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Moonlight Walks

Moonlight Walks for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by PGS4A & Ren'Py Projects located at PO Box 41, Kings Park, NY 11754. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I liked it a lot! It's simply awesome, I really liked the story, you did a great job! One of the most memorable things that I played on my android phone, since I first got it. It was rather short, but it really made up for the length, and it really did enough to induce emotions for me. 5 stars, everyone who's into these kinda games should check this out, in fact I would be willing to donate.
you know i like this novel a lot? And hate it at the same time? Because.. You made a manly man like me cry like a baby dude! Your great keep on making stuff like this. You've got my support
I, too, have never been inspired enough by a game to rate it before. I just thought this concept was awesome, I had to go through all the endings. :)
Thank you for this game! I really wish this would happen to me... With a girl like Mary and an island like this... Thank you... Just... Thank you.... I'll go cry now....
This VN is really good. The story is sweet and the characters are well-written, showing a lot of personality despite the short length. After my first playthrough, I thought it was a tad short, being about the same length as The Question. That was because I got the bad ending. Playing the other two endings extended the novel to its perfect length. The only problem I experienced was that some BGs seemed to flicker before the sprite was loaded. This might just be me.
I was little bit scared cause the girl was a ghost.. When I capture her photo (on the game) , after i take the photo, she wasn't there.... .-. Lolz but this game rock! Love it!
As long as story is good the graphic isn't doesn't matter, but i look the extras menu and look contributed art the number two of picture is really great dude, and first i play the game I'm little scare because i know her is a ghost when i choose to take pictures of her and I'm play the game in 01:00am!! But that is not big deal, when i playing the game is to sad she can't get along in the main character side.. But they're can meet again in heaven that's a relief.. Just make another good game. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
I saw all the comments and gave this a try.... but to my horror, the writing is atrociously boring and awkward. Im not sure what the reading level of most of the comment posters are but the novel felt like i was reading a middle schoolers writing. Sorry going to have to pass.
But i started in a good place. Art was consistent and clean,colors looked really good, story was short but kept me comming back to see all the endings, ending 4 was my fav. I would have liked some custom sound tracks with music/download links for songs ect. And i loved the Ghostbusters pic
It was a truly amazing story; one that I have not yet seen a match to. All of the endings were magnificent, escpecially the fourth ending, where Mary and the player both walked off into the light. It also accurately displayed the right math: 70 birthdays of him is equivalent to 2 birthdays of Mary's; this I appreciate. One thing that could make this better is add more possibilities! This game was a top notch story, but quite short. I wish to continue!
I played this game quite a while ago and though a bit short, it's phenomenal. This represents how good independent games can really be, and I wish there was more content like this.
I'm in love with the story! It's super romรกntica. I loved ending 4: into the light, together. It made me cry ToT. "Are you coming?" *sigh* love it 100000 stars!
A beautiful game that really made me get in my feelings, a real tearjerker for sure. 10/10. i love these kinda storylines with the metaphysical aspect to it, like a studio Ghibli story or something.
The game is pretty short and it's an old game. I have to say there's no ui for me to save but let's just focus on the plot itself. Its actually a simple plot with self-explanatory title and it does a good explaination of why and what happen to the character. If only there's more different music in the background as well as longer game time. Overall it's a good story.
I LOVED THIS GAME!! :3 I don't know but I always find romantic ghost/spirit stories so beautiful, especially when the ghost is a female and the protagonist is male. I guess it is more relatable for me, as a guy. Lol Anyway, great work and good job for the whole team that made this wonderful little gem! :D Keep up the good work!
So far, I've already finished all of the endings. But the most great one is ending 4. Give me a "teary"-eyes for awhile, and I wish the story is more lengthy.
Lovely. It's short, but in a good way. It only took about half an hour to see all endings. Story is rather typical but I like that. Didn't really leave an impact but gave me something to think about for a little while. I thought it was pretty cool that one of the endings only takes a minute to reach. I think I liked that ending the most, strangely enough.
At first, i came straight to an end within 3-4mins. Then i try again. The ending was romantic and heart wrenching. The girl is unable to pursue her happiness and this guy, out of the blue, just fall in love and finds the atmosphere around her is comfortable. It A MUST TO DOWNLOAD! However, the story is a bit short, so it would be better either making more ending paths or make the story line longer.
I love VN games...when i can't do anything i play VN games...great story man...some endings were sad some were good...ending 3 made me cry though...the protagonist abandoned his selfish desire to be with her and instead fulfilled Mary's wish...hey could you make some more games like this one???
my first try was dying and it's really great ending. but my heart aches when i choose the "let go" and it's also a great ending as well. i didn't expect to find this kind of game in my random search but i'm glad because it's a gold one just waiting to be found. i want more
I loved it, sure it was short but it was awesome. I only got ending 1,3 and 4 but I didn't need another my choices were made. 4 was the best but 3 was a very close second. Its worth a download.
Please update for compatibility in android lolipop i cant really play the game. It makes a blurred and pixelized screen. Im using Asus Zenfone
I think this visual novel is one of the best stories out there! Saw all 4 endings. Funny thing was I got saw each ending in order. Never done that before... Ending 3 had a interesting twist to it & ending 4 is (of course) the best ending. Won't say more as to not spoil the story. Though I will say it was worth playing and finding the endings.
It was great. The third ending made me laugh and the fourth was heartwarming. Only thing that bugged me was the suddenness of the beach audio restarting the loop. I do wish this was longer.
I really enjoyed it. It was short and only had for endings but, the story was great. Despite it being short I really felt connected to the game. Slight spoiler alert, [I really like relationships that can transcend life like that. Not like twilight but like Dusk Maiden of Amnesia for any anime fans.] End spoiler. All in all a great game and a great play for anyone.
OMG! You actually brought a few tears to my eyes! Me, who never cries, never soppy, yes me . . . . tears! Its a lovely story. The first ending is extremely short,but you quickly realise that you have to change your choice, and in doing so, there are four endings. The fourth one being the lovely one. I wont tell you what it is, as i feel people spoiling in reviews is unfair, but even a hard nut like me was moved! Its a short story, you'll read all four endings within an hour, but its still something thats well worth reading. The art is nice too. Well done and thanks! :o)
I wish you people would make a game out of this or better yet keep it the same but make it longer. You know what screw it i love the ending 'MARRIED FOR A MOMENT' i just am in love with stuff like this make more and i think its werid that a guy like me likes this stuff but i dont care . If you read these take th same.model and put her in the same setting but make her more ... Never mind the charcter is perfect just perfect. Look forward to future stuff love it ... Bye.
I don't understand when u open it a messed screen only appear is it not compatible with my device - zenfone? I would like to know if it can be fixed pls. reply.
I came across this while downloading a bunch of visual novels and just decided at random to play it first. The story is absolutely adorable and if you have any free time I highly recommend giving this a read.
Moonlight Walks is a lovely heart-warming story, beautifuly told, well written and visualy stunning. Ending 4 will bring a tear to even the most hard-hearted of people. Fabulous!
It's short, and very enjoyable. It has 4 endings and all are very easy to reach. Its well written and the art is pretty good. If you have some time to kill, check it out. You won't regret it.
It is a good virtual novel. The story is simple but emotionally compelling. A good example of a Renpy game.
This..this game is perfect. Endings 1 and 2 are well deserved. While only it's just you and Mary, both are the GREATEST. Endings 3 and 4 are extremely sad for both prespectives of her farewell and you joining her. Nothing can beat these endings. I don't know if I've softened after completing Town of Tides, but this was a very sad ending, probably beating that game. Absolute perfection
Beautiful... However, despite my absolute five stars for this digital novella, it is quite short! Advice: replay, do not uninstall after first story-telling! Chose different paths, different ways! The ending is always unpredictable untill carried out by user
I had this game at my old Sim Card I replaced it then install this but keeps on erroring I already done that 13 times. I like this game. When I am bored I get my celphone and read this. Please fix I really wanted to read this. Thank You!