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Monster Killer: Shooter Games

Monster Killer: Shooter Games for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO OU PLC located at Harju maahond, Tallinn, Prohja-Tallinna Iinnaosa, Randla tn 13-201, 10315, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
In general game process is quite enjoyable. I'am 22 acc level now but there are a couple of bugs (features?) that going to make me uninstall one day. First : controls, joystick is laggy as hell, sometimes it doesn't even respond, second: double rats are instantly spawning small rats in death without any delay, sometimes small rats are getting bounced right behind you, that's really frustrating, there should be at least 0.5 sec delay between death of big rat and spawn of two small.
Thank you developers for getting back to me and providing a update to fix the issue. Also thank you for the bonus you gave me I really appreciate it. Now there are a lot of things I like about this game. I like the graphics and style of the game and really enjoy the characters you can get in game. The game is challenging and fun and has lots of good deals to buy stuff if you choose to buy anything in the game. Thank you developers I highly recommend this to everyone this game is awesome.
I knocked off a star because the chests in the daily quests are almost impossible to open. It makes the clicking sound, but they don't open. Other than that, the game is great.
Fix the "start to shoot" time. It's too slow and it would be easily dead when being chased by monster.
The game is fine, but the movement and shooting feels clunky. When I level up sometimes I get same skill in all 3 slots, so much for choosing a skill. The game has improved, but it could use more levels or other kind of event modes, like hard mode or daily runs.
Good game, good graphics. Definitely recommended. However there's still a few bugs and sometimes the game freezes. Would love to see more updates. All in all, 4 stars
This game has by far the best graphics in this genre. And these games are popping up like weeds. I love the game but 2 many adds keep coming up with no way to disable them. I don't mind the optional ad to keep fighting or free stuff but an add just to play a lvl..... or an ad to end the lvl..... give us a reasonable price ad stopper and this is a 5☆ game
It's overall a great game and would recommend it. I'd give it 5 stars if it took longer than 2 hours to clear all available content. I'd even actually throw some money at it if it had more levels. Otherise, the game is well made. It's much like Archero, even the skills. A variety of different skills that isn't exactly the same as Archero would be nice also. More stages, and adding in something that is truly self creative would give this game many more players.
My first rating was 5 stars and I decreased it to 1 just for protest against developers who promised for save option 4 updates ago and now after loosed all my items and start game from beginning in my new device I'm really sad and angry and put 1 star, honestly this game deserve 4stars in minimum.
I really enjoy this game, it's similar to other action games of this genre, but it's got more of a spookier tone, like "Castlevania" or "devil may cry" I'm happy to see that many of the glitches and lag problems have been fixed since the latest updates, this game has potential to be truly special. I will continue to play it to see what new levels come in the next updates. Great game!
Worked great until today. Suddenly the game opens with a demand that I buy a "hunt pass" and sticks to that screen. Buttons to buy or "X" the page are only dead buttons as they do nothing. Uninstalled. You can purchase my interest for $4.99
I have to be honest this is way better than Archero but you have to update new stages fast and throw some daily challenges there as well.. add more game modes (for example - nightmare difficulty and hell difficulty).. overall you are doing a great job
Very little content. Lame loot and progression system with few equips. The art style is very nice. Bosses are fun. The game crashed on lvl.3 anulling my lvl.2 run and the rare weapon i pulled from the chest, so I won't be coming back.
The Rats are either; - Too Fast; as you have to run away before they attack, but yeah, no, they run a -little- slower than you. - Too Tanky; Even with a high-speed and Dmg build, it takes so many attacks to kill them x.x - Hit too Hard; They get on you, because of their speed and resilience to bullets, and the moment their on you, your HP melts so fast, you hardly see it go down. They touched me once (about 3 of them) and I went from 600 health to 42. Lowering one would balance the game.
Crushed this. Nothing left to do except play the same levels over and over... 4* bc of lack of development but 5* fun. Better movement and skills than archhero. Just needs work
Enjoyable but buggy. If you die and play an advert to continue, you're paralyzed (running animation, but you move nowhere) for about 30 seconds and take damage, resulting in a second death almost immediately on some levels. This bug also hits at the end of levels some times. Decent graphics, movement bug hurts the game.
Another clone of "Archero", this time with a more traditional monster hunter gothic setting. Severe issues when trying to claim ad based rewards or making purchases with in-game crystals. The continuous "connection errors" sadly do not prevent unrewarded ads being shoved down your data allowance. Acceptable but not outstanding.
I think it's a great game so far... Except for a couple things. First off, the controls are a little bit stiff movement needs to be a little bit more fluid. Second not enough weapon drops... I've played for quite a while and I've only gotten two weapons the first is the standard gun and the second is the crossbow neither weapons are balanced... And third of all there is the issue of getting duplicates of useless upgrades such as double barrel is which don't even stack please make improvements.
4 star only because their is no guide on weapons so u can compare stats with another weapon of the same rarity but other than that excellent game keep up the good work
Atmospheric and promising but currently unplayable due to repeating loud click that dominates all other sound and annoyed me enough to make me uninstall after one play.
Target is off, takes forever to kill one monster. No defense what so ever, needs improvment then ill give it another shot
The absolute worst! Targeting is a joke, controls laggy and sometimes you just flat out shoot over the monsters head!
The game is very fun, but I'm still waiting for new levels to arrive. I've been playing the same 4 levels for months, they need to hurry up with the level creation. And I purchased 2 items and never received them.
After beating the ONLY hard mode area and making it to stage 30/50 of the final area without spending real money, im giving this 3 stars. As you progress further into the stages the enemies get way faster and shoot way faster. If their defense and offense are going to increase, their speed shouldn't.
(Its now Sept. 16th and I finally passed World 3-- Cant wait to see what's in the next update!!) The new (7/8/20) update is awesome, I love replaying the levels and the latest is my favorite. Still using an Uncommon revolver and cant wait to see what sort of things come out of the chests now. I do think you (and we) would benefit from Daily Deals or Bundles or something to purchase besides just gold. Im a sucker for most packages under $5 😬. Keep it up guys!!
I like the game, but when things are broken I can't give more than one star. Reviving via ad appears to not work. Every time it says connection error, and it's the only ad that does this. If it's not working, it shouldn't be offered as an option. Response: I explained the problem thoroughly. Generic developer responses don't help.
It's a decent game. I just wish they had more levels at launch. Only 5 regular levels and one heroic? I'm already at the end of both. I hope more levels come soon.
When will the new levels be released because I'll end up deleting this game without more levels to play. NEW LEVELS NEEDED ASAP!!!!
So far.... It's a decent game. Enjoying the era is set in. The delay from stopping till the first shot is a little too long but it keeps it challenging. Nothing wrong with having to grind but drops should be a tiny bit more. Thanks over all.
One of the best in the genre. The darker setting is very welcome. A few missing translations here and there. Wish the gear/loot system was a bit deeper, as there is very little progress here. You also can't disassemble leftover gear, from what I could find. When fusing items you can end up bugging the game, and it will duplicate items. I found out when my inventory was full of about 20 falcon rings, and no way to get rid of them.
It doesn't get past the first screen ad that tell me to buy the hunter beginner pack. Please fix for me. I've spent 12.00$+
Same skills as Archero, even the most useless ones, but they are working even worse, is it low dmg or phantoms/glaives/explosion, low speed of light explosion arrows. 85% totally useless skill choice on lvlup. Sometimes 2 of 3 skills are same. No drop from waves apart from scrolls. No new guns from chests so far, just rubbish armors, as the result inadequate dmg to clear waves, even with double barrel+double shot taken. Horrendous delay before starting fire. Hardly any pros, just cons. So far 2☆
This game takes inspiration from Archero and puts it into almost a Victorian-esque shoot em up. Really fun, although there are a couple bugs I've noticed. When clicking on daily mission chests, it takes a lot of consecutive clicks to obtain the reward. The next bug, is after completing a run, the main menu freezes.
Gameplay is normal like others archerolike but I like the themes. System still have bug.melee monsters really annoying because they just chase u without stopping for a while. For dev, u must play arcade hunter, it has better experiences and 1 more I dont like is u have to watch an ads everytime u enter and clear the dungeon. Wasting time.
Last update fixed problems from older version but number of game missions are low ,add more missions please:)
Starting to freze up, none of the ads will load for top up on energy says no network connection please try again when I have full network connection and there was only three levels. I mean are yall going to add anything else or even fix the problems?
Great concept, fun but too many ads. Having ads for the wheel or rest rewards is fine, but random all the time? Thats a no go from me. Would like to see more character choices. Keep working on it! I'll redo this review after a few updates. Hopefully the random ads are gone by then.
Was enjoying this game. Since it updated it doesn't open anymore. Annoying as I was looking forward to new levels.
Awesome game its fun I can't put my phone down love it once you start playing you can't stop keep up the great work
The game I suppose can be fun. I personally was expecting something a little deeper. Different classes and such. I also don't like the art style for me to just seems so generic. Still it can be played without internet which is a plus.
Loved the game, until season ended, now I can't even play it because it is stuck on a hunt pass screen, can't close it, can't even use the GET button. FIX IT Ok, months later, after an update it was fixed. But now I completed the game way early, and no other levels coming out. They desperately need to add more levels to the game!! Getting frustrated
Very dificult and ive playef archero, heroics,tank hero ect .... and this tops all of them but u can decide for yourself
I like these style of games. But if you like these type of games where you want to fight don't bother cause all you do is run away and hope you don't die
I really like dark and dirty world. Overall, game is great (thats what i expected when dowloading). However, adds when starting chapter, or adds when not wanting money bonus after dying are a bit annoying. - hopefully this will change. /lvl27. ;)
Basically a copy of Archero wirh a darker theme. Tried it, some skills such as bullet light(?) And extra life does not work.
I don't know what the haters are talking about! Archero forces ads on you! This game ads are optional and are short! Choose ads to get bonuses! That's it! This should be the standard model! I never throw money at a stupid app game.... But this one? I've thrown a couple of bucks at it. It's fun? And basically ...it's a Gun Mage!
Great time killer.. Actually the paid items are all garbage..you can finish the game with pure skills..I hope the update will soon be available..4/5 stars because if this is played without watching ads, it is very hard, maybe impossible, to finish a stage..I hope resurrection runes appears often as it was...btw, the rats and flying skulls were imbalance..they move too fast..
Fun and great looking. Much like others of it's kind, but with it's own unique aesthetic. Looking forward to more levels.
Ok... So the game is slow. And I mean SLOW. everything is slow. It's slowest "archero like" game ever. Movement is slow, attacking, progress. Everything. It's too slow for me. 15% of game is waiting for door to open. Setting is cool and game is well designed but... Sloooow XD it's running great on flagship and low tier phones, and that's good but slow paced gameplay is really killing the fun.
It's a good game except for no option to dismantle weapons and armor ... yet again I did just installed the game lastnight.... the further I get into the game and I still don't see that dismantle option I'll uninstall. Update love the updates you guys put in and now there's a dismantle option for the gears.. Thank you for this update now I can enjoy playing monster killer
I have been playing for a while and i like it so far, my main issue with the game is it does not provide alternate save point. If we change device the progress won't be synced. For my second issue, from reading multiple reviews they have complained of pop-up Ads before and after the game and i support that claim, but regardless of that i can't fully utilize that function on my device, a few Ads for 30 coin is not a bad deal but i can't access it, nor the in-game spin wheel with Ads when online.
Fun, but very much a work in progress. Movement and combat should be a little smoother. Leveling up desperately needs additional coding to prevent double or triple copies of the same damn ability -_- As well as more code to eliminate abilities that you already have which don't stack! I just played a dungeon which forced at least a dozen Double Barrels, found out it doesn't stack, and got one double and one triple Double Barrel copy level ups. In ONE dungeon! Huuugely wasteful problem :(
You really need to fix the bug when you die and watch a video and you come back to life it freezes you there you can't move and you end up dying again right off the bat fix the bug in your life better stats
Defaaaq!!?! Do u really need to play the ad in every single end of a battle??!? Its so a fvcking annoying and a MAJOR TURN OFF !!! So pathetic
Really like it, just need more levels! Only been playing a few days and have finished what's available, just grinding now to level up
A blast of a game hours of play never ending fun but the items that drop be to less need more item drops
Maybe you should add new elevels before adding player skins that cost money..... Beat the game and now I'm bored.... Especially if this us all the updates there will be is paid content.
I definitely enjoy the game, it's like a twin stick shooter.... but with one finger..... And no stick
Good game. Simple yet challenging Nice graphics. Spoilt by the obscene amount of ads. Recent update increased the amount of ads. Before and after each game. You want some money editors. Offer an ad free upgrade.
Another Archero copycat, except it's hella unbalanced. The first level is alright, took only a few tries, then the next level amped up the difficulty way to fast. There's the worm things that give 2 seconds for dodge and shoot time before they hide for like 5 seconds, and unless you break the bank for good weapons, they take forever to kill. And that's just the first round of the second level. Maybe bring it down a notch, kay? On another note, ads don't seem to work. Not the worst thing, but eh.
Sadly, it seems the only games being made are Archero clones, but worse, 99% are as bad as the original, if not worse. This falls into that category. There's a bleed on movement - character continues travelling in the direction after you remove finger. Three way shot + wall bounce and pierce are vital to completing levels. Of course its pot luck with the further you progress, more skills avaliable = less chance of getting necessary ones. Rewards are bad. Upgrades are expensive. Uninstalled.
Good graphics and gameplay. The wait for the door to the next level is a little long. That being said, the game would have deserved a 4 or 5 star rating if the pay function isn't broken. I bought the one-time bonus for 2.49 because I liked the game play. The problem was that not only did I not receive what I bought but I was charged twice for it!
It alright...eerily similar to a game called Archero...Which is a lot better. Regarding your reply...it is not different, everything in the game is the same as Archero, the mechanics, the power ups, the level designs, even the enemies...the only difference is your game has better graphics, which are really nice...also your game is alot slower than Archero.
Not worth the play. Also, please don't buy their season ticket. It claims that it allows you to claim things without watching video but that is untrue. Out of every 7-8 claims, only one is eligible for the shortcut.
I get that Devs need to eat, but this is just an ad-infested clone of Archero. It forces ads on you even before you play, AND after every single game. It can pop you an ad any time, even after you chose not to take the reward boosting ad.
The game is very fun, but I'm still waiting for new levels to arrive. I've been playing the same 4 levels for months, they need to hurry up with the level creation. And I purchased 2 items and never received them. I would like to add a question being when are you going to add more levels. I don't play anymore because its boring playing the same level over and over.
Monsters move faster than the bullet. bullets are too slow! low to no item drops at all. different characters but still the same skin while in game.
Good game. Would like to hear some music during the stages; just muted a little so it doesn't distract from the action. The ads aren't too intrusive (which is a good thing). Pretty good job overall. Keep it up
I liked this game, I am coming from another similar game which of course I liked it and still like it. I saw this game and is really close to what I was playing before. So I played 2, 3 games and here I am... Still playing 3 stars for 2 reasons. 1st game keeps freezing. 2nd thes small reward boxes need at least 20 to 30 clicks to be collected. In general this game worth to try, worth the time you spent on it. If some small bugs are fixed it would be the greatest game of its genre.
Having a great time with the game! Would love to learn myself how to make a game like this as im just getting into learning to develop games in unity! A few issues: 1. Leveling up: When leveling up, a new script or maybe just new component seems to need to be added to prevent repeats of skills. Ive had multiple times where the randomizer gave me three choices of the same thing. Ex: double shot, fire phantom, etc. Ran out of room. Reply to me and i can say more if youd like the input.
This game is actually one of the most fun mobile games I've played. I understand that you have to make money somehow off free games, but it would be cool if some of the enemy's dropped gear peices every now and then. Other than that it's really fun. If you wanna pretend like you're Van Helsing in sort of a semi lovecraftian world, I recommend this game.
It's a good game, I like it more than the original game (Archero), but I have some suggestions: 1- It is taking too long to release the new level. 2- The gears are limited to rare level, need to have more levels. 3- There is no option to sell or dismenal the unwanted gear, this option is very useful.
Great game needs more levels, literally played the mess of it in like a week, now just repeating lower levels to boost the character
It's an ok game, but it would be nice if it let me make purchases. Every time I try, it says there is a pop up about not being able to make a connection
I finished the first 50 lvl and then bought the noob pack. Watched a energy video. Then the video stopped so i closed the game. When I opened the game again it started me on the 27th lvl again and I lost my purchase. Please advise.
Nice pace to the game. Firepower doesn't overwhelm the monsters but it is enough with skill to clear levels. I just started to play we'll see how the higher levels are. The lower levels for experanced players will be easy to clear.
Loved the game, until season ended, now I can't even play it because it is stuck on a hunt pass screen, can't close it, can't even use the GET button. FIX IT
The game opens but will not move past opening screen so it's hard to judge this game. Freezes on "hunt pass" screen and will not respond.
Its a Good game, i'll just mention the bugs/cons.. 1. Ads don't play (says connection error) 2. So many colors on the screen makes it confusing if its your attack or the enemies attack. 3. Targeting is a real sour.
When will then new levels be released because I'll end up deleting this game without more levels to play.
I am having issues at the first area due to melee mobs. Reason being that you have such a ridiculous delay before you fire your weapon after moving that you have no way in hell to avoid them and that they move so fast. Either you face tank them or die due to not being able to kill them fast enough. Simply ridiculous.
The new updates are amazing...this game has always been in my top spot. The delevoper(s) are awesome. I just wish my old account was still active T.T so many hrs. But i really dony mind starting again!!
The game itself looks nice but compared to most Attack.O games it's not that good mechanic wise, the enemies attack and move WAY to fast for the limited amount of health you have, the maps are way too matching in colors to where there's blocked off points but yet I can barely see them because of the way the maps are colored, and I died in one of the boss battles AFTER beating the boss because the shots did NOT disappear and hit me while I was on my last bit of health. 2 stars
Love the characters and design! Great spin on an old genre! But still the issue is playable maps. For some reason there are 1 normal level map and 4 heroic level map
Another Archero clone, somewhat entertaining, but like all others completely lacks in actually making it fun to play. RNG for skills, which will result in you getting skills that aren't compatible, enemies being able to fly and shoot through walls, which you as a player can't do, room set ups that clearly are meant to cause you to die, coupled with clearly poorly designed enemies, seriously, in a game called MONSTER KILLER RATS SHOULDN'T BE THE GREATEST THREAT. Fix your game, it has potential.
Descent game, I feel like you need more options for weapons. The part where you get the chest that give you experience points. It wont open i have to continuously tap my screen to get the chest to open. It would be nice to get the weapons to upgrade quicker since the characters to get tougher by the second level. I do like the game, and I will continue to play. Just a few changes would be helpful is all. Keep up the good work y'all!
Omly 1 complaint. After gou dies and respawn you cant move for like 3-4 second which usually ends in death.
Fun, simple yet intriguing game..! :) love the reward system, it is on par with the monsters and treasures you find along the way. Good selection of different powers will keep you exploring and developing.. good work, devs..!
Fun game, but the drop rate for anything useful is null. No weapons drops at all, for power up, fusion, or different weapons. Very stiff movements, and sometimes you take damage after you dodge.
Ads ads ads.. Even if you dont want them. 30 seconds.. A life time if you play enough games with ads ads ads. Ughhhhhh. Meh.
Game will not load up. I've had it since beta and now since the update it will not load up. I'm upset because the dam update already took my legendary gear and now this? I'm done. I'm uninstalling and moving on. And don't give me a cookie cutter response either. I put a lot of time into this game. Someone needs to help me. I had a Samsung a11 with android 10 with plenty of free space and ram. What gives?
I absolutely loooove the vibes i get from this game.. ya know like the vampire vs vampire hunter in the 17th century type vibe... But i gave a 4 star cuz... I dont have a bank account set up and so i cant BUUUUY.. the character i wanted to play as which was the vamp chick :/ soooo rip absolutely lovin it thoooo
The lag gets all of the sudden can you fix it please. I can't even focus to hit the next target because of the and after it get to normal play my character is already dead. I'm getting forward for your response, thanks.
Rings.. All the time it's the lesser item you get first. Ughh.. no rng at all.. I love this game as well lol.. Headphones on and it's creepy as.
hey everything about your game is great but i had to tell u this...u see i'm an indie game developer too and i had this bug before which totally ruined my project the ingame energy bar won't refill if u r not inside the game u see in order to refill energy the game have to be running i had this bug in one of my projects and i lost everything because of it plz check and plz fix it for ur own good other than that ur game is simple but lovely addicting and challenging keep up the good work
Copy no 2432 of archero not even trying to be different other than theme. Copy and paste the exact same skill and very similar equipment. You could at least try... Story, Lol? New theme is not enough and too easy, all skill are exactly the same. It not about not liking your game its just not different enough...