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Moonlight Lovers: Beliath - Dating Sim / Vampire

Moonlight Lovers: Beliath - Dating Sim / Vampire for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Beemoov Games located at 57 bd Gaston serpette 44000 Nantes. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Strong Violence, Sex) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is very cool, but d thing is that u can only play once a day when u have points.And when ur points run out u wont be able to play again till the next day unless you buy d points. I've been playing this game for more than a month and im still in chapter 1.
The choices start to flash wildly if you read them all which is really annoying and hard on my eyes. The gameplay is okay..not exactly blown away,and you run out if story points very quickly. I'm done with this one. Next
Not sure why... But i adore this game! It just bothers me that the points are spent very quickly, or what they are already. Anyway.. I've been playing this game for two weeks every day. I love it!
I wanted to give this app 5 stars but then I didn't et my points no matter how many videos I watched because I already used all the pocket money and instead of three and a half hours they told me that I had to wait for nine hours to watch the next video for points
Background art, 2D live sprites and story/writing are fine but the AP-System and the pricing are atrocious. Without the option to earn or safe up AP it's basically unenjoyable unless you are willing to spend unreasonable amounts of money.
Hello,there's a problem occurring it says, 'Server not responding.Please try again later!' I reseted my phone i even deleted it and installed it again,whoever the problem keeps occurring..please fix it asap.
The story as a whole is actualy pretty far fetched, extrem dramatised and alittle out there to really grasp, in my opinion. The MC, main character, is actualy very smart and speaks her mind quite well in a very sarcastic matter of way. Her humor and way of speaking is exactly like mine so its easy to read the story, UNLIKE OTHER GAMES where the MC is very shy, timid, reserved, doesnt speak much except for "huh" or "what", and is also a prude!
Anxious of the story but I'm constantly logged out of my account with no way to access it except to wait for days to "fix" itself.
Just dislike how you can only pick 3 actions every 4 hours. I don't mind watching videos to replenish my action points but it would be nice if I got more points for each video or the time between videos was less.
I love the game, the characters, the animations, the gameplay, the scenarios, the story. Everything in general is excellent, however, i take away many points because of the AP system and the cost of the game. U cant save AP, which means u have to play daily with the 510 they give. Each dialogue takes 30 and buy them is very expensive so u cant enjoy the game at all. Maybe if there was a system where u watch ads and publicity to acquire APs, it would be more enjoyable.
It's very annoying that I can't stack action points and do long stretches of episode in one go, just because I don't want to pay for it
I haven't finish all routes of Moonlight Lovers but by far I love Beliath's route the most! I had less trouble logging in to the game compared to when I played Vladimir's route. The app is free but you have to be patient to get the illustrations. It is quite difficult to get the illustrations because if you mess up one choice, you will have to restart the whole chapter, though you can ask for some of the fan community help~ Otherwise, lovely plot and graphics. The audio is great too.
Its an amazing game! The graphics and animation are top notch. It's just the fact that AP takes very long to replenish. Aswell as the fact that the game freezes or just kicks me out every like 5 minutes. Other than that, I would definitely recommend
Ap is terrible in this game if you have played like the is it love games or The winter kiss then you won't like this for starts every dialogue takes 30 each time which is very annoying because you don't get enough AP for the day if you do the math you have to spend alot to even try get through a dialogue so not recommended for students like myself a shame because story is cool so is the visuals but I'm uninstalling for now until in the future they improve.
The unique thing in this app is that the dialog had a animation on the screen, it makes you to think which dialog to use, and very creative storyline. But you ran out of AP quickly (if you already downloaded this game, you'll know what i mean). I hope you can improve the game.
What's the AP matter in this game?..... I mean this game is actually very impressive but... Idk it pause every 2 min and shows.... U have no any replenish points left 😡 why. Can't you give it free?
Hey,so it says that my accout has been chrged but when i opened the app i received none AP and then i took alook at my credits then they were down like down down BUT i did not receive any AP AT ALL PLEASE fix this.AND GIVE ME the AP that i PAID FOR
Only had problems with the app. The game work fine on the computer. But as soon as you try to download the app, it acts like my account is a whole new account. Same e-mail and the account is brand new and doesn't have my progress. I go back to the computer and my account is perfect, but the app simply doesn't consider my account as an already existent account.
Game keeps crashing also very bad AP system and i don't like the approach to lets plays (deleting them all)
If it had tickets would have been better, it's more organized with chapters and tickets,it's hard to keep up like this, reading a few sentences every single day is only making me want to delete it,imagine reading 5 sentences of a book every day.... It's exactly the same. Edit: and now all my progress got deleted just because i didn't connect my account? Wow okay no other game had done this, update or not, i dont have the nerves to play literally 5 sentences a day, this is overly annoying
One of the most painful visual novel games i've ever played. The daily free ap lets you move through too little of the story, and there's no way to get more unless you pay for it. And there's not even any other features to at least distract you from that fact. Not to mention how this 'romance' starts out so toxic and so does the one with vladimir... Very unsettling, as i believe this game was meant for an younger audience.
Do you like playing a game for less than a minutes and then watching one add for ten more seconds? Then this is the game for you!
Look I love the story and graphics (5 stars) and I can even get past how long it takes to move on in the game w/o money because it is an Otome game and I do purchase coins sometimes. But it would be great if our 60 commercial points didn't expire (especially because they expire halfway through the day in USA). It's fine if we only get 60 points every 4 hours but we should be able to save them a bit longer than 24 hours. I'm starting to forget what's happening in the story.
I just installed the new update but when I go to open it it says API Authentication Required? Same for Vladimir. What's going on? Is this being worked on?
Runs out of points instantly, you have to watch a video for more or pay and then within a second those have run out too and you have to leave the game for a day🙄
You could have 600 AP, but then the next day, when you get 500, the AP resets automatically to 500. It doesn't add up AP, it just takes away waht you had.
This game is totally amazing and it makes me feel like i am one of the character in it. I gave four star because the repleshment time is only in next 24hours and watching ad gives only 2taps of play
I love ALL of the moonlight lovers series--even the charachters you wouldnt expect to like! It eoukd be nice if we could be somehow rewarded better tho, than just the 500 bonus points each day....sigh. But overall AN AMAZING STORY, GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY!!
Honestly I began really liking the game. The art was good, and the characters were interesting, but now I can only read an extremely small portion of the chapter due to not having AP. The whole system with that is really annoying, since you basically can't do anything without spending money. I really hope they improve this.
I'm having a problem with the app when I open it. It keeps saying register everytime I open it and sometimes it erases my data then I had to uninstall and reinstall it again for it to start working
First I want to say that I really enjoy the Story so far. On the other hand the one thing that keeps this game from a better rating it the limited amount of free action points you get every day. The amazing story is the only thing that keeps me from uninstalling. It is really frustrating that the AP doesn't even let you finish a single short conversation and completing a chapter takes ages. I feel like doubling the AP every day would make this experience much more enjoyable.
I downloaded the game and when i started the background is white, the characters shows but the background is supposed to be inside the manor. I don't see anything. I uninstalled it and its still doing the same thing. I'm very disappointed. :(
I love it! But the problem is The AP it keeps finishing on under 2 Damm minutes and it's so annoying I have to wait for the next day.. but I'll never stop playing I Know I wrote this in candy love and Vladimir I think but the only problem is the AP don't delete this game just please stop taking 20 Ap away from us cause it's so annoying I wanna play this game because Beliah is so beautiful but please AP.
"The server is not responding" I do love the game. I tried to play during all the day, but the server didn't work. Please, we should have compensation since we lost the action points of today. The three routes are just amazing!!
I don't exactly know if its part of the game but its not showing anything just only blank white screen but the text is visible, Is that suppose to be like that? Please answer me so I can play it easily
Love the story and the background music! If you want to just read a story without all the stupid story missions, then this is the game for you! Warning: connect to Facebook at the start, that way ur game is saved and safe! Also this game is for more mature people. It's more like Bram Stokers, Interview with a Vampire and NOT like Twilight. So think about it, it might start off a bit harsh, but we are talking about Vampires and not the Teenagers of Twilight! Ha ha ha
The game would be good if it wasn't for the little AP that it gives, It's almost impossible to play the game because of that.
Dont bother with this game mine been stuck on a black screen talking about API verification needed and no one from the creators seemed to acknowledge when I messaged them
I love the story and I want to read more but the fact I've got to pay for the point thing when I got the 4000 for free it said I didn't have them after it said that it was sucsefull and after I watched a bib i still didn't have them i really wan to read more I didn't get past chapter 1 so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app i ended up paying for 40000 and still says i have non i used a lot of money on this game it may be bc I'm on a Samsung's hut I'm so sad bc I used my own money :(
Hey there, i was going to say that the daily APs is not enough, would you plz increase the daily APs? Because, in each chapter, each tap to continue the story, needs more APs, For example, ch1 =10 APs, ch2=15 APs, ch3=20 APs. And thats not fair! Plz, the story and everything is awesome, we only need some more APs.......
It gets straight into the storyline, it's not too complex so you don't have to spend ages on it but the vocabulary isn't childlike so it makes an interesting read. The game doesn't make you play dress up to achieve goals 👍 Negatives: -Registration. You can't register your email with more than one of the boys. -You have to have a certain amount of crystals to play one of the eps. You need 500 for 1 ep and you get 60 by watching an ad. Because the payoff as a player I don't see a point to watch.