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Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Playsport Games located at Playsport Games Tempus Court Onslow Street Guildford Surrey United Kingdom GU1 4SS. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I LOOVE this game everything about it but after a few sessions it get kind of boring. Please update the game and make a big update please include formula e, stock car, or nascar, and others just add more types of racing that are common. If you do this i would rate this game a 7 star if i could and add more options for the manager to costumize. I love this game but it can be better. Please consider my suggestion. I really want to keep playing this game butit gets boring after a while.
No ads. Wonderful gameplay. Only problem is when you reach a certain point it just becomes too easy to dominate forever. Nontheless it takes several seasons and hours of gameplay to reach that point if you start from the bottom. So it still takes quite a long time before starting to get boring.
As of 03/30/2021 I too purchased this game in which I've had on a previous phone. I am also not able to play the game, as it sits trying to download to my phone. It has not and theirs not point in still trying. I would like a full refund for the game. I enjoy your games but this isn't fair to anyone espically since I've read the reviews. I want my refund back A.S.A P. And I'll continue to go up whatever ladder I need to for a response
Amazing game. Really enjoyed the single seater championships. Very smooth learning curve. I had to repeat some tiers a couple of times to get through and decided to finish my experience after wining the Tier 1 Championship. I think it took me 15-20 hours of gameplay. Another great part with this game is that it is not pay-to-win. Well deserved price for a complex and fun game. The only downside for me was the Endurance races. Couldn't commit so much into them, but still fun.
Fun and relaxing racing sim game that you can play at your own pace. Various successful strategies and the game evolves naturally each racing season which give the game a lot of replay value.
Good game. Liked every part of the game except when you have reached the top tier and you start winning every race, it becomes boring then. Should add more challenges.
This is a good game, but the driver's statistics feel useless when you have a good car it's make easy to win the race and make quick to boring. And the racer name from my country and other country based on football player name or famous person, it's doesn't seem crative to make the names of driver from 2 people names mixed into one
Like a few other people, upgraded my phone and now not working., Have given it storage permission manually, start the game, seems like it is trying to download something and just crashes. They need to find the problem and fix it as people have paid for the game and now nolonger can play it.
I am pissed at the developers, how does the free game have car animations better picture better garage scene better track and race details and display but the paid app doesn't? Ya'll need to refund people money or update this game at least give us everything we get in "Motosport Online" maybe at some driver audio but please do something this is unacceptable. I play this game a lot and recommend it but it has a lot of room for improvement, please Update...
Overall it's a fantastic game, it would be better though if you were to add more seasons, because it's (the game) is too short, I'm almost finished.
Great Game, but the content is too poor. Once you reach the WMC there isn't too much to do... And it can be reached at the 3rd-4th season played... This game needs more content and increase the difficult.
I love this game for a whole year but can u add 3d cars on the track and can u make some raves in the day and some in the night it would make it more interesting
I can't even get the game to start. But have this on the switch and it's a good game minus that which I assume they will fix.
Amazing game, probably one of the best for mobile. My main issue is that at a certain point, it gets too easy when your team has so much money and you win every race. It's challenging at first, but wish there was more depth later on to keep the game entertaining.
It's a very solid game. The only issue is that of difficulty, particularly the rubber band AI the dev decided to use. The difference between the easiest and hardest difficulty is 2 seconds per lap. Default is 0, easy is slower AI by 1, hard is faster AI by 1. All good except if you want the Mercedes experience of coasting to victory and set to easy mode. There's always an AI team (after your 1st season) that's challenging. All I want is a very chill season!
A little bug here and there but overall, the best game that describes motorsport. Edit: Hope there's a next game with car setups back
I have played this game since launch. Since the Android 10 release however, I can't play it at all. Error code 16. I even reset my Galaxy Note 9, but it still won't work, even with manual permissions. I am hopeful that the team at Playsport Games will update it. This is the only mobile game that I play regularly.
One of the best mobile games I've played.I think I have 30 something hrs in it bc it's an amazing time killer but I've basically beat the game it's not hard anymore.Please make it harder or make another tier please. I basically have more money than ik what to do with it it's just repetitive now but I still play it. I'm begging please make new content. Thanks
Much better than the 2 previous versions (better than the 2nd only due to the camera option to keep it in birds eye view). Wish to see detailed cars on track (or at least cars) and the possibility to decide how many quali laps you can do - this version limits you to one due the "perfect setup" . Looking forward to buy MM mobile 4! (And PLEASE make one version offline and single player!!)
$10 for the game and there are still microtransactions available... I thought I was buying the full game for $10 but there are still microtransactions to get more coins. That's disgusting. The rest of the game is good though. Not sure why the original MM isn't available anymore tho...
Way too easy, and maybe bit too simplified. Can get double champion (drivers and constructors) in all series without the invitational event bonus in single season per series, two if one of the cars gets a DNF or two.
Excellent game. Very addictive. On my tenth championship now, and i want to stay at the top ! The teams have voted for random grids ! Bring it on !
The game itself is brilliant. However, after a handful of seasons it becomes far too easy and you just dominate every race/season with no competition. I made the mistake of purchasing the editor to try to create more competition - however the driver details (name, stats etc) all revert back after shutdown and you can't alter the calendar (change tracks, add new races etc) as advertised. Game = brilliant Editor = avoid
This game is cool but it needs more updates like adding more to the game to put it over the top in paid racing games maybe like a driver career mode with 3d cars
I can see exactly why this has got such a good rep. Its very intuitive, extremely comprehensive and great fun to play. And you can stop at any point for as long as you want and pick it up at exactly the same point. Brilliant
Honest review... even tho this is a good game, with many positives aspects, there is some bad ones as well.. for example, stats of the drivers doesnt matter that much, as long as you have good car they will preform well.( same goes for ai)..its easy to get to the top, and once u get there it's easy to dominate every single season, and basicly no one can touch U.
Good game but need 3D car, and the difficulty is too low even in the highest difficulty. AI can't keep up with you when you are on top wmc. Its like just fighting with your own teammate cause AI is so weak
Game is buggy but fun, after restarting the game 5-6 times the liveried get bugged and have white lines and start flashing. If that wouldn't be there it would be a 5*
It is a great fun game. But there are a couple of small things which dont work for me. One of which is there should be an option for a Mid-session save. If you are mid game and you have to do something else, All progress gets lost from that race weekend. Also you need an option to switch the drivers' cars. This is because my NO:1 driver was automatically put in the NO:2 car. Overall it is a great game which defiantly includes strategy. Recconmeded for sure!😀
Great game. Worth every penny. Hopefully they bring out a MM4. Really addictive and simple to use. For me personally I would like to see longer seasons and more customised option for the cars. Different looking characters as they all look similar. More HQ add ons and make the HQ upgrades slightly more expensive.
I think it's great for what it is would be cool to have different tinted maps for different times of the day to change it up a bit. But other than that 5/5.
The game offers realistic features. Even if you are doing very well, you still have to balance between having very good car/drivers and paying for the privilegde.
One of the few mobile games i can sit down and play, not just while waiting for the bus. Even better than MM2, i like the new management features. I will insta-buy MM4 if it expands on this a bit, gives us back a more realistic tuning feature in qualifying. And of course has to stay a paid game without (necessary) micro-transactions. Turn up the price a bit if you have to.
I love this game but unfortunately I can't leave it a good review as of now. The game refuses to start up. It'll take me to the title screen, then crash. I'm very disappointed that I can't even play the game I paid for and love so much.
Getting pretty tired of this constantly dropping places AFTER crossing the line B.S. I thought blue flags were meant to keep slower cars from blocking leaders not to insure that a faster car will be yanked backwards, never able to regain it's lap. As this really only comes up at the Phoenix 50, not a huge problem.
Overall a very nice and enjoyable game a solid 9/10 and a 5 star for me! But there could be a major thing that maybe can bring more people into the game!! And that is 3d cars! You have got it in the multiplayer game so y not in the single game?? But anyway a very nice game and I very much recommend to download!
Hi, I wanted to restart my game and saw that my profile still had some levels gained. Then I restarted again and played offline until my profile level was similar to the one saved in the cloud. Now that I synced to the Cloud my level bugged to 50, I was 4 or 5 before. Please help me reset this.
Brilliant fun game but it automatically picks a driver for the first endurance qualifier rounds no matter who you put as your first driver. No good if it's your weekest one and they have 1 less card pick on car setup like my worst driver does.
Great fun! I can play for hours. Only one issue to speak of and that is when using the Phoenix track both my cars get continuous blue flags. This means that they will finish dead last. Makes the track not worth playing. I really wish you could fix this :)
Great game! Even bought the editor to change everything to an Formula 1 and F2, F3 mod! The only criticism I can give is that old drivers, even those around the 30s, tend to peak too fast which I find quite unrealistic and they retire too early as a result. Other than that, great game!
It's Ok, but... I prefer the free version, MM Online to be honest. It just seems the free version is more accessible. I think I should have spent the 7€ on premium currency for MMO. I will keep playing, it's only been a day, and hope I learn the game.
Great game. It has the feel of a product where the efforts were directed toward the right aspects of the player experience.
Really love the game but for the price and all you see is little numbers around tracks, instead of little cars like the online version......... REALLY.........
Fantastic fun game, a tad short as you can beat each tier in 1 season so it only take 5 seasons to beat. EDIT: they fixed the crashing issue, game works brilliant again, worth the money Doesn't work on my new Xperia 5 ii just crashed instantly. However is brilliant to play if it worked Still does not run on Xperia 5 ii. All permissions enabled just crashes during loading.
Broken. Used to work on my older v30, but since I ungraded to a better phone, one plus 7 pro, and it won't even start. What a bummer. It was a fun game that I spent too much money on.
Great great great game, but why no cars???? add it as an option to see the car models within races for those who have the phone for it. Ruins the immersion and i definitley would give 5 stars if this was added but right now am disappointed at this!
A decent entry in the Motorsport Management franchise. I enjoyed progressing through numerous seasons with various different drivers and vehicles. My only complaint is the unecsssary microtransactions and incredibly easy difficulty. For the most part the game lacks real challenge, it became mindless at times. However, I still think this title is very fun and well made and is still worth your time.
Great for all motorsport fans and if you like f1 they have open wheel races and real life tracks eg: monaco, Abu Dhabi, bahrain etc.
One of the best thing about this game is the neat design. When you play this game, it feels good and it also looks nice. Unnecessary details are skipped and what's good about this game is even the tutorials can be skipped. It is difficult when i started playing it and with time when i got a hang of it, it was smooth and easy. Whether it's difficult or not, the game is fun. The only issue I think it has is the google achievements. I think more of them should be added because it's so fun to play.
I love this game, it running normally on my phone, but I can't cloud saving. When I try to connect with google play, It will say "Canceled"
Initially I had only played it like once then deleted it (because I was impatient) but this game is really good once you get past the first little learning curve. It's really good at being complex without being complicated. There are a lot of things to consider in the game and there's a lot of information thrown at you but all of it is clear and understandable. There's never a time when I lose and I feel like I didn't deserve it. This is one of the most fun and rewarding games on the play store.
Same as others have said, upgraded for phone, and can no longer open the game. Manually gave storage permissions, but that makes no difference. I'd played for quite a few seasons and was really enjoying it until now. Given we've paid for the game, hopefully the devs fix the issue soon
Absolutely stunning motorsport management game. Stunningly beautiful and simple gameplay. Just a shame it now doesn't work on my new Cubot X30 handset. Any chance of updating the app so that I can get back to losing hours playing this??!!
Great little management game. Only complaint is that it stops being challenging after season 5, since you'll be the fastest, richest team with no competition.
It would be cool if you could adjust race lengths and also if you zoom in you see cars not numbers. Also pitcrew management would be cool.
A great game ruined by infuriating glitches. Got to my second season of the game, in the top tier available, signed 2 great drivers and then got told that their contracts were about to expire and couldn't extend them because I only just signed them! Ended up losing the money I spent on them and had to spend the season with temporary drivers, getting 0 points throughout the championship. 😡
This is a one star review because I had purchased the game and played it for long periods of time on my last phone, then upgraded to a new phone and it can't get past the loading screen. I reached out to the developers and never heard back from them. And yes I have reinstalled it several times.
An early annoying bug that I've encountered is that my profile gets autoset to level 50 at the start of every new game. Had started a few just to try some different things out... I'm not sure how big of an impact that has on the long-term play.
It's a great game. I downloaded the first MM game years ago and I enjoyed it. I just recently downloaded this out of boredome and quarantine and enjoyed it too. I downloaded the MM online game but I'm not into it and was a let down except for the graphics. I hope they make a new offline mobile game or PC game with the latest graphics, depth and variety of MM mobile 3 or the MM PC game and lasty more features i.e. more Motorsport genre like Rally and Stock Cars (if that is even possible) etc. 🏎️
Simple enough to play but complex enough to make interesting. Great graphics and no ads and no need to use IAPs (heaven). My only wish is the races could show cars rather than just circles on the track. Then it would be perfect and get 5*s!
Loved the game, very complex mechanics and development stuff. It's pretty cool how you really have to pay attention and actually know which kind of strategy you'll be taking. I also like the difficulty of the game and the fact that it's not a walk in the park but instead you can actually lose a whole season if you're not careful enough. 5/5.
Its a great game. I love it but dev can you please make an update for red flag racing? It's going to be amazing if you put the red flag feature.
Using the S21 Ultra 5g Exynos 2100 running One UI 3.1(Android 11). Had to manually give storage permission as game crashed instantly on opening but it's still not working.
I love it, I would love a similar game but with bikes from The MotoGP. With the same type of graphics and game play.
Really great game, plus customisation is awesome. Looking forward for number 4 as well as a possible integration of Formula-E
It's great, but once you get better than everyone else, the challenge disappears and you have to just start again. But that's the only thing I can fault about it, it looks amazing, the gameplay is great, the markets and upgrades and team management is top notch.
Ive had this game like 2 years or more (2 device too), Really love it, How to create such a perfect strategy to only even get a point position 😅, i really hope they will update this or maybe 4th version, this is better than the Online version tbh, or perhaps in 1 game there's a Online race and Offline career? Just if it possible tho.. anyway the game is like 9,5/10 for me and a 5 star 👌
It is fun. The races are immersive and sometimes challenging. Idk how to beat the game if there is a way to beat the game. The graphics are really nice. Over all 4 stars. No one gets 5 stars.
Really enjoy this game got a new phone and now it crashes when it opens. I've had it on two devices already hope there's a fix to this.
Good game. I think the editor should be free, because you've already paid to play the game. Set up was better in MM2 in my opinion, because it wasn't all based on luck. I suggest an update in which the player can see the actual cars racing.
My favorite and by far one of the best mobile games I have ever played, and I currently have over a hundred games on my phone. The only game I keep coming back to, time and time again. It's incredibly well made with gorgeous design and simple, easily understandable mechanics, yet challenging enough to bring you that satisfaction when you succeed. Highly recommend this game to anyone, even those not interested in racing. I'm not a fan of F1 but this game was close to impossible to put down.
I've been a fan of the MM series for a while now. This game is good. I installed it on my new device but all my saved data wasn't saved to the cloud so had to start all over again. This has happened a good few times too and Really annoys me. The detailing to the season is great. The development of your car is detailed enough. Could do with more though. More liverys, designs, colours etc etc. The overall layout is easy enough to navigate and is 'simply' designed. It needs more tiers
Fantastic fun game, a tad short as you can beat each tier in 1 season so it only take 5 seasons to beat. Doesn't work on my new Xperia 5 ii just crashed instantly. However is brilliant to play if it worked Still does not run on Xperia 5 ii. All permissions enabled just crashes during loading.
It's a good game, nice tactics but you can't see the cars on track. That's a deal breaker for me :/ Is this a planned feature? There is a free game that give you that feature.
Still a terrible game however you put it, it's just a simulatory mess with loopholes and unrealistic turn of events, basically it's rigged.