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Monster Trips Chaos

Monster Trips Chaos for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SharpenPlay Entertainment located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
love the game! but a wiki guide would be nice. The spelling and grammar is all over the place in English however I like the game so it just makes me laugh.
i love the game soooooooooooo much but there one thing i want to add on it could you pleaseeeeeee😁 put a local multiplayer so people would play together and fight with there monster or pokemon and if add it the next update i think people from all over the world install this game so update then the will be super good or not the game will be boring if i were the developer of this game i would do itttttttttt that's all thank
Very great game....but I wish there was more monsters to pick in starting a game So please add more monsters😘😘😘
This game is very awesome I liked this game. But can you add some more type in the first choosing monster and when we will choose the monster if it will com at level 10 it will be very good please update it fast.
i thought you updated the sanjay city since it says you opened a new map and new quest. but why you guys lied to us? its still the same as before. no sanjay city. please update thr sanjay city.
I love the game but when all is said and done the game is incomplete and should completed for maximum effectiveness
It is a very good game. When I reached the enterence of the cave to the sanjay city it said wait for updation and I waited for one month but updation didn't came. Then I uninstalled it. Lan server was not working and there is no ghost and sun monster. So please update it and put it in the description or can you e-mail it plzzzz
the game is awsome surw it has some minor problems that need fix like the XP part of the game takes too long but other than that is a good game
I like the game its very fun, BUT plssssss update the game to SANJAY CITY and the 4ELITE its Boooooooring now no main/side quest anymore. Ive already caught all the Elite and Rare monster on the list also caught the 4MYTHS And max the level all of them. Zzzz... Whats the purpose to catch the 5th and the others Myth if players stock at cave 150 (road close) no update anymore.
I have captured all 9 mythical Pokemon (holy canine,frost dragon,flame lizard,wind horse,thunder lizard,dark armor, thunder beast,wolfmon and holy eagle).I have also super evoluted the dark armor.I am very excited to win the champion badge so plz update the game as fast as u can.I have given 5 star,so the developers i request u to update the game.thank u.Now i have opened this game almost after 8 months and now also u haven't updated this game so now i am giving u 2 stars Update the game!!!πŸ˜’
I've played this game it was fun but it's to slow and I dont like that you dont get that good of moves so you have to level up a lot but the exp system kinda suck but I love this game
I will give it 5 stars because it's a really good game to me but sometimes it crashes when i'm escaping a battle but so far it's a good game to me
Now i am having this game version 2.2.0. But for super evolution monster it requires update. But no place i cannot able to view the update..!
First of all, I leveled up and grinded for HOURS and I still cant get past the wind type gym. Second of all, even though I chose the girl character, the npcs still said he and him 0-o. Speaking of npcs, can they not speak or something?? Their grammar is like a two year old and the story is BAD. Overall a bad game.
An good game that can get as close to a pokemon game as possible (no use calling it a Monster world, it really might as well be pokemon). The only problem is the grammar and the dialogues used in the game. If it's possible please update and change them to make the overall gameplay better.
This game is fun and I liked it, don't stop now, because there is 10 Gyms in this game, and you have to work on it.
Good game but this game lags out like Casey so i hope you can fix that if you do that I give you 5 stars
Game is good but I am not finding the solution of 2 gym leader,,1Trainer answer in Lotte city,,If anyone know so tell me.
Pls make grinding less . Thats a lot of grinding for super evolution. Add super evolution items and merge items in coin shop
Amazing game. But, it really tough to level up your monsters. And it requires adequate quests for complete storyline. So, this problems can spoiling the player's experience.
I like the game the only problem that in the game they name me young man even if my character is a girl and to get materials fo super evolution is so difficult it would be great that in navi cave that myth or super not in level 100 because is so difficult to defeat them to pass the quest to cut the tree
Adventure with monster,battle,evolution storm,Challenge trainers,Super Evolution β˜…β˜…β˜…Genuine Offline Monster Training Gameβ˜…β˜…β˜… β˜…β˜…β˜…An indie game, offline map, lots of monsters.β˜…β˜…β˜… Very interesting adventure games, level puzzles, monster battles, skill strategies, etc. Take your monster balls to catch the monster on your adventures. Challenge and collect Mythical monsters, defeat all the Gym Leaders and become world champions. These are our dreams. Let us grow with the monster until it reaches...
It is very very bad game , there is many myth monsters but you cannot capture them , and another thing is very very bad that is when you will come into a bush the monster will come on your way ,that will disturb you to complete your mision , if you play it you will become so bore , For the graphic I gave it one star
A few lags and the English bothered me to the point that I can't understand the story and got stuck a few times but overall a nice game.
We can't go to sanjay city & champion league because of not created full game, because of developper is discontinued the game. Waste don't download guys waste of time. Because only is gym fight & mythical Pokemon.
Hi game developer again Please update this game because I reached cave 150,you open all side quests and main quest and all the cities,added more monsters,I think this game no.1 in the world. I think you understand my words , it's graphics and game play super duper cool now please update this game since 15 July or 20 July 2020 And I gave 5 stars rating
When i update game for sanjay city game will be crush, lag only sound come , player not move Look this problem
Playing it is very fun and also it is offline but it will more better if it has a multiplayer options than we connect with our friends
I have played this game so many times in 2020 also I have played this game I love this game very much but I don't know why I am not getting nice moster which I want please solve this problem every player should get nice mosters solve this problem and then the game will be world best Pokemon game. For that day I am waiting πŸ₯°
Hello guy . I would like to tell upate quickly and that game is not have dark moster. I think that is a good game when have all moster.
The monsters are good but they are just like the same type in the pokemon. E.g. the starter is grass, water or fire its the same like pokemon. Otherwise it is very good game.
I love how you can just give xp to your monsters instead of trying to evolve it the hard way (battling) but sometimes I haven't saved my game and I was battling a gym but my screen freezed so I deleted It sorry but could u fix a little bit of the game?
Game is well good but it still has some bugs and the boss of Carter legion has 6 monsters instead of 3 . I hope you solve this problem as soon as possible.
Love this game but I am giving this game 3 stars only because leveling up your monsters is way too tough due to which you can't progress and complete Quests.
It is a good game but i have a problem my game does not load before updating the game so please update the game quickly .
Hey developer team , your gameplay is obviously excellent. There is no doubt that this game shows the approximate experience of pokemon adventure . But in the road 119 ( beach section) , when the mission arrives i.e. to found becky in cave no 150 , you must need a wooden saw which you can get after having a super evovled monster. For super evolution your monster have to reach intimacy level 10 , u can decrease its level to 7 or 8 or you can increasethe intimacy on every fruits. Kindly check it.
Superb game πŸ‘πŸ‘But just add daily rewards in this game πŸ™πŸ™And I don't know how to exchange the monsters from storage??Please tell me how to exchange them?? Please give reply to my comment😊😊
The game is good and adventurous but there is two problems that you can change 1) when we defeat monsters we will get exp not at the end of match and 2) problem is the gym leaders have higher level Pokemon which is so distinguis so please change this system
Best game ever it makes you feel you are lost in the world of monster it is just like pokemon like we have gyms badges monsters of various types . We can play it in l.a.n but i want to play it in wifi with multiplayer.i really love this game and i hope you continue making these tyoes of games well done
Game should have auto save after reaching some place . Save doesn't work every time, all over hole time spend on this become waste .pls work on this I would surely give 5 star
Good game.At 105 road when battling Ghos monster the game will freeze.I tested it again and again same result.Hope you will look into it.Thanks for your work.
I love this game very much because my favourite cartoon is pokemon and this game is similar to the pokemon cartoon.....
It is awesome but we aren't find any super treasure which we heard many times in game while offline.i play it offline.so i want to know about it.
This game is so crazy dood but why didn't you develop this nicely it is incompleted.I reach road no. 119 for the Saniji city but at the end of the cave why I cannot pass. I hardly super evolved Aruzex. Please Please Please upadet this game fast for the Pokemon game players.
It is a good game but three stars because the concept is fully copied from nexomon . In my opinion , you should indicate where the monster is instead of hiding in grass and I also get a problem in completing the side quest , I have for two days to get five pantini but I only got nothing more than pantony and chimpatto . Please solve it then I will improve the rating . Thanks
Super game but when i move every in the grass the monsters came . so that's the reason why i gives 4 stars otherwise there is no proplem
This game sucks you need to have 90 power core,monster gem and another item just to super evolve and its so hard to find just that old man give the saw to cut the tree in the way. I wish you fix this game
This game is fun going to a journey with your pokemon see so much adventure it just like I'm in a pokemon it just like a wish come true
Love the game and story, but the NPCs and Gym leaders are overpowered. I'm currently stuck grinding outside of Keanu City to level my monsters to 70 because I can't beat(antagonist team leader) Snake's lvl 60 monsters in Viz Cave after beating the 4th gym. And then I'm going to have trouble catching NEW monsters bevause MY monsters will then be overpowered and I'll probably KO them in one hit. This is a lot like a Pokemon game, but, even in ANY Pokemon game you don't need lvl 70 Pokemon until the 6th or 7th gym. πŸ˜“
Looked promising, sadly it turned out to be a very shoddy pokemon knockoff. Contains lots of annoying "quests" where you go back and forth to "talk" to people. Finding some of these people are annoyingly hard to find, this is compounded by how bad the English translation and the writing in general is.
This game is good but I found 1 problem. Why we save this game. I win 2 gym battel at this time I save this game and quite, and some times letter I enter one more but there are no save history. It's really vary bad situation. So I remove this game. Please fix it as soon as possible.
it is an awesome game for me, because I'm a huge fan of this kind of game, but I did only give a 3 star rating, because the game doesn't have any monster that is a dark type, and why is that I can't enter the time gate? i know this game is offline, also the grasses in the game is annoying, many monster popped out every steps, please lessen the chance of getting encountered by a monster when passing in the grasses and most of all, the monster myths are crazy strong, please do fix it. Thank you!.
Wow this is the best game ever ,l play Nexomon,Pokemon and many adventure game but this game graphic is best I hope this game has many monsters plz updated and make many monsters u can and myths monsters are so cool but verrrrryyyyy hard to catch them but anyway thank you for making this game πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Dont download this game ,you cant finish it unless you give pos money! Dont waste your time ! Also ,,look at reviews, they never get back to you !! POS !!! If this was the old west and this was a card game you'd have a 45 slug in your forehead in no time flat !!!
Good game just one problem that even a super evovled meoferano which is a fire type monster that is stronger than leaf also dies when it fights a mythical holy canyon and if we deafeat a myth also we get it on only lvl 1
good but obviously a poke knockoff but that's why you came right, looking for a combat system pokemon go is lacking this is it...
It was great! I can even make it as Role-Playing with my friends . It was hilarious! But we just hate and despise one thing , the challenge . Like the other one , on second gym , the monsters level were above 20 while we(if not use the fast levelup) will be in 10-15 . Its Impossible! Please make this game be less challenging . Cuz we wanted to finish all , not stuck in the start point . Also , add some more monsters! Nameable! Breed and hatch eggs , it'll be very fun and enjoyable!!
It is very fantastic game I love But there is 1problem that we delete the previous game data and then save the game at the end we have to do it many times so please fix this problem otherwise this is a enjoyable and excellent game I love it very much 😘😘😘😘
I'm literally enjoying this game but at one point when I'm in valor city there's a glitch where I have toh go to talk my partner for becoming strong but when I go to talk toh him he says for the time building and says he will take me but after that he goes and my character just gets stuck I have close the whole game and restart it but then also it repeats . Please try to resolve this problem other wise I just have toh uninstall this game .
Yes.This game is quite enjoyable but one thing i hate is that the phantaire monster dun have super evolution mode yet and i didnt know .For God sake...i have train my phantaire to 100 lv for super evolution and now its is still unavailible in this version...plz update the game fast and i will give 5 stars...Since ( 9 August 2020)
This game is good but could you make it easier for monster to level up I mean the exp and could you consider making the monster move during battle that is if it is possible because they just just like status during battle. Thanks
It's a very nice and enjoyable game to play however after getting a new phone I found out that making a backup for my progress requires me spending $1.48. I have always been playing games for free and once it stats that I needed to spend money, all my grinding for the game goes down the drain. Pls if you see this, like my comment so the developers can change it to be free.
Great Game! I love the story and overall gameplay is smooth and entertaining. It's fun trying to catch all the monsters. I'm having trouble catching Annoyo though. The monster index says to catch it on floor 1 of Viz Cave, but I can only find Annoclaws there. Has anyone found where to catch the first evolution? Update: I found him using the super rod on route 119 for some reason. I found Flitey there too if anyone wants to catch him before getting 5000 achievement points. Happy hunting trainers!
This game is awesome but one problem when n bad guys come and then there boss they have tree monster and level 60 that,s unfair so please fix that thank you
Guys u have done great in this game. I will prefer this game to other users also as it is cool game. But if there will be world chat and we can compete woth each others and also shows top players in game, it will be great and people will also like it more and we are also waiting for new evolutions. Although game is awesome but these features will make it more interesting. And one more thing too many power cores are needed for super evolution. Please decrease it.
i would give you 5 stars for the great game and control, eventho there are many gramatical errors on the dialog, IF ONLY you could help me out because i've played until my monsters became level 50 but suddenly the game won't load until now. i'm sad. please fix this!
This is well an obvious I don't want to say rip off but, no it's a fan game of well what seems to be the Kanto regien of pokemon. I am not complainin' but I have to say good job I hope the game gets to go places and keep working on it. I love the Pokemon games and I have to say this has some aspects better then pokemon the fact that you can catch starters is awesome. A personal gripe I have on pokemon is that you can't catch starters, I never understood well I did but they are a species; and what are we supposed to think that there is only 1 of them left until you breed the hell out of them to get a shiny? Well I am wounding if there are "shiny" monsters in your game. If there are I'm definitely hunting if there aren't then add them don't make them stonger just change the color palette of them like the real Pokemon. A common thing in pokemon fan games is the fact of "pay to win" I HATE that so much if I play an RPG I want to get good stuff by grinding so that you know more wealthy people don't just get a bloody jump on the game they play. Another thing is fainting I like that you said 'died" not faint makes more sense because well you know, when a archius (forgive me if that's spelt wrong.) Uses judgment on you know a Caterpie it won't "faint" that boi dead. Same goes from spacial rend, it literally tears the fabric of space to deal damage I think that's the right move anyway. Been a while since I've had a palkia or played any of the 4th gen games (I need to play them again.) But in any case keep working on this game and future ones don't get rid of the in-app purchases because yo you know that's how you get your money but use some of that to make another game this one is really well and if another game is already made which I think I saw. Then tell me if it's not good well there is always took for improvement. So keep it up you got me and probably make my others on your side. We h one more thing the whole analog movement is a bit annoying but I'm sure it'll get used to it as I play. I will notify you guys and Gail's of the company that made this game about any bugs I find.
Very addicting game..having played a lot of game like this but this is the best..just one little tiny thing that could be add on.. indicator that can show that this monster are already caught..
It's a mediocre rip-off with surprisingly good effects and graphics. I only have one complain and that is navigation and how to equip things; I'm struggling on these two and without them, I cannot progress further.
Pleasex2 fix the bug at route 109 that it's completely black screen whwn your fighting a trainer or finding a monster in a grass and then i give you 5 stars, thanks, ASAP!.
You know what this game is fun to play.But I can't evolve into s monster.you need to fix that thing.like we need 60 or more power core to evolve in super monster just make that things more cheaper.Then i am gonna give five star.thank you.
Can you like add a daily quest system where you like have to defeat like 20 of one monster then you get coins and exp.
guys please update the game it's been 2018 last the game was updated the game is awesome although there are some spelling errors and a few mistakes but you guys need to respect your players put there .. please update you can't take this long to update the game I want to Evolve my Holy eagle to super evolution can't wait to see what it's like please .. update also could you please enable an online feature to challenge others players over the world that would be really great .. please guys :,(
This is a excellent game it has a lot of adventure but it has only one problem It has not updating so please update it for the monster trainers
Well first of all the graphics are nice the story line is good but there are few bug in my game 1. I can never catch a fish .even when I purchased the golden fishing rod I could catch any fish
4 stars because i need the game to ask me what monster i should battle with and i can only select 6 monsters at a time that is so annoying if these are fixed i will give it 5 stars πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
It's such an awesome game to play, but am gonna go for three star for the following reasons: the mythical monster are too powerful to defeat, there are no dark monsters in the game and lastly am still waiting for an update in other to enter Sanjay city.
This is one of the best games I have played it's very hard to find a good office game so i really enjoyed it keep up the amazing work
Awesome but more monster and main missions and maybe put multiplayer so it isn't so lonely anyways best game ever. But please pls please pls add more monsters please pls add more monstersπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Amazing game but 2 issues the first is the translating wich isint perfect but it gor some gigles out of me, the second is this game being cash hungry but its much less than others i get that its ecpensive to make games but if so just charge to download 95% of the game and make the first gym a free demo.
I played this game for 12 months but when I did not played this game for 1 week. It did not had my data
A really nice game giving fun pokemon experience. I give it a 5 star rating.But please update it with new features and story.
Ok this game is just weird i am not a fan those graphics and sucks how long it to download also your just adding every trash rpg game and pokemon into one game. Also the whole thing about spending money. Just gonna say your just as bad as EA and the plot is awful. btw in the start if you try to enter the forest it says mystery man and and that "Man looks like a nine year old girl
it was a nice game and I enjoyed it. The problem is, it is hard to get enough materials for super evo, and sub quest exp rewards are not enough to fill the exp meter. I finished the game, and tired waiting for the next update so I uninstalled the game. I was having fun with my first monster Azurex tho it makes me bored waiting for the next update.
Four moves how amazing... Why puzzle?!! This game absolutely Nothing but hot disgusting trash WHY ANYTHING?!!
1) needs a lot of online grinding to get power up items, to super evolve, but the "Sanjay city", the "Elite4 & Champ" is unavailable and not yet updated. 2) monsters that can be caught is very few and limited. 3) myth monster challenges are as close to impossible, as if they're urging gamers to buy IAPs. 4) mixing option is useless cause it's more practical / cheaper to buy items than to gather materials for mixing. 5) no options on exchanging gold coins for diamonds which is very frustrating.
This game has been such a good game 1 problem is that its to laggy and the bosses are to hard impossible to beat so pls fix but other than that its a very great game
BEST GAME EVER but I gave 4 stars due to a lack of few details. Please add day and night and weather changes. (if there is already this feature, please tell me how to use it)... There is also a spelling error. in one of the gym, I think it's the 3rd one, the word power is misspelled. it was written poewr something like that.
This game is not even updated it says 2.2.2 but opening the game it says 2.2.0 and also I still can't reach sanjay city you guys seriously need to take this game and fake update off playstore because you guy are wasting our gamers time and also I still can't seem to super evolution my holy eagle
This game is addictive but just add more updates like you just left it and really its good make things like a shop where u can buy clothes and put on ads on yt for it etc and make it where u can ride some pokemon on land
Plz get or make a game better than this I rather play catch and cook instead of this. So much mb and what a waste of it. 3rd class game. Now I'll explain why.First of all you have to save than only you can go further. Second an electric type always have an advantage but here a water type have the advantage against electric type. Third electric type always have a advantage against a flying type but here it's just different and the third gym leader is a mess nonsense plz don't waste your time.
Good Game. all tho the 3rd Gym is so hard its too hard for a 3rd gym even if i match the level of it. I still lose pls make it easier and I'll continue playing this!
Hello developers, this is the fantastic games that i have played. I felt the same experiance and joy of playing pokemon red, green etc. But there are lot of bugs in the game, there is no side quests after rech town. Also on haitan bridge cant able to get rewards from some people. So please provide an update. Main thing is that champion Ace said that please meet me at the league and now i dont know where to go. Please provide an update..
It could have been put together a little bit better and bugs need to be fixed a little more. Another thing, the game kept glitching out when my monster made a moves so that needs to be fixed. Also if you want depth to the background add shadding around the trees and such. Then it could really be better, but i enjoyed it while it was on my phone.
yeah i played this before but can you please make some sub-quest have a higher xp because even if the task is so hard the reward is still the same.For my opinion this game is great and a fair battle and please add more NPC's and also other NPC's that you can challenge again(If possible can you please make the GYM LEADERS challenge us again even if we have defeated them if possible)
Don't download because for defeating myth monster we need to super evolve or merge our monster I got 99 percent than also it uncessful if it happen 1 time than it's fine but it happen 3 time
Of course, it's a good game. Actually, someone who likes adventure games sould play this. Although the size of the game is large, it's worth to download and play. For conclusion, I like and love it. Thanks to the game creator.
I like a lot because this game hve a lot of story it feels like endless although there are sometimes you cant pass the gym but if you keep levelinh up you can pass it
I give you 4 stars. The game is totally awesome. But I would like to prefer to make more monster than before. Plus, I don't what happen after I am finished challenging fight gim leader The Game is suddenly not responding it happen three times. I don't know what to say. Because of that I must challenge the gim leader three time... What!. Please fix it. I don't want it happening again at other place. Hopefully you enhance your game more better than before. Wish you luck!
I don't care what people say this game might be really close to pokemon but it also gives people the ability to play a free "pokemon" game I love it completely.
Pay to win!! It's a pokΓ©mon ripoff obviously. Gameplay is a good working pokΓ©mon clone but the monster design is not good imo. There are far better games.
It's a pretty good game but you should your monster start at level 5 when you go out in the world. If you have them start at a higher level when you go out in the world you cannot catch any lower monsters at all. You should make that you can defeat all the gym leaders easy. You should had a little map showing where you aer at in the game.
This game could be great, but it freezes occasionally. Once in Poussay woods, and once in Lotte woods. Both times I've had to uninstall and reinstall app. Unfortunately, even tho I had saved regularly I had to start over from the beginning because it could not find any saved games.
Fix the bugs on the game , I can't get into the time gat it froze my game if I want to go there please fix it !!!
This game is trash guys dun download it trust me. It is fun playing at first and u will regret it later.My point is u have to get 90 power core for super ev and that is hard to get.All your effort before will only be wasted.This game is just a waste of time.
Huh it was so much fun at first time I was so lucky I get so good monsters but when I played the second time huh bad luck it is so much fun too I defeated their boss but my sister deleted all the data and i started again
I really love this game, but I have 1 issue that kept me from rating 5 stars & that is the controller is on the left side of the screen.bi sometimes need it to be on the right side so if you can in a future update fix this by putting in the settings a way to customize the screen icons & be able to place them wherever it works best for the player, then I would gladly change my review to 5 star & what I wrote.
This game is quite enjoyable but there is problem ,I have gain 5 balls to catch monster and a monster than I have closed game and next when I opened it I do not have any monster and balls. Pls FIX IT
I like this game but when I fight Gym leader there is always some person lowering my monster hp and the gym leade monster level is higher than the sorounding monster so please fix this
When I try to remove it from my phone it keep on making me go in the app so it's saying *free up storage* so my phone freezes n then I can't do any thing n it's not as good as it say it is n when I try n delete other apps it will delete them plus this game is hard to get strong n once u get strong u kill bad guys in one hit so u can't catch the n if u try before using a skill u will be wasting all this captcher balls so play this game be like ooh it's so fun the see what a crappy ass game it is
1) Nice game but the only problem is to super evolve any monster because firstly its hard to reach intimacy lv.10 and then its very hard to collect 90 power core it takes too much time. So just because of above 2 problems it deserves 2 star but its still a great game so i m giving it 4 star. 2) pls update it, already it has been a long time, Hurry .
good game. wish it had more adorable creatures. Should make a game like this with only fantasy animals like dragons,phoenixs,griffins,etc.
This game is really very good but there is 1 problem. 1)we can only catch 6 Pokemon. So you should improve these and make changes that we can catch more and more Pokemon's. By the way the game is really very good πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
This is really nice game . I really enjoy it . It is like pokèmon and has good theme I hope that this game will go on high rates.
Awesome but more monster and main missions and maybe put multiplayer so it isn't so lonely anyways best game ever.
I love the game It's really fun Plus the monsters are so cool And the place, the gym leaders so strong but always from grass, water, flying, fire, mech, Thunder, courage iyon all of that And plus I got a mythical monster
It is a very good game. When I reached the enterence of the cave to the sanjay city it said wait for updation and I waited for one month but updation didn't came. Then I uninstalled it. Lan server was not working and there is no ghost and sun monster. So please update it and put it in the description
It's a good game like Pok*mon, I recommend it. However, it's hard to find tips and guides (list of monsters for example) on the Internet.
There's no daylight saving time this game need more improvement... Also the exp is lower given to a level 65 monster battle to a wild monster...
This game is very interesting. But I will give it 3 star because there are no frozen potions.You can't buy exp from the shop icon. And you can't battle with anybody anytime
Like I was said on the other game but the same as this, it has been two years and you guys have not the updated version of this game..I reached road 119 but after that the guard wont let me pass to Sanjay City..I cant wait to be the greatest monster trainer!!
the graphic is good but i hope the interaction can be improved, i cant click on signboard & have to walk away & forward to read the description many times, its annoying when i could just click on the sign to read my current location another problem is the back button on the left upper side, i have to tap multiple times to cancel out the box another issue is i know quest is important to follow but dont set up a block from healing center like the Navi pond quest at the begining, i cant heal at all
Good game, but this is very tough game, in first this is easy but in the middle it was very very tough and in free lottery there was only 10% chances to get 100k exp please increase them and exp chances and quickly bring new update and files were save only one please turn into 2 save files. By the way, very nice game i give you 3 stars but you bring these things i give you 5 stars.
This game is useless but nothing I am telling you din't download this game In this game it is to difficult to get gems and it is to difficult to defeat mystical monster . In the last we have go thought Haitan bridge and on the bridge there is a police officer he said when I was passing you should have one mystical monster level 85 it so stupid please remove that police officer. Also in merging monster we need 10 merging stone for buying one stone you will need 20 gems so you count 20 Γ—10
Very interesting game ever love this game very much it's same all as pokem on show as a trainer begins with his journey towards monster world with alot if Adventure and difficulty, and defeat different types of interesting monsters it's graphic design is very good and help players to play it easily its my fate that I am writing this first review for the game to the servers of monster chaos. I hope you will soon add some new update to this game to make it more interesting Thanks for this game.
This game is not so good. So so so many bug problem. It suck. After complete this game i have so much disadvantage why ❓. Why my fire monster can't stand against wood monster. It has so many bug problems. Why funding power cor is so hard. Fix your bug problem first. Lame πŸ‘Ž programmers. πŸ‘Ž
1) needs a lot of online grinding to get power-up items, to super evolve, and yet the "Sanjay city", the "Elite4 & Champ" is unavailable and not updated. 2) monsters that can be caught are very very few. 3) myth monster challenges are as close to impossible, as if they're urging gamers to buy IAPs. 4) mixing option is useless cause it's more cheaper to buy items than to gather materials for mixing. 5) no options for exchanging gold coins to diamonds which is very frustrating. 😩 πŸ˜“ 😩 πŸ˜“ 😩 πŸ˜“
I do not recommend this game. First of all the grahpics are horrible and they have horrible grammer. The water type starter is called baby turtle, so uncreative. And there is to much talking. And you get to name your rival/partner. So stupid. I do not recommend this horrible in general game.
The stages the monsters the matches are unreal but the problem is the map its not that clear and it's looking like it's not even 2d it has to be a little clear and a little like picture instead of a map that is drawn by a kid
It is a very good game.but when.I was tell in the grass the monsters was come so therefore I was 4stars otherwise I will give 5stars
This game it is just the best game ever I want to say thanks for the people that made this game it is just awesome also I think you should make it a little bit more challenge other than that it is a really cool game πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘.
if you like pokemon you should "totally" get this game. it has "great" graphics and "awesome" game play.
Pls let us super evolve! Dev pls update the game so you can super evolve cuz ive already lvled up my monster to lvl. 1000 and that was hard but pls just make it if you reach lvl 100 and up you will be able to super evolve you monster i still like the game but pls add these: auto save,super evolution,mega evolution and also make it that the characther doesnt have a skiny neck cuz my child want to get that next too so she started to take tap and choke her self. Pls fix all of these
Because the superevolution has needed items like power core and monster gem pls reduce items in s.evolotion the needed 90 powercore and then 40monstergem , pls the price in time gate is expensive , and ones the sanjay city is not open pls quickly update because im excited to fight 4 elite trainers anf champion its diffucult to have s.v. monster pls take immediately action to update version to quiclkly finish the game and i share it to my friends