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Motorsport Manager Racing

Motorsport Manager Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Playsport Games located at Playsport Games Tempus Court Onslow Street Guildford Surrey United Kingdom GU1 4SS. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is an awesome game if u love racing. need to hire a crew n drivers, after their contract is up, u have to hire new drivers or renegotiate the original ones just for an example. You might not be actually driving, but it u need to do everything else that a racing owner would have to deal with.
Amazing game, tough competition which makes it better, tricky decisions which tests your decision making and willingness to compromise and a fun way to pass time. However, the updates are a bit large if they could work on that it would save my phone some space but, other than that all good.
Several days now I have attempted to play since installing it. Even after yesterdays alleged update I still have no access. I'll try again in a few months. Uninstalling.
Pay to win. It starts off being fun but by tier 5 it's clear that this game is pay to win. Even when your car parts are at the maximum level for the championship, and your drivers are above average you just can't win. Then you start running out of cash and it's a loop of watching ads for cash but not being able to advance until you pay real money to actually progress.
PROS: - entertaining Sim racing Game with shortened races - winning possible without spending dozens of hours or real money - easy entrance CONS: - many bots in races,too few players for too many subleagues. I want to race people,not mostly bots - winning margins become very thin,making it pay to play,even with good performance.win rate nearly 50% and more podiums than race starts but still struggling hard with money - notchy performance,occasional crashes Could be 5* easily with some tuning
After nearly 70hrs on MM3 I expected good things. The longest and most tedious tutorial, requires an Internet connection and I got bored quickly and have since uninstalled.
Started as a five start loved the game. Now though 1 star, didn't go on the game for a couple of months and just came back to it, and lost all progress, spent small amounts of money, if months....had 84 rating drivers multiple, multiple upgrades, and it's all gone. Very disappointed.
Very fun game. Ads are all optional but if you watch them you get bonuses on things but not at such a drastic level that you can't enjoy the game. Ive probably got about 100 hours or so into it and I would recommend it.
Disconnects all the time very annoying and my car keeps turning black on the track along wih the other cars making it hard to tell where I am . buy the offline verson its waaaaay better. After update game is even worse. Hey dev's How can u suck so much after making a great game like MMM3. Get it together!!
Good game but progression gets really slow towards end game if you don't pay, also I don't really think it's 100% online, sometimes it feels like im in a lobby full of bots ( everyone wearing the tires and the same rate)
Game balancing is awful with 'Push to Pass' still being a dominant strategy and few viable engines for high tier racing. Rossini engine traits were nerfed being prone to retiring the car every race unless you repair it mid race. 'Super Attack' strategy being nerfed to hell made it barely viable with a certain driver and engine pairing. Red zone degrades reliability too fast.
This was the game I would like to see. It looks superb for now. Let's see if this is pay to win or not. It doesn't feel like pay to win since I could climbed till 5th tier without a single dime. And the system rewards you enough if you are a bit patient to go without paying..
This game is amazing and its so damn good but graphics suck during races 🏁 I wish the graphics were much better it is always freezing and I just don't get it also always says poor connection for me I tried WiFi and data all the same thing also one more thing I wish I could see my drivers on boards cameras because seeing the over head view isn't that great for me so if u can plz make it possible one more thing developer's help I'm bank rupt in this game plz help im dying over here
Always loved all the motorsport manager games and I always wanted an online version of it. This game is absolutely amazing! Definitely the best motorsport manager mobile game ever made! There are some freezes here and there and sometimes the cars turn black which is annoying because I can't see the other liveries but overall it's definitely worth it! All in all the best mm game with a lot of potential!
A good game. It is a challenging game but you can win without paying anything if you manage resources carefully. I have reached tier 6 without paying anything. Targets don't depend on performance rating. You need to earn money through exhibitions and wait for sponsor money to be able to build parts. This is a game for patient and strategic people.
So this is the reason why MM on PC is not being developed... :/ like the general concept of this game. What I do not like: - absolutely infuriating AI algorithm which takes control over the race when it considers that you abandoned a session. This can ruin every non-standard strategy you designed for a race - problems with login to FB make you restart the game from scratch, losing all progress
Initially I gave the game 1* (March 2020) but I recently started playing again and a lot of the issues I mentioned in my review (race lag, repeated logins) have been dealt with. Overall this is a fun game to play if you have the time (very, very different from the other Motorsport Manager games). IAP's are still very expensive and not worth the cost at all which is why I only gave it 4*: +1* Graphics +1* Gameplay +1* Multiplayer +1* Customisation -1* Expensive IAP
This game taught me how to watch F1 actually. How complex this sport is. One of the best game. It's so addictive if you have the brains to understand the stargegy.
Kind of an ok game. I always have to pit but other cars don't, making it impossible to win. The lack of a GT series limits the game. You only get Formula E, Formula 1, and stock cars (maybe NASCAR? Seems like a generic made up league in the game, so not sure).
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
It's a cool and fun game but I find that there's a lot of glitches when racing, like it would freeze for no reason
Changed device and couldn't get my old game back as I don't use Facebook. Developer has not replied to email to resolve issue. Loss of progress and almost £16.00.
amazing game, it requires patience and strategic knowledge to get on the podium. really fun game for us motorsport fans. It doesn't need real money to win just strategy which is great for us who want to play free. you can buy cars with real money like the retro ones which i really want but can't get because i wanna play for free
Accidentally clicked F1 while meaning to click Stock Cars and now it won't let me go back to start from stock cars. I've even removed the log in from my Facebook and eveyt time it starts me back where I left off from F1. I've uninstalled and reinstalled app multiple times and still the same thing. I just want to completely restart and it won't let me.
I remember there was at one point another free offline motorsport manager, and I loved it so much, but now it appears to be gone, and I am left with this game that just isnt the same at all
Graphics were pretty nice. I liked being able to both upgrade cars and drivers. Being able to fix only a single part per race bothered me. As did the fact drivers seemed to have no loyalty bonuses during negotiations. Plus having just spent all my money upgrading same driver I couldn't afford to renew his contract anyway after losing the last race to better players.
Its at the point now where cant even upgrade parts because of haven none or very little "rare" parts and wants 406 yellow coins to do it so means spending money thats all its about now. If you wanna pay to play then this is your game. Used to love it now going to delete it.
It's a great theory for a game and solid intro and tutorials, but extremely buggy and I played for an hour progressed nicely and then game glitched and kicked me post race haven't been able to log back in as guest or under my facebook sync point "Account not linked"... Could be a top tier game but way too many kinks
Impressive, well done guys. After trying many f1 manager games at last I found the best, graphics, gameplay everything great, it's even better than MM3 which is premium. its way better in graphics and the idea of showing the cars racing is just what I wanted in MM3. Also I don't know how it's 3.7 rating, so far it's not pay to win game, it's a masterpiece. I just want you to add the real livery of f1 cars like redbull, ferrari, Renault and etc. highly recommended,once again well done and cheers.
This is a fun management game for racing. Definitely has a learning curve but is worth it. Only reastim giving 3 stars is because it seems like 60% of this game is load screens. Not sure what that is all about.
Fantastic game and you don't really needs to spend money. My biggest issue which stops it from getting 5 stars, is the lag you incur at times and the "unable to find match" message. Which at the moment has stopped me from playing it for nearly a full day.
I've been playing this game for more than two years, everything is at its maximum level, I'm at the legendary level. And now tell me how it is possible in the master league to win players with much weaker drivers who can't pass the 90 mark, and even have weaker car than me, and they constantly take 78 points from two races. I demand an explanation!
This game when it sometimes works is average at best. The huge let down its the fact it's full of bugs, matchmaking fails, races lag and it constantly restarts or crashes. I'm not even sure you race against humans anymore because player count is so dire now I suspect bots make up more than we can imagine during a race.
Only issue is reliability. You get parts at 70% when you make them....then they deteriorate. You can fix/improve one a race so you can't fix performance you lose. Even when you have reliability on 80-90% your drivers still retired because your car hits 0%. Its REALLY ANNOYING
When it comes to collect the event rewards, the game always gets restart and I am not able to open the game. Please solve it !!
Zero stars, if that was possible, due to only having Facebook as a login option. The app only has "guest" mode for people who do not use Facebook (and are unwilling to be forced into using it).
All it does when I enter a race is say it's real busy trying to connect...unable. unless you play at an off time their servers cant handle the load, it sucks.
ERS mode is too Overpowered making other strategy useless. Engine power mode isn't worth the gas. Mixed class car doesn't make sense lets keep it real. Need timesheet in race for every lap. Need practice mode /time attack mode to test strategy.
being in tier 6 F class, can't upgrade the part because you won't be have enough material to upgrade. Plus the chance of get materials from after race is awful. Btw if it can make some accidents in race would be a level up of the game, more realistic you know sry for bad English
This game is great. But the connection is bad. To the developer, i suggest to add more female driver. In the all game. I have nothing to say,i love, this sport car manager.i can't wait to the next update... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️
Where is the team I put decades in game years to develop? Why do you have a modal tutorial in this day and age ? Let people follow it or let them screw it up on their own. As I pretty much disliked all the 2021 stuff before this incident, unless I get clear explanation and my full team back, hasta la.vista How would you feel, waking up hoping to maybe climb another step on tier 7, instead finding your team on shambles. Fix IT today, better, NOW
An ok game where you play more behind the scenes and the race is a small component of the larger picture. Ideal if you only play small amounts each day. As playing too frequently will quickly leave you without cash even from the sponsor deals. Only thing I'd improve is reducing the cost to hire staff and perhaps a bit more materials reward for finishing a race.
I wanted to collect reward from Formula E competition is gives me error and there is no other way to open the game without pressing the option. Restart again and again still it redirect to the same error. Need to solve this issue quickly
Having played all MM prior to this I had high hopes for the game. Sadly, the game falls short in almost every aspect, except graphics. First of all and kill criteria for me: The race class you chose is nothing more than an avatar on track - you'll see open wheel racing touring, racing endurance. Looks weird, makes no sense. You basically try to get your numbers up. To do so you need to watch lots of ads. That's it. I like Formula E, but it's excruciatingly boring to play this 100% random event.
Good management and time and you can win races without spending money. For the inpatient player, they will spend money, but good thing is the game give you all the items to progress thru the game for free. You have to pay for skins, but not to win. Hope they could do the matchmaking in exhibition races more equal, sometimes I compete against superior cars, for example, my engine power is at 2,500 and I'm paired with 3,000 power units teams.
This game is addictive and fun for motorsport fans but ultimately all the experience adds up to is a fate shared by so many mobile games - You hit a pay wall. The matchmaking is shockingly bad and I regularly get objectives like 'finish 3rd or better' when my team has 1000 less performance than 80% of the field! The only way to keep up is to buy resources, otherwise it's an eternal grind. It's a shame because the game is overall quite fun to play.
great fun. Love the game. Just got a new phone galaxy 21 5g. Now it won't find any matches unless I'm connected to wifi. This is annoying because I don't have access wifi when I'm on lunch at work. Yes. Both app and phone are up to date and I did restart phone. App was Uninstalled and reinstalled also.
Great game and I love playing but the loading issues are killing it for me. Not been able to get into races for a couple of days now after removing and reinstalling numerous times. Praying for a quick fix 🙏
very great game but it's just so much cashgrab man, i want it to be more rewarding and more free stuff
Lovely game but in my opinion this would be a better licensed game that the actual f1 manager game ( would be better if it was licensed ) allot to choose from like nascar and formula e and in depth game experience from the sponsors to gameplay
I wish there's some livery design option especially red color on formula car and also that can be design by ourself instead of buying it with expensive price.
Game is really good, just a few bugs, the one is when the game crashes then your entry fee for races is sometimes not refunded, and when you go from tier 5 to tier 6. It skips tier 6 and puts you in tier 7, which is difficult as you behind on upgrades. Then downloaded the game and just crashes, really is good, but the game keeps crashing, and race starts hit says the game must restart, game is good but annoying, until it's fixed not worth the while.
The game has a very great concept to it i love the aspects the dev team put into it. Unfortunatly, it seams like their servers cant hold up to the volume at all. Constantly freezing up, lagging or saying poor connection issues. Some times the game does run smoothly but only because fewer people are on. Thats about the biggest problem im seeing that makes me want to quit and uninstall the game
Constantly kicked out of the game because of "high" player count. In reality it's 3000 people online. Maybe it's time to invest in the infrastructure?
Actually this game is a bit pay to win, when you get in the highest class you need more resources to upgrade the car and in one match you can only get like 20+ resources which is kinda low compared to the 300+ requirements of resources, and it's only one way to do it if you don't want to pay and also if you do this you gotta save up your money in game to extend or sign the contract with the driver because you got a low performance car of course you can't go any far, but it's a business so okay.
3 time is the charm. Haven't been connected to any race for the past 3 days. I'm actually fed up. Deleted it. 2nd time now and a couple of weeks later, there is alot of matches I couldnt get in. The flash screen freezes 3 out of 4 times, i had to restart the game alot of times, and i still cant get in the frkn matches. For 3 days now, i Cannot joing a match. This is very bad! How do u play a racing game without racing!!! Fix this ASAP.
After investing, enjoying and progressing quite far in the game it suddenly overwrote my profile and created a new one. I contacted support politely and provided detailed info and the exact ID that vanished. No response. It is the complete silence that is infuriating. Nothing changed on my phone. I'm convinced it's one of the many bugs this app has. Final point: I refuse to use Facebook as a sync point for games. Developers need to do better and provide their own independent sync.
This used to be a great game, buy now it constantly freezes and runs so slowly, it's virtually unplayable.
So glad this game is now online, I've played all motorsport manager games and being waiting for an online version. Concept of the game is great the issue I have is I can't even enter a race everytime I try I get the message there are not enough players then restart and try it again with the same outcome. So far only managed to complete the tutorial stage and being unable to advance since.
Ive been having an issue when queing up for a game and then it will only get up to 4 to 7 ish people and then says there is a que error and to try again but i cant get into a game. Add some bots so the lobbies can fill and i can trophie push please.
I'm addicted to this game. Note type of game that pay to win. Watching ad is option if you want extra money/token.
I do really love this game, except the reward !! 😔 this game really lack of reward after competing tough match, i think it would be really awesome if u guys add more reward after completing the class *ex tier 4 class d. And it would be helping us as player to grow and build strong competition so we can compete antoher player that spend money in this game.. so if u guys see this please consider this idea Thankss
this game is overall not bad the game play is simple and easy to operate but is primarily based on micro transactions or choosing to watch adds for money and paddock tokens which you'd expect from a free game the thing that you wouldn't expect for a strategy game is to only have 2 extremely strong strategys "push to pass and power ers" and the rest are basically useless which it quite poor for a game based on strategy
I have been a fan of Playsport for years. It was very sad to see they joined most developers in the greed race. MM3 was perfectly balanced. And they sold a well made game for a price. Full game. Now it is a constant cost. Maybe it will be good for kids milking their parents...
This games gets a lot of things right and I appreciate it. The few places wher it lacks is optimisation and gameplay. It lags even though I have a good internet connection and a good phone. The disappointing thing about gameplay is that the features available do not have a visible effect on the performance of the team e.g-Even though your racer may be good at overtaking and you may be setting up tactics accordingly. You still will be seeing them struggling to overtake. Same for other tactics.
Pay to win game from the begining it was okey but when you go in high classes you are not earning enough ressources to pay all these things and of course you have to pay in real momey if you want to continue or simple just give up games without knowledge and pay to win are rubish games!
Everything was going well until I reached the Tier 6. I came to the point having most of podiums till T6 but suddenly everyone else got super fast and I stuck in the last 2 positions in every race. It's almost impossible to hit the average upgrades of parts due to the lack of resources. It's kinda sad that it became a grinding game unless you wanna spend some money. I'm just watching my fellas to finish the race 19th 20th positions to just achieve some resources for upgrades. Disappointing.
Really bugging. Tried twice. I have at best 1frame per second with a Huawei p30 Pro... Edit : putting performance mod on the phone corrects the lag. I change from 1 star to 3. I'll try deeper this game and I'll give a new review after Edit2 : I added one star, I actually have fun with this game now after using it for a while
great fun when it's not crashing, but it's so often one cannot play, I'm gone away after playing for years, because crashing is a constant, and see no way out!!!
Great graphics, and generally it's very good for a racing game. My only point is( unless I missed how?) There is no way to grind previous laps to build up driver's and funds. So by tier 2 your company is broke unless you pay money. Put in a way to bring levels for f2p people and it will be 5† as soon as that happens
Very nice game. Much more realistic than other simulations. You don't have to pay to advance through the game, and there is nothing more satisfying than having your driver say some Vettel line when he finishes the race
I love this game but one thing that "drives me crazy" is sometimes the game lags because of others who might have bad service and my phone trys to connect to them then the game on my phone freezes and everything isnt moving and i cant interact but then after like 10 long seconds the game glitches and the cars go off curcuit then the game catches back up to speed and everythimg is back to normal and i can play and interact with the game again. 10 secs is crutial in this game.
I love this gammmmme! Theres something so rewarding about shooting up the ladder too first and beating a bunch of people in better cars than you with just a simple racing strategy. Would love subsequent sequels to this game, with more strategies and drivers with new traits.
Would be a good game. But its just another pay to win game. Unlike most people I refuse to pay money to win at a video game. Also how can it go from 15% reliability to 0 and out of the race in half a lap?
For those who say that its a pay to win: Not really. Im at tier 6 and while parts are hard to get by, with the right strategy you wont even have to upgrade your car to regularly get podiums. I have a performance gap of 500+ to the competition and I still beat them most of the time. Once your up in the higher tiers you need to think more financially rather than to always win.
Oh god tutorial please stfu, it's really annoying. Just let me do whatever. Just how stupid do you think the players are and how little confidence do you have in your UI? I hate being forced into unnecessary tutorials, make it optional and I'm fine with it. That really stopped my excitement to even start the game.
Great game but now after the event I get a pop up message stating that I have to restart or raise a complaint. I've raised plenty of complaints nothings happening. Please help.
This game is so good, because it has many drivers selection. It's nicer when the developer add real F1 driver like Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas, Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon, Puerre Gasly, Mick Schumacher, and the F1 2021 grid line up.
Has a big learning curve it isn't p2w unlike the f1 version which is very p2w. The game does stutter alot idk if you guys know but it is very annoying when trying to go through the menu then the game randomly stops for 10 seconds straight.
Tried starting up the app and for some reason the game has logged me out of my account, it now states i have no Facebook account linked even though i do. Currently can't log in at all. Enjoy the game but frustrating when these technical issues occur, so much for securing your account with Facebook!