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Monster Storm Apoiion(New Ver.)

Monster Storm Apoiion(New Ver.) for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SharpenPlay Entertainment located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Something is not right with this game. It was going well at first but then it kept freezing on me for no typical reason which causes me to go back where I started.
Well it's a nice and fun game but the thing is its really hard to make your monster into its ultra evolution form that's why can you make it a bit easy to achieve it's ultra evolution state and also when you combine two monster it's success rate is low so can you make it to higher chance without using items
I'm stuck after my 5th badge and updated the game but still nothing, another thing is after the update it has some kind of delay every time you go into battle with monsters really annoying. Other than that keep up the good work πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ.
I agree to update this game. I wanted to buy items,like monster ball but it can't buy it from monster center.
I liked the game but i am waiting for update I completed steel type gym leader and bored by monsters in battle tower. Please update it. It is much better than monster storm 2, chaos and all other. Really monsters in this are much better than other monster storm games . So i am waiting for it.
This is really amazing and all but the 3rd gym bro...Why is it too strong none of my monster can't defeat it ok maybe I deafeat the 1st creature but pls make it easier or put a strong creature in a near wild area that can be catch Wish me luck on my adventure. And btw don't listen to those users who have "issues" :)
This game is best monster game i have ever played but please tell me how to solve emergency quest to find trouble monster
Very good game. I already have 4 badges. I don't know where i have to go next. Do you know how to go to the road 116, or safari zone, or mystery island near road 108? Please help...
Grinding seems to be difficult cause you only get small amount of exp's and over time it gets boring..would rate it 4 stars if grinding didn't take almost forever and 5 stars if battles against gym leaders and your ally was a little fair I mean my strongest monster was a rare type and was only level 64 after battling the previous gym leader and you expect me to fight a level 100 mythical monster..tsk tsk
Is a good game but has a few crashing plus I have finish my mine quest but keep saying I have to wait on update version, on my download says I have the new game so when can I continue the rest of the game?! Please fix this
It has been two years and you guys still not have an updated version of this..I can't wait to collect all the badges!! But still a great game!!
An adventure,puzzle,battle game.Capture and train monsters.New quests. β˜…β˜…β˜…Monster Storm Apoiion Featuresβ˜…β˜…β˜… Changes in this version. 1. Re-plan the main storyline. The game will have the largest Sinister organization - the Negative Energy Corps, the player must unite with the partner and fight against the Villainous organization! 2. Many new monsters have been added waiting for the trainer to capture. 3. Redefine the art style of the game. The maps and NPC and other art resources that the playe
It is a good adventure game but there is one problem when I am going to capture windbug the game hangs
in my 2nd restart, I only had one monster, trained to defeat the earth type gym. but I did not know I would have to battle my opponent, Lopi. I lost after his first monster. please make the extra quests come back! or if not, a training ground for battling wild monsters.
3 main things needed to make the game better. 1) make it easier to level up the monsters 2) complete the story and add other missions you can do 3) make pet feeding easier instead of having trying to remember what monster likes eating what
They really want you to pay money for better exp. Kudos too for getting rid of individual exp gain from individual battles where a trainer has more than one pokemon. Very cheap. But the game is in the right direction so I gave two stars!
I really enjoys this game. But I have problems. Everytime i came across wind type monsters, the game keep crashing in the middle of the fight.. So sad. I felt this game had potential. Please fix this, developer. And youll get 5 stars from me.
I hope you listen my review because my only thing is that the boss level is very hard hope you make it easy this time thank anyway it is good
Keeps crashing and I just start the game practically! Please fix this and I re-write a better review!
When i saved it today. it wont let me put in a name. And when i go into the monster center my quest are gone
It's a good game but the game always crushed everytime a monster (wind type) use the DUEL WIND skill.
Interesting game, great alternative to the Pokemon series. My only hassle was when the tutorial about leveling up with your item experience came up. maybe I just want paying attention, but the fact that it makes you use all your experience on one monster really brings the game down. still interesting game though.
This game is awesome. But problem is that the gyms level jump very high after each gym. I was in very big trouble due to that.I defeated All 5 gyms with my only one monster unicoleon but after 1 st gym my only one monster also had five levels low than gym leaders entier team.So I requested to this games maker to please do gym leader monsters level low although the teams strongest pokemons level and please update the game.Evem I used exp. machine.
This game is too good but I can not entered in another city and it say wait for new version. When it come! !!
The game is amazing and fantastic that why I rated it with 4 star but my problem is when is the updated version come??????????? I just can't wait anymore
Its a fun game and you can really enjoy it, its very classified and also I just gave this game 4 stars because when a wind monster uses "Duel Wind" it stops and I need to exit the game to restart and I forgot to save it so it went back to the time when I last saved it, but this is just my only problem the rest are nice and its really enjoyable.
What happened? It stock in last 5 badge.. It said wait for new updates.. Till when I wait? Please update so that the game will continue.. Thanks
Fix your game.. it stops every half and hour.. or maybe even in 15 mins. We are playing this to enjoy the game not to constantly keep saving it. When the game crashes and u forgot to save the part, u have to redo it. It is becoming a task now. The translation is horrible. I still can ignore it but the game has so many problems.. the monster that I wanted to replace during a transaction got replaced with a higher leveled monster. I double checked it before transaction. Edit- uninstalled it
Superb game πŸ‘πŸ‘But just add daily rewards in this game πŸ™πŸ™And I don't know how to exchange the monsters from storage??Please tell me how to exchange them?? Please give reply to my comment😊😊
The game is nice also the quality is nice I love this game but when you save some data their is only one slot so can you add more slots plsss... And sometimes when I fight a wild monster it lags and i didnt even save the data so fix that also thank you😚
this is very good game. i like pokemon so i like this game very much and character is very cool and pokemon are best and beautiful. i like all pokemon games but this is my favourite game
Nice gameplay. it's really adictive, but I stuck in jinxi city... now I don't know what to do.. its asking for a new version, but I don't know how to get it. So please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ help me...
Good game. Offline and worth it. Its just like the classic pokemon games but better. Why did i rate it 4 stars and not 5? Controls could be better.
Good game nice superb quality πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ but some persons who are battling us are a little stronger that's why I gave 4 🌟 mm..... every thing are OK except for that matter....I think we can go any where but people r saying we shd be more powerful to go to some place..... that is the problem......πŸ˜”πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ‘
Keeps freezing plz fix it an when the move duel wind is chosen it freezes up but other then that good game
Worst game in the series, monster storm 2, game was developed till batch 8 and not developed more, and in this game now only upto batch 5 it's bad. Full map but you cant play it just because developer did not update the game how bad.
Keeps freezing up an when the move duel wind it freezes on me and I have to start it all over please fix it
this game is so fine but only one problem, everytime when I use monster starly and use skill duel wind, this game is stopped. but when I use other skills on monster starly, this game is not stopped,so please fix it if this a problem. Thank you.
I like it very much that was nice but there Carter members boss was level 40 monsters so I have level 20 monsters how can I deal it so please low the level of Carter members boss monsters please Inow that we can level up with expeirions but I not got more experience please you do that I give 5 star rating
Its really a good game for playing. Many people play games for timepass but i play this game for completing this boys journey. But i have a problem,I can't veiw my monsters which i just get in lucky draw diamond chest that's why I'm giving it a 4 and many much more things needed to be fixed and the game should be updated time to time .It's mine request to you and i plead you to update it.
The game started lagging out in the beginning where it introduces me to the Shop. I would walk to where Becky is in front of Dr.Celiene's place and she would have me talk to her. So when I show up at the Healers place I would Auto go and heal my first monster. But then when I would walk over to the Shop nothing happens. So I would walk out and it auto walks me to a random spot outside and then it'll do the walking. =/
The game is good but the problem is in first gym leader grass type need fire type to win and if you take πŸ”₯ type you can't defeat the second gym leader so, please make the leader little bit less harder
Very good game but but the gym leader in the the after jimu City, sijui City the gym leader is so strong so please decrease the level of the the Monsters of gym leader so we can easily defeat them and after defeating the city gym leader the opponent wait us on road 105 and his Pokemon was so strong so, please decrease the level of Monsters of opponent
Worst game I would tell it worst because I loved this game a lot but the thing that made me mad at this game was after getting 5 bags there was an update I waited for so long but you people are not ready to update it, update quick as possible.
The game is awesome but the only problem is it takes a lot time to download other wise it is a good idea of game
It's really good the problem is that the characters and monsters look weird. Other that it's a good game
I want this kind of games if you can can you make more games like this but full version Because we can't wait for full version I beat all gym but when i reach fifth gym leader its say wait till full version i can't wait make as fast as you can
It's a great game and I love how much it resembles Pokemon. My only complaint is that when I use the skill duel wind the whole game crashes plz fix this issue so people can continue to play and not get frustrated
definitely loved the game and concept but it's not fully completed game missing a lot of content this one and the 2
this is a nice game but this is incomplete and it's hard to lvl because the highest lvl wild monster is lvl 30
redownloading it. i just hope its complete now. will change it to 5stars if its complete. update: just coz its a great game, i won't detuct my star rating. however, the new update is just a few additions. you guys couldve opened the other gyms and maps so that we can complete our badges. and the super evolotion is so hard to do. the mythical monsters are so hard to defeat as well. but after you captured it, it becomes weak. please update the full version of this game ASAP.
Well all was good. Fun and stuff. Then once you get good(without pay) you will get blocked or the game just doesn't work
when i opened it it was fine until my quest tab was gone and did not appear for a month, and plus its a great game so pls fix the bugs on this game for everyone to give you five stars
the game is brilliant I go to thunder gym and my monster is 100 level Colted instead I can't defeat the gym leader
I like the game it's so easy but the way how the game makes the instructions sounds so difficult so can you make the instructions sound easy and I like the game because there are no adds so can you please fix that πŸ™
I liked this game very much ; but when using some skills the game will stuck. And I have to restart the whole device to play the game again. So please fix that problem. please make regular updates. I have played this game so many times and I think the game crashes after the mountain areas, so please fix it. I haven't played this game after that crash , Only so I gave it 2 star. But I Love this game very much. So please fix it as early as possible.I can't wait to play the full game.
Grinding Excellence. I played for a few days before writing this. The puzzles are hard (isn't that what a puzzle is?). No crashes. Yes, the translation is a bit wonky but dont let that fool you. This is a VERY polished game. The mechanics are all there for building your monsters like Pokemon. EV, IV, Personality etc. Its a grinder. Its fabulous IF you are a Pokenerd. I have played past the first badge. Fishing rod in hand, I begin the caves next. The progression is like Heart Gold.
First I was very excited to complete this game but when I defeated the fifth gym leader it said that all main quests are completed and you should wait for another version patiently.It has been two years and you guys still have not released updated version.I do not know how longer to wait.please read my comment and release another version ASAP(As Soon As Possible)
The gameplay it totally good no problem about it, but the game needs to be updated time to time and reply people's review's, and try to fix the things they telling.
I was just playing and it crashed suddenly and not loading again...... at first it experienced better than everyone said but now its happening the same...... please fix it..... its a good game but sometimes it crashes and we are not able to save it and we have to play it again. But its not loading only then how will i play????? Pleaseeeeee fix it. Today only i downloaded the game and today only it crashed in the evening..... pls fix it
It is bad that the players can't get aircraft and bicyle free and even they have to pay your rare monsters of higher levels for buying it.
I have very exited to see the next quest. pls fast update the game. I give four stars brcause of new update. that is amazing game. I four time play this game but I have not a take a aircraft atleast one time so this is very critical in thos game so it is very tough.
I like how the game is improved but i miss the old starter monsters especially the dog one, can you bring em back? I miss those starters
First start the game the monsters should not be that hard to catch I literally only caught one of the monsters and I had to use a great ball and it was level one
It is a good game but it's very difficult . I also played it. In the fifth gym leader monster are of 55 level and monster level is 30 and I never completed this game
Dont have enough experence points the game is trash put all my points on one monster still only on level 48 the gym leaders monsters are all on 50 really this game is rigged
It was a superb game, it is a fantastic game but please update the game soon. I was waiting for the game to be updated. I like this game so much than any other game but training the monsters to level is some what difficult. The game was challenging and very nice. But when fighting with the monsters in the wild I can get only less points so it is insufficient to train the monsters to level hundred, so increase the points. I was very eager to go through the different areas so please update soon
Good game , but when you enter the first gym we have to defeat three persons one of them when you battle his monsters won't come . Please check on this
The game is absolutely great I actually love it and enjoy playing the game consistently. But the game has a flaw, the Grammer is a serious problem the characters don't speak properly. To the administraters of this game please see to it that you fix the Grammer. Thank You
This game is really enjoyable. It has alot of adventures and storylines which i really like but after collecting the 5th badge there wasnt anymore quest and the game seemed to end there until the next update.. And the game was last updated 2 years ago so i really hope that you guys will update this game asap
Everything is fine except so torture to catch a monster, spend 12 normal ball still not able to catch lvl 2 monster with low hp. I wonder how was the catch rate...
The best pokemon game. we have everything, gym battles, adventure, mythical monsters. Pokemon fans must download, Cant expect much more than this except the new update😁 plz update soon guyz, plz..
This game is good but I am having problems defeating the grass Mithycal Monster can anyone tell me how to defeat him. Please
This game is nice but not epic , i mean it indirectly forces you to buy exp package which is costly and whenever i use a flying type skill my game freezes and i have to restart it ...pls make it easier to gain exp otherwise it's a pay-to-win game until you waste a year or lifetime just leveling your monsters
The translation sucks, need to fix the background in battle, whenever a monster appeared in grass the background for the battle is not grassland, and then i go to the company the owner says its thier new product and after getting it the girl outside said she got it before πŸ˜₯
please update this game sooner so i can try finish up all my gym leader battle and please add more monester and new legandey monster and new place that can be trouble by us... the player...
Good game but I rated 4 because it's hard to pass the gym leaders 1-4was easy except 2 and I hope it would not delete the progress when we delete it
First i play this game it's really nice but, when i reach and collect the 5th badges no more quest and i can't enter of every secret passage that someone who has a guard but what i think is i need to defeat the Holy Canine (Mythical Monster) first but, Come on! I already have 2 level 100 monsters and that was the Thunder type and Fire type but i still can't defeat it, so really hard. Hope you see my comment below. Thank you
Please if you are going to create a new version of this game please do not put save why doesn't it save on its own. Today I saved but I didn't see what I saved when I reloaded the game! Please do not put save there, make it save automatically or I'll give this 1 star again! OK!
This game is so bad why because if you wanted to win you have to grind or you have to pay to win after a while if you didn't pay anything you reach your first legendary but what's this you can't even capture it you have to defeat it for no reason and it's just beyond trolled hard it uses gain attack abilities, recovers ability which is a big trolled you can barely go down to half a red on the first legendary before it use recover ability to troll you making you rage at the game so hard fix this
Great game overall. my biggest complaint is that the start is a total grind session. first boss is way over powered vs what you can level with in the while takes forever to level. I also find it freezes alot and I have to reload and redo leveling
its a gd game but now it is freezing and not reloading. please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if it were fixed i wouldve given it a higher rating
OMG Love this game until the game is getting super ridiculous. Lvling up monster is very slow even with exp share and the gym leader monster is very high. Its going to take me month to lvl up my monster on the same lvl as the gym leader. How tf can I win with 4 lvl 23 and 36 lvl against 3 lvl 46 monster, and im not paying for exp.
I broke the game, at the part were the girl was showing me the medic shop, I put sprint and the dialog stopped then I wondered around and no creatures appeared in the grass to battle -_-
I dont like the fact that like the other monster strom games u have to use all ur exp. Just show them how ro god damn use it!! But without actually being forced to do so.
Please add some new monsters to make it more awesome. I give this game a 5 stars. Add new places, graphics and more....
guys this game is fun but the gym battles are just impossible to beat not that I am a bad trainer but because they are too hard the first gym has level 20 to 25 monsters the second one has level 33 to 35 and the third one has level 46 to 49 monsters and the worst part is that the ENGLISH is totally wrong the people who made this please make the gyms a bit easier please
Great game gets a little challenging and u have to spend A LOT of time grinding after some time but still great game
This game is very hard.There are no exp machine for getting double exp after battle. So i will request the developer for adding the machine.
I just wanted to know why does it say there's an update but when I check and play the game I always end up where I always do and when I download the game says it's version 1.1.0 instead of saying 1.1.1 why is that and I really love this game I have played it on every single one of my phone's so pls fix it thank you
Is this a scam? After i buy the special monster you have offered, the controls of the game has gone when i met becky on road 102 i already buy the said item until all my buttons are all gone. I need a justice for this hopefully the developer could give me the refund on what i paid. The worst the developer of this game did not answer inquiry on your question even you sent them a message tgru email.
It wasn't a bad game but the balance of the game is off a level 13 shouldn't be able to beat a level 23 even with a type advantage. The monsters aren't to bad. Has some broken English.
I really like this game a lot. But I would like it better if I could understand what they were saying. The English is very bad lol it's almost too painful to read the dialog but you kind of need to in order to know what you need to do next. The game play is great, the monsters are cool, I love collecting them though. Good job, for the most part.
The game is good and i like it but only one problem when you use the skill Duel wind ( for wind monster) the game would stop. Pls fix it. Pls update it πŸ˜‚
Problem is that it not shows that how much monster opponent use to fight but the game is fantastic 😁😁😁
I really love this, please update the version, I want to experience more adventures and I want to beat the 6th gym.
This GAME is good to play and nice graphics too but I already finish all my MAIN QUEST and also I'm waiting for the next update of this GAME. Admins please RELEASE the next update of this GAME !!! NOW !!!
I like the game but the reason why I rate it 3 star because it has so many glitches it's very annoying and so disgusting please fix it.
Zero stars. By far the worst game i have played. Everything is ridiculously expensive,monsters take way too long to upgrade,the rock paper scissors aproach doesn't work.All in all a horrible game. I would give xero stars if it would let me so,the one star is fake.
I think that they needed a better way to move around. Also the main quest did not pop up on the screen so I didn't know what to do. And the option to where all the other options pop up it was not on the screen so I couldn't save my game. And I didn't even know where the first gym was. Yes the game is cool but it has some functions that need help. I found it really cool that I could find the fire starter in the grass.
So cool awesome and super so happy I like this game so much because it makes me happy every time and it's not like I am free any time I can play with its part of my dream my brain it's like it so so awesome we will be the best game it's so awesome and very very cool I like this came very much if you play this game is still be so often for you to its like we have never seen this can we ask for money place to go for complaints and for money new one Monster like your in Super Bowl that I like this
I couldn't download this app, because y'all what to WiFi. Well there's only maybe s little bit of stores that has WiFi. I personally rather use my data on games instead of the wifi. When you use your data it's less of a chance that it will be knocked out, unlike the wifi. Y'all really ain't using your brains at the creation of this game
This game is awesome but it's very difficult in the third gym because the level of the leader is very high
Scaling is the worst ive ever seen in a monster trainer will spend hours apon hours grinding levels between every boss an rival fight. Everything is wayy to expensive/gold way to hard to earn. And the story is not completed, ends after 5th gym. Transportation methods require something too steep and time consuming. Also achievements that are not completable/3 out of 10 monster types that are not obtainable until they ever decide to update. Wasted tons of hours.
Could be a little better ,but it's fun and great for passing time and the storylines amazing just wish there was more too it
The game stops to respond when you use the skill *Duel Wind* pls fix this bug ASAP and i'll rate it 5 stars Other than that the game is a really awesome game
I played it once but I deleted it sorry🐽btw it's the best game ever...sorry you lost your one star bcs when you inside the cave I will walk and fight the wild monster and then walk again and fight again..I am sick of dis game
Well, this game is good but map is so complicated I can,t ever know where am I going and does it have any free myth monster hidden in any area like dark armor 3 egg were in center of a lake well i found that in old version and I give it full rate because this is cool and very good, well fix the problems of this game as fast as possible so everyone can enjoy this game and it is fully like pokemon I think that it's kinake is mega rayquaza
It is a good game, but later on the game we are forced to buy some diamonds, without that it is hard to continue forward as the main enemy monster level is really high while wild monsters level is low that it is hard for us to grind exp to level our monsters. So yeah, you will really need to buy some of the packages like exp packages if you want it easy.
I got four badge from gym leader but when I went to jinxe city but went to the gym the told 'sorry the gym leader was not there ' when I search for him he is not there in the city because I search every where search but he is not whole city
This game is extreemly injoyable, well made, and needs dedecation to progress. I whould highly recomend this to anyone who is looking for a great game like pokemon. I love how extencive the world is meny times I get lost in the imersive world. Jest one thing, the grammer is sometimes very poor, for example some characters say, "you are welcomed." But regardless of the amusing grammer the developers deserve a five star rating for all thier hard work and dedecation. Thank you for a great game!
I love this game so much but can you make a update soon that way I can get to the safari zone and soon beat the game please by the way what the [email protected]_$ are all of you complaining about this is a good game it's so close to pokemon I almost thought it was and this game does not have glichtes or problems so shut up and stop lying unless you're phone is the problem there is nothing wrong with the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i try to install "monster storm2" but it didn work so i try many way so please fix that.And this game maybe a good game im also like the monster.......
I get to fight 6 monster's then the game freezes up on me. I saved after I fought 3 but once I go six straight fights it does it again and I have to start where I first saved and it doesn't seem to save after that so I'm just going to delete the game. Plus I'm giving it a - 5 .😩
why does game have no side quests? and next update can you make it easier to get diamonds and gifts like experience points
The game itself is pretty great but i think u should find a new translator..it really is disturbing to read a whole damn full dialogue with broken grammar..my 4 years old niece can do better than tht
Real fun game, tons of fun even until the 2nd gym thats the first issue, the unrealistic level jump with the ungodly slow grinding, i got to the 4th gym and shes level 50, in most pokemon games thats the level of the elite four NOT THE 4TH GYM, clear they try to force u to buy stuff. Obvious it was made somewhere else no problem with that but need to translate better but i didn't mind it because it still lets u know where to go if dialogue didn't make sense. It freezes occasionally but not awful
Its mildly goodgame.Still many new feature are must to lookupon1.Change in night,day,evening that gives emergence of different monsters of ghost and dark type at night2. Existance of Dual/tri type of a monster need to there, if it already exist mentioning of it should be there in database.3.Fix the problem of unasked saving of data 4. Battlefield background layout is unnatural make it natural and more diversed in version like sandy,soily,grassy5.Monsters dont at all move even while chking stats
this game is very great you can solve puzzles,battle pp,get monster and I can get items.but really really really make this abit intense on those puzzles and I will like u to make those monster to creppy and that's all.thank you.
i really enjoy the game and i think the translations are funny also if you could fix the problom of the game freezing that would make it even better.thx for the great game.
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The game is good but the gym leaders have high level monsters and you can gain only 15% of exp from defeating the challengers on the way out of total which is required to defeat the bosses.. so apparently I've been fighting with wild monsters since 2 days for a total of 8+ hours and my monsters are still not strong enough to beat the leader. Which is now getting extremely boring to be honest.
Where is the update?Please update faster.. I give it 3 star bcause our level and the other our enemy, people, rival etc lvl are too high also the gym leader as compare to our levels.... Due to this it requires many grinding!!!, please in the update I request that others and our level should be equal. Everytime we complete any individual quest especially our rival level significantly increase why???.. Also the gym leaders are getting harder and harder due to high level advantage. Please fix these
This game is very hard. I hardly trained my younfirst to level 57. There are no exp machines so that i could get double exps in each battle.
This game is soo cool i like this game verry much and really i like the pokemon anime and this games some parts like the anime that is the coolest parts. And i like the most is the begining of this game there is a new story in this adventure . And the monsters are good like the pokemon anime and you really want to play this game . And i have two more things to say i think the developer want keep the diamond ball in the store igot one time in the lotary box and it will be nine
The game is pretty great.But now it says that main quests are completed,wait for updated version.Please notify me when you update and when is rhe updating coming.Please.
I love the game but there is a bug where when the move "Duel Wind" is used by anything, the game freezes and then crashes.
It is a very good game but there is 1 problem when we have to level up of monster it take times and the gym leader also not give extra exp
It is fun but theres bugs sometimes like when ur encountouring sometime when ur attaking to catch the monster sometimes it will freeze so ALWAYS SAVE
After l installed the game my phone blacked out and thats not the worst part it cant even start l’v tried to play it online and offline but still the damn thing wont start please fix your game l beg of you
Where is the update? If you're accepting money you should at least have the whole game available to play....as a player don't waste your time until this fully releases.
Just started to play the game. Cant go to the next town because the game hangs. Too bad for me... Good thing i didnt send much money on the game... Tsk tsk tsk
Hello developers, this is the fantastic games that i have played. I felt the same experiance and joy of playing pokemon red, green etc. But there are lot of bugs in the game, there is no side quests after rech town. Also on haitan bridge cant able to get rewards from some people. So please provide an update. Main thing is that champion Ace said that please meet me at the league and now i dont know where to go. Please provide an update..
Its a very good game,and i like it because it was offline,but please community try to change the graphics.
When I collect 5th bedge three are no more questions??????? It seems the game need update but there is no update?? The are to in much upper level than me so updating my monster were so boring? The game mush need to fix and update it as soon as possible πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
This game is alot better i bought monster trainer which is your game also i like this one alot more keep updating it oh i am not a kid i am a adult i am also a beta tester for other games also keep up the good work with the new monsters and new maps i also like how she gets her map navigator
Ok, I was skeptical about this game but on playing it I was intrigued. I rate this game 3 🌟 for now because there seem to be a glitch. It keeps on freezing when I'm playing it. I have to come off it and restart the game everytime ☹️.it gets really annoying, please developers fix this a bug ASAP.
The english translation is kinda.... Hope you guys can find a good translator because every time the character's speak it makes me laugh
A good game! However the gyms are way beyond the level you can get I had to defeat 3 lvl 60 monsters with a lvl 50 beakigeast good thing I knew how the game works, also Items are exageratingly expensive while you get extremely low coins for each defeated monster. One more thing, could you change the requirements for getting the items "aircraft" and "bicycle" as you know getting xp is ridiculously annoying and having to give the mosters you worked hard to get the said items would be discouraging
I love the game so much a play every day but there's just one problem the 5th gym is so hard I can't beat it I don't know what to do I've been leveling up as high as I can.I would give it a five-star if you make it a little easierπŸ€—
It's a very good game and i was going to win my 2nd gym but when i start the the game it don't started loading i mean the game don't start. Please tell me the problem and solution. And everything is best. I am waiting for reply
It is a very good game. There need to be a extra slot for main quests and side quests. There are no dark and light monsters. So please update it and put it in the description box
This is also a good game like others of SharpenPlay Entertainment . I have played all the games of them . Most of them are just like same , so I didnt like it . But It was a bit different. KEEP IT UP. Make NEW and GOOD stories , Graphics and the most importent thing PLEASE CHANGE THE NAME OF THE CHARECTERS. . To the players : Support them . Try their games. This will help them , so surely they will make more games and better games .
Please πŸ™ repair this game it's a good game I like it very much but there are some mistake please make it right 😸 for playing that's why I'm going to give it 4 starts
it is nice but its too short..too many bugs..pls update it and add some new monster ang myth monsters..update the quest..and add some useful items..tnx..in short keep it up..
Best offline monster collector! Buut some things are quite confusing really. Like in one part of the shop some things are 50 diamonds and in other are for 40. And some quests are reeeaally assssish! Like that with bicycle 🚲 Still a Great Game! Thanks!
It's good but its doesn't have auto saver so when it lagged then I restart the game I cannot play the same anymore then I became lazy too start all over again that's why I uninstall it sorry and that's why I only gave it 3 star.
nice this is offline!!!This is one of the best games I played!! I hope it improves more in the future and thx for thus guy's!!
Is that updated version unlock more gym badges or nt reply fast if that updated version is nt unlock more gym then we nt wasted our tym on this game
Fun game so far but what stopped me giving it a 5* is when I use duel wind it crashes only bug I've come across so far