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Moonlight Lovers: Ivan - Dating Sim / Vampire

Moonlight Lovers: Ivan - Dating Sim / Vampire for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Beemoov Games located at 57 bd Gaston serpette 44000 Nantes. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Sex) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game I really do but I just don't like that we have AP I want to continue the without AP but I still love it :) but not the AP :(
For those who say the game wont start or says register everytime you open the App. This is what i figured out you have to do everyday when you want to read it, with 500 AP..... When you open the app and it wont start the game and just saids register or no more points left, close the app and RESTART YOUR PHONE. Then open the app up again, and it will give you your free daily 500 AP points to read the story. Yes its frustrating but better then paying $5 everytime you want to keep reading the story
Very good game. Needs internet or it won't work. However I wish that these types of games would have unlimited life things because they are hella expensive. That's all.🙃
I have played your other game, but I felt I should leave review here. So far, it's wonderful. But I'm still rather annoyed by the AP system..I understand it's a marketing technique, but I can tell you, that it's hard to read the novel when you forget what happened previously. I do love the art and animation, though!
I really love the game and the history and of course the characters, but is frustrating that I only can interact with Vladimir, Beliath and Ivan; and if I like other character, I can't interact with him because he is blocked (Ethan), I would want an actualization as soon as possible! I really don't like to play this game if I can't interactive with the boy that I like.
It doesnt let me accumulate AP. I get 500 a day and I have to use it that day or I dont get more tomorrow. 500 doesnt get you far into the story so it would be great to be able to let them add up like in MCL. It also didnt show the illustration when I recieved it, almost thought I didnt get it but when I looked into the album it was there? But in the long run I am enjoying the story.
The story seems like it COULD be interesting, however it takes a long time to get there with the ap system that is put into place. Its pretty annoying to only be able to collect a few aps a day, and play 1 ad for 60 aps when every sentence is 20 aps! That and you can't just log in and collect your aps for later use so that you can have a longer play time. They just overlap. So say you collect 500 one day and dont use it and then log in thinking you'll have 1000 aps you will still only have 500!
I'm giving it an extra star only cuz the story would be interesting. Even with 500 daily AP most of the time I can't even get to the story itself due to all the detail describing of just simply sitting down! With the fact that even what should be a lot of AP gets me almost nowhere in less then 2 minutes each day causes a huge plummet in interest for the game. I get that money is needed for support, but this is badly managed and AP is priced too high for just 1 minute of entertainment.
I love these vampire stories I am super excited for when the rest of the characters are here I'm mostly looking forward to Raphael's story to be unlocked your games are very awesome and very detailed 😊😊
I love this game and when I first started to play I was like wow they are giving 500 points for reading but I didn't know that it is too short but it's story is very interesting 😁
I like the animation, art and the story so far. It is a good game but with a price to pay. In my case I can be patient to wait for AP to replenish but it is too small. I understand that you have to pay for their effort so put more ads to earn more AP as a suggestion. Please just put more ads because I am itching to know the story.
Its a great game but I would enjoy it more if I could read more at a time. It is a very interesting game and it feels like I'm actually in the game.
Started playing this game got to chapter 2 and it won't open reset my WiFi turned on my mobile data still same outcome shame as I was enjoying this game
I absolutely love it, I already played the previous two, the story is amazing and I can't wait for the other three.
I am giving 1 star coz I can't play it's not working as I installed they asked me to enter my name I tried serval times but it comes a meassage with a error Pls fix my pro Pls I want to play the game Pls and as soon as bug fixes I will definitely give u a five star rating Pls hope u read this please help me thank u ❤❤❤😞😞😞😞😞
I spent $55 to get 40,000 AP and the game immediately crashed afterward. It has been a WEEK since that purchase was made and I still haven't received it. I have done everything support requested and they keep putting me off and thanking me for my patience (which I'm now out of). You would think helping customers that have disposable income would be a priority but it seems that's not the case.
This game is awesome. I love the way u use vampires in the story. My only problem is the AP. It would lovely if Igot a little more each day. ^ ^
NEEDS SERIOUS WORK! I started playing the tutorial, and got stuck at a certain point to where I couldn't even turn off my phone/restart it. I started freaking out and worrying that I'd be locked out and be able to do anything else. Fortunately my phone went into sleep mode and when I got back I was out of there.
I really like the game and the story but the AP is very little, maybe you can add a little more than 500 AP cause its not that much.
This game is based on an AP system but it's terrible. You get 500 AP which appears 2 be higher then some other games, but it's actually less. Every tap on the screen u lose 20 AP, basically u only get +25 sentences. This also is skimped cause the game always starts you about 2 - 3 sentences backwards. U can get more AP from 1 Ad for 60 AP which is only +3 taps. Also, the navigation sux, if u watch the ad vid, you get locked into a replenish screen and u have 2 close the game an reopen 2 continue
It's really amazing,but the AP....when I watch a video to get AP I get avery small amount and to get a larger amount I must pay,I haven't completed the game and didn't play alot I've been playing for half a day or almost a day so I don't know if there's any other way to get AP but please make more options
Ok so. Story great. AP system broken. I've been looking at reviews after picking the game back up recently and they are STILL THE SAME! I logged in today with no daily login AP. And there have not been ANY ads for 60 AP like I've been hearing! This is absolutely ridiculous! I get that you might not be able to fix this dumb AP System due to probably having to re code a bunch of stuff to make things better. Maybe you could at least have a sale for AP?
The game doesn't open and I don't want to uninstall it and install it again because I don't want to lose my progress. Also if the AP accumulated the player could enter the game every day for a week/s and get enough to actually play the chapter and not just chunks of it every day. This AP system is what made stop playing Vladimir's route so I hoped it would change for this game so we can actually enjoy the story.
It's a good game but it has a glich and you can only see three of the ceriter but athe then that a good game: tip rilly inportint dablle chec your choices
Great story it's very immervise, as a writer myself I find it enthralling; unfortunately the AP system is quite ridiculous, it costs money to play.... and not just a little bit might I add. The game needs another way for players to obtain AP. Without waiting three hours for just 60 AP or paying an arm and leg for some AP. So, despite this one hiccup, the game is amazing both visually, and impressively.
For people who are giving this game a 1 star: I'm sure you've never played an otome game before because then you would've know that you get 500 coins everyday and you can get 60 coins every 5 hours. The coins aren't the problem at all. The story line is great. It's a great game for people who has patience. If you get through the 2nd chapter, then you'll start to really like the game too
This game sucks it's a very bad game you started out playing a female and when you're a male and do you want to be a mail I change my avatar and it the game doesn't change from female to male I've sent a request for them to fix it but they won't fix it this game is lousy
The story is basic, not worth spending money just to replenish action points. It also seems like whoever wrote this was rushing- the main character and plot are boring, and there are lots of grammar errors. I just gave it two stars cuz the art is nice, I guess. There are way better otome games out there though- don't waste your time on this one.
the idea was good, the execution not so much. there are many issues but the biggest is that you get 500 AP daily and you can get 60 more by watching a video, however, a single sentence during the dialogues costs you 20 (!) AP. it disrupts the whole experience when you have to wait for another day until you can play more. it'd be better if not the dialogue but moving around cost money but if you have to reduce the AP count for every single sentence then at least don't make it cost 20 AP but 2-5.
Problems with AP. I entered 3 days in a row to get the daily 500 AP, without playing, to have more AP TO SEE MORE OF THE STORY WITHOUT CLICKING 6 TIMES MAX A DAY. And I still have just 500 AP, when I should have 1500AP. It is not right.
I got informed of this game from My Candy Love, back when I first played I preferred the use of action points for movement instead of dialogue, and now that I realized that this game is the same; it....kinda turned me off. With a game like this, I'm here for the STORY, and restrictions like this kill the love for the story.
The story so far is captivating and the art with subtle animation is awesome. ... But the cost ratio is ridiculous. I tried to watch ads throughout the day to build up AP but apparently that doesn't work, it just reset back to 60, as though I'd only watched 1. So I gave in and bought the 3200 AP package. 12 mins. I paid $8 for 12 mins of reading.... I would love if there was an option to pay for the storey after the prologue.
Its a nice app, i'll recommend my friends to try this app..but..theres something wrong with this app..it exits on its own and chooses on its own sometimes but still fun to play
I didn't give the last star because of the God forsaken ap system. Please try to fix it. Otherwise the game is awesome
Hello,I love this game a lot but there's Some issues i've been dealing with since I downloaded this game. first of all The AP finishes to quick,Second is that it takes so Much time for the AP to be A lot again but When it's done, it Doesnt give a lot..It just gives 500 AP and its too little for me to continue chapter one :( So please fix that and maybe I'll Rate it a 4 or 5 if I'm Happy or When it's All Fixed :)
It's a great game! The animation and everything is amazing. I just think that there is alot of room for improvement. Like AP. It's very frustrating to wait 3 hours for them to replenish. Aswell as the fact that it kicks me out of the game every 5 minutes or so. Other than that, it's great!
They should fix the AP system. You can only play a few lines per day. They used to have ads to watch for a few APs but they removed those for some reason. Now, if you want to play more, you have to pay. I dont reccomend that. You could get the bad ending and then you are sad AND poor.
The stories are really cool keep the stories coming I've read Beth and Viltmore I cannot wait for more stories 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
I reallllly like the story,cool main character,animations, diffrent game play and the importance of some of our choices but there is a small amount of coins per day even in PC version and it takes so much time to finish a chapter. I wish you chould increase it. thanks for your hard work. waiting for Aaron's story ;)
I like the story but for some reason now my app refuses to open just keeps saying error try again later 😡 and i just got my points and cant even use it
I won't say anything about AP's, guess I got used to it after almost a year with this game, but what I really didn't like is what happened to the plot here after chapter 4. Ivan was so sweet why did you have to turn this sweet child into what he turned out to be later on, not to say further to avoid spoilers. And I've waited so much for Neil to appear but he didn't even got an entrance although he obviously should have. Well, I hope that Raphael and Ethan won't be that much of a disappointment.
Honestly disappointing as I love my candy love by this company, but this game falls flat, the story is not good, the characters make me infuriated and you have a huge lack of choices tbh, it's great if you like that kind of game but that's not what I thought it was and it was not good.
Awful AP system. Most other otome games are designed in a way that the story still feels fluent even if you don't buy tickets or AP to continue. This is not the case here and the problem with every Beemoov game, which is why I'll leave this exact same review on every Moonlight Lovers route. The story is also problematic. It's romanticizing the hell out of non-consensual actions between the heroine and her love interests. Which is to be expected in a vampire game but cringeworthy nonetheless.
Every thing is good but what makes this game worst is that after playing for sometime, it gets necessary for you to purchase the AP and if you watch video for AP(something like lives) after two dialogues you have to again watch the video and the video option can be used after 3 hours. One click and the other, the game demands for AP again wait 3 hrs.Even if you wait for 3hrs, just after 2 dialogues again the AP thing come up. It's waste of time.
I really love the story. He is almost like me the youngest, can't control himself, always say sorry... I loved the story more than Vladimir's but, I really want to play Ethan's story so badly!
I love the storyline and small bits of animation, tho I do have a few issues with the gem system. For starters, they only refresh in a day, and 60 gems will litrily only get you four bits of dialog. Not gunu lie, I'm saddened with the fact that I need an immense amount of gems to simply read some dialog. I realy want to get into the story and get to know the characters. That's pretty much my only issue I have. Note I am only giving constructive criticism and in no way wish to offend anyone.
Honestly I REALLY love the story. Its easily one of the best stories ive gotten into BUT... 1. You go thru the AP WAY too fast...if you want to have enough AP to do chunks of the story at a time? Well... 2. The game makes it impossible from a free standpoint. I had the idea of trying to stock up on the 'daily' 500 AP bonus, plus the 60 ap per video but GUESS WHAT- EVERY TIME I LOG BACK IN, THE AP HAS RESET. I end right back with 500 AP. You lose your 'daily' AP EVERY DAY if you DONT USE IT.
I love the game but it's really fustrating that I only get a few taps a day for me to continue the game I think that 20 ap is to expansive for just 1 tap. It makes the game less enjoyable, which is a shame considering it's a good game
This is the most amazing story, wow I didn't think she would get along with Ivan so fast I have one thing to complain about, I hope you can reduce the time of getting the video to get PA and make choices consume less PA.I suggest to you to use the same system of mini games as Eldarya and sweet amoris C'mon guys this is so annoying when is Ethan's story will be released,that's not fair why leaving Ethan to the end ... I'm so excited and waiting for it.