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Moonlight Lovers: Vladimir - Otome Game / Vampire

Moonlight Lovers: Vladimir - Otome Game / Vampire for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Beemoov Games located at 57 bd Gaston serpette 44000 Nantes. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Sex) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Im enjoying it a the moment and its really interesting so far,but the aps and stuff lik the sometimes get me upset😁coz i typicaly have to wait until night thats if i play it in the morning,and if i play it at night i will have to wait until morning ugh. But other than those two things it interesting and it really makes me wanna read the next part of the the story its awsome so far i like it thumbs up on everything else good jobπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ‘πŸ‘
I dont mind the Ap system all the game systems are great,but honestly i don't like Vladimir, he's completely uncouth.
Why this graphic design like this?😣 i like the story very much but i don't feel comfortable this kind of graphics Where i can't see myselfe walikng or others work doing. So i can't continue this game.. Alas! I like the story but i don't feel comfortable with graphics. I hope u change this graphics, like i wanna see myselfe waking,running, working.
Its a good game... But the fact i cant go further than a few taps on my screen makes it impossible for me to enjoy it. Unless it was an early access game i can understand but i really want to enjoy this game. And given how the AP is astablished in this game is a big flaw to me and with a few other glitches like shuttibg off, music stops playing, characters looking glitchy white, ect... Overall its a good game with good story so far, i can handle the glitches but the AP bar needs adjustment
It might not be much AP but its totally worth it, this game is so mysterious and fun i totally recommend this game..there are also other games like this u guys should try out ..you wont regret
Enjoyable with minor issues I do like the the multiple choice aspect of the game and with this being a newer game I expect bugs and lag but there are times where the buffering can be excessive. For example when you watch an add and I'd have to restart the game because it wont load. I wish we where given more points to continue forward because otherwise the game is really drawn out making me lose interest. On another note, I do like the character development and I cant wait to see the updates.
Unless you want to do assisted suicide then I suggest you don't get this game. As a person who almost lost someone to suicide I find this extremely unacceptable, there was no warning, it wasn't handled well at all and to do such a sensitive topic that is triggering for people. I played this game for fun, I didn't play this game to remember a past trauma.
I don't know what going on.when i started i got points to read story but after that i did't resive any points .and can't go on with it. I tried to register my acount but every time it did not work. I even reinstale it but the same think happend.
My my, what did I experience just now?? Ok. Let me tell you what I think... I think they did more then they needed to!! They did SO good!! The expression, the look, the STORY, is INSANE!! I never knew that the characters would move, and like, you CAN ACTUALLY do more then make choices and read! You can help the main character move to the location she needs to go! Vladimir, MY- gosh he gorgous 😍 I am quite speechless. I finished chapter 1, and I can't wait for more!! Well done guys!!
Such a shame Its a good story line but have to pay way to much or wait 4 hours to watch a video to get more and it starts on the 1st chapter.
I must admit. Vladimir, the character with the long white hair. When I read his dialog box, his voice in my head sounds like the voice of Katz from the cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog. Very sexy.
Game is very predatory with the AP. It's basucally constantly fishing for the player to spend money From what I've seen, the story is good. It's just a shame it will take anyone forever to find out
This game actually has really good art and storyline. But.....the thing that bugs me is the ap. I get it that you have to wait a whole day to replenish ap but the amount of ap they give you everyday is too little. You can't even play the game for a reasonable amount of time. That really sucks. I was actually excited to play this game by seeing the prologue but the app's required amount of waiting tires me I only rated 2 stars because of the storyline and art.
The story is good but the main story shouldn't be locked behind a pay wall. Yeah you get points daily but it's only enough for literally 2 minutes of dialogue and you can't even go back and play through it again. You'd get much higher ratings and bigger fanbase in general if the main story was free but maybe you get smaller ones with the same system as is currently in place for the main one. Even increasing how much you can play daily beyond 2 minutes would be an improvement. Not balanced at all
This game has potential, but it takes way to long to recover AP. I didnt open the app for a whole day and got 500 AP. I was only able to go through 10 lines of dialogue before I ran out. When I try to watch a video to get a little more, it fails.
It is an okay story line. Loved the ending. My choices gave me Vladimire forever, everyone lived peacefully and happily ever after ending. WARNING... If you want to read more than a few lines within a 24hr period FORGRT it OR PAY for it. If you have a problem they DO NOT respond.
Great story but can only read like 3 minutes a day. I'm hooked by the story but refuse to pay money lol so I've been reading little by little for a while now.
Honestly I REALLY love the story. Its easily one of the best stories ive gotten into BUT... 1. You go thru the AP WAY too fast...if you want to have enough AP to do chunks of the story at a time? Well... 2. The game makes it impossible from a free standpoint. I had the idea of trying to stock up on the 'daily' 500 AP bonus, plus the 60 ap per video but GUESS WHAT- EVERY TIME I LOG BACK IN, THE AP HAS RESET. I end right back with 500 AP. You lose your 'daily' AP EVERY DAY if you DONT USE IT.
The story is great so far and I'm really enjoying it. The daily replenishment is neat but it only takes you a few texts ahead before you run out of points and the constant need to watch videos, that are only available every 4 hours, to only progress 2-3 texts is really tanking that enjoyment. Along with 10 chapters and not even being done with the first one (I don't know how long a chapter is) makes it even worse. It really takes patience to enjoy this unless you spend money to replenish.
I like it it's very good also entertaining and keep busy during quarantine well that is but I had nothing to do and I'm bored
This game actually has really good art and storyline. But.....the thing that bugs me is the ap. I get it that you have to wait a whole day to replenish ap but the amount of ap they give you everyday is too much little. You can't even play the game for a reasonable amount of time. That really sucks. I was actually exited to play this game bye seeing the prologue but the app's required amount of waiting tires me I only rated 2 stars because of the storyline and art.
Love the story and the art style! But the AP system is totally wack. I watched an add to get some AP and all it took was 3 peices of dialogue to drain it. That's to much for me man, I'll delete the game and reinstall it once you guys fixed the problem
Good storyline and graphics... But i hate the AP system... A video does not really help you get back the APs... Hardly 10 dialouges and it shows you that you are out of APs... If u dont pay, then you are not gonna get any APs... Please stop this.
I just love it!I have the other versions as well,(Ethan,Beliath,Ivan etc!) Keep up with the good work!
Would be better if there was more drawn pictures of what was happening instead of just the background scenery.
I like the storyline so far and I really enjoy playing it. The graphic is very, very good and all the different types of vampires and all the mysteries are really entertaining! But.. It really annoys me that you can only do 10 "choices" per day.. I mean, I understand that you want it to be entertaining and all, but.. Only 10 is quite disappointing. I'd like if it could be 100 per day or even more.. That would make it a lot faster to finish the game and so much better at keeping me interested! πŸ’—
I like it. Still playing. Why aren't all the characters in one game? Some of choices didn't make sense. I own the house and yet I can't tell them that? It would have been nice to have a picture of the one turning me into a vampire..
I recently installed the game and when I opened the game there was a downloading process, so I waited. It was OK but now its downloading process is stuck on 92% and I don't know how to fix this. Edit: now it's working again thank God. I thought I am not going to experience this game.
It is a good game I just do like how you have to stop playing so soon with out paying or watching a video. But besides that I love this game!
U gotta read hella lot (story)and there are so many vampire. You have less work to do in this game u only gotta read the story. And if you are new to this game they just say all the story n stuff that takes like 15min It's your wish if u r okay with reading 10,15pages then go for it
This is....perfection! Well i realllllyyyy like the characters soooo muchhh , i get 500 ap a day but its fine! The storyline,graphics are so so cooll! And you can also experience bugs and lag ._. I think this game is just soo perfect!, but they have to fix the bugs and lags ._. Im looking forward it and great work! UwU have a great day! :D
Love the story so far and the background music is amazing, i like to let it play to unwind and relax to.
I love everything about this game. The only problem is the AP. There could be more ads to watch for some AP or something because some of us can't buy any AP so ads would be a good way to get more of it. But that's just my opinion. Besides all of that I love the game so much
OMG it is a gorgious game and I'm addicted playing it cause I love love storiesπŸ˜™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜šπŸ’—β€πŸ˜».
I think your AP coin system needs work. You can watch a video every 4 hours for just a little bit of coins. And then it refreshes every night, to the max, but that even isn't a lot of story. Every click costs 20 APs and the max is like 500 APs. Fix your things, because this way we can barely play. Nevertheless, the game is cool. Interesting story and multiple choice questions. I dont always agree with our main character but everyone is different. I like Vladimir but cant install theother apps :(
The game is great! AP is not good. U only get 60 to begin with. I minute into the dialogue and they are burned out already. Deleting. If it gets better I may install it back.
i think thats a good game but how can we sing up in this?please if you know help me and i download all the game of moonlight lovers then i can not sing up in this Thanks to the game developer😊
I absolutely love the characters and story so far, but you dont get enough AP point to progress in the story. You get like 510 points and you have to spend 30 points for every action and takes a whole day for it to reset. I've been playing for like a week now and I'm still on Chapter 1. Literally can't make any progress in this game.
Just dislike how you can only pick 3 actions every 4 hours. I don't mind watching videos to replenish my action points but it would be nice if I got more points for each video or the time between videos was less.
The artwork and it's animation is absolutely amazing, and the storyline is well written and easy to follow. My main complaint is the AP system. You get so little AP a day and it's driving me crazy. I really do love this game, Vladimir has nice character development and the main character does herself, but I am quite annoyed by how little AP we get and by how it doesn't get you far. Okay, I change my mind about the main character..she is so judgemental and defensive and she gets away with it.
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭honestly, being able to only play a few times a day didnt stop me. i played for months. Just to have Vladimir ripped away in the end... a great game. i really enjoyed it....until the end
I loved the story and the characters were amazing, but I HATE the ap system. Its terrible! You can get a few sentences after waiting over a day for ap. If you have a lot of patience, this is a great game. The story is really romantic and great.
People complain about AP but is useless , because is like many other otome games. Do you want to play for free? Wait once a time per day , otherwise you can pay for move fast , simple right ? The author did something amazing, Vlad is a god , beautiful and gentleman
I love the game, the characters, the animations, the gameplay, the scenarios, the story. Everything in general is excellent, however, i take away many points because of the AP system and the cost of the game. U cant save AP, which means u have to play daily with the 510 they give. Each dialogue takes 30 and buy them is very expensive so u cant enjoy the game at all. Maybe if there was a system where u watch ads and publicity to acquire APs, it would be more enjoyable.
Its got an amazing storyline, but you don't get far before you need to watch an add. And litrely 4 clicks later, you run out of money to continue!!
This is a good book......but if only there could a way to replenish with some video's and i'm a fast reader it will take me 20 seconds to read somethin especially when it comes to books i am drawn to romance books and i would love to replenish energys with some video's
Ok so don't get me wrong I love this game very much so but I can't even play for 5 minutes before I need more AP. And when I try to watch a video it deletes the option. That's my only problem with the game.
It's really nice story but story proceed at very slow rate .there should be some clues to understand what to do next .
Only thing is, it either doesn't let me put my email in (finally got it though) or it "restarts" but it seems like it but when I press on the start button (because I'd get to the of "fine whatever") and itd take me to the point of where I was, and the only other issue I have is a personal preference I think - your daily limit on XP or whatever it's called is just too small. It's kind of ridiculous... Other than that, it's a good game!
This game is based on an AP system but it's terrible. You get 500 AP which appears 2 be higher then some other games, but it's actually less. Every tap on the screen u lose 20 AP, basically u only get +25 sentences. This also is skimped cause the game always starts you about 2 - 3 sentences backwards. U can get more AP from 1 Ad for 60 AP which is only +3 taps. Also, the navigation sux, if u watch the ad vid, you get locked into a replenish screen and u have 2 close the game an reopen 2 continue
I like the game it is very good the only tihbg that bothers me is the ap we cant really play for that long and tgen it runs out ither then that i like the game.the animatiin is good,i can say the same thng about the storyline.who ever plays this game enjoy😊
If the creator is reading this my samsung ipad doesn't work sometimes so can you fix the game for me because it said sorry you cant play now maybe cj Heck your internet or come back later we will fix this bug for you try again tomorrow or 1:00am
I have the same complaints as everyone else the fact that it takes so long to get ap and reading the story takes so much of it each slide takes about 30 ap making it so you can only play for a few minutes before you run out of ap. You have the option to spend money on ap but not everybody has $80 to spend on ap that will only last a few hours anyways. The only reason im giving three stars is because the grafics and story line are really good.
So upset. I signed out and it wont let me sign back in or send me a way to change my password to my email, nothing. I literally lost all the progress I made and paid money out on this damn thing for not even being able to continue or finish the damn thing. Terrible.
Listen.. this app is AMAZING But what I hate is the AP every time I click on a dialog it takes 20 AP from me and it's so annoying please just give us Enough AP and also let it take only like 10 or 5 AP because it's extremely annoying I really love this game but I hate the fact that it takes a lot of AP please fix it otherwise I think I'm going to stop playing this game because it's really wasting my time 😭.
It is the worst game I have ever seen. It takes a long to open the first page only about 2-3hours and the story is not so good and evenly the characters are also not looking real they are like a dummies and after some time I get bored with playing this game. So please fix it up.
I love this game but the only problem is that it shows sometime the letters like squares please fix this problem
i love this game. really enjoy it. but i cut 2 stars short for 2 reasons. first it is low on AP and it is also costly to buy. second, this app n=is not reponding anymore. whenever i would open the app, it would say " your server is not responding. please try to connect later". what the hell? pls correct this.
The art and plot are decent. However if you don't want to pay and get by watching adds its incredibly slow and I don't believe anyone would actually have the patients or time to finish the game like that. We are talking one sentence per 3 hours and this is not a short game. Here's where it gets worse if you want to pay its not 20 or 30 or even 40 dollars we are talking like 300 hundred dollars that's insane. Its also super buggy and kept making me restart.
PLEEEAASSSSEE make more like theseπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ IM BEGGING YOOUUUUπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί I haven't finished them at all yet, but I LOVE them so far (all of the Moonlight Lovers)can you please make more like these? I LOOVVEEE THEM SO FAR❀❀❀❀😻❀
I really liked evrything in this game, it's so creative and awesome, except one annoying thing is about AP, their replies consume so much AP and it take a lot of time to replenish by video and also the same given by video it's not sufficient for even one 1min of reading, I think eldarya app using a good system considering replenishment of maana, it would be great if there are mini games with all the vampires and reloaded after some time
I absolutely love the story, but really hate the AP system. What i did is just log in only for the free 500 AP and the AP from adds everyday for about 2/3 weeks, and then actually started playing the game, so i won't get interrupted by lack of AP too soon. Overally enjoyed the game, but i think a minigame here is almost necessary.
I do enjoy this game, but the ap points take way too long to recharge and when it does you barely have any extra
To be honest it's a really good game with an interesting story. But the the fact that i have to wait all day for the story to continue for a short time and have to wait again for another day cycling like that is very uncool. Even though it is a great game...
Why this app takes some time to download though my internet connection is perfect cannot take it anymore I was waiting for 3 hours literally but it didn't work
Ok, first of all, what are Ap's, so annoying, without Ap's can't continue or you watch a video. The game actually is nice, but the Ap's arn't😾
The music is great, characters are rather interesting, drawing style is nice but l would really wish that we could accumulate our daily AP's.
I've so far been really enjoying the game. I fell in love the moment I saw Vladimir. His long blonde hair is more than pretty and his facial expressions makes me swoon. He's all around a pretty cute character to me! The graphics are good too, storyline is nice enough for me to be captivated. And the character we play as doesn't have a terrible personality. The only problem I really have is the AP it run out quickly and We only get 500 a day, It takes up like 70+ each dialogue.
I absolutely love this game and I really want to give it 5 stars but there is a reason. THE A.P. it's so annoying I hate it because when the climax comes it says I'm out of AP hmm... I will think about giving it 5 star IF you will increase the number of AP so please!! Increase the number of AP
As I've ended Chapter 1 recently, I take back my calculations, even though I still find egregoius just how much you could spend on this game. That aside, I am quite pleased with giving this game a second, more thorough, chance. No matter the initial impact, I do recommend this game wholeheartedley if you do have the patience for it. It just has that bit more charm to it and waiting every day to play it again does not detach me from the experience, as expected, but it captivates me further.
I cant rate it more than one coz honestly am soo damn disappointed.. I downloaded it with tonnes of hope but i cant even get into the game... Worst of all the so called manor downloads forever... What sort of joke is this?? It finishes bundles like nonsense.. Bytha u gotta play the whole game with bundles.. If i were u honey,,, i wouldnt download it for a million dollars
I luv the game it has great graphics except for the part where the characters whole body doesnt show only like maybe the body or face would you plz fix this bug and the game is so slow because when you need to go to another place then the screen goes blurry and then you have to wait a few seconds so plz help with this bug
Every thing is good but what makes this game worst is that after playing for sometime, it gets necessary for you to purchase the AP and if you watch video for AP(something like lives) after two dialogues you have to again watch the video and the video option can be used after 3 hours. One click and the other, the game demands for AP again wait 3 hrs.Even if you wait for 3hrs, just after 2 dialogues again the AP thing come up. It's waste of time.
Hi A lot of people want to read these masterpieces from authorship from writing, so please add Arabic. Sorry if there was an error πŸ˜£πŸ’žπŸ’ž
I love this game but I can't buy any AP and therefore have to watch ads and there aren't enough ads so I have to wait in order to play but apart from that it's a good game.
Graphic and story is good all I want to complain is about available of AP point in the game, for replishing it take 3 hr 58min only for short conversation in story which make me really bad to stay at suspicious stage what will happen next, get irritated and even helpless how to replish the point without buying
Unplayable because of glitch! The story is great, easy to immerse yourself BUT the game is broken. Ap is needed for each line you read. Sometimes you get 2-4 lines for 60Ap. You can buy Ap or a watch video (60 Ap/w 3hr refresh) but that doesn't mean you actually get any Ap & it might overwrite existing Ap. I logged a ticket asking for help after a particularly large amount went missing. The response was equivalent to saying have you tried turning it off and on?
Dont get me wrong I absoloutley love the story but the only problem is the amount of points given to read it are so little and when you watch a ad it also gives small points to read.
I absolutely love this game! It's well done, the characters are so interesting and the story just pulls you in! I especially like the animation of the characters! Its so funny to see vladimir do a surprised look! But i do have to say that the AP system needs a few edits. Maybe make it to where we can earn them for free by watching adds or even have actions cost less. I just really enjoy this game and its a little upsetting not being able to just keep going through it and having to pause a bunch.
This is a really cool game i love it!. But the onkh thing that annoys me is the AP points. It would be much better if you could just let us go through the chapters without using AP. Even better if yoh could just remove the AP system. I also love that you get to do free chlices not like other games where you have to waste money just to do ONE choice. otherwise, if the AP system wasnt there i would have given it 5 starts...
Bad.... ...!!!!!!! Wants registration at once after 10 minutes 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
Well, I can't even play it. Whenever I open the game and try and put in a name and press continue, it gives me an error message. I have tried closing and opening the app many times.
Worst app ever!! This ap doesn't even start....first it takes a lot of time for downloading and then suddenly stops working...ughhhh
It's a good experience but my problem is that I can't get far without having to watch a video, it only gives 60 points so I can only go through like 3 texts before I have to get more.
500 AP daily surely is not enough, when I click the option to watch a video for AP it doesn't works. And btw, I read fast, I am not a slow reader, so it just ends in less than a minute or two. Sometimes she just speaks in her mind, let's just say about some unnecessary things that I don't care to hear. Before I can see some interaction the AP runs out, I am really not willing to wait a whole day just for a few minutes of gameplay. But for me it's less than a few minutes. Like I said I read fast.
There's a lot of effort that the devs put into the game itself, but the AP system completely ruins the experience. Currently, you can only read about 30 text boxes a day for free, and just as you're getting immersed in the world and its characters, BAM. No more AP. If this ever changes for the better, I'll most likely give this game another download. EDIT: I decided to try it again; AP is still the same, but now you can watch a single ad a day... for only two extra lines of dialogue.
Pros; characters are likable, story is awesome, each character gets their own separate AP progress thing(?) Cons; it has the MCL AP system. That's my only complaint about the game. You get 510AP, and with each dialogue, you spend 30AP to progress with each click. I think it would be better to give us story passes and put the chapters into parts, or you can sell it for $6-$10 as it's own game since the characters have their own apps.
The game has good art and story. The game is also easy to use and understand. I think the design is strong and development for everyone is good and is really engaging. My main complaint is that the AP points don't roll-over to the next day like with other Beemoov games. Its not hard to use all the points but sometimes I want to just go through the chapter without having to wait hours. Or make it so that the AP always gets to breaks in the plot rather than the random times that it stops.