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Morphite for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Crescent Moon Games located at 488 Charlton Road Ballston Spa, New York 12020. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
When I opened the game the screen was black like the one on tv I uninstalled the game and installed it 34 times but still It has the same black screen.😭😭😭😭😭
This is a really neat game . I wish the scanner was a little lighter. Some of the plant life looked it was drooping after the scan. Is there an upgrade or a way to turn it down? Also, any catalog or additional gaming items?_lat and lot of planets ?
Personally, Not for me, but I can see all the effort put into this. Its a high quality game and I like the charactars, tools and exploration.
This game us really awesome...the poly grapic is really cool,the story line is perfect and the music to is amazing....the but the problem is the ads why does it has to be in front of the loading screen...its making me feel a bit bored and a bit fuzzy...but still a great game...just the ads...
Great game, easy to understand controls- rest of the game is five bucks when the tutorial is free. Yay! Three stars until you either make the whole game free, or just make it five bucks to begin with. Dont make it free. Then slap us in the face with a price.
The thing they should add is the function to fly on the planet, not just enter the planet and choose where to land but also fly around it
Really wanted to enjoy this but the game dose not fit on the screen so when a menu or advert appears you are stuck looking at it till you quit the game.
On a Chromebook with keyboard, this game is unplayable. Works well, but no instructions how to use a mouse and keyboard only. It's aparently Android and touchscreen only :/... On the smartphone you can't play the game with a gamepad....
Dont. Work i selected the first planet and the screen just went black i coukd hear the sound but the screen never opened i never played this game downloaded it 2 times fricking fix it do i could enjoy this game
Why is it that i cant land on the first plannet as it just goes black and plays music over and over??? Pls fix this and i will give 5 stars.
First of all I love the art style and the story was beginning cool but only 1 planet visited and have to pay for the other bit of the story
Looks great, but should say demo as its not the full game... Too be expected, you make a game that looks this good you need to charge.
Beautifully simple game that puts "no mans sky" to shame, Crescent really knows how to make quality space games that cover just about everything you'd want one to
It's an awesome game, the grafics are cool, and the, well...everything is awsome, however, it's a pay to win, all I get is the totorial and than you need to pay for the full story and adjectives. But it's still good!
This game's graphics are magnificent amazing and cool but the one problem is the controls are a little bit hard to handle I mean it's kind of hard! Flying the spaceship it's kind of hard to remember how to get out flying and use weapons and attack and get out of the spaceship I mean overall it's a good game if you have a sturdy hand.
Its kinda dumb. Its an amazing idea, and controls, but I shouldn't want to stop playing the game that im playing. The animations and cutscense are drawn out and long, and the missions are annoying. I come to this game to see awesome fighting, awesome graphics, and cool cutscenes with an emotional story, but I didnt get any of that. Its dumb. Not to mention the fact that it advertises itself as free but you have to pay for it two missions in. Anyways, two out of five, dont recommend this game
Uhm I Don't know why it's still not working I have done what you said to reboot and turn off the ad blocker and also my phone is launched 2019 but it still does not work pls fix it
Just downloaded on my samsung galaxy s21 ultra and this game is not at all suitable for full screen view on this device. I can only see hal of the buttons and subtitles are out of the screen. Can't belive they haven't customized this game for high end devices.
This game is very amazing space game in my life but there is problem when the space traveling first training and fix that
It was great for the one mission i got to play the rest is pay to play i guess fpr the poor animations they have to make money somehow
Good concept and idea. Still not much options here and there. Also, most components of the game resembles that Warframe game.
Played this game before it was nice. But now I reinstalled the screen became blank after the tutorial where myrah got out of the spaceship for the very first mission
Wonderful game, but it just blacks out when you try to land on the starting planet. But otherwise. I love it, thank you for putting this outπŸ‘Œbut please do fix the "black screen" problem.
I can't tell much about the game cuz it's controls made me hate it.. even changing the sensitivity of it.. controls are the worst part here.. you won't ba able to have a decent time playing cuz of it..
Training and first mission is free, after which to access the second mission is $4.99. Your game is great but if you advertise the game as free, make it free with in app purchases like aesthetics and even upgrades. advertising as free only to have to pay after the tutorial mission is aggravating and reflects the care that the developer has for their customers, little to none. That aside, the graphics are alright, triangular but you've done well with the art style and controller capable 7/10
Ok I really want to like this game because it seems really well made...but I can't and quickly uninstalled it. The control scheme is impossible to be enjoyable, if you have a controller maybe you can try with that and see if it improves. Unfortunately this kind of games is really difficult to enjoy without a keyboard and mouse. One annoying thing about the game is that the written stuff does scroll too fast and the game "steals" your controls when it needs to talk to you.
Help!! Hello so I played the game before on my old phone like a year ago,it was all fine,now when I am about to land on the first planet I can't,the screen becomes black and a sound loops over and over,my device is an Samsung A50.
The last mission was so lagging, there's so much to render.. like ships, platform, water, sky, and much more. That's the lowest graphics and still lag, please make it simpler
The fact that you need to pay for the story is very unfortunate considering this a really good game. I apprieciate the geometric graphics and what I've seen of the story. Not too many games are like this.
My cousin used my account and made a purchase for the full game I requested a refund cause I didn't want the full game and I was denied I played the game for 2 mins the game constantly froze and when I went anywhere I'd fall through the ground and had to restart really upset about the game and the refusal of a refund for something I didn't even want (sorry to rant)
Guys I want To land In a Planet With Offline Mode but I can't it's turning into Black then it never comeback fix this please....and can you add Multiplayer Mode for this Game?
Game sends me to the first planet and then I get glitchy rendered code, or just a black screen and looping audio. Waited several minutes, no change, rebooted app and phone. Game is buggy cash grab. Sad, it seemed to have potential initially. Oh well.
Ive been not waste data for black screen Now this game is not enjoyable now. i travel to different star and its start black screen and why NO MANS SKY is better game than this game No man sky is large file i cant install it Thats why i found this game Fix black screen plsss
I like this game a lot there is one problem whenever I try to go on a planet a black screen appears why?!why does this glitch happen kindy fix it
It's a good game! But every time I enter the 1st planet (green one) it only show a black screen and I can only hear the background music, please help me I really want to play it!
The game play is amazing but You should have the ability to customize and change your character and make It so that I don't have to pay for the full game I only got to do with the 1st 2 parts of the story and then the game would not let me do any more to the story And now I'm just stuck going to different planets and getting items The full game should be free for everybody What you should do instead is make a an extension till the game to make the story a longer Cost money
I really like this game and I like to role play as Rick and Morty but I have a low WiFi network and most times there's this problem where if a ad doesn't load before exploring a planet I can't go on can you plz fix this plz
This game was too good till now when i go to the first planet there is just a black screen i waited for 5 minutes and 5-6 times restarted but the problem is still the same please fix it.
I check on my map i look for wear my pod is I follow the arrow that tells me where it is but it just leads me straight into a wall. So could you please fix this game. By the way how do you sell things?
This is a wonderful game! Sadly I really dislike touch controls, if you ever add controller support, consider my purchase for all parts 😁
It is worst app don't download it πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Ž when you download and open the game it shows only black screen and doesn't open.This app is only a waste of time and money.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž.One star is perfect for this game.
AMAZING! For a mobile game this is the best. It's like on console we'll not really, but the game play is so good it's addictive.I would recommend to download it cause it's hard to explain how good it is.When you Download it you will know what I mean. ❀❀❀❀❀☺
Why this game is not working in my phone? It says that update your privacy policy then we contine there ia only black screen please fix this problem.
This game is wonderful.. because kitcat is a perfect joking and sometimes they had a funny voice lines and i love the soundtracks.
Very poor game . Keeps stopping, very much lags . Cannot go to the planets . Very poor.😠😠😠😑😑😑😑
I don't know why but when I reached the planet aven the screen turned black and nothing happened I waited and waited but still nothing happened.
Amazing open world space game. Its really trippy and realistic with the science of aliens evolving in different planets love this game!!!
Theres a small but frustating glitch that when landing, the loading screen freezes and you need to reset the game, still though, the game is quite intresting, the graphics are nice and i adore the space theme, the ship battles and the progressive system that gives you more items and upgrades to obtain, the weapons and suits and fun relics that i luv to get, the game is pricey (R69.00) but not so much like other games out there. Most worth playing to space fans and fps shooter fans or both. 8/10
Every time i download it goes to 99% and then says temporary error and goes to 0% i cant even download it i hate it. Edit#1: So i finally managed to download it but as soon as the last animation for landing ends i get a black screen I DONT USE ANY ADBLOCKERS i myself am a coder so i know it is hard to create a game but i noticed something weird when i get a black screen it repeats a sound over and over again but right now i am uninstalling and reinstalling lets see if it works.
I loved it. Most of the story is amazing I gladly paid for the rest of it I like how the graphics are very different from other games I just have a minor issue some planets that are too hot or cold to land on I would accidentally land on them and the game would not let me leave but overall I loved it hope you make some more games and could you make an underwater type game I would gladly pay any amount for it
This is a really neat game . I wish the scanner was a little lighter. Some of the plant life looked it was drooping after the scan. Is there an upgrade or a way to turn it down?
By far my favorite mobile game ever. The idea of mobile gaming has always been very enticing to me, but unfortunately I've never found one that I can really get into. Far too many are repetitive, have terrible controls, or require real $ spent to enjoy. The story is engaging and goofy, the graphics are great, and the controls are customizable. I gladly paid $5 for the full story & $3 for the rocket boots. It's a mobile No Man's Sky, less in-depth, and easier to play on the go.
For record: As of right now I haven't played the full game, but I would if I had the cash to spare. Graphics are great, the art style works well, especially for the mobile platform. Gameplay mainly seems to be structured around scanning and defending yourself from polygons. UI is clean although I would say the in-app store occupying a large portion of the screen is a mistake. I also think the purchases should be collated. The story is priced well but the extras seem out of place and price.
I love the gameplay.It is so good i rate it 5 star. Thank you for making this game . Make more games like this.
Worse game ever downloaded because of the black out of the screen when landing on a planet even though i've turn off all the ad blocker and the worse of all it has a weird glitch
When my screen blacked out again and again, I started reading the reviews. There I saw almost everyone have the same experience as mine...Hundreds of reviews regarding this screen black out, and the developers are doing nothing...338 MBs for killing two bot spiders?? What the ****....this game is now only waste of data and time...
Ok I do understand the work putten into this but as well as the pay to continue thing like why can it just be a store thing than a continue thing because some of us doesn't like to spend money on games so yeah I hope you understand on what I meant so I hope you can adjust some parts of the game so non spending players also enjoy the game.
Ever singal time I try to download it it keeps starting over again and again,I already try to download it like 8 time now please fix it My phone:blu studio x8 hd
Even the free is OK but i would like if the game was fully free i get that it took a long time to make but at least tell us that its not fully free
Really love this game it's almost perfect but the ads in front of the loading screen are ruining it .but it is an amazing game
Very nice game for me but I can't play it because after the tutorial it shows me black screen for ever!!! Please fix this issue!!!!!!
A linear game for sure, but as a half life fan, this isn't the problem. The problem is the linearity is confusingly non-obvious and made even more by some pointless dead ends. But enjoyed it for thw time being
there are no left hand conrrols and it's so annoying for left handed people. please add in an option to switch conttols.
The screen goes black when you go to other planets and i have to log off the game to play again but when i get back on it does the same thing
Loved the game but now whenever I try and land on a planet I get a dark grey screen with music and nothing happens
Hi your game is not working, after the ship arrive the green planet, it wont continue, justa black screen, devs were abandoned this game?
Potentially a great space exploration game, takes me back to playing Elite on my old Amstrad, its let down by a couple of things the full story being locked on the second mission and even worse when i try to land the screen blacks out and freezes. Please fix and ill give 5β˜†
A very good action packed adventurous game but in the settings you will get advanced function in the graphics manual if you turn it on sometimes you will get purple screen sometimes not ; the crux is some unwanted problem but overall playing the story your willingness to play the game will increase and after completing the story you can travel to many distant planets and star system overall it is a very good game.
Kept glitching at the part where you enter the earths atmosphere at the beginning but the game seem Stylish and Controls are top notch just wish i could play further....
Sorry for the 1 star and all but....i would love to give 5 stars....but the thing is i cant seem to play the game ....i could open it and seen the intro and cutscene and stuff buttt the moment i enter the planet on the first mission....the screen goes completely black and i could hear some sounds and all and that's it its doesnt open.....i waited for 15 min or so and still the same.....could you please check that....
Well i download this game but no bug happened lastime, and now the bug happens it happened every time wen you land in any place so i uninstalled is and lets see if it work..... It work but ypu need to be online wen ad show up to go to the lands thats the problem now how to get in is be online and wait the ad show up and u will be able to go on the land no more black
Absolutely disappointed . This game gets stuck after we travel to aven and a music keeps playing on loop . I would rate it 0 if it would've been possible . Creators really should fix this problem with an update . DISGUSTING !!!!!
I really love this would 100% recommend but every time I visit a planet the screen goes black and can't play anymore the only way to fix it is to an ad to appear but not in everywhere I go there's wifi connection so please fix it I tried every solution restarting my phone and I don't and any ad blocker
I feel like I'm in star wars. It's totally surreal and there could not be a better game. It's also nice that I can wander around the galaxy if I don't want to pay for the story
Please do something with camera! My screen blacks out and freezes. I think I am in love with your game like c'mon it's incredible but please fix the glitch. It occurs when you land on the planet.i love your game!
Other people have been complained about them having problems like having black screen or being laggy or crashing it's just their phone that is the problem because my phone is brand new and no problems at all. You might think I'm just an alt account of the owner or the owners friend but I'm real also if you're still complaining on the dev by the reports I said earlier then BUY A NEW ONE
It’s a stupid game. I can't get rid of the black screen. Do I have to pay for it well I can't. Because I'm only 14. I don’t have credit or debit cards. Many people can't afford it. You developer's are so greedy. You guys are so bad. I hate you guys and your game. Stupids. You guys are πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΊπŸ˜ˆ.πŸš«πŸš«πŸš«πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž.
This game sucks!! When i play the first mission its okay but at the moment it turn into black screen!! 1hours im waiting!!!! So plz fix this...
What is this !!!!! The game is not working when ever i visit a planet the just goes black i even update it but still yet is still the same thing help please
If there you could choose your gender and customize your character I would give it a 5. I give it a 4 due to the bugs that happen when trying to Land.
I just wish there was more to do in the free version, but I look forwards to purchasing the full game soon! (Have to wait for birthday money)
Clever character and world design. Fun graphics. Original game play, and a proper FPS adventure on android.
Great game! Controls are tough, though. Why not have auto aim instead? Add button to switch targets. Problem solved. Well put, nevertheless. Enjoying it immensely, regardless of the tough controls. Awesome job!
This game so cool!!! But way this game can not play multiplayer? I start the game he give me a gun! Soo!!! Coool!!! And he reddy a rocket to go in the planet🌎 and he reddy a bom!πŸ’£ and the gun so strong!πŸ”« and he raddy a stacion to udgrap the rocket!πŸš€
When i saw the game in the store it seemed interesting. I like the art style and the whole concept of exploration but the game doesn't let you explore unless you pay. You have about a couple of minutes of free mediocre gameplay. After that you have to pay to continue. Not to mention that the immersion is constantly being broken by ads. Also the voice acting is annoying. Had high hopes starting to play this but i ended up disappointed. Not worth your time.
The Game is amazing. The no mans sky feel with that polygon Texture makes the game visually stunning. The story is deep and interesting. Wish there was multiplayer but other than that its amazing
I love the graphics on this game but when I enter a planet everything goes black, I waited for so long but it's still black. I hope the developers can fix this because I really want to experience more of this game.
the game won't even load the first mission when im supposed to go to aven i go there and it shows the part where i exit the ship and then it's just a black screen with music thats keeps repeating
Great game, I just think the full version should be free. I have been trying to find a space expedition game like this one for a while now, so when i find out that the full game cost money, I kinda fell. So I just want the full version(anything else you want to cost money can stay) becomes free.
Screens keeps going black and playing the same sound over and over again after I go to aven and that thing drops out from under my ship and then it goes dark and that sound is just played again and again please fix this seems like a fun game
This game is too awesome to put into words, however as I was really getting into the story, I was not able to continue unless I bought the rest of the story for $5. Me along with many players world wide don't have pocket change to spend on mobile games whenever. I really wish I could just keep playing. But other than that, this game is perfect. Just not free...
Ehh, needs some more creative designing. Ohh, overall graphics are great and the game is a good pass time.
I completed the story 100% and now I'm going to explore. I love this game. It is full of variety and a mix of things to do. I am an Elite, Wing Commander Privateer, Frontier Elite 2, Freelancer and GOF2HD fan and I like how Morphite sucks me in a little like those games. I also can't help comparing Morphite in a small way to my experience with Mario 64 only Morphite IMO is far superior.
I really enjoyed this game. The story, the infinitely randomly generated planets, and the space travel itself were all a surprise to me. I Grinded the game out in a week. Obviously with any mobile game there's bugs and limits to controls. This game could use an FOV slider, a zoom out on the solar system map, maybe an indicator to the main story planets. *VERY IMPORTANT* You don't have to buy the full story to keep playing, just fly to mission planet manually and the story will continue on
The game is cool but also confusing like the button design is very confusing and the game is not that smooth at all and all you do is upgrade, scan, and explore wish there was more to do and i would have bought it but there wasn't
I can't play the game when I go to the planet aven and go on the surface the screen goes black everything is good but the blank screen makes me mad
I downloaded this game and I play and I see second mission I am tap on the planet and story line completed and i see doesnot loading and show Black screen only and nothing action only listen music . Please fix this loading problem request .
Looks amazing so far! But I literally cannot buy the full version my parents wont allow it. Please please please make the story free then make like extra stuff cost money.
Great game but like everyone else I want to enjoy but not have to pay money until at least mission 6 or 7.
Touchscreen controls work good, however gamepad is shamelessly dropped. I would like to ask for re-adding it. Would love to play when casting to TV. P.S. for readers; free version is a demo..try before buy. Darn entiteled whiners.
The choice for character kinda makes it a disappointment, I wish this was a gathering game the graphics would be neat
This is a great game but......the bad thing is to progress the story you have to buy it and that really sucks so cause of that I give it a sad 1/10
Its free for the tutorial. We need the full game for like a dollar or two. We don't need all the special features in premium. If the full game could be cheaper, with in app purchases, I would re-download.
Sorry for the one star the game is nice the training and stuff but when you star the first mission and land in the planet it just goes black and there is only sound so ya fix it pl
It was great while it lasted but then you had to pay after the first part of the game! Β£4.99. It's an amazing game that I got so into but sadly I can't continue as it needs to be payed for.
there was a bug when the first mission on a planet (Aven) after landing, it was just showing up a blank screen, and I've tried to clear the cache too. And still blank