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Monster Storm2

Monster Storm2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SharpenPlay Entertainment located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game i almost had a level 100 and then the games problem it delete itself but I'm downloading it again cause is an awesome game but 1 more thing borders me when you uninstal it and install it again it reset your progress please make it so if you uninstal it and install it again you don't lose your progress .thank you.
Fun game with unique elements despite similarities with a certain franchise. Great gameplay and mechanics. I have encountered a problem. When i try to load my save file, it gets to a certain point and stops loading. I'd say it stops at around 15%.
Keeps freezing during battles when you try to escape from any monster encounter after the last update, leaving you with no option other than to restart the entire app; Waisting tons of time, and lossing all of any progress made if the game hasn't been saved. Pretty frustrating. Have been playing this for months now and it's an Awesome offline game. Other than that and a few other quirks, but that's a pretty big deal; Complete waiste of time until that is resolved.
The game is nice. But there are no missions after defeated Fighting type gym leader. Please do some updates.
This is a bad game because in valor city the woman told to find beserk monster Over there,Over where?and the monsters should be less experience so it will be little easy to level up and fight myth monsters.
Need to go another direction in terms of using pokeballs to catch monsters this games not going to get far by copying a world class game. Also the characters could be way more bulky cause they make me think of stick men.
this was NOT a fun game, we couldnt move to find becky and when we tried it moved us in the wrong direction the graphics were okay but everything else wasnt i do not recommend monster storm 2
developer I wrote you and didnt receive a email back... 30 gems got wasted at a arena because it wasnt switching my cubes and telling me I did it wrong.... I gave you 1 star for not writing me back. Also I am willing to help with the translation on your game if you send me a script I will edit it for you. that's really the only downfall of this game...
This game is awesome good gameplay good graphics and monster is best we play this game with enjoying it and my problem is it is very big mb game and update is not comming so please accept this request and please update this game with new map new monster and new gym leader please
I really like the game the monster everything except for the wrong spelling the other NPC are saying stubbon instead of stubborn but really good game if your reading this game owner pls put more update in the game like a monster and mystic monster and a codded monster that you can't get it in the grass or anything but put a code pls put more update. :)
This app is amazing there is no ads I would recommend getting it but there are so many annoying annoying encounters
I think this is an amazing game but you can't look at all the side quests that you found. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
The graphics and attacks are very poor, and most of the monsters almost look the same as pokemon . Would not reccomend save your space
the game is good but when I open the diamond lottery box it opens and I won a Monster but when I reached the monster centre but The monster didn't store in the monster and my diamonds are wasted.I request the developer to restore my 30 diamonds.
would off been alot higher if didnt have to unistall and install it again to lose all my progress as wouldnt start game other wise i got to five gym and was enjoying monsterstorm2 but now aint playing cause lost progress shame ..
This game is best but I give four stars because a problem is then you play time to time they want to start we restart
This game is fun but i have the problem where the fact that after the last gym leader, there is really nothing else to do except make your monsters higher levels to obtain the myths. Only problem is just the continuation in this game. Please update this game so we can continue on to the elite four and the champion
I beat all the 8gym even i have 3dark armor(myth) one is 100 lvl i have 5 100 level monster but i can't beat holy cannin (1st myth monster) now what i do ....? I think going to uninstall it . I wish i can save my progress by login but i can't.😭😭😭 Going to play another monster game i compeletly finished this game in 6_7 days.😁
Hi it says 'your monster has leveled up' or suming like that, but how do U do it??? Please tell me how... πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
It was a good game had fun playing was nice been able to catch all three monsters from the begging a bit easy at first but becomes a lot more difficult in a blitz of an eye . Only problem I had was not being able to make multiple saves. Overall 4/5
One of the best pocket monster games that I have ever seen. But this game need a lot of work and many upgrades soon. The quests of this game is very exciting but some maps are got locked due to not enough quests. I wish this quests will include soon. Otherwise, this game is awesome!!!
The game is pretty cool it's hard to find a good Pokemon rip off but I was still level 10and my opponent is level 20 and I get so close to beating him with stick every time
Hello! Is there really no way for us, players, to continue after getting the 8th badge??? The game is enjoyable but come on! Do something after the final gym. There are no more available quests and we couldn't pass through route 119. Moreover, getting gems for monster fusion is very difficult and limited as well as in having power cores for super evolution. The spelling and grammar are often faulty too but never mind that, just let us finish the game... 😭
Great game Only reason I give it four stars is that after playing the game for some Time it runs doesn't load anymore please fix this error and i will reconsider the ratings again
Unrequited dream correction: it is a copy of pokemon which came out on 1996 now onto the real review terrible grammar what the hell is monster handbook is precious it should of said the monster handbook is precious and there is terrible battle design
I like the game and i've spend a lot of time for this and my little brother is making happy for every sence he seen me play this : ) but the trut problem after the last gym defeated is no one another quest? But there are unexplored town like the sanjay city. where we can get a quest? AND i see in the youtube the other gamer from indonisia is have a continuesly game cuz they have a new quest like the four elite. And what is this a bug or needed to update or what else?😒
Holy terrible English. Please hire someone to fix your writing in English, it is HORRIFIC. Some of the monsters are unique, if on the "cute" side of thing, but others are very obvious direct ripoffs of pokemon with no real attempt made to hide it. Very flat overworld and bad text, plus simple "cutesy" artstyle make this feel like a browser game from the 90s that your 8 yr old brother thought was cool.
It was very interesting. My only concern was the fact that it didn't save things automatically. After every event I had to save because if I didn't it would make me start over. Would recomend but a word of advice for new players: please try to save every event so whenever you go do something you don't lose your progress.
This game is awesome, it's like pokemon. But a problem about light and dark types, because the light types spelled in different language and there is no dark types
Love the game, it feels like im playing Pokemon. The only thing irritating thing is the game calls the females him/he. Not cool :/.
Great game in general, but there are a few problems that I have to point out. First the grammer. It`s trash. Please correct. Second the game advances to fast. You have to grind for so long just to get 1 level`s worth of xp.If you are level 24 the gym leaders are 29~35. They're also overpowered.
I gave it 2 star because, the gym leaders are to hard...and catching a monster is too hard. Last thing...u have to save it when u quit and i literally forgot to save sometimes But the game is not broke its to hard
Op this game is very best. I am 13 time down load this game. I am all time finish this game battles,monsters,gym leaders,rival dacro and Martha are very strong and his monsters are strong the Carter leader snake is op player he is 8 time lose me but last time I reader him. One problem this game we are not opening the Sanjay city , zro city and other areas please up coming update is very soon.
When I go to fight against the wind gym leader it was up for me but the money to defeated with a fire type Pokemon my little on it you just see me fire types Pokemon so to be hard for me to defeat fire with fire I went to my map and then I have so many different types of stuff I actually didn't understand them but I'm still trying other than that it's a nice game
Very good graphics and story, but it takes much of your time to level up your monsters. Battles are few so you have to train your monsters in wild grass where it take hours to train. I played it for 10-12 days but then I quit because it becomes harder for me. Also it requires update.
Hello developers, this is the fantastic games that i have played. I felt the same experiance and joy of playing pokemon red, green etc. But there are lot of bugs in the game, there is no side quests after rech town. Also on haitan bridge cant able to get rewards from some people. So please provide an update. Main thing is that champion Ace said that please meet me at the league and now i dont know where to go. Please provide an update..
Not worth it I spent about 11 dollars in the game then all of a sudden the game would never load in, so i tried deleting it and trying again, but when i did that it erased all the data i had and i got pretty far in the game, its a damn good game but its not worth putting time and money in if you can just lose all your data, i would have invested way more but, i lost all my data and now i dont wanna even play because saved data is not safe, i wish i could get my data back, then id rate 5star easy
I haven't yet played but just looking at the pictures it looks like my favourite game so I instantly downloaded it it looks great
The game is really good, very! Its similar to pokemon stuff. But the reason why i give this 4 stars is because the graphics qualitie and the gameplay is a little, no offense, bad. I'm sorry. A sujection is to improve graphics and gameplay quality. Thanks!
I really hate the saving system. I have lost a huge progress and need to regain that and this happened so much time.
It's a great game but I reduced a star because of a few troubles I had. I had a big trouble when I had to catch a myth monster and lv up to 85. And when I wanted to find a way the map was unclear. The instructions should be more specific I have meoferno lv 100 of full intimacy but it says requirements are not met .
I love this game every thing in it is amazing but I would like it if you could add more puzzles like the air type gym and it would be better if you could make the time gate work without a internet connection
The best Pokemon like game I've ever played, with lot of interesting features, and even more important, it isn't p2w
The game is fun but Too hard to get the Items needed, and spelling of other name is wrong, its say look for Ivans House but Its Elvin! No update seems like the game is dead
please add two data load slots please and most important i tell you this game is so so so................ amazing and can you tell me how to open lan service AND Please Please Please WEEK CAVE 4TH FLOOR BOSS 😭😭😭😭😭😭
It's wonderful, really! I don't know why others are criticising the game, but I pretty much like it a lot! My only problem is, it's saying that the LAN service is temporarily unavailable. Please, do something. It's impossible to defeat a fire type leader when your team is filled with grass types.
I like this game very much. We have so many gym battles but my problem is when I went to the water type gym leader it was easy but when I went to wind gym leader I used earth and thunder moves but that wind gym leader does not give me time attack. Please fix this.
A lot of similar mechanics to Pokemon which I like. Wish there were more variety of monsters especially mythicals but overall a good and fun game
It's a fun game but the controls are slightly hard to do and a battle in the game have monsters to high level for me even though I use all the exp I get after collecting it so overall it's a hard game but the graphics are good if your ok with struggling a lot to get through the game then it might be the game for you
amazing game but it's so difficult to playthrough I love playing it best game I have what the leveling system is so difficult I'd love to level up easy like Pokemon does but other than the super slow leveling its a perfect and amazing game
I say bc it took so long to level your legendary because it needs more exp. This game is really good aswellπŸ˜ƒ
this game was the best, i really like it, though sometimes its really hard to level up my monsters, but it was great.
I like the game, it's fun to play. The only issue that I have with it is the difficulty level. In the beginning, it's easy to fight and do battle, but as you progress, the trainers levels jump up. Your monsters at 30, theirs are in their 40's and you have to spend quite a bit of time to grind and catch up. There is no steady growth in the trainers, that helps you to train and grow. In the 5th+ route, you are fighting for your life, with all of your monsters and you're just praying you'll win.
I love pokemon have done for many years but this game blows it out the water it is not money hungry you have the options to buy certain things but you dont need to. Also you can fully complete the game while catching all the different monsters great game well done
This game is so fun its like pokemon go but I cant acsess pokemon go so this is the game to replace it There is nothing wrong so fun!
I really like this game but I cant catch a mythical monster it is very hard to captur mythical monster and I have trouble beating electrc gym and i think this will ones who play the game but when we were deated by mythical monster we can get sharps of the monster
Prettty fun but theres just a few things that need to be improved like: the grammer, how some of the NPCS look, how they called me a man/boy even though i picked girl, and finnaly , how there are the same characters just with diffrent names. If you fix these promblems ill gladly give you 5 stars !
The game itself is good just a few hiccups here and there, however I'm giving it 1 star after defeating all gyms on my way to earth gym defeated that one but then ask me to look behind the gym and there's nothing so won't waste my time any longer.
After defeating all the gym leader the game is so boring...pls update it, so we could continue it so far it's a very good game but so boring so 1star for now.
I hate when you reach the Water Gym. There's some puzzle you need to complete before challenging the Water Gym trainers, and the puzzle is honestly just straight up impossible. I wish you can give us at least 10 Diamonds for free as a gift to skip the puzzle, as it is like impossible. Oh, and when you send the gift, leave a letter to saying about the player shouldn't use it on other things, use it on Water Gym puzzle. Or just completely delete it. Not playing till it's fixed, 1 star for now.
okay this game is an OK offline game since I only have online games so this keeps me company when I don't have internet or my Electricity is off and plus there arnt many good pokemon games on play store and I'm a big fan of pokΓ©mon and this reminds me of it😁I love the gameβ€οΈπŸ‘
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This game is not finished. After all the trouble. Im stuck at dodan city. No more mission. Just have to wait for developer to update. So annoying
I want you to add more monsters and fairy type and dragon type monster And add more mythical monsters and monsters can be obtained for begginers of doctor Celine but i really like this game I hope that what I said is going to be succes and i want you to make easier when going to Sanjay city ok
This game is really interesting and Offline, only the thing is graphic and game Action is Average. But I request to this devoloper, updated this gameplay system like DrakomonπŸ‘Œ it will be Best. Yes it would be better, Drakomon is best in gameplay, Action, Graphic but problem is Online+Ads Number-1+purchase.
Very bad grammar, monsters look like they have come straight from pokemon games then downgraded and when you defeat a monster, it says (monster name here) is dead, the game sort of encourages killing
Best game ever played. Cool graphics, good controls, awesome monsters. Really enjoy playing it and will also tell u to download it
Very taff and laggy game ever...w can only take 6 monster! Whay ? We also need more then 10 monster in a gim battel....and plss make a plase where we can drop and pic monster when we need...Atherwaise the game is my one of the most faverate game.
Now what about more diversity in the beginning grasses for better personal choice of second monster... And rematching or even just more opponents just hanging around.
Every 5 seconds you have to fight a monster and the map does not show were too go but get fast travel only to place you have been
The game got stuck in the cave, I couldn't control anything, I tried to load the game again, but no use. It happened when I travelled using bicycle very fast out of the cave, but the old man used to stop before exiting the cave, but due to glitch, I was able to go out of cave but the controls were stuck. When I reloaded the game, it got stuck inside the cave, no controls work. Otherwise it was a great game!
I wish your company can create a player that can once summon all six monsters into battle when the player meet the strongest Mythical Monster.
Fun game!,Cool that ita ok when u copy other pokemon.Hammerhead Time is not Fun.Hammerhead time is just a Sad time;).Hope u fix with Response!:)Also Fix this that the enemy is the one who first attack which makes it hard.I like It!Plus Snake is very hard I have low level monsters.And I have coltoad to beat Muhan and Yan Hao.plus those one stars are so dumb haha
When can i get other monsters out im on fire badge, it say,s not at the momnet i want to get monsters up
This is stupid, the game just freeze whenever I tap the shop button after catching a monster that's why I'm giving it one star.Please fix it
Many monsters with different skillset are available. the gameplay is nice and no p2w. Only deficite is that the explanation could be broader . For examle and explanation about EV and IV the help panel
This game is awful.The cities are to big.I take to much time to find the persons who I need to talk to and the second gym has hard puzzles.Please make puzzles easier and please give more trainer battles.
It is a fun game but a magor problam I tried to create an other account for my syster and when I saved it my precious account in which I unlocked dark Armor which is a myth it dissappeared and I had to re start again and I am very in happy after that please fix that problam
This is good but making it 3 D will be more good but it takes more mb.3D is only the only problem.no problemß nothing.no bugs,.its awesome.nothing to say left
This game was nice , but the thing is I have completed fighting jym and now main quests bar is not available means I cannot reach sanjay city
Not worth it, i wasted 7 days of this game leveling my monster to 100 and at end I wasted my time playing this game. Problems that I encountered * My character froze - I don't know what it call it's just I can't move my character anymore. You need to reload your save file again and again and again and again and again. *i can't move to the another place because I can't submit my main quest because the NPC didn't have a question mark or exclamation point. I also encounter this in sub quests.
This is the best offline monsters game ever. Hoping there will be a update with new missions and new gyms or new version 3 itself. Thanks.
This game is ok my only problems are 1:There is alot of copied monsters from pokemon. 2:In beetween the gym leaders there is a HUGE level gap.It s really hard to train. For example: The 3rd gym is Lvl. 40 and the 4th gym is Lvl. 55. HOWWW????!!!!PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM . ILL give it 4 or 5 stars
This game is okay but it doesnt save my progress and if i save my game and left and come back it will come back to the start on route 101 and hard mission
I gave 4 star to this game because its so fun but when i defeat the fighting type gym and defeat all myht monster i so exited to battle because i have 6 myht monster i make it level 100 on monster brawl and i exited to fight the elite four and the champion so i finished all the given main/side quest i really stock in the dodan city when i go to myht forest to go on zro city i found a cave but there is no way to Zro city i think all my hard work is for nothing.
My game is stuck on the loading page from today. It used to be a good game but now it doesn't even run and keep stucked in loading page at 0%. Please suggest me something.
Thise game is amazing but there are one problem when I fighter in navi lake kave, s triener the game wase staped and my criar of the game is restarted fix thise problem
Man this game is cool and all but the battleing is on some BULL why did u programe the gym leaders to USE THE SAME MOVES OVER AND OVER.and transacions are on some bull to the cheapest transacion cost 16$ no wonder this game faild.
Although this game is a less refined ball based monster catching game with dodgy translations at best I have enjoyed it. I have spent to level my monsters quicker but entirely optional however I do find the grinding excessive at times. 4 days ago I mailed the devs explaining how I don't get the exp rewards from jackpots, which I spend money to get. So far no response. This has soured my view of the game and will escalate further. I suggest playing until all gym badges are gained, then dropping.
(I like it and I like it because some reasons) 1. I like it bec you can reset and its saved.)2. Because I like the starter monster and tip(the meosh is the is the strongest)(bad things) sometimes I get lost where I am fresh town and the other one.)2. He or she is right there is to many tasks.) That's all I want to say by the way it's a really cool game and one of you can tell me other cool games maybe if you want to. One more thing subscriber to me pls the name Gordon Bruins I'm beginner 14 subs
I give this 3 stars because it's very hard to lvl up your monsters because you go from a lvl 10 trainer from 1 quest and the next quest is lvl 25 out of no where, all I am saying is make it easier to lvl up and make it easier to get mythical monsters and I will give it 5 stars
Looking for a good pokemon type game this is not for you skills miss 70% of the time enimes never miss they always go first and the elements are wrong example this game fire is strong against water and water is weak against fire it's supposed to be the other way.
Great if you love pokemon but you want it on portabal I would advise this game ( but not real pokemon ) :'(
Sorry I am giving this one star rating because I defeated gyms but the earth gym is impossible to beat even with 67 level monsters so please reduce the level of the opposing monters :(
Honestly this game let's your monster evolve straight away and gives away levels. where is the grind the actual games difficulties I wouldn't and you shouldn't get this game not to mention it's a complete rip off of the pokemon games,in conclusion this is one of the worst games of the year.Im dissipointed at this game they could have done it so much better,hopefully the next one is better and on top of that I'm not normally I hater but I really hate this game.The movement is fair but not great
One thing I hate the most is that you need money to backup the data onto cloud. Or else if you are switching devices,all the data is gone. Plz fix this. It is not worth it after spending hours on this game.
It is a great game and a great time consumer. But, since I have beaten the 8th gym it has froze up twice now and it is starting to be irritating. Especially when you have to repeat the same process over and over again. Please look into this.
it's a good game but the grammar is poor and u can't really play online or fight in the league will it cum in the update if it does please sort it out but other than that I'll give u 5 out of 5 it's very addictive
I love it so far. I just wish we could connect to google play in order to make sure game is saved properly and the LAN does not work??? Why not? And if we had a proper guide of which type monsters is strong or weak against another type monster.
I give only one star because after winning all the batches the game is like useless I firstly thought that this is good but after I knew that there is not a suitable end I hate it
I am stuck on a quest. To complete it I need to access an area that for some reason I can't access even though when I first tried I was able to. (I failed at first) I am stuck where I need to get to lvl 3 on the cave. I am still fairly new. Other then that I love the game.
Overall game was amazingly playable and fun. But suddenly all the save data from a month of playing just disappeared. I was just about to challenge myth too. Utterly disappointing. Waste of a good game.
Very user friendly pokemon like game. Purchasable items but not needed for full game experience.:) quick and easy to level up
I love it cool nexomom or what it is but I just played now and I can't even play only picture no joy stick I even try to restart my phone it didn't work i would be great ful if u fixed the problem
the game is good but sometimes it SUCKS. When i reached 29 streak at brawl and i was about to get 30 streak and then it crashes and then i goes back to 0. Its very funny and fix that bitvhes.
The game itself is great, but the grammar could use a LOT of help. It said I was a boy even though I picked the girl character! It's a good game if you can stand the grammar issues. The Light monster index entries are in Chinese, and there are no Dark monsters! Please fix this problem. It's a great game overall.
It in a a great game but when u go to lotte city and are ready to go in the guys there is a minigame which is really hard I tryed so hard but I couldn't do it
It's okay, the controls are touchy, dialogue is TERRIBLE and the rate of appearance of monsters drops dramatically when you accept a side quest that requires you defeat that specific monster. To be far graphics and the battle system along with the level up system are great!
The game is great and super addictive but to get into the water gym in lotte city you have to do a really hard puzzle that ruins the game I've been trying for days and I still haven't passed it.
I love this game so much the graphics are meh medium and the only problem is that it's almost impossible to get past the leader of the Carter team or something like that but other then that this game is sooooo much fun keep up the good workπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š
I can't win time gate even though i have the coolest monsters Am thinking of restarting the game and raise only two monsters that way i can get them both to lvl 100
The game is stupid. It doesn't make sense at all with the mythical monsters, there's no way every time one move from the level 100 mythical monster my level 100 monster dies. How is it possible to capture it if what ever monster or move you use only damages the mythical monster a little when the mythical monster hits your monster it faints instantly.
1st of all do not give permission for the game access calls or any media like photos on your phone it is not a safe game, Definitely a pay to play game, very very bad pokemon rip off and very poorly scripted, who ever created this game and paid someone to translate into english is a complete idiot as is the person they hired, these people are only out to rip you off making you pay to succeed. Stay away from this game at all cost there are so much better games out there for you to play.
I just love this game, been playing it nonstop, sure the english isn't on point but amazing game overall
I found this glitch by accident, if some guys don't let you to go where you want to go to just keep clicking ok as you are moving to where you want, he wont see you! Because of that from the beggining I'm in Rech Town. Don't do this to an old man in a cave called Viz Ridge because if you do you'll have to delete the game because nothing will work again. Even if you restart it. DON'T DO IT TO AND OLD MAN YOU'LL SEE AT THE END OF THE CAVE OR YOU'LL HAVE TO DELETE IT!
I'm currently stuck in the water gym because the candy crush like game wont let me move the blocks vertically and it's really difficult also the english its not good but that doesnt affect the game that much but still.......please fix all the bugs in this game its really hard to play it with that many bugs and its not that enjoyable like that
The 4 mythical monters are unbeatable..u have to spend a lot of money to catch those 4 hags i guess.. so just to make things clear, this game is a liar!! Should be ruined somehow.. pukimak pnya developer
I totally love it but I would love it even more if you did a training ground option so you could transport to a training ground with a lot of monsters and trainers, and that there are bosses that are mythical monsters if you almost complete a training level.
This game is exciting even sometimes there's bug when i want to Escape the battle (not always). More update for more Monster ans my Concern is the Ghosty monster please fix it. 5Star (Offline Games,No need Wifi qhen you playing, not PaytoWin)
Game play is great just wish I could get past the puzzle in the first gym.. also trying to level the monsters up takes forever..
When the the hell was this last updated? Plus is the content ever gonna get finished like the elite 4. Plus I hate that u have 2 watch buttloads of adds to get just 1 ticket that's total BS!
Not the best, I would be happy if you could remove the upgrading your Monster feature in the tutorial once I do it, GAME OVER. I become overpowerful and I disable the ability of catching monsters, they die at first shot. So, please remove the concept of levelling your Monster with exp from the tutorial.
It's great, but it would good if there was other ways of getting experience s than battling and completing task
Still stuck at lvl 100..we have to catch myth pokemons if we didn't catch them we can't carry on our game.. So i'm still stuck there coz my monsters always die when i wanna catch myth Pokemons.. What should i do development??? Honestly i like this game but hell yeah i'm so bored now n i wanna uninstall this game if this game still like this..
An okay game that reworks the PokeMon R/B games with it's own twist of characters and monsters. I would actually enjoy it if the game didn't just crawl along. Character movement, slow combat sequence, slow linear story. BUT the developer has put out something that shows promise for future games/installments. Keep up the good work.
I think this is an amazing game but you can't look at all the side quests that you found. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒGood game tho
loving the game can't stop playing it but I do have one issue! and that's if I wanted to start my journey a new but I've spent money on some packs why can't I redeem them again in a new game? or just recieve the gems automatically when a new game starts?
It's not the best but it's not the worst either. You can tell there was some form of effort put in to making this. I made it four stars because of the odd dialogue and this game isn't perfect.
How do u make these monsters so bad? Like at least fix the monster and the people's head because they all look ugly.
After the last gym why is there no quest to be next. Very hard to make it super evolution. The items to be need is very hard to get. The mythical monster is also very hard to defeat. It regenerate again and again.
this game is great but I wish there was like boats that go in the water so you can go fishing on the boat and catch all sorts of different kind of water monsters and I wish the monsters we're cuter and I wish there was monsters that you can ride everywhere on land and everywhere on the water please put this in the update for this game
This game IS NOT worth anyones time. I am totally fine with pokemon knock offs, thats why I downloaded the game, but you end up wasting all your time running around, talking to people just so you can fight a gym! then, I FINALLY got to the gym and I had to play a bull**** candy crush game. and to top it all off...ALL THE MOSTERS that I found where dumb! this game is not what it advertises.....
The game is awsome but there is one thing I hate that is the fact that you need a level 85 or more mythical monster to reach dodan city please change this to :you need a level 85 or more monster to enter dodan city
It is a nice game. I play this game about one years it is a good experience for me. This games monster are so cool I think. Graphics is so good in offline. It is a nice game for me so I give five ⭐star.
This is good game but after defeating last gym leader the main quest is not coming please resolve this issue because i want to play till end please resolve fast
It is a the best offline game in my vision I have also won with the Carter Legion's boss named Snake. He is powerful but if we just keep fighting with wild monsters we will level up. This is for the one who told that it is impossible to fight Carter Legion's boss.But I also have a problem, that is if we select the female character then also the npc's call us man and also please add auto save option. So please please please please fix this all problems.
I had problems with some of the tasks the first problem I encountered was when I had to find some stuff, my screen is very small and it took me hours just to find them all I would like to the game devs to make the task more easier, please. Second problem was the levels, the opponent's Monsters are sometimes really high leveled and they one-shot my team, as a person who doesn't grind for even 10 minutes then giving up The levels are very hard to cope with please make them lower leveled.
The game itself is good but some challenges are so hard for example the water gym you can barely do the puzzle unless u have lots of luck which makes people wasting their time for hours pls increase the moves to 8 at least
Please do not end the game in here. It will be better if you provide a version like -3. Where people will download it play it. I expect to contain leagues as it is there in the pokemons like Kalos league and etc. Though a very good game and skill of creativeness, because you added some conversations and other things like Monster Brawl , Monster exchange and etc. I would expect more improvements as I said.And last request for all that one cannot download version 3 without completing version 2.
i like it but please make it so that you can go through haitian bridge because it is hard train a dark armor lv.1 so please fix it
Ask for bogus permissions to make calls, etc. And on top doesn't even start within couple of minutes. 1 star is still to much for this app.
I thought at first this was going to be a pay to win type of game but it is actually pretty good and the controls work pretty well for a developed game
I like the game there were some problem in the game but none the less it is a great game and I love itπŸ˜€
Great developers u guys have done a good game And if u could add a Pokemon that the tube is god that would be more cool So pls ad a GODLY type POKEMON That could change to any types OR make an evolution called GOD FORM and next is MEGA GOD FORM I hope u guys add it pls
This game is thrash it's boring I feel like the design of the "monsters " are poorly made, like one is literally just Squirtle and another one looks like spinarak the overall don't spend your money on this game the game of trash you never Play It Again and you'll probably just forget about it and delete the app if you get the real thing such as Pokemon.
I like the game. The only thing that's really a put off for me at the moment though is that I'm not allowed to us the LAN or whatever it's called. That's making it difficult because I can't put pokemon into the LAN or take ones I want to use out. So now I'm stuck with 3 grass type pokemon and then my starter and an electric type pokemon and I want more type variety in my party but I can't because we can't use the LAN.
How do I continue after I reach Dodan city and I need to reach the monster league??? A lot of spelling mistakes too.
I have played all updates of this game. It's the type of game I was searching for. it's display is nice. It should get 5 stars.
Fun game. Just like pokemon. But they need to make the game more fun. And would it kill them to at least make some monsters have two types
Really enjoying the game so far. I think maybe an area map to explain which area you are in would be helpful i.e. an overhead view of the city, where the gyms, schools etc are. The English isn't perfect, but doesnt affect how good the game is.
When I am at the 3rd gym I find that really hard/ impossible because the only one which does really good damage is a level 15 I have honestly thought that was really annoying
This game is amazing i liked the story fighiting with evil organizations. I even got 2 myth monsters and i am still playing this game. Amazing graphics the monsters lok cool but its a litlle tough to get diamonds to buy equipments to level up monsters . Over all fantastic game by sharpen play
This game is nice and relaxing but leaves you questioning if the developers have ever seen a pear or a lemon since the icons ingame are a pineapple and lime respectively.
I like the game but I don't get that confusing puzzle part in the second gym and it gets me so annoyed
This is good game but when you left the game you have to save the files if you will not save the files you loss your progress and when you caught more than 6 monster you can't replace your new monsters to fight in battle I want the photo of attack then after name of attack and you also not give easy hint to solve mystery after that I will give you five moon like other games
This game shamelessly stole character models from PokΓ©mon, and the dialog translation is not very good.
This game is best and i was able to grew a mythical monster to level 80 and it was dark armor other monster have level 50 and 60, only two of my monster have level 70 they were ocean turlte and coltoad but my mythical monster can,t reach to 85 because by mistake I delete the game and making mythical monster to level 85 is not tough you must fight with only mythical monster so his level will up greatly
i love the game but at the start it only moves forwad it does not go up down are riyt thats the only problem i have seen
The loading is fine but the horrible drawn people And the bad graphics its sad. I uninstalled it sorry😭 I need a better game If you don't care about graphics this game is perfect for you!
My experience when going to the league of monster the main quest was done (there's no main quest) and then the side quests are the new quest and when I'm done in the side quest and go to Keno Town the propessor in that house dont have sign ( ! ) And when i watch it in YT there is sign and when I go to Dodan City in the boat there is no seaman front of the boat amd i got stuck and didnt know whats the next step so I delete that game SORRY FOR THE ONE STAR
it's a fairly nicely put together poke-like game. the dialogue is kinda roughly translated it seems and in the shop there is a fruit for sale called "PEAR" but it has the picture of a pineapple next to it. not a big deal but it really stands out and I find it kind of bothersome. some things feel rushed but overall it's a decent play.
Some times when I battle . The game freezes and I why can't I continue the story line after defeating all the gymleaders. Please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ make an update and I will give you 5 stars
i got my progess deleted since i power wash on coumputer on accdient sadly. other then that this game is really good. only thing i dont really like about it is i dont know how to backup it to save so when i lost my progess i lost intersed i may come back when i gain interse again but it wont be for a while i gave you 4 stars cause it was a very good game :D
Great game and fun game to play only issue i have is u cant go to the elite four or a couple other spots on the map after u beat the last gym...please update this so we can but other then that i would rate a 5 star
Great game except I randomly keep loosing diamonds, even ones I've paid for. So far I have lost over 150.
the game was great until it crashed and took me all the way back to the first town. lost all my progress even though i saved several times along the way...
the game is good, i really enjoyed it. however after running into a bug or error in coding that prevents me from advancing any further and i get no reply from facebook or email iv decided to give a 1 star review. i cannot go any further so there is no point playing. if they decide to update and fix issues then i will give a 5 star review
Very worst . I actually posted a comment on the game that it is the best but that was when I started. Stupid game . Monsters appear of low levels
I've only played this game for a few hours and I can already see the flaws. For example, the bad grammer. Like honestly, its like this game was made by a middle schooler who's failing every class. Anyways, that aside, this game was fairly good got past the 1st gym. But now, I can't beat the blocks thing at the water gym!!! Tragic... Keep up the great work I guess....
The beginning of the game is okay but after the second gym but after that there is a huge level gap from level twenty to level FORTY! then after the forty gym leader who's monster's levels are the equivalent to the champion of a Pokemon game if I may add there is a fight with a leader of some gang who has level SIXTY MONSTERS! and since you don't get enough experience to get your monsters to level sixty it is practically impossible to win
Its a really nice game with nice graphics its like a pokemon game from nintendo switch ,but m having a problem i just pay for the cloud server but its not working i waited 30 mins for it but still it doesnt work ,'it says connecting to the server plz wait ' but it never does😐😐 ,so plzz do something about it or give me refund
Poor translations and a level grind that would make old school RPG fans cringe. Even after 4 hours of game play every area increases so exponentially that I can't enjoy the gameplay. That combined with indecipherable storyline and terrible character dialog makes this a major disappointment.
I have a good time with this game and I love it but there's a hole like checkpoint if you go to the other city of the game
The game is best pokemon game. I love this game. The pokemon are like riel. It's very interasting game.
Its a good game the only problem is when you finish collecting all badges there's no new quest anymore and you can't go to the new places like sanjay city,etc.
after i beat the last gym leader..the game crushed..i dont have any active quest..but i didnt finish it..i watch the youtube gameplay after i beat the last gym leader my next quest is with Dr.celine..but no..i uninstall the game..so disappointing..
This game's cool but when you challenge myth monsters they are level 100 like Holy Canine but if you take a level 100 Moeferno, fire type moves are effective against Holy Canine and Dark Armor but still I do at least 6 damage to them and they do more than half damage to me and then recover. Let the myth monsters not be immune to any status especially burn. PLEASE😭😭.
The gameplay's okay, you don't have to do a ton of grinding. What dropped it from 5 to 3 stars was the terrible dialogue and the obvious lack of effort that went into the game. If the dialogue wasn't scripted by a toddler I'd give it a higher rating. The other big thing for me is the microtransactions; I get that it's a free game and you have to make money somehow, but charging people for cloud saves is absolutely ridiculous. Put some effort into the game if you're charging people for saves.
This game is amazing not like pokemon and i love the way coltoad resembles greninja in pokemon , still pokemon is my best game , this game is my second best , its just incredible but i really really really really really hate the fact that you get so little npc after a wild battle though it was useful cause it helped me level up from 40 to 50 so its good so i give you 5 stars and please fix this problems i mention and keep making good games like this. Thank you. :)
The monsters are Pokemon knockoffs. At least half of the ones I saw were either copies of Pokemon names, poorly done copies of Pokemon looks, or both. Example: the monster called Seadro looks like a crappy imitation of a cross between Seadra and Gyarados. While I like some aspects of the game (like having a human travel partner and the quests) the monsters are unoriginal and make this game boring. There's also the fact that the game is poorly translated. The English is so bad it makes me cringe.