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Monster Legends

Monster Legends for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Socialpoint located at Llacuna 166, Planta 10 08018 Barcelona Spain. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Decent game it's just level 160. Why on earth is it that I kill the brute and a little one and then the other one can just bring them back. Annoying as. Can't you just put a 1 turn til death? So irritating. I've tried to beat them 6 times now. Before I am writing this, I tried and that's what happened. And all I had was one monster left
This game used to be really fun I had rated 5 stars but now it has become pay to win trash. In order to get the cool mythic monsters you have to either pay a lot of money or not have a job or family or a life for that matter. The Matchmaking puts you up against people you can't possibly beat or they are to far below you that you feel bad for beating them.
Gem prices are to up and down, 40 mins remain on hatching and the price is 3 gems, doesn't make sense, battle items are gone which is a shame, constantly battered with save progress on Facebook, well I don't have Facebook and don't intend to so unnecessary pop up, if you are not enjoying the game it says contact us and takes you to a page we're you cannot contact anyone, lost multiple saves in the past, good game but needs a lot of work.
Its ok. its fun and all, but it takes your energy thing down really fast. It should not take energy to defeat enemys at least in my opinion. You should be able to earn gems like how you earn food. Please listen to me about this and fix it PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
I just started playing 4 days ago but so far so good. It seems to be taking me a minute to get the whole hang of it and some of the timing I'm working on but good and fun for sure! I will come back and change or add on to this when I get to the #1 spot!! Update: I've been playing about 2 months now. I was very frustrated in the beginning but I understand slightly more now and am only mildly frustrated. The thing is tho I can't stop playing! In a good way!
Fun game, WAY too many micro transactions and they are pricey. Edit: So one year later they've made ALOT of updates and changes. Quality of life has improved exponentially. The microtransactions have basically become optional with the exception of the Season Pass that is available. The season pass is worth the $20 price tag at the beginning of each season. (Monthly) But the game is still worth trying even without spending money.
Game is cool for the most part. I would suggest better deals for better monsters. Other than that you can win but it will take awhile compared to paying for things which it seems the only way to get further or you are stuck until you can find level up accordingly
The graphics are good. The monsters look awesome when they evolve.so far there are no bugs in the game meaning that it won't tell the game is not responding.
This game would be good but there are to many things that prevent it from being good. First, as someone who not only has a metered network but also has no interest in multiplayer, I don't understand why this game requires an internet connection. All it does is slow the game down and the fact that every time I boot up the game it tries to shove multiplayer down my throat doesn't help. Second, it's one of those games that you can only play for about 5 minutes every day unless you decide to pay for microtransactions. I really don't understand why I can't just play the game, I already have to wait for everything else just let me play the play the game. Third, seeing that this is basically just a glorified facebook game, it also has the issue where you have to wait for everything. I'd be ok with having to wait for either buildings to get built or monsters to finish hatching, but because I can't just play the game while I wait it makes this issue worse. In general this game would have been good but it was ruined by greedy business practices.
This game is a great game. I love it. It has all the things that a good game would have. But getting monsters is a little to easy and I wish you could buy multiple breeding centers. If these little things weren't here I would give my favorite monster game a five star review. Also things get a little to expensive as you further into the game for example when you upgrade you can buy new monsters but the price can go over a million pieces of gold.
I had a fun time playing this game, and it gives you so many options. Levelling up your monster's power and breeding them. The structures and habitats are unique and very creative, and the achievements, goals, and levels are incredible. The textures are detailed and amazing, and Monster Legends is one the best games I've ever played.
AAAAAAA! This game is so amazing, it has so much detail and you don't have to play it all the time. This game is very imaginative and unique to play. There are different monsters, breeds, and every single monster is unique. You can go on battles, join a team, have some fun with friends, it's incredible. It's not always, "Pay to Win," Either. There are some monsters that are overpriced like mythics, But you can get other types of mythics and legendaries. I really reccomend this game.
This game is really good and gives you something to do if you are bored. The reason why I only gave it 4 stars is just because there is so much downtime whenever you want to play. For example if you wanted to do the campain you only have a certain amount of energy. I get why they do this but I dont like how long you have to wait in order to be able to do the missions again. I do love the fact however that you can get free epics, rares, and legendaries with the maze events. I recommend the game!
It is awesome because it has battles animals and it even makes us feed animals. This is the best game ever. There are no adds and glitches. Their are no problems with it I love it and right now start downloading it. It is the best game ever. From Abiha ZEESHAN.
It is a good game I enjoy playing it, just wish I had more land to put all of my monsters on! Also wish more members of my team played the grand prixs.inactive members should be booted.still no extra land to place monsters on. I would like to expand but can't. Still a fun game!
For some reason when I go in the game now it kicks me out of the game bc it says monster legends stopped so now I can't even go in the game now to collect my daily rewards and this is the problem with games now where they don't want to work and u miss out on things.
Great game! I've been playing maybe 4 months now and, hey, I'm still here and a daily player! The gameplay is very similar to Dragon Mania, but there are more events, ways of earning free stuff, and tons of side-quests to do. The game is fun and keeps me busy! I would recomend this app to everyone who likes fighting and collecting games. Did I mention there are also live duels and PVP aspects of the game?!?!?
It's pretty good ,the dragons are cute , building, breeding and hatching times NEED be faster tho , and everything in the game cost SO MUCH it's beyond ridiculous and unrealistic !! It takes forever to get enough coins and some things can only be done with gems which are IMPOSSIBLE to get enough of ! Just a suggestion , maybe make everything in the game accessible using just coins and use the gems to speed things up if needed or desired . It would definitely make the game alot better
It is a VERY good game and i enjoy playing it but they give you daily missions which get you good rewards and one of them is collecting gold But it is very hard i think they should make it easier. Also its INSANELY HARD to get gems unless you buy them. They let you spin a daily wheel which could give you runes(which help monsters) and 50k food gems.But it is hard to get gems in the spin so they should make it at least 5k gems not runes.They should make it easier to get gems and easier missions
I really like this game! The graphics are definately simething that I also enjoy. However, I find it unbelivable that gems are so hard to get and majority of the monsters are really expensive. I think that it would be better if it was easier to obtain gems, like giving more gems for daily reward, making gems the reward for completing daily tasks or so. Thank you for reading this! I hope you consider this post!
I love this game it is one you dont have to be on constantly. There are a large variety of different types of creatures to collect. This game is a great thing to have to keep yourself preoccupied. One thing is that it is so hard to find a guild that is willing to be active and have wars. You apply for ones that you would like to join and no one ever accepts the join request or you are not a high enough power level. The group's that are open join do not participate in clan wars or activities.
This is great when you want to relax and just chill out while playing. One complaint I do have is to make it a bit easier to obtain some of the other legendaries, some are limited time only, or you have to pay gems to get them or get extremely lucky, besides that, I think its a great game
It's good, just think it might be a pay to play type of game or has the potential to become one. I hope not because I like it so far. I'm only on level 7 . So I'm adding to my earlier comment. This game has too many adds and you can't advance quickly at all. Wish that all the events were more accessible to everyone...
Could use better leveling up and and upgrades to hard to get from one level to the next almost no experience on leveling up just a waiting game for almost not game food or gems or even money...also need better starting packs for this game how am I to my to print trees if I can't even level up
Giving it 3*s because even though its a very fun game it's a blatant money grab. Yeah, you can progress (for the most part) without spending money but it's super slow(SUPER slow, i cant stress that enough). Everything in the game costs gems(which except for a very tiny amount they give you for free, cost real money), you wanna build any building you need to spend or wait hours to complete it. Monster eggs cost gems, and while you can eventually get them for free it will take a very LONG time.
This game is so fun but I am taking away a star because the tasks to get the gems/diamonds what ever they are are mostly a scam some work but most of them just sit there and act like I didn't work my ass off for like 2 days and still didn't get 567 gems so I would love if you guys could every task and make sure they work all of em and I will make this a 5 star, anyway have a good day
Thought it was good but they are crooks. Kept seeing pop ups in castle maze to purchase a hero and over 6,000 tokens, for 62 gems and as low as 32. I finally bought a gem pack for 14.99. Next pop up same deal for 524 gems!!! Every one since has been over 500 for the EXACT SAME package!!! I regret spending my money. I wouldn't recommend buying from a weasley developer like this. That's just slimy.
Amazing! This game has been one of my favorite games I played a few years ago and then when I got my Internet back I really downloaded and it was as fun I remembered. Only problem is you can't see what teams you have applied to and most say the team is full when it says open and 13/30 for an example.
Really fun game. I love the infinite possibilities, new events and new monsters so you never get bored even at level 150. There's never a point when you've done everything. Waiting sometimes gets a bit long but that's the fun of the game! Much better than Dragon City too! The teams option is also great, I can play with my friends : )
THIS GAME IS P2W ... however I am a lvl 51 with 4 cosmics and I have never spent a penny on the game. The players who pay get ahead easier but ppl who don't can still play. I see all these people who are stuck and all you have to do is get new monsters or upgrade their runes to make them stronger. F2P players have to be a little more patient, that's all.
Amazing game. Good graphics for a mobile vudeigame of this type. Really love how they daily add new characters and levels on the game. Very fun and interesting. Though not a full 5 stars because of very long time limits on certain things like egg hatching and breeding. Though overall a good game.
The live duels are trash no matter what win first one loose second two... you monsters do seem to do what they did previously aka use a skill and it has one effect then use it again and the effect is different ex. Burn into curse... and somehow the other team always seems to be at the type advantage.
Let's see if anyone reads this. First, it would be nice if teammates could donate gold, food or other resources besides cells. Perhaps by trade. Second, getting thru your mazes is impossible unless you purchase coins, and when I craft/hatch eggs or rank up monsters for the races I almost never get credit or advance after doing it! C'mon, guys! Let's separate the gap between people with means and those w/o. Only 1 egg unlocked @ a time? Ridiculous!
Nice game but the battles can be unfair. First when your level limit is 20 you usually have to battle monsters in level 40 which I don't got a chace then loose points. Also when sometime when you battle you hit the monster your fighting and when the health bar goes down it just goes back up. Its healing b thing that happens in a middle of a battle but its unfair cause I loose points. I'm only playing this game for another game.
It is actually 5 stars, but it's only 4 stars because on multiplayer you can't choose who you want to battle anymore, and it gives you opponents slot higher than your levels, and you always lose, please either bring back choosing battles, or give opponents that are around the same levels as you.
I honestly dont recommend u paying this game , it's the best example of what a money grab is , basically without money you literally cant do anything in the game and they will even make it harder for you to play it for free by making everything for money
I love this game , I will give this game 5 stars when you solve my issue. My issue is that I can only watch video in monsterwood, I am playing this game from 2 weeks and hadn't got any task or survey in monsterwood. My username is Vihan
One of the best games I've played in my life. I've been playing it for years! It's so good, they have good graphics and monsters. You should try this game, you WONT regret it. Edit: Multiplayer system is not fair, you will face a random oponent that is maybe more stronger than you especially in the gold league and up
I dislike the New graphics, and I want the old ones back! But overall, the hacksmith Monster is a stupendous idea, and a great game ( Besides the graphics).
Hello ! This is a superb game . Keep going 🙂 . Creaters are requested to add a free chest that contains 1-2 ongoing cosmic monster . Good luck for making more new monster .
Amazing! I think this game has millions of different monsters, the graphics are amazing and altogether the game is quite the exitment! The game is so amazing that I not only play it, but half of my family playing the game! The game should be played by all ages! I think this game is AMAZING!
After playing for so long, at least 4 years now, I can honestly say Monster Legends just over time refuses to solve its power creep problem. Every single new monster Era they introduce not only has new and fun mechanics, but it also causes long term players a lot of harm because it makes all of the work and effort building up older Era monsters useless. Especially if you're like me and you payed for the exclusive monsters. Fun mechanics, awful power creep that ruins long term playability.
It's fun but then collecting monster gets increasingly more difficult ao far I've never been lucky with getting any of the breeding events and have only gotten lucky to get one mythical and I can't place anymore habitats because I can buy anymore islands please add many more so people can store more monsters without having to pay to unlock the vault as often it gets repetitive to do so and the breeding events are useless if you can't ever get the monster from it or if you don't have the monster
I've been playing this game for a long time and I've seen it from so much. I remember when legendary monsters ruled the game and now there is a higher monster rarity which I never thought would ever happen. I've been playing for around two years know and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Keep doing what you're doing monsterlegends. Also, I just thought it would be cool to add some sort of private message section in your friends list in the game so you can chat with friends not on your team.
A great game for all ages. Find a team to join and you will have a whole new online family. Players from all over the world joining in team wars assisting each other with building their monsters up, sharing cells, team races and friendly battles. And much much more. Come join the fun.
It's was a fun game! But now the PVP match is unfair. My monster level is 60-50, but the enemy monsters is level 110-120. So I keep losing. I would like to let you fix it. Put the enemy and the ally monster level the same. I hope you fix it. It will be a very fun game.
The game is awesome and all, but I do have a couple complaints. First, I do not like when I press "Repeat" on accident when I'm about to breed two monsters, why not make another tab asking if you really wanna repeat just in case we do press it? Second is just a recommendation, but if you're removing like, a medium rock and it only has less than an hour left to finish, it'd be cool if you would make it cost gold at that point.
This game is really fun and addicting and there are so many cute and awesome monsters to battle with against other players or just against the game. There are also barely any adds so you don't have to just keep Watching adds for a long time over and over again. This is such an amazing and addicting game and there are maybe just a few bugs here and there but it happens very rarely.
I like the game before. The reason why i gave only 1 star is because of its new multiplayer Game! . It sucks! . It gives an enemy always higher than you. There's always a mismatch between levels of monsters. Unlike before you are the one who select your enemy. Please bring back the Previous multiplayer battle! . This will be helpful to boost the interest of the players. Thanks. Please consider.
This game is starting to become really boring for me because everything is rigged in it. The wheel, all the challenges and everything else. Literally the only way is to win good monsters is to pay real money theres no other way because everything is rigged. Even the rune chests and multiplayer chests are rigged. Ive never seen a company so greedy in my life. Uninstalling
On the challenges sometimes I breed monsters but never get the points to advance through it. Overall a very fun game. A couple weeks ago I reached level 20 fortress in the game pirates of the Caribbean. I was supposed to get 622 gems for monster legends but I never got them. it doesn't show up on the list of ongoing tasks and there was no other way to report the problem. I really feel that I earned the 622 gems and I would like you to give them to me.
Live duels are bogus. You can easily never get a chance to even have a turn. Its like that a lot. You either destroy the other team or you get destroyed. Its rare to get a good match in any battle it seems. You have to put in a lot of time and or money to get anywhere in the game. Don't get me wrong, I really like the game, but sometimes it's a little ridiculous.
Ok so I came back to a account from 3 years ago about 2 weeks ago and I have advanced so much and its like my 5th account and first account so I've played alot but never advanced so easily like now and really you don't need to pay a thing to get far it just takes some time. The only thing I need is them to make a official guide to it and I'd like to see a story path or part of the library because I'm really interested in the lore but have no way to view it.love the game and I recommend it 100%
Redownloaded the game after 6 months or so of not playing it. That was yesterday and I'm already over it again. The battles are so engaging that they give you the option to speed them up, and even the option to let the game play itself. Nothing says unengaging quite like that. Food costs too much for too little, too much pay to win, when Matchmaking you can no longer look for an opponent you can actually take down,they just slap you with someone to fight, and it's almost always impossible to win
Several things that shouldnt have occurred. I was provided a legendary level monster egg early on but its been sitting in the hatchery unable to claim for 4 days as at my progress level I can not afford to buy the necessary enclosure to place it. Either going to have to wait nearly another week for the coins to build up or spend real $ and that is unfair. This game needs warnings that certain monsters you want to hatch or breed require items that you dont yet have access to. It's a huge let down
I enjoy the game. Paying seems to be for time reduction, not pay to win. The social portion is clunky. It would go a long way to somehow denote who in your guild is on or last time on. Yahoo videos again? Just say you need to watch 4 videos to get a prize. That video almost got me to quit 2 months ago and now its back. Disappointing.
It's a really good game. It's really easy though. Maybe when you're on a higher league, like having 7000 trophies and being in the top 1000 then maybe it will be hard, but from where I am it's easy. Good game though!
This is a really great game for people that have big imaginations, I really like the set up but there are a few downsides. But besides that I would totaly recommend the game. (I dont know how to explain the downsides so I left them out.)
I absolutely love this game! I had it a few years back on my tablet, but, sadly, the tablet no longer works. So we lost 3 years worth of progress. Including about 5 Legendaries (Ouros, Voltaik, Firca, Lord of Atlantis, and The Undertaker) and about 100 other monsters. Sad. It wasn't the game's fault so it still deserves 5 stars! Keep up the great work! 👍
Everything was fine in the game until mythics were released, the game was immediately unbalanced as it is hard to obtain mythics if you dont have high lv. Monsters or if you're in a team. One more thing, maze events are not cool anymore, moves are ridiculously expensive before mythics they were easy to get monsters in during a maze event. Now you have to buy coins or you just cant get anything
Its is nice experience although people like me are free to play you should make the events 1 day longer with long discounts, hope you make a change and read this. Please help the f2p players have at least a chance of fun when it comes to time, and effort thanks. btw I am playing right now.
It's pretty fun but, literally ever single encounter in the game seems like a way to pull money out of you. You don't "need" to pay but its very encouraged by the game itself and what you get for watching ads feels like thievery. There is a wheel in this game that has a less than 1% of giving you 100 gems and it acts like your gonna get it then gives you some dumb reward instead.
Love the game but the way you have changed the multiplayer fights it's getting worse with each update. I preferred the way it was done before the mythical cosmic era came along. I like fighting more than all the wait we need to keep fighting. I got used to the wait but one egg at a time is so annoying. I HATE the Yahoo ads I like playing games not politics, sports or famous people. You take the ad out and put back in. This is the Worst Ad Ever.
I love this game, It doesn't require you to be on it all the time, you play whenever you feel like it. It isn't too hard to get diamonds like other game, you can watch video or even fill out surveys to gets gems same goes with getting your money/gold. On the other hand I don't like that you have to wait to get to a certain level to upgrade things because you end up being stuck at the same spot forever. Also when you win a fight you get to open an egg of sorts, you have to wait more time now ☚ī¸.
This game's very good. I will recommend to try it. But i think there is a problem. We cant put eggs from breeding mountain or from monster lab to The Storage. If you pls change it, this game will be really enjoyable. Also the time taken by everything is too much. Do devlopers really enjoy if the players have to wait for everything?????? Pls REDUCE THE TIME TAKEN, PLSSSS.
Used to play all the time thought I would download it and play again but it's pretty garbage now. Unless you spend a bunch of money on gems your only going to get maybe 5 minutes a day worth of gameplay. Also the team's aspect is broken tried joining team's for almost 3 days they are either full or don't exist anymore.
I like the game and all the unique monsters, but the tails challenge is way too hard and the new maze also is too hard. I say, bring back the old maze and make the tales challenges easier. It's not fun if it's way too hard to do things. Also I haven't seen anyone with the characters that cost about $60 or more. THATS RIDICULOUS!!! WAY OVER PRICED!!! all I'm saying is make things easier and reduce the prices at least to $30, I would bye it if the prices aren't ridiculous. Even $30 is overpriced.
Nice game why we have 5 gems can we start with 25 andI can't breed water and dark fix it now and add unique monsters plz make it with hard work plz make it and this game is need fix removing time and gems to finish fix it to make it better plz prove it and is cool to level up your monsters I lot of fun to do Sorry for the mean words make it better 👍👍👍
I really like the discovery aspect of breeding monsters. There are lots of options for battles. There is a bug in the lab where you create an egg, and it says on screen that it's going to storage, but it will only go to the hatchery.
The game is very good. But the reason I made it 4 star is that I dont have enough gems. Even when the price is taken off by 50percent it is still EXPENSIVE!!! â‚Ŧ54.99 for the GIANT CHEST OF GEMS? Please make it at least cheaper.
Great game but it can be a little confusing sometimes especially at early game because of how much content their is. And, things really heat up when you have the monster lab. But I highly suggest that you add a way to tell what class the monster is when you look at them 8n the habitat or in the monster-gram, like when you tap on them in the store it says something like "Light attacker with torture skills," or "Fire tank with team shield buffs," also something like "water control with stun" :)
Capitalism is a disease.This game used to be fun but now the social point seems to only care about money,free to play players have it harder now.The mazes are different now,they are shorter,the gem prices are ridiculous,the exclusive legends pass monster price is just,wow.If you keep this up social point,your game will die,do you really think people are gonna pay that much money for a monster game?Not me,im done.
This game is quite addicting for all the wrong reasons. It is quite predatory with gem requirements and real cash purchases to play the game on any functional level. % sales or not. On top of this, a proper "skill based" matchmaking system does not exist here. For me, there is no point in matchmaking me with 3 Level 100 Legendaries when Im going into battle with 3 Level 30 Epics. It ruins your rank and literally stops you from playing. Those are the 2 points that makes this review 3-star.
I feel as though this is definitely one of the top games on the play store being that there is almost limitless amounts of monsters to upgrade and to customize, the only reason I'm not giving this game 5 stars is because it is very hard to get good monsters without waiting for a sale and then paying money to get gems but other than that this is a fantastic game.
Well let me start of that this game is very addictive it has dungeons life duels the adventure map the multiplayer battles I think if I would want a monster it would probably be the mr.beast monster but there is even more monsters in the game I don't really see and bugs I also love the idea of the monster cells but I also have another idea that might be kind of interesting what if you can turn one kind monster cells into another kind of monster cells. :))
Listen guys, I love this game, but there is one aspect of this game that pisses me off. So in the Monster lab there is this bullcrap feature where when you finish crafting an egg it forces you to hatch the egg right away, so that means that if you already have an egg hatching in the hatchery the crafted egg just sits in the Monster lab. What pisses me off even more is that when you craft the egg it says "Congratulations! You crafted_insert egg name here_FIND IT IN YOUR STORAGE"
I started this game 3 months ago, there where bugs, but contacting support many times & them fixing some bugs and they keep upgrading it with Brilliant new features. AT ONE POINT I WANTED TO STOP because the in-app was to expensive, but they now get revenue with "real adds" & they are working at bringing down the in-app purchases. THEY are improving the game every day & the rewards are getting more high value. There are multiple games within the game & it's never boring, 5 star easily.
They hook you with the sunken cost fallacy, don't get this app. It used to be fun, but now it's a constant stream of new monsters and it's too costly to stay competitively viable. They charge $40 for a single monster that will be useless in a month or two. The lore and character designs are fun and enjoyable however and the game mechanics are enjoyable and feasible balanced. However, new events with new monsters to outcompete the one you just earned is constant
It is awesome. You can make your monsters grow by collecting food and you can even collect money to get food. There's a maze and it's really fun and You get to fight with your monsters, like a friendly fight.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a fun game. Unfortunately it is geared to force you to pay an obscene amount of money to be competitive. It's just not worth it. If you are a free to play player just keep in mind that you will be ranked only so far which can be frustrating. Another thing is you can't contact anybody from social point if you're experiencing problems with purchases. So keep this in mind if you plan investing in time or money.
Great game I am actually enjoying it very much, like all phone games it is a bit of pay for the best monsters but since you do not have to protect your base from other players (Only your pvp ranking) you are really only paying to compete against yourself......Spending a few ÂŖ on a few decent monsters and your good to go. It is the only phone game that actually remains on my phone ....Give it a go.
I love this game! I suggest to anyone to download this game because, it's great! Lot's of things that make this game worth playing is that there aren't too many ads, also, I can definitely admit that it does require internet connection, but it's just so good. You have live duels, multiplayer battles, and dungeons. And if course, monsters! I've had this game for a long time now, and I already have 2 Mythics now. I suggest you download this game.
Awesome plz play this game this awesome you can choose monster bread monsters and name the to. If you like monsters stop bye and give this game a check. If you are not patient then fight as long as you can you fight other people in mutiplayer with the youre 3 monsters. To you can earn rewards if you login every day of the month to new monsters and awesome monster. The higher level you are the better. Have fun if you consider playing this game dont forget to think wisely about your choices.
they are very pushy with ads and monetary offers. the game does get boring after about 10 minutes when you use all your stamina and have to wait 100 minutes for more. other than that, it's a fun game that keeps you entertained with all the new monsters and quests.
I've played this game for quite a while, overall i enjoy it alot. But there is 1 thing from 2017 : crafted eggs CANNOT be put in the storage. It clearly says that "this item can be found in your storage" but there are no ways to proceed without having to hatch the egg if you want to continue using the lab. Its a critical problem since legendaries and mythics are so easy to get in early levels and new players dont have the economy to afford those habbitat wich forces them to sell themOUTOFSPACE.
Honestly, if your are in for a good phone/grinding game you should play this. Its graphics are amazing, its challenging most of the time. I have been playing this game for a year now. This game also is not pay to win, you can breed or win monsters. It's also like a card game, there's weaknesses and strength, example: Water does an extra 100 damage too fire types. Amazing game either way for the viewers and myself.
Pretty good and addicting. Once you get going the game gets easier and you can get more stuff. Its the kind of game you can play everyday for quick checkins. Favorite app game. Ayyyy they added Dream! Just for that im gonnna give 5 starts. Kinda funny how even socialpoint knows Dream
Really great time waster but as you get farther and farther along, it's more like a play for 8 minutes and stop for an hour. Altho it will take a while to level up and become good at the game, it's still super fun and I know you will love it! (Also this game uses wifi and will make you sad if your wifi goes out or your away from your phone)
Over updating, the PvP was just fine the way it was until they felt like over updating it and making it overcomplicated,not fun and the fact that it is the most pay to win game I know to much way too much updating and pay to win items. And this is coming from someone who has played the game for years and I've been in the top 100. I used to worship the game but now I simply can't bring myself to play it.😭đŸ¤ŦđŸ˜Ģ
Game is thirsty for money. Unfair amount of gems you need to buy for a monster. Hard to beat certain bosses. Ridiculous amount of ads you need to watch for cells at Monster wood. Inventory for Multiplayer chest should be added instead of having to discard it. Hard to get gems for new players, dumb amount of gems you have to spend on things, continue battles, opening rewards or discarding, monsters ect.
Fun. More fun if you follow the youtube discord redditors for tips. Can be free to play, especially if you're invested, although I find that I enjoy it more when I budget a modest amount to play. That being said, learn the game first cuz it's a cash grab and you'll overspend if you don't know what you're doing.
Overall this game is really great ive been playing it for over 5 years now i took a breal from it but came back and i instantly fell back in love with it i have almost all breedable legendaries i love the battling and the addition of the lab and relics but all the packs and just any paid comtent on the game is so over priced you barely get anything even with the most expensive packs most games i play 5 to 20 dollar top up will get you very far and help through most of the time you play
I'm giving it 4 stars because the gameplay is nice but for some reason I can't seem to send my egg to the storage when I'm done crafting it, it says it is in my storage but I have to hatch it. Clearly because devs want us to speed up hatching times using gems. Devs, pls fix this.
Not as good as it used to be. New "improvements " actually detract from the brilliance of the original game platform. Shouldn't be all about fleecing little kids of their parents $. Update 12/2/2020,. New changes have continued to detract from a once fun family game. Its nothing like it used to be. They should call it "Mythical Monsters" now.
One of the best games I have ever played. GET THIS GAME. It is very strategic and challenging and intense. Thank you for making this game it has never gliched when I play it and there are no adverts. Everyone get this game it is soo good 👍 👏 🙌 😋. BEST GAME. PRESS THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON AFTER YOU READ THIS COMMENT.
Its ok, but play to win. Normally p2w isn't so one sided. But any coin collection monsters you can't win unless you buy. When fighting for prize eggs, they don't limit the level of the monsters you fight, so if starting out you get your ass handed to you by levels 10-20 higher than yours, or even the opposite sometimes. Habitats are ridiculously expensive. Needs better balance.
I've had this game multiple times throughout it's time here and each time the game has gotten better. I dont like the waiting times though but at the same time it allows me to go do other tasks while I wait. So over all it's worth the 5 stars
love the game and how it aged but i have one problem when i revived my team recently it did not let my revived monsters attack and only my last one alive was able to attack please do something about this and the mythics just ruin it without irl money its basically impossible it you can duy them with gems but gems are not easy to get it basically encuraging you to spend cash please dont go down the paw to win pass with this game i love it so much i would hate to see it go down the pay to win path
I love this game, though I spend way too much time playing lol but it's one of the best. I always give 5 stars because it's worth it. Do wish you could put the multi-player game back to how it was and give 💎 in the wheel. Once one hundred and twice fifty out of years of playing. Can't you do better than that? Luv the monsters and thank you for your time and work ❤
I love this game so much but this game has been going down hill lately. My only complaint is the prizes in multiplayer. At first, all the prizes were really good but an update made a the prizes useless like just 700 food for a player at level 35! Even though the new update made the prizes decent, now you need to wait for one chest to open before you can start to open the next one! I love this game so much but it is really getting annoying.
This game is one of the best games you can ever play! All the monsters are creative and very strong. After playing a month I've gotten a lot of mythical and legendaries I love this game make sure to download. Don't like that the update changed opening the chest in the multi player game to one chest at a time. That was a bad change
Been playing the game on and off for years and theres always cool new things. Love the monsters ! Update after playing for 5 years: I still love the game but multiplayer sucks. It used to be that you were given 3 different team options to fight now you have no choice. I'm a high level but I dont even have a chance to win on any of these since I cant even get a move in. They put you up against people way higher levels then you which is impossible to beat. Multiplayer used to be my fave please fix
I'm going to admit, I do spend a lot of time playing Monster Legends because I get the chance to breed new monsters and I give a 5/5 stars for the best game ever. Mostly updating and proving their status and everything is fixing just right you know. I would tell everybody to play Monster Legends on their smartphone or tablet.
Great game. The only thing that sucks is now they've started pouring on those 4 segment yahoo ads. I just turn the game off when one comes across. Man! The yahoo ads are even worse now. Lol. It really ruins the game. Well I still play the game months later and same old same old it would be 100% if it weren't for those four segments Yahoo ads.
I have spent almost 100 hours in the game it just awesome but there are a few things. 1 make the game a little less pay to win if you aren't late in the game. 2 I hate it how when you work super hard to get the monster vault then you have to use valuable gems or take tons of time leveling up to be able to get more space. 3 and how you can only open 1 multiplayer chest at a time now. But other than that the game is great fix those tweaks then you guys deserve an oscar
The new pvp mechanics is really irritating for me. The reason why is because the game automatically chooses my opponent. Which always choose an opponent who is way more stronger than me. I liked old one better because I can choose an opponent who is more my level and not a level 150. So please fix this. Everything else is really good and I like it so far.
I really enjoy this game. It doesn't require you to be on constantly like others of its nature but is a great way to pass free time. I've met some really helpful people, I love all the monsters, and the way you can have so many different team compositions. I do find it pushes buying gems with certain things, and unfortunately most in app purchases are on the more expensive side but overall, I really enjoy Monster Legends!
I am a veteran player who played this game when this game had the older art style, personally I prefer the older art style but the new one is alright as well. I have seen and watched this game grow in popularity, I have enjoyed playing this game quite a lot, however soon this game became straight up a play/pay to win. Extremely disappointed when they added more Micro transactions, The game used to be way more fun and more simpler. I'm not going to pay ÂŖ30 just for one goldenpass for one season.
Often crashes and keeps trying to milk me of my money till I'm completely dry. Really difficult to play if you're not Pay-to-Win. The only reason I'm still playing is cause I have a pretty nice team. Even still, any thing involving PVP, individual or fighting with your team, is annoying because of the Pay-to-Win. Unless you're incredibly patient with a lot of time, you won't get far unless you start spending. The best ones you can get only by directly paying, not even with in-game currency.
Great game, do enjoy the time it kills but I've come across a weird issue, and it has only recently started happening. At some point it stops connecting, while my phones fully connected, i shut down the app and it goes back to normal, i try to open it again and it stops. Theres nothing wrong with my wifi the game just cancels it out. Also why do multiplayer rewards only open 1 at a time, the way it was before was great.
its cool and fun. i had to take off 1 star beacuse i did some battles and got one of those egg shapped chests and i had to waste 2 gems to open one cuse i had no more room now i have 1 gem left and one more popped up for some resson now i cant get it off my screen cuse i only have 1 gem and wow there was a arow i hit it and it got off yayyy :) adding 1 more star!
I heard alot of good things about this then I decided to play it. The game is fun for the most part but, when I'm in monster wood trying to get that spin. I'm watching ads and if u guys are gonna play 2 or 3 ads make it count for 2 or 3 spaces not just one and these are are a minute a piece chill out on the ads or make the ads count for the same amount of spaces as the number of ads you play
Whisper time I played this game it's real fun actually you can do all kinds of stuff like breeding monsters fighting and more stuff like they have almost every two weeks there's events where you can get awesome monsters and you use your monster to go against other people and it's just really fun I can't even explain how fun it is
I love the game it is so fun and interesting.only thing is it is almost a replica of DML(Dragon mainia legends).so people who have already played DML will feel a little bored.I used to play DML so I felt a bit bored. Otherwise it is so good in graphics,creativity and so on.I recommend the people reading this that they can try the game very good effort Socialpoint .
Honestly it's a really good game and it's addicting but some of the past updates have made it harder to play for example, the dungeons use to give really good rewards that helped you progress through the game faster and easier but now it gives really low rewards and as well of rewards in general like a roulette wheel spin, I don't know if it's because of my level but either way this game is really awesome and you should download and try it if you haven't already.
It's fun and all but, it's the only game I see with ads that have four parts to them taking up forty seconds instead of thirty or twenty seconds, it's very annoying that I have to keep clicking on the stupid button to keep going into more sections of the ad. Please remove this, Thank You.
This is really annoying, everytime there is a maze event i save all coins till the very last, and I've been doing everything all the time to get the most maze coins, saved more than 3k coins, AND EVEN THEN, you still can't get ANY of the maze champions, from 300 to 500 coins just to move one step in the last 9 or so steps ? Are you serious ? The costs are just too ridiculous, and all that just for one out of the four champions, just trying to push you to buy the coins with real money. So bad ...
This game style is a first time for me to play yet I love it. My only recommendation would be a little more information as to what your supposed to be doing. The fact I needed to go to YouTube to find basic info was kind of silly but I'm slowly getting the hang of it and really enjoy the game.
Great game but it can be a little confusing sometimes especially at early game because of how much content their is. And, things really heat up when you have the monster lab. But I highly suggest that you fix some of the offers available, now a black Friday event is going on and you can buy rank 5 monsters along with a mythic habitat for 4000 gems, which would cost 240 us dollars. But you can legit pay 80 us dollars to get 3 rank 5 monsters and so much more which is odd because 80 is 1/3 of 240?