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Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Playsport Games located at Playsport Games Tempus Court Onslow Street Guildford Surrey United Kingdom GU1 4SS. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Always enjoyed the game for many years but have started to play this sequel and have been playing for around a month and no issues but i now cant get on the game as it freezes on the load screen, very upsetting as i have spent money and a lot of time playing this
While the game play is addictive, there are some pesky issues. There is no cloud save. Change your phone and no way to start anew. Interface text size is so small it will give you headaches. I have a 20//20 vision and it takes some effort to read the text after a few minutes of straining the eyes.
This is much better than the original + it was on sale for free for a limited time. But i wish the cars while you're on a race would be actual cars. Currently they're just dots.
First time playing this game and I gotta say, the attention to detail is insane. I would never have imagined this game would be so in depth about the small things and how they make a huge impact. Thankfully from my years of experience in Gran Turismo and similar games, I had one of my drivers place 1st place on my first race. Its complicated but I think I'm going to really enjoy this game.
the first Motorsport Manager was absolutely fantastic, and it's still a great option since it's a free app. With MM2 they've really stepped up their game, I was on the fence about buying it but I'm glad I did, it's more than worth the money!
Excellent game....!! I was addicted this strategy game very much. One of the best game in my fev list. Anyway I completed whole level. The world Motorsport championship was very challenging, and I took around 7 season for the both championship (constructor and driver). I'm happy for this experience and thanks for the developer.... Note: uninstalling for MM3..!
It's good...but could you not at least have made the dots (circles..w/e you wanna call em) actual car shapes. Even if they were just static POS, at least it be more engaging than watching dots move around. Other than that, great work people
This game is a vast improvement from its predecessor. Unfortunately it seems that the developer has stopped responding to emails related to this game so you might hit a snag should you require technical support. In my case there is a failed in-app purchase which I've received no replies from email, Twitter or Facebook for the past 1 week.
There are no other Racing Management game as good as this, period. I have it on PC, and on my Nintendo Switch. My only wish is that the game could be more deep, especially in tweaking of the cars on track days. 😁
Great game that has improved its predecessor in all of its aspects. Beautiful graphics, a more sophisticated strategy, and although I would change a couple of things about it, it is definitely worth it. I wish it required a lower processing power to play even if you had to lower fps or graphics.
Great fun game to pass time...played for hours and two things come to mind...there is no scandalous battery drainage and not too much phone heat up. Graphics are simple but good. Great fluidity. Congrats.
This game is actually pretty good, however there are multiple new game mechanics that I don't like. For example, why the hell did they introduce the new mechanic where you have to pay to race? I get that it's for realism, but I don't want to go bankrupt because my drivers are the best on the grid, because the better your driver's/engineers are, the more you have to pay per race.
I'll keep it simple, this is a great game overall the graphics are great, the gameplay is great it does a good job of both challenging you but has a certain ease to it. I would recommend purchasing no matter the cost.
I found this game on sale, and even though I am not much of a motorsport/racing fan, I decided to give it a try based on the reviews. I am so glad I did - this is one of the best executed and entertaining games I have played on Android! It has enough tutorial/tool-tips to introduce the gameplay and interface to a new player, but doesn't completely hold your hand. There is a lot of complexity to the game, but at the same time it isn't too intimidating. The attention to detail, from the graphics to the in-game social media posts, really sucks you into the sport. I have a hard time putting it down and frequently find myself in a loop of, "just one more race" or "I'll go to bed as soon as my engineers finish building this new suspension!"
Absolutely fantastic game. Great gameplay. challenging, yet fair (mostly). More data would be nice. Ie. Logs of events during races. Race setup and times from previous seasons.
no nice F2P option on a paid game. also randomly lose a race when I completed 1st place with 1% durability. put me to 8th. everything is a random RNG chance. parts got rapidly impossible to get without payment.
Massive improvement of the first one. For those that say "need real money to play" yes it would speed things up. It's an awesome game! After a few goes and little patience of investing over three seasons. Through buying parts slowly reliability over performance, learning race strategies, getting better engineers (keep them over drivers), growing headquarters, invest youth programme 2nd and 3rd season pick best one from each. By end of 5th season you got one good team and car for promotion.
Great game to play. It draws you in during races. Kind of like slot machines. In between season management is punishing. Make sure you save frequently. One wrong decision and you can forget about the next racing season or 2. There are is only 1 way to reverse a decision in game. Managing your save files.
BIGGESG DISAPPOINTMENT!! If youre looking for a game where you dont have to pay to win, then this is not your game, not only did i pay Β£3 to buy this game but also throughout the first season you get told you need to spend money on the next season car, i was so excited for this i ended up buying currency, and spent the maximum on the next season car, at the next season, i was given an average car that can't even get to 4th place, i need to buy pieces to win, will not recommend anyone to buy!!!!
Nice but if only dev can change the graphic in race. I want to see the vehicles in action, not just their number in circles.
I've played the MMM 1 but in some cases i prefer it to MMM 2, I haven't gone far in the first season and now I'm already owing (i love that part about the game) and I can't keep playing with a minus (-) balance. Why does everything on the game have to be that costly? Also the sponsors aren't giving enought to even cover for β…“ of the debt. Silly MMM2 trying to take my moneyπŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Every time I open the game the sponsors and game options change it is truly frustrating as some times I get good options and others really bad ones
The best thing in the 2 is the fact that setup stayed as it is in the mm1. If you guys made the setup the same for the mm3,the 3 would be the best. Unbeatable. But you didn't. Here's a friendly advice. Make mm3 2.0 in which the setup will be as is in mm2 with suspension setup added. Suspension setup can fine tune cornering speed alongside downforce,plus regulate how much the car gets worn in the race.That's 2 aspects per setup.Finer the suspension,faster the cornering speed,lower the car damage.
Excellent in most ways but almost looks like a pay to play game, the game is too pathetically expensive. But the racing is good and better than the first version. Graphics are excellent. Gets way too repetitive and boring after a while. A good time waster though.
Awesome game with all you could come to expect from a cell phone game. Addicting gameplay and an improvement over MM1
Even though I am not into F1 racing this game really got me interested. I enjoyed playing it. It's not exhausting. The game makes you to make certain strategic plans and different scenarios really makes this game to feel interactive. Although the game is great it becomes boring and too repetitive after a while.
Amazing it's so fun and I would change if you could see the cars instead of dots but I think it is still a good game
I am having so much fun with this game. It feels so realistic and theres so many things going on during the races but also in between races. The only issue i have (and i may have just not figured it out yet) is that i can't get a detailed look at track to check out corners and stuff before setting up a car in qualifying. I can only get a look at it as they do their first lap around the circuit
honestly, completely addicted to this game. It's by far the best game I've played on the phone in a long time and I'm not even into F1! I dont feel pressured into purchases, i dont find progress is ever slow, there is loads to do and no horrible money grabbing interruptions. I've been playing it a few days non stop it's awesome!
App keeps on crashing even when freshly installed. And looking at other reviews, it seems to be a common occurence on newer Android phones. Tried running this on a few Xiaomi phones as well to no avail.
apsolute amazing game. puchased the game then purchased the in game editor, i have to legit seasons and one thay is edited via in game editor. truly amazing piece of work. i started a championship series on my youtube channel back before motorsport manager 3 got released then did the same thing for that game. thank yiu for releasing such an awesome game top marks
This was for free recently and I have always been interested in these games. I snatched it up and now I can't put it down. My girlfriend may start to get mad at me if I put too much time into it. I'm starting to get really good at handling my tyres, when to pit. I'm into season 3 now and lost my best driver by accident when we were negotiating terms. Took my youngster and brought her onto my team and now my team is doing really well. Game is amazing. Looking to get the 3rd edition soon! Thanks.
I'm currently on my fourth season of career mode on this game and its brilliant, challenging yet fun and the gameplay is entertaining too. Would recommend as you could easily waste a week playing this through. Could add an option to run in multiple tiers at the same time so we can get a bit more cash and expand our teams a little but im more than satisfied without that. 9/10 πŸ‘
It is a great game, with many improvements over the first. My one peeve carried over from the first game however: sometimes drivers and others will say phrases which can be considered "taking the Lord's name in vain" (this should make it clear what perspective I am coming at this from). I realize people do talk like that, but it bothers me nonetheless, and lessens the experience for me by a significant amount. That this increased between games doesn't make me want to spend money on this series.
Looks Good, loads well ... but the writing is just too small to play on a phone !!! The franchise has good pedigree, so I'm sure this title is as continuation of that but ....
Improvement over the first game (which was awesome in it's own right) , lots to manage (maybe too much for regular gamers) , looks great. Micro-transactions are fully optional making it easier to progress, without it's perfectly doable but just takes more time
Was really fun at first but then repetitive bugs kept souring the experience ("Wants to leave" trait not leaving even after achieving the goal to remove it being a big one) plus once you get promoted the RNG gets ridiculous for everything from parts to results, drivers improve at a snails pace and overall it just becomes frustrating rather than enjoyable
This is just awesome game. This game taught me, What patience is?, Wining is not everything. Indeed, Manager got lots of stuff on plate. It justifies it's price. Game is one of the smoothest games I have ever played. It can kill great amount of time.
Love this game. And to all the ney sayers out there, you guys have got no idea of all the hours the devs has put in to create these apps. So before ranting your "bad experiences" publicly, just contact the Devs. via their email address and point out the issue so that they can fix it to the best of their abilities. So from Dev. to Dev. I appreciate your efforts and keep up the good work.
I got this game a week ago and have enjoyed ever since. its a bundle of fun offline and online i really recommend as its a good time consumer and good for free time. ive played this for a week and hope not to stop soon. once again i would recommend!
very nice game played for a long time. but little bit bugs in crucial moments. contracts with the drivers negotiations could be better. some drivers get away before you attempt to negotiate.
Love it. There are some minor differences to the PC game but this is still great. I also prefer not having to deal with the media or micro managing my drivers during qualifying. So in those aspects this game is superior.
A huge improvement from the last game. More realistic. More control over different things. Better graphics. I think it's a tad bit too complicated but that's okay. Automatic qualifying is SOOOOOOO good. Really helps. Highly recommend. Great game.