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Monsters with Attitude: Online Smash & Brawl PvP

Monsters with Attitude: Online Smash & Brawl PvP for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Flaregames located at Kaiserstraße 146-148, 76133 Karlsruhe. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
A PVP game for all ages. I discovered this through android games featured in Youtube and got to playing it. It's free for all, King of the hill type of game that's enjoyable to play with a friend or against other human players. Easy to learn and fun to play. Cool character with skills that you can experiment depending on your play style.
a cute game with short match times to play when you are looking to kill a little time. Would recommend to friends XD wonder if they will add more monsters as the game catches more players?
So far so good, but I'm waiting to hit the paywall. Still, it's a little like a PVP Rampge. Cool concept.
it keeps having connection issues when there are absolutely no issues with my wifi - not to mention how buggy it gets sometimes this sucks! it could have been a great game, but the developers are giving zero sh*ts about the users :/
I like this game it should be 5stars to me..but please it need to update now.because its going boring.no new levels no interesting tournaments like other flaregames... it stuck at maximum level 9.... Secondly upgrade cost is too much and winning award is more less .only 150for 1st position is not enough
I really really love the game but i want you guys to create new monsters like their faces, skins, skills, and lastly moreeeee MAPS!!! And again i love your game guys! Keep up the great work! 😁
Really great concept and pretty fun, with some cool monster designs, even if they're mostly reused. But at the same time pretty frustrating with balancing issues, RNG, connectivity issues and lackluster rewards. Despite all this, I really hope that the game improves and that the developers are listening
About 1 week of gameplay: I love this game. It has a unique style and is one of the most enjoyable IO genre of games on the play store at the moment. The gameplay is fast paced and fun, definitely recommend playing it. Give it a try! ❤️
Sooooo much funnnnnnn i love this gameeee ... just please make the joystick and the power ups more accessible to users because its kind of confusing when i move with joystick in middle of screen and push with my other thumb under it to power up ... but rather than that welldone developers the game is amazingggg 😍😍😍
Fun great game that doesn't depend on micro transactions you can have a lot of gun playing but it does have few annoying problem The ranking in cups is bit unfair because some people have a lot of monsters so they mostlikely to win so I think it would be a great idea to have a cup ranking in best score with one or two or three monsters so it's more of a skill ranking In the last minute or minute and half stuff should regrow 2x faster and reworking how the match playes needs balancing
i think the game is really fun. the only problem i have are the missiles are way to over powered especially when youre so big you can't run out of the circle in time.
Clearly a P2W. Scoring in cup depends on how many monsters you've unlocked (reaching a league+RNG based). Controls and display are awful in portrait mode: you won't see monsters coming on the right and left side. Might become boring after a while with one ability, one match mode (always running/destroying). Good to play once in a while but doesn't really fit with a Cup mode. Please remove that aggressive blinking button! New bug this morning: moving and using powerups by itself!And no support?!!
The game is really fun to play . When play with friends and voice chat at the same time is the best experience . So sad that this game has no update in 2 years . Still waiting for an update . I will keep playing this game for a long time even thought it has no update :( . Please update the game . I really like this game .
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...................Game had potential to be great.. HAD potential.. no more.. these guys will NOT give a refund if you have issues.. the game is abandoned.. updates don't come.. the game has been broken since the last update and support knows.. complete refusal to refund or fix bugs........................... DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!! COMPANY SOLD THE GAME AND ABANDONED IT!!!!! REFUSED ALL REFUNDS!!!
I love this game, it's cool but I cant play it without it LITERALLY crashing and having a hard time reopening it. I know it's very new so I'm not making my judgement that quick.
Fun game. When it grows into 5k points it gives me motion sickness :( update: looks like the dev stopped adding contents to the game. Is it still supported? Did the game get abandoned?
very enjoyable game, good graphics and lots of potential. still new to the game so still learning it.
this game is so awesome it's like just so good at like I love and graphics the moving I like the monsters pretty good check it out and the gameplay I just its just oh my goodness I love how you destroy everything if you're mad or something you get to play this it makes you feel better pretty good game
Really fun at first. As you get higher levels and it gets a bit more competitive, the fun gets sucked out. Have bots in first place chasing people with less than 500 points in 8th place. You get non beneficial power ups while others get enp or rockets multiple times in a row. And the people that are larger than you do not always have the red ring. Leading you to charge into a lose fight. Decent game, just not much more to gain after the first couple days
Wow, This game is awesome and it rocks... Graphics were astonishing, and the idea it self was unique. It definitely deserves the recognition, but just raise the amount of money we get after each game, the upgrades are too expensive.
I am personally asking...no begging the developers to update this game with new maps and/or monsters. The developers have not updated this game for 1 year! Please Developers of Flare Games....we dedicated players of your awesome game are respectfully asking for an update?
Controls are pretty fluent, graphics are good, easy to play and I love the designs of all the monsters in this game.
Controls are bad. Heavy "micro" transactions...that means big pay wall. Fine if you are 10 and play every once in awhile otherwise uninstall and find a better game.
Loved the idea.Keep up the work and add more different monsters.Dont just change the skin and skills of monsters.Introduce different animals too.Help the f2p players because we need more players to play against not just bots.Without spending cash its hard to upgrade fast.
Hi! this is the first game I love to play after PUBG MOBILE,It is the best time pass game and have cute characters,this game is maybe needed of more updates but this is the besssssssttttttttttttttttttttttt....make more games like this based on another story.Thank you! Your true gamer, Lucky From India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
If it wasnt just a pvp game it would be a 5 star game. Gets boring easily just playing multiplayer all the time, if it had least a story or made into a mmo style it would be 10 star
It's fun but I don't need a 30 minute tutorial damnit! I'll update to 5 stars if I find it there's an endless mode
4 star for unique gameplay and graphics but u need to make a easy control I am having difficulty to control my monster plz fix this I will surely give u a 5 star
I swear this game is fun! Controls feel a bit wonky, and dont get it why is it so ugly (I mean the edges are rough, like if theres no antialising turned on), and runs at 30hz on my Oneplus 5t. Think it should handle 60hz. Otherwise It is hell of a lot fun!
It's a real fantastic game. Graphics are suprisingly good, I think it is playable if you keep it up to date, bring more futures, more monsters. However the controls could be more specific like buttons or a joystick we can see and not moving on the screen. Overall this is an amazing game!
Pretty fun game. After a couple daysz it has become very difficult to win a match in first. Even with every player being a bot Update: seems to get worse with the boys as time goes on. If you are using a character that is low lvl, multiple bots rush you at start. Makes little sense due to more power coming from buildings at start
really like the game but it is far too glitchy and the gold rewards on higher leagues are too low, 150 gold per win and around 300 from crates when it costs over 10k to upgrade is nowhere near enough. It would also be nice to see a larger variety of monsters, there are plenty of kaiju to base them on
Really ? No this game is just amazing incredible why this game is so addictive its graphicsare just epic pc like performance nice gameplay you can get free awesome skins it have leardbords,get new prizes and the fighting is just...🔥i like this game soooo much!!!i recommend to play this game or try? Whatever in one word 🔥Game mindblowing.
awesome time pass game . I loved this game, It has good graphics, awesome character collection, league is also available. This game is addictive, good short time matches , and is also good playable for students, grandparents, children and has no violence. I highly recommend this game to play for everyone and this game diserves high rating which this game has . The thing I need in this game is to have an offline mode and I hope the the developers will pay attention to my comment and will work .
Very fun concept I'm entertained but it could use better controls I feel but other than I like it keep it up keep updating thanx 🦡TrashPanda🦡
Really amazing and I love it. Didn't expect anything before I download it. I saw it on the similar game suggestions from another game and I downloaded it and really impressed with the graphics and smoothness of the game. Nice tutorial and easy functions. Really great work guys.
Alot of potential. Simple and fun like a mobile game should be, and the pvp on top of that is a good amount of fun!
guys if you really want to control this game through so many gamebots then its better play in your labs... it's a wonderful game but because of gamebots is become annoying. I hope flaregames will think about it
Honestly it's pretty fun, and the game and characters look extremely colorful and likeable. I would really love to see what this game holds in the near future. Keep up the good work!
EDIT REVIEW* I had a 5 star review before, but i ran into hackers. seriously? hackers in your guys game? i was #1 in a junior league match, then suddenly my game glitched out for not even 2 seconds and im dead last. you should figure out a way to fix that because it will kill your game! this game is literally so fun. at first i didn't like the controls, but once you get the hang of things it's so much better. one thing, is there a way to choose which monster you want to play? Also, sound on/off
I was going to give at least a 4* but as the time went on it was just getting harder and harder to the point the it felt like the game had the advantage more than I did. What's even worst is like almost if not 3/4th of the monsters are even good to use and are more of a handicap then anything else. It was fun at first but then quickly went down hill face planting hard.
Replayability online functions work okish private match is just them throwing u into a random lobby with other players isnt actually you and your friends (not even the bots) so pretty useless function in total waste of that persons time, there been a couple times where some1 ranked 6-8 place has hit me while I was in the #1 spot this happens quite frequently and the controls aren't the best other than that has potential
Lagging , Glicth , Long Tutorial & Most are just Bot.Easy to Game to Play for Short Period of Time.Wasnt Designed for Long Shot Game.As this Game are too simple in term of mechanic, so eventually it will soon hit the Wall Of Pay to Play.
Well it looks like no one is playing anymore, all the matches I get now are against bots and that sucks. They are just as ruthless as the team players and make playing the game suck. I'm almost done with this. It was a fun game that seemed like you could progress. Now it just seems like a money grab and the bots are not fun to play against. One last thing, I've been playing as Weller the vicious for months but I can't upgrade him because I NEVER get his card.
Like other similar reviews, this is blatantly a pay to win game. I'd rather pay a one off price for an evenly matched experience over favouring those who pay to quickly upgrade their characters.
well first off the graphics are great and the overall experience was ok. Lack of playable characters, there are only 3 models with different skins and names. The lag is strong with this one. 2 stars because at least the game is colorful and vibrant and doeant hurt the eyes. everything else seems lackluster and unfinished.
I love this so much The graphic, the mechanic and all. The only thing that need to add up is daily login reward and new kind of monster
This game is very fun and engaging, however the when you play the game it's not very long and there should be an increase of the time limit of at least 10 minutes or so, I would rate this game with a further 5 stars if you change this
Really great game I'm enjoying the controls it's easy to play on the go and the matches are not to short not to long that it stays fun and intense at moments Gunna be investing money in this game for sure great job!!
so buggy and laggy it hurts. wifi or data its impossible to get a single good match without any connection issues. with full data and wifi connection and max mbps the game STILL is as slow as molasses in January. shame because the idea is good, but even with a superb ip the game refuses to work properly
bad game, repetitive, and the reward system is heavily favoured towards pay to win and unfair random. there are many monsters but three graphic models, so they all look the same. game also has way to much randomness in game, you can go from first to last and have no control over it. this is a very bad and repetitive game. graphics are nice though.
first i need to say this is a great game. my problem is i have a good internet connection but the game disconnect in the match from time to time make it unplayable.
This was a 5 star game for me, but since the last update dropped its unplayable. Constant connectivity issues saying I have no connection and dropping me out of games even when I'm at home connected to my WiFi. Not to mention i can't even collect my reward bots either since it keeps having connection issues. It just crashes and drops out all the time now I don't bother to try and play it. It's frustrating too since I was on it daily when I first got it and thought it was great. Such a shame.