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Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code with Fun

Morse Mania: Learn Morse Code with Fun for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Rimas located at Dörflistrasse Zürich 8050 Switzerland. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
really good functionality and progression through the letters. gives a good amount of functions for the free version and the upgrade is a reasonable price
This app got me back to 20 wpm in no time. It's been 20 years since I worked CW and I'm really enjoying it! Love the app!
This is great! Perfectly done. However, if I could add one thing, it would be an option to tap out messages with a button as if you were a real telegraph operator and see what you're saying. Edit: apparently they're going to be adding what I mentioned above in the next version of the game 🙂!
Great educational techniques. The game introduces new concepts at a manageable speed. The concepts the creators choose to introduce together seem well-selected to prevent confusion and aid memory. Reinforcement for right answers is encouraging but not annoying, and the game is challenging enough to spur mastery. Easy to use and understand. Read instructions first. Thanks for the fun game that I'm learning a lot from! Looking forward to learning more.
great tool for learning, I am picking it up quickly. one suggestion I have is for there to be levels where you tap out the code as well, since learning to hear/see it will only get you so far. Training muscle memory to tap out codes would be just as educational and helpful.
Woah!! Great app. Been preparing for Morse Signals and this app is damn helpful. The way levels are designed and subsequent challenge levels are provided, it's great.!!
Really fun and addicting app! I definitely think I will be able to learn Morse code with this - I'm already much farther along than I thought I'd be, less than 2 days after downloading it.
five stars. 1. looks great. the dandelion and aqua looks great and it much better to learn on than plain white 2. easy interface. you know exactly where to go, very hard to get confused 3. takes it slow. only introduces two similar letters at a time, and starts with the simplest, E (.) and T (_) then works you up to the most complex. 4. premium is optional (worth it, but optional). so much of the app is accessible without the premium.
Absolutely the best educational app ever, it runs very smooth and no ads at all. And shockingly the price for having the premium version in very affordable and for lifetime. I'm not used it frequently as I really have a very tight schedule,but having the premium does not waste my money and really good investment. I hope that they can have variety of theme. And I hope that they can put more signs and symbols to learn, but make sure they're real one that actually used in 19th century.
Wow, what an exceptional app! Beautiful design, loads of customization, and you will definitely learn a lot. You can change the wpm, the frequency, and even add background noise to simulate a weak cw connection. With the dev reporting that tapping out messages is coming in a future update, this was an easy premium purchase for me. Lastly, to the user who complained about repitition: learn to love it. Hearing easy letters interspersed with hard ones is just what you'll encounter IRL.
A great starting app to learn morse. tones are very good, lesson structure and progression is very good. doesnt have the varied lessons development for advanced learning and enhancing proficiency (at least not in the freeware version).
simple, amazing and free. strongly recommend buying premium, no other service like it. im always sceptical about when an app has way too many 5 star reviews, but this one makes perfect sense as to why.
Helpful & fun! There could be different ways or techniques to help memorise the patterns instead of finding your own way to remember, but if you can do it, it's great! I didn't realise there were so many symbols in morse!
Excellent tool. I think it perhaps moves a bit more quickly than it ought to, but I'm definitely learning! Edit in response to reply: No, the tempo of the beeps is fine, it adds letters at a tremendous pace. I think perhaps a slower aggregation of letters would be better. With that said, I'm quite happy to just redo lessons so it's not any sort of big issue.
Pretty good for learning and brushing up on code. I earned my HAM Radio license back when you had to pass 13 wpm to get HF privileges. I felt it was time to brush up and this app does a good job.
The app is great to use all-in-all. The levels and challenges set up immediately gave me such a positive vibe. One thing I'd suggest (and would bring this to 5*) is to allow users to use their device keyboard as input. The layout feels a bit unnatural, not having the buttons staggered out like the actual keyboards. It would also please me greatly if you added a Key function where you can freely key. I haven't found this anywhere else, so having it here would be great.
I feel like I'm legit learning something here. the repetition is really helpful to solidify even the most basic of keys. very much considering premium, which I don't usually do.
This is a really great app. There are no ads to interrupt your learning and you can learn morse code quickly. I like how there are challenge levels to test your knowledge so far.
Wow, great educational app. There nothing like it except Morse for Google, which is not quite as good as this. This is great for you if you're trying to learn by ear for your amateur radio license. Basically no ads in the game, well designed, and will teach you Morse if you put effort and time into it. It's also quite fun and addictive after you get into it. A good time killer.
I love this app so much it's perfect to start learning Morse code. I recommend getting premium if you want to go the extra mile. Would be 5 stars easily if it had the JCUKEN keyboard (russian) but it seems they are continuing to update.
This has great potential for learning Morse Code, but don't like the level design: too much repetition. Example: I know e is a dot, it's the first lesson. We don't need it in every future level. X and J are taught last, then there's one big exam on everything, but the hard letters are all practically brand new. In order to practice them on their levels, you need to trudge through the easy ones. I know there is a custom zone, I purchased premium. We shouldn't have to build our own lessons
Hey thanks I've got the premium version now... Actually i added balance to my Google Play account but same wasn't reflecting in the payment mode, maybe a glitch or something. The app is wonderful and i learnt Morse code within a day. You are amazing ☺️
The first app I could find that allows you to learn Morse through sound (beeps), sight (flashes), and feel (vibrations) -- really a great feature I've been looking for everywhere!
Surprised at how quickly I'm picking this up. So far, no ads. Starts with e and t and then gradually adds more complex codes as you memorize them. Clean, simple interface. As far as the effectiveness of the learning is concerned, time will tell whether this actually sticks and whether the app will be able to teach me to encode, rather than just decode.
I've learnt tons of letters :)) Only on level 9 but it feels like I know tons. Very easy, and they're easy to remember. I just play one level a week and I can remember all of them without mistakes. Very fun too
easily the best way to learn how to receive / decode Morse code I've found, after trying many options. great interface, looks and sounds perfect.
I highly recommend this! I practice every couple of days and I'm learning a lot. The free version is great, but the premium version is invaluable. I love the letter shuffling and the ability to jump around on lessons
I have been studying for my ARRL License and wanted to learn CW since I thought it might be a help to know. This app is great and worth the price for lifetime membership if you want practice with symbols and whole words.
Fantastic app to learn with, really recommend. Would only suggest two potential modes where you have to listen to multiple characters or where you have to tap to do dots and dashes rather than a keypad.
just amazing. Morse code is fun to learn and ve you feel like a special agent after learning this... this makes it so easy😄😄😄... download and learn with persistence without thinking twice
Works super well! I was skeptical at first but the way it teaches you by showing you each letter per level makes it very easy to learn the ropes! I haven't gotten a single video ad and even without premium, it's amazing. Great job developers!
best app ever Reply: I would very much like to check out the contents of the other apps you developed too... You make very thoughtful apps without any ads which makes me try out your premium version much more, Looking forward to hearing more updates. Good luck
this got me in the productive and fun zone of learning, very effective and you can practice 2 skills (letters and sounds) at the same time, in the most fun way as possible
I learned morse code before on my own, but this app was great as a refresher. The free version alone is great, but I also love the fact that premium is a cheap one time purchase rather than yet another subscription to add to the stack.
I love this app so much . the layout is simple and it is very fun but the numbers are only available in the premium version
I'm a student and this has been extremely helpful. Introducing a pair of similar letters at a time is a great way to teach. If I could have such an amazing app for every language and form of communication ever! Love it!
I am loving it so far. I would love to actually formulate this code into word, which I haven't found so far. But no ads is the best thing about it.
I absolutely love this app, it works so well for me with learning morse code. Even without premium there's no ads, and the premium version is very reasonably priced. The base version alone is sufficient to learn most things, and the premium adds even more content and settings. Very good app for learning morse code!
Excellent app all-around. Highly recommended to anyone trying to learn Morse. The lessons are helpful, progression is well-structured, and the UI is clean and simple. The main features are free, and the free app works fine for learning the letters. However, the premium features are imo worth it (especially randomizing letter positions on the keyboard) and honestly I'm just happy to support development for such a nice app.
Tried the app and could go through the first 10 levels quickly. It does teach you well. I like the fact that there are no ads and/or waste of time. Not sure I would need the premium version but bought it just to support the creator. Well done! PS) I use the Colemak layout. Premium allowed me to switch to that. Double well done on even having the Workman layout, don't think I have seen it being supported anywhere!
Wow. Just wow. Very well made app. No ads. Very clean. You can basically learn all the alphabets in a day or 2 for free with no ads. The repitiion makes you remember so much more easily. You can then pay for learning abbreviations and punctuations but since there are no ads, I would happily do so. The rates are a tad bit high but all in all, a wonderful app with huge potential.
I love this game. I even paid it for lifetime premium. But even after the money got debited it's still not working. Please look into it. I really want to go forward with the game and learn this. So please help me with it. I can even show the screenshot of it. Even mailed you regarding the same. Please look into it.
Great instructional tool! Can't quite give it five stars, though, as the punctuation is split such that you can never practice commas and dashes in the same session (nor even access dashes outside of the lessons devoted to them). Don't know why some of the spare space on my screen can't be used to fix that. Still, though, it was well worth paying for the full version; I have no regrets.
awesome way to learn to hear Morse. I can't believe how fast I'm learning it this way. I tried to apps, this was the best paid for the premium version after I finished the alphabet. definitely recommend
Very, VERY well done app, thank you! No one is ever satisficed (lol), can I get it to run on a Windows laptop where I will eventually be typing once I'm a true Morse Maniac? Thanks for a great app! -mike
Great great way to learn Morse code. It's actually the best way on the play store. Hearing really is the best way and this game makes it so intuitive! It's the best option if you really wanna learn.
Does very well at showing you how ahead of yourself you've gotten. The amount of features that would improve accessibility but are paywalled is a bit of a bad look for the developer.
this is so good. it's making morse code easier to learn. though, the sound whenever i make mistakes makes me anxious lol, it makes me panic. but it was good tho so it's fine 。◕‿◕。
Great concept and perfect execution. The best game on the play store and I'm not iven kidding. This game is the reason I learned morse. Keep up the good work and - .- -. -.- / -.-- --- ..-
A great way to learn Morse code which I've been wanting to do fo a while (just for fun). It makes it a game and introduces the letters in chunks which is useful. It's up to you to figure out how to remember them.
Help you learn the right way, correlating the sounds with the corresponding letter. Starts off easy and gradually gets harder, but no to fast. I really enjoy this way of learning morse.
Thank you for such a good app.Morse is much needed for me as I'm a marine this helped me to clear my signal exam..And premium version is very good..One suggestion in call sign and word there must be sufficient time to differentiate between two letters...it was very difficult to differentiate between two letters as it was fast
I just started using the app, and I am learning fast. I've always wanted to learn morse code and I finally found the perfect app with simple interface to work your way through. Only downside is, it lacks the feature to compose your own message or own code for practicing. Overall, its focus on teaching you how to learn is satisfactory and fun. Try it now.
I'm on level 10 right now, and so far the level design has been great; not too difficult but still challenging, and learning bit by bit. Nice way to chill out while still learning something
extremely chep and useful for those who wanna train their brains, good to impress your boss at a job interview or just for the ones that like to learn new things. I of course recommend it. I bought the premium just to help the creator, because you can basically learn every letter for free.
Good app but is more infuriaring than anything on my entire life and although I'm a calm person this game made me want to break my phone. I recommend it as long as you have no infuriation, whatsoever.