make it super tricky & difficult. I managed to get to stage 3, then got very frustrated
Woah I was playing beach buggy racing but I go to the playstore to get cheats then I saw the mousebot and it was vector unit so I install it and play it and it was the best ever.
It's kinda hard but it's a good game and why don't you change the lives with the outfit you are wearing like when you have a different outfit the life's icon has the same outfit to
I love the game but level 5 of boss cat is actually impossible u have to skip it but mainly I just wanted to ask if you could make a mousebot 2 ex: Mousebot lost in space. Plz make a sequel Boss cat reveal cutsene is SO COOL also if u could fix me dieing from air I will LOVE the game
It's hard because of this little glitch for when I jump I want to move left but I cannot I just turn left and then I still fall down in The Mousetrap or still fall down into the Smashing hammer and even into the grinder into the saw if you make this a little bit easier than maybe I can make it further in the game
I'm still waiting for the new one. I've finished the game long time, constantly checking on for the new update. But nothing. Please do the second one. This is my favourite game ever.
Like it the game and the shade are cool also make a mutiplayer where i play as player and is option where you can write your name above the robot mouse (names cant be seen in 3rd person view names are visble to 3rd person view but anyone can see names while racing) Here is the example your minecraft player right but you cant see your name at all because is visible for first players if you look up no name at all but when your in Mutiplayer anyone can see your name right please make a race right?
Idk what your talking about but this is the best game out there its some thing yougo to when your boardπŸ‘™such a fresh breath of air πŸ§–
It's a pretty good game but I don't like what they did to it cuts in the old world and you had infinite lives David I once used I love you. I'm more than five times in the old version I want to do nothing good just keep on responding bonded versus you died five times now you got to start all over from the beginning I don't like cuz I love to the original I love loved it the woods and was so great everything on the original so I'm not happy eat it of what they did to this to the game not one bit
It's an amazing game with less MB & creative story. Runs smoothly on large screen with smart view. Scientist Billis 🐱 are very cute & intelligent. I like this game so much.
Extremely hard to control levels. Having to spend certain tokens to use checkpoints makes some levels near impossible... Can't believe i bought unlimited lives in this game. The game is still incredibly near impossible... I game 24 / 7 and i wouldn't spend my time trying to complete this trash... Don't waste your time unless you're willing to spill your wallet on your device and still spend hours upon hours working on completing this game... What a cash-grab!
This game was fun at first, but when I got to harder levels I had to wait to get new lives, and there were no checkpoints. It becomes just an exercise in frustration. Dont install.
I have paid for 20 coins and for premium. I have no extra 20 coins no infinite lives . If you can't fix it refund my money
super game i loved it but the only thing i was facing the problem that if you use one pass then you should play that level in which you had used the pass
It is such a good game can you make more games like this and before I forget could you add a easy medium and hard mode it is a little too hard for me:)
Mouse bot is very interesting and each world brings a new element or obstacles that the mouse has to avoid, grab as much cheese as you can and escape each level. There are loved but you can get the unlimited so u have endless lives which helps a lot! Overall, this game is so creative and amazing!!! Reminds me a bit of Flowers for Algernon
I used to play this a few years ago on my tablet and I have played this many times and kept resetting to do it all over againπŸ˜‚πŸ₯Ί!!! I downloaded it today on my phone because it just came into my head of one of my past favourite gamesπŸ₯°!! And I searched up mouse and there it was MouseBot🀩I still love it as much as before and will always give a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I would give 5star if have this game have multiplayer mode ..cuz i want to play this game together with mw friend..
Hello, Developers and staff, I love the game but not too offend you all because this is a great game just want to say that the speedness is too fast so this is just an idea that if you could keep settings and in there you could keep speedness of the mouse that's all thanks 🐁.
Cute game.and fun..challenging tho but the levels are so cute and remind me of ratchet and Clank love the sound effects and music too.
Great for all ages!!! intudusing the best mouse and cat game ive ever played!!!! wowsserzzzz!!!! the challenges are amazing! so adictive!!! i cant explainnnn..!!!! its just really good, (im only 10 so sorry about my spelling)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 STARS ^_^
I love this game. It's really fun and unique and the animation is so sleek and cute. BUT. The way the mouse bot swerves makes me LEGIT motion sick. I start to get nauseous after playing a level or two. Sad, because I do like this game. I just wish I could play more than two levels at a time.
most amzing spectacular game in the whole world im in having a blast but it,s a little intense but still i love the game i hope there is mouse bot 2 in the next generation or in the future thx
I hate the controls because when I jump then I turn right so the mouse doesn't do that it just fall straight in to a mouse trap πŸ˜’ but it is not bad I doesn't means its bad it is good but the controls are difficult for me please put a joystick so it will be easier for me and keep touching the bomb in the water πŸ’§ I turned left but it goes slow so the bomb blast in the water please fix it then I will give it 5. 🌟 It is super
the game is great!!!!me and my brother are always battling on who is the one will finish it first😁tnx vector unit.
This is a nice game but too difficult for TVs if you die every time then you have to reset the game. In every five minutes you get a chance but the levels are too difficult πŸ˜” you should also give a energy token in 5 minutes and a chance to convert cheese πŸ§€ into energy tokens .
The game looks cool. But there is one thing. I cant even get inside the game. It kicks me automaticly. Your game needs a fix-fix.
this morning as I was just thinking about how to beat the game mouse bot, the boss levels was tough but I was tougher, let took time but I still love the game
My 5 year old and I love this! It's challening yet easy enough for you to actually beat the level. Even my 5 year old wins sometimes and he is noooo game player. Very addicting and fun. I like how the theme changes each level.
I know this game is amazing and it deserves more then just five stars. But I recently changed my phone and for some reason whenever I download the app it just doesn't work... It always leads me back to my home screen. My friend has the exact same phone and she has no trouble at all. I really love this game tho I hope yall can fix it.
So I've notice that the gates are supposed to be like checkpoints but that doesn't happen and I have to constantly restart at the very beginning and do the level all over again, can you maybe change that? Because I ran out of energy point coins.
Its graphics are amazing, I love to play this game 'mouse bot' all the time. Its like a escape from the evil cats lab. But the reason why I gave only 4 stars is because of the red tokens and the energy. They give a little amount of them. I don't like it but it is a very good idea to have this game. It's a good passing of time and it's fun.
This is an amazing and addictive game but please I want more levels as I have completed it two times...
I give one star less because of controlling. The arrows are not controling the mouse perfectly especially in air and water. Sensitivity is high while in air and water. Excluding this everything is perfect. The game is too hard. Also it become a rage game for me. Beacause of controlling I got out many times. So I got angry. One day I was just near the winning gate. But I forget about the traps and out. Also there hidden easter eggs which also give you achievements. Great and hard game πŸ‘
This is a game that I really enjoyed, it was good gameplay the controls are kind of hard but very easy to master, I hope the creators make a mouse bot 2 because I really enjoyed this, maybe they could add new gimmicks and this time it's a cat bot instead of a mouse bot.
This game is EPIC, love it the maze is awesome and the challenges are good only thing is sometimes get the same prize please fix that asap keep getting 100 cheese πŸ§€ for the same prize not fair
Good game really fun and challenging however I ran into an issue as the second level of the last stage (boss cat ) kept crashing non stop so I had to delete it
Excellent graphic, smooth controls . Entertaining and levels getting harder one by one. Good to time pass and skill your efforts
I love the game 😣 but it doesn't have tilt and the enrgy stays to long it needs a little more work on it but still fun though
Plzz make 2nd part of mouse bot... It's very interesting and amazing. I was just surprised when I played it first time.. Guys plzz download it πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
I don't have a joystick (you can get this app on tv believe it or not) and the controlls are terrible
LOVE IT!I love cute lil cheesy boys AKA mouse,its hard and fun and cool like the skins and i like robots,CUTE:3
I paid for infinite lives but didn't get any. After money was taken from my account, I still have to wait to add lives and I try to click get infinite lives again, it says "anerror occurred, your transaction was not completed. Please try again. This is not acceptable!
Wanted to give it 5 stars but gave 4 because the levels after 7 part are so hard that one can only win if he has hacks..... But u can download the app it's really cool and cute app.....
I wiah the checkpoints were actually checkpoints and you didnt have to pay for them and trying to get over the roller is really annoying for me otherwise great game.
The game is awesom the graphics too. But level 8 in go with the flow or something is the hardest level i cant pass it like why why?
I used to play this like 2 years ago and now I found it! I really like how there is hats and skins! Also the controls are awesome!
This game is great and fantastic im playing it on my new tablet but one this to mention is that some levels are harder than the next levels which seems a little bit unfair but thank god you added a pass card overall this is a good game when i play this i feel like a mouse XD
Great game, it's fun and addictive, but it could have more levels, after you finish the game there isn't much else to do
Such a good game I also have it on my iPad I have all level's in the game but the last level on boss kitty is SOOOOO hard...
Good app not glitchy at all it's hard,but fun And you can decorate or use a checkpoint for very few tokens
Amazing job overall, difficult game the further you go. A bit annoyed about 10-5 being harder than 6,7,8, there's a lot of stages where level 3 or 5 are harder than the final ones. Did it completely free it just takes time, try not to spend your energy quick that's what I did, you'll regret it. I don't like how you can get the same skin over and over for cheese, got zebra 4 times in my playthrough. But overall fun and challenging in just the right amount.
Great work vector unit but please there is a bug. Whenever I press the right directional button it takes some time for the game to sense it like 2-3 seconds. Please fix this and this game deserves five stars
I really love the game, but only 3 stars for energy token whenever the game is intresting and if I die I need energy tokens I am so sad, and I know that he owner will not remove the energy tokens, but the controls, Fps, and clearity is very good but the only problem is energy tokens, they are in game to disturb us by not playing I love playing it again but these stops me.
One of my grandson's favorites, we just reset and he's playing through it again. Developers respond to email within a day or two and have been very helpful.
Firstly, I would like to start this review by stating that this game is truly entertaining for my daughter and me. However, I have to give this game 1 star until I either get my money back or I get what I paid for. I spent 4.99 to unlock the game and it doesn't reflect my purchase. Then I tried buying 20 tokens for 1.99 and that doesn't even work. Seriously, where are my purchases?
Best arcade game..its a very challenging game and it is a bit difficult to pass all the levels..but thank you to the team that has made this type of game..i want the part 2 also of this game..
So far this game has been wonderful! I am enjoying all the levels, and it's simple but difficult (at least later on lol). Nice job you guys :3
I love this game. The style the gameplay, and the overall concept of cats training a robot mouse to go through mazes. I love all the style options for your mouse and the difficulty of the mazes is just perfect. By the time you get to the harder levels your very experienced and can go through it with there only being a litte bit of toughness. And the game is also helping you by giving you a free pass card for a level thats just to hard. Then you can go and complete it later to get your card back.
Suppppper easy game but still great and i had fun playing. Wish there was more of a story and maybe less obvious pathings? Still tho great game
I really like this game but you made a few levels too hard. I will tell you the problems. 1. We have tp buy more lives 2. Too hard 3. Too many ads That is all i hope you make these less pr easier t play
Makes games again VECTOR okay Dont give up Makes Games okay ......I LIKE ALL GAMES FROM ALL NATIONS ...I LIKE ALL CATEGORY AND GENRE GAMES ...I SUPPORT ALL COMPANY GAMES ....I LIKE GAMES ANDROID IOS,PCLAPTOP,PSP,PSVITA,PLAYSTATIONS 1234 ( comingsoon PS5 ) NINTENDO,GAME BOX,........Nice VECTOR I LIKE ALL YOUR GAMES OKAY .....ESPECIALLY { BBR } OKAY ....Dont give up makes games Makes Games offline okay Perfect Idea And Graphics....UPDATE PERFECT okay every year makes games VTU πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘sixbest
it is a fun game. really nice graphics and art. hope you update the game soon. and the leves are really fun and challenging. β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯. the game is really good. I love it. love your games too they so fun.
Being a premium user I suggest everyone to install it. The game is super. Nothing to improve. A great time killer 🀠
It's nice but, I have two problems. First, the energy, I don't know why I hate this but, I hate when the energy finishes. Like, waiting for a hours and minutes. Next, is the controls. The controls do not have tilt. Yes, the controls have no tilt. Every racing game have tilt like your game, Beach Buggy Racing. So please fix all of these.
Amazing game and truly entertaining. Still needs some new features. Add more chapters.Add more skins.Add minigames where you can play while waiting for lives to regenerate. Good Job.
The puzzle in this game is very difficult, I have a hard time playing this game and I feel annoyed begging for the puzzle in this game to make it easier
Mouse not is a very creative game where u move around 10 different labs and u have to avoid said obstacles. This game is amazing and the levels are hard from time to time but that is what really makes the overall experience enjoyable. I love how creative the game looks and the design for each lab is well done too. Hopefully there is a second game of mouse bot in the future.
my friend download this game through Amazon underground and got infanate life's for free. this game is fun but I die all the time and run out of life's quickly. so please give us a code or something we can use for a limited time to get infanate life's for free. do that and this game is a automatic 5 stars!
I love this game, but it would be nice if the unlockable patterns and gear had abilities like the pirate hat gave you a sword that could disable one mousetrap, or the hard hat gave you an extra hit and broke if you got hit. I still think the game is fun but little improvements like that would make it so much better. Just in case people still like the original kind of gameplay then make a second game that has a switch in the options menu to turn it off or on. Four stars.
Good the reason I put 4 stars is IT NEEDS MULTIPLAYER It will be really cool also make a costum level creator and that's it
The game is fantastic! The only reason I am rating this as a 1 star is because it has been over a year and y'all haven't updated and given new levels! I hope you can get to that as soon as possible.
Its really fun and it reminds me of when i would play this at the age of 7 it hasnt changed. It reminds me of child hood. Keep up the good work!
I found a way to contact vector through the app. I sent an email and they fixed the issue within a day. Greatly appreciated as this game is his favorite by far! **** Bought premium, never received *** Is there a way to contact someone about this game? It keeps offering me premium (even though I have bought it) but when we click to see what happens it tells me that we already own the game. My son loves this game. He doesn't have the issue on his amazon device, just my android phone.
I really like this game. The controls are super simple! It also has the aspects of a averge running game but a bit more control over the charater. I rate this five stars.
Good game, would recomend but older people (like teenegers and older) will probably enjoy less then for example my 8 year old sister
Not a bad concept but I really dislike the controls. Why can't you use a joystick instead of arrows which makes it complicated to steer and such? It's pretty annoying that I couldn't even pass the tutorial cause if it. Though the game's not so bad, but if there was a way to program for better controls then that would be great.
It's an easy game, I downloaded it today, can be completed with all challenges in a few hours. The gameplay, mechanics and the difficulty gradient is well set. Please add more levels.
Please add more levels or make a mouse bot2 I just want the update to be quick because I don't want to have to wait so long I thought your guys were going to do it but then it's been a literal a few months so now I'm making this to tell you that I've been waiting a long time for an update or mouse bot2 please new levels or a mousebot two
I love the game but level 5 of boss cat is actually impossible u have to skip it but mainly I just wanted to ask if you could make a mousebot 2 ex: Mousebot lost in space. Plz make a sequel Boss cat reveal cutsene is SO COOL
It's worth a game to play. It has fixed arcades, so there will be an end. It's little tough, it will take some time to finish each levels.
The Gameplay, Story, And Graphics Are AMAZING, But I Should Be Allowed To At Least Play For An Hour Straight, I Can't Due To The Restricted Number Of Lives, And I'm Not Paying For Premium. Also, the game yells at me for not using checkpoints because I'm out of coins. Just Fix One Of These Problems, And It Would Be 5 Stars. Get This Game.
Please give us accessibility controls to make the frame rate slower as it could make someone go into a seizure (I get headaches from how fast it is) Would also love to have minigames (puzzles, escape the catbot, connect 4, etc.), a decoratable aquarium/care center where we can care for and increase mice stats and a seperate online option of competitions/races and more roleplay areas to explore. I would love an actual remote control Micebot irl and plushies of the cats! Keep up the great work.
4 star rating only b/c this app is a MAJOR money making machine for someone... At the gates it should always automatically save from each checkpoint. anything beyond that is understandable to pay more. Fix that and make nice customizable for free (could almost deal w the ads if that were the case. too easy to die)
GreT game runs smooth great fun control,s easy not many adds!!2 grind dont av'e 2 spend mony if u dont want 2 ,can earn rewards by paszing stages or watching adds once u pass a stage double the $$$ with an add and you can get by that way. I give it ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️ cya skullbones
Amazing gamme its just awsome. Its all so very convineyent its one of my favorites. Its just about the right hardness its just perfect. I love it. It has just the right controls its awsome. I hope you download it.
the game is trash all the controls are bad like almost every single one of the levels are hard even the first level when you first get to the game the mouse is in that fast so how are you supposed to get through the level
This game is good because when i played it on my fire stick it worked perfectly like the game on mobile i suggest you should get this game for your kids
Its fun up until it starts to completely crash your entire phone. After almost every level or after every couple of levels there is an ad and then the ad breaks my entire screen and it turns to black as well as freezing my phone resulting me in having to restart my phone because it won't even let me close the game. Giving you 1 star because I literally cannot play it without this happening.
its a good game but the levels the game is a bit difficult but it's ok I like it it is a must download me and my sister like sooo 5 stars
Hands down the best Action Game for Android. Smooth Gameplay, Awesome Music & Concept, Challenging and Fun! Beautiful Graphics!! You guys make really awesome and fun games!! I hope you can keep it up!!
It's a great game but oh Vector Unit, you have a Serious problem: when a level is quite difficult and you keep dying and you have 0 energy tokens, you practically need to reset the game. MY POINT: you get lives every 5 minutes but what about energy tokens? You should at least get 1 energy token every hour, that would truly make it 5 star. Also there should have a game mode Called "challenges" to earn energy tokens as well.
Vector Unit awesome love it graphics Awesome but want cool you are mouse Bot you also can upgrade your Mousebot with equiptments like horn Etc & want also cool running on this Tracks & more you pass it gets harder & harder bye completing the tracks Requirement like collecting cheese on The tracks good job & thumbs up.
Lab cat but mouse bot try to escape so fun leave a great rateing for this app its super fun!πŸ˜€πŸ†πŸΊβœ¨πŸ€πŸˆπŸˆ love mouse bot normal cat gets fired after final level sad but fun to have a new lab cat around is so fun!!!!!!πŸ€πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£β“what do you know if that cat get fired a new cat figure out in this game more ratting more mouse bot
super expirienced game , am very very excited i'm complete the game πŸ˜€πŸ˜„super expirience download and enjoy it.....πŸ˜‰
It is a very good game.It is a challenging game.It is offline.Download it now and experience a mouse world.
well from my view of playing the story line goes (boss can made a mouse and payed other cats 2 test its abilitys if they destroy it they get a reward and if they dont their FIRED untill the end boss cat challenged his own creation) sounds legit?? i havint finished the game IM on the 3ed place of acid map but yeah thats what the storyline is telling meπŸ™‚love the game btw... and tell me what u think off the idea of storyline
I love the game but level 5 of boss cat is actually impossible u have to skip it but mainly I just wanted to ask if you could make a mousebot 2 ex: Mousebot lost in space. Plz make a sequel Boss cat reveal cutsene is SO COOL also if u could fix me dieing from air I will LOVE the game :( I just finished the game plz make a sequel never uninstalling
I love this game and it is fun i used to play it as a child and i loved it its better then the board game called mouse trap thanks for this game
Good good. But the final level kind of annoys me because there are no checkpoints making the level more challenging and little tough
Love this game! im on chromebook but play it on tablet to its so fun but very fast on chromebook but LOVE IT!!!!!! i had to delete it tho bc it wouldnt let me back in and i was on the 2nd before mouse boss lvl :(
I went premium...and it never worked. It just took my $$$ and its pretty impossible to get back. Each refund policy takes you back to the same refund instructions. So you end up literally going back and forth as if its a scam or something.
This game is like boom! I love it and a little more smoothness can you add so for me it doesn't lag bcz it lags and sometimes I am lucky it doesn't lags but it stops I still tried with net it was strong and on but it still stops so please fix this pleaaaaaaassseeeee fix itπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
Graphically violent ads inappropriate for children. Not impressed! If you don't want your kids to see female hostages with a gun to their head, skip this game.
MouseBot is the WORST game I have ever played like you can't even control the mouse right it just doesn't go were you want to it just goes everywhere and does not care about you so I HATE it sooo much it is TERRIBLE they to make this game better so for now I'm rating this game a 1 because it is TERRIBLE and I HATE it I will never play MouseBot ever again so don't install it
I love this game no ads and no bugs the best but I accidentally deleted the game and I have no space so I cant dowload the game very sad
This game is the best, I remember when I was small I use to play this game all the time, and I would get so happy when I finished stages.. 20 stars if I could, because I love this game so much, the graphics are nice and cute, the controls are good and the game play is awesome! ❀️
I love this game because It is fun to play. First cats the scientists put traps and lots of dangerous things, they were trying to made a robot mouse that can escape from any dangerous things I think cats made this robotmouse for escaping from mazes,houses and the robotmouse can also steal things and they can introduce to shops. If cat chase the robot mouse in the gameand fight. It would be awesome πŸ˜€
I'll give 0 stars if there was 0 stars this games is super hard and you go to spend a lot of energy points. Don't download it 😀
This game is super fun. It's so creative that the mouse is made in a cute robot. I love that you can customize it the way you want. Love the obstacles and graphics. Super fun gameplay
I have never had a more fleshed out experience, out of a mobile game! The challenge is great but not annoying so you pulled that one off too.
Very nice game. I love it but it's hard but not too much I am a gamer so i passed game in 1 week. The animation when enemies can't kill us so the boss beat him. I love your game, story, gameplay and many traps. Happy ending in last level. Mousebot ran away and he can enjoy his life game devloper thank you to make this game and great work. By.
This game is really entertaining! The game is fun and all.. But sometimes my screen goes black and then it freezes, making me restart my phone. Please fix this bug
its a really great game just cant get passed the electric stage but i do like how the game gets harder and this game really deserves a five star
This game is really good, cute & challenging. Can be played all ages, I like this game because it is very challenging, I'm sure.. for those of you who like exciting and challenging games, you definitely like this game!