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Monster High™ Beauty Shop

Monster High™ Beauty Shop for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like this game but to much ads and every good thing is worth money so I only will give you 3 stars rating because the charecters that are locked are more better and everything else I like about it so I'm sorry if you don't like my opinion thank you for reading this
This is a very wonderful game .I am 7 and anybody any age can play.it doesn't have that many adds , just twice each time. I really like it.it has lots of things to wear and lots of accessories but the good ones are looked and you start with only two people to makeover.its very good but those are the two problems that it has. I hope this commen helps you. And please download this game if you are a parent give it to you child.gy a
So based on quality and graphics I would rate it a 5 out of 5 but I think two characters can get boring after an amount of time ! I tried to do stuff to maybe unlock new characters but nothing happened so I recommend to play the game to everyone but remember it might get boring because there is only two characters to choose from
I like this game because you get to choose your own design for monsters and unlock 🔓 them as you go. I have only 🔓 2 though I have played for about 3 days. I could play this every single day. This game is very enjoyable!!! I love this game.
It is a good game but I wish there where more characters than 2 and more clothes I has some glitches and yeah yeah I know not every game is perfect but I think it needs more things
I love this app 💕😍 it has ads that doesn't bother me 😉 but there is one thing that really bothers me it always freezed❄️(but not all the time) but please put more characters 🥺
This is my childhood game and I love it I totally recommend, but I think there should be more, like more characters, clothes, and other stuff
It's very fashionable I see there is a problem.. you can't have anymore character because you got to pay for them and you can only be 2 characters but this game is pretty fun my favorite part is the hair
I like this game it is amazing but ther is two problem first why is most of monster high games are in money and second i want to tell you some thing that i hate ads and in monster high games there is alot of ads i rate this game 4 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟
This game is amazing I love this game and I love the full version. I bought the full version of the app and was so happy. I loved the cheap price and everything. Please add more colors too the full version cause I need to create a character to get the colour dye and some times you don't even get the dye. Thank you so much for reading. Please respond.
It's a good game but a little glitchy there are a little weird stuff and it's a little Annoying to have to buy all characters to get any characters I'd rather you be able to earn the characters instead of having to buy the characters but it's all in all a good game
Its a great game really. but the thing where you but hair on yourself if kinda bad. But everything else is great also theres only 2 people we can play with atleast make it where you can earn them instead of ONLY buying them...
I absolutely LOVE this app! It helps me create new styles and I love the new surprises and special gifts! You can practically do anything you want with "Monster High beauty shop" Plus I am a fan of Monster High so this app is the absolute BEST! You should definitley go check it out and rate it from 1 - 5 stars! I know I kinda sound obsessed but that's just how great this game is! I hope you have an awesome time on this app and have a good expierience just like I did! And please rate it! Thanks ❤
I like the game but one time i was playing it i can only paint the hair red! There is way 2 much add's! You can only use 2 chariters and the others chariters cost money! I would not get this app! So i dont think you would like this app. And so that is why you sould NOT get this game!
I put my review as a 4 because it a good and cool game but it wont unlock any other monsters. And i think that is annoying i have been trying to unlock another for a year.
I think the ad's should go and have more people available to use but it is a good game and you should get rid of of the bar of how good you are.
It is amazing! I love it! There is no ads if you turn of your internet people so don't complain about that you can only use 2 people to play for the free version but the other character arr not expensive to get! I really recommend it! The gameplay 5 starts, the graphics 5 stars, the controls 4 stars cause you get lag here an there or it will pick up the wrong thing. The outfits are super cute and the background and accessories is cute. I aslo liek that you guys at the spookygram. Love it (◠‿◕)!
This game is fun and amazing and it shows a lot less ads in the other games I have played but the thing that really stands out you have to watch a lot of ads to get makeup and hair supplies.
LOTS of ads. Only come with two characters. (Frankie and Lagoona) but other than that it's a great game! Really fun! 100% Recommend if your ready to sit thru the ads. So much fun doing their hair and dressing them up. Ooh and doing their nails is awesome too!
I love this game so much! I really recommend it to tell the people who like monster high and to the people who like hair dressing. All of the tools are really fun to play with, they allow u to TOTTALY customize ur character and make it look like a different person (or should I say monster!) My favorite part about this is game spookygram! It's basically Instagram but for monsters. Right now I have about 1936 likes! My only problem with the app is that u only get 2 monsters. But otherwise 👍👍👍
I really do not like this game because its laggy and It is all ways going to adds you cant even play the game because there is so many adds do not get this game.
This game is very fun but I have given it only 2 stars because of many reasons: 1. You can only customize Frankie stien and Lagoona blue. 2. To unclock the other characters you have to pay real money 3. It's boring after 10 mins of playing 4. It only has certain things you can use and, the game doesn't unlock the rest of the characters later so you can only play with Frankie and Lagoona. It's good because: 1. It's time consuming 2. Creativity comes into play But, I wouldn't reccomend this game.
This is the worst game I have ever seen , when the first time I started the game it was directly closed and I have tried many times maybe 20 to 30 times but it was same directly close I don't want to give 1 star also but to write the feedback I've to give 1 star ! I'm telling to everyone don't download this game and waste your time 😠 My sister was so sad she was willing to play this game very much 😔😓
This game is really nice yeah I love it so much the problem is that I can't design anyone else but two girls the one with black hair and the one with yellow hair I actually don't know their name so I'm just going but but please improve on like how can we like open the girls other girls by pricing or what I don't know by getting prices or what but to me it's a really nice game it's unboring and I rather spend my time playing it
I love the game sooo much five stars for the game my first customer is Frankie stein,and my second customer is ,lagoons blue ,but can you tell how to. Unlock the other characters or customers
i love this game but i hate how you have to pay for everything, it's very limiting and the choices we have are like totally not good. we literally get frankie and lagoona and that's it, you gotta pay for the rest and there aren't even that many characters. if there's gonna be ads don't put them on every single nail/clothing/hair dye option that makes the game exhausting no one wants that. and no offense but frankie and lagoona aren't even the best characters in monster high. do better next time
I like,this game but It's like come on you only get two people we should get more then just two😬and it should let you wash out color out the hair with out messing it up and maybe I just don't see it but there's no black nail polish that's it sorry don't mean to complain a lot that but thanks☺
I love this game but the problem is that all the nice stuff is locked but it is still fun and another problem is that every time I play i never get another person and ot doesn't have ads and i love it and my sister and friend's 👌👌😍so you can download it if you want
This game is awesome. I have a problem. Why are only two people unlocked. If your going to make it locked can five people be free. I'm a teen and currently don't have an account to pay 4.99. Like little kids they can't buy this and parents don't always want to.
Something's in the store or a little expensive but I really like the gamethe playing the game for 3 hours and still not unlocking one character I'd waited for it's a 5 out of 5 but maybe make getting characters a little faster?:)
It's a really good game but it took me more than a week just to get ONE of the monster characters.like the game though because u can do anything thing with them, even take pictures of yourself with cute monster high filters.😝
I'm Palesa Quinea Motsepe, i'm 10 years old and i love playing this game. The reason why i chose 2 stars is that it gives me problems. I don't have enough wifi and my dad is trying to fix the problem. Luckily, i'm getting a new phone i think after 2 years since i'm going to be in Gr.6 and Gr.7 on thse years. After 2 years, i'm going to high school!!!!IT'S GOING TO TALE A WHILE, AND I NEED WIFI!!!!!!!!!😞😟😞😟
Amazing app it makes you feel like your doing what you want and not too much steps ,you feel like the hair is real from the way it moves. But 1 thing is about the curls it covers the eyes but still love it👍
I gave this five stars because it is really fun that you get to restart her hair and all sorts of stuff and you get to try and filters I think that you should download it it is amazing
It's so much fun you have to try it it's super super super fun it's amazing who can make the better game then this
This game is good animation looking preety but it having many character to buy 😫😫 so (Mmm..) this looking is kids games but 🤑🤑🤑🤑 Mmm.. money . if give some character for free i will edit my rewiew and give five stars😕😕😕😕 🤗🤗🤗
I could not get into the game! Once I when into the game it just went to a black screen!! So I have uninstall it. This looks like a great game but it just won't let me play it.. idk what it looks like.
I had this game before and i really enjoyed it and now i love it more. It's crazy right you can pick any outfit you can even style your own hair you can style it any way you want
Really good game but I don't understand why we have to pay for other characters and items (-1 star) and also too many adds (-1 star) other than that good game I recommend but not highly i hope the creator 9f this game reads this and makes it so we dont have to pay for nearly everything and lower the adds people that are reading have a nice day/night
It only unlocks Frankie and Lagoona in the beginning and I have done them a few time but the other characters haven't unlocked yet. You do get something new to use everytime you finish styling a character but its getting repeditive. Its fun to pass time and get a little creative.
I like this game, it's just when we need to access cameras, I don't want to, but I have to BC I want to play this game. But really cool and I like how we can make the hair move instead of like we can, so it's great. Keep up the good work and lots of love ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
I honestly hate how all the characters,make up,hair dye and etc is locked.I get that your game is free and you need money but maybe you should make special outfits, hair dye nails and etc becuase honestly it's annoying.
This game is just amazing. It's really nice that we can style the hair in any way and the makeup and dresses are totally cute. But it should be kind of a social media account where we actually can post photos of our dolls you know, like in zepeto app where we can pose the avatar and post pictures of it and likes and comments. And in the next update please add more accessories and dresses. Though it's an amazing game.
The game is so fun I play it all the time I've been playing it since I was 6 years old and show me fun to play is that by giving five stars but which problem is that sometimes I mean it gets very bored sometimes and sometimes it freezes up but I still wanted to give us five stars cell so thank you for listening to this text😄😔
I love the descine choices and characters. It does annoy me that most of them are locked, but not enough to make it a 4 star.
It's a good game but IT NO FARE THAT YOU ONLY HAVE TWO MONSTERS YOU CAN DO this game is fun but not so fun
I have played this game for a long time and I think this is really good for kids who want to style hair when they grow up so they can practice hairstyles but I think you should add a pet thing where you can decorate a pet to go with your monster girl
The only characters unlocked are lagoona blue and frankie Stein and I find it a bit weird because all the other characters are locked and I can,t seem to unlock them although I really enjoy the it would be really good if the creaters of the game could try and unlock the other character.
I give it a 1 star coz you can only have 2 characters unless you pay and why would anyone pay for a character. I'm sorry. This is just my opinion. Please fix this and then I will download it once again. I have had this for 5 times on and off in the space of 2 months and every time after 15 mins of gameplay I have gotten bored 👍🏻 please help this problem
I cant even play qith the other characters because you have to pay for them!! So you can only play with three people and it gives you like a tutorial every time you click on a person and it wont let you skip it also in the tutorial you have to do everything in the makeup nails and others just to go on so you cant just have fun and do your thing! Beacause you have to do what it says or you will lose your progress! I do not recommend gettjng this game if you dont want to do everything it says!
I really love this game all i want is that you make more of the things available likeif there is 6monsters make 3available the rest locked and and pls when you making her make the comb to be able to part her hair and comb it back wards and also make us to be able to rotate and also make them to lots more clothes and shoes and tiaras and like a scary monster place a hauted house and all but this game is epic one of the game in my phone i love the most and make the hair able to bond in a pony tail
The only thing i wish for is more colors to choose from on the hair and nails section, of course there's already a lot, and its amazing, just theres no light pink, and honestly thats my favorite color, maybe i have to get it through a present at the end of a makeover do you think? But other than that one small thing, this game is absolutely amazing
This game is fun but it won't let me in! Okay, let me explain. So when I first downloaded this game, I did the hair and everythong, but when I tried to take the picture of her and all that, it kept loading and loading. So, getting angry, I uninstalled it. Thinking I could reinstall it and play it again. But now it keeps saying "Just hold on! We're downloading some CLAWSOME assets from the Google Play Store!" AND IT WON'T LEAVE!! I really wanna play this game because I love it. Please fix this.
Your game is wonderful but can you add more fashion things and make it even fun by adding more good characters. 😋another thing, I think the problem is that there is only two characters to choose from. Something I like is monster gram and it's so addicting
My daughter loves designing & creating looks for the monster girls over & over. It does come with ads but for just 9.99 we removed them all & unlocked everything you normally have to pay for or watch ads for a one time use. Worth every penny.
awsome game! but theres just 1 teeny tiny problem there are some pop ups i cant get out of so can u fix that?
It's a great game but recently when it says you got a new item it doesnt actually appear to give you the item please fix this problem
Love the app it's amazing. I have been playing for nearly a year now and the only way I get adds is if I want free stuff like hair colours. So entertaining. The only thing I would like is if there were more ways to unlock things but other then that it's amazing
I think the game is not as good as 5 stars because all of the monsters cost money except 2 And thay only have the bad monsters for free the rest costs like 20 dollars gust to style it one time😔😬
THIS IS A GOOD GAME! you should download now I know you will like if you like Monster High you will like it five stars for crazy labs by tab tale!
it's a rlly fun game even my brother likes watching me play it but there is only one way to unlock more characters you need to spend real money on the game to get really good characters but I only have two characters lagoon blue and Frankie Stein but other then that it's a really good game!
First of all, when i do camera mode in real life the hair feels small. Second of all, i when i do camera mode and the hair is small it makes me feel like my head is too big. I do not enjoy this game. I used to enjoy this on my grandmas tablet. AND IM 7. DOES IT LOOK LIKE IM CALM?! Unistalling.
Good best game ever played has more than ever played I like doing hair I just love almost all the colors in the game
So it's a nice game, I just wish there is more things to wear. There is a lot of things that you have to buy Wich is very annoying I would maybe buy a pack but honestly it's not worth it there are too many ads and sometimes the game just doesn't want to work. The game only gives you two characters Wich honestly is annoying. any ways it's an ok game I enjoy playing it. If your not a big fan of buying things ads or having limited options then I don't recommend this game.
SO MUCH FUN although youhave to pay money to unlock people and clothes and other stuff like that but it is still really fun I WOULD GET IT IF I WERE YOU
Very nice and enjoyful game but only two monster girls lagoona and Franklin.why?❓😩 I thought that first I done make up, dress up and all so lagoona unlocked.Then I dress up lagoona bul none character unlocked. This is not good. Is this all levels does not think so.If this would be levels then I can give 5 stars. This is my favourite game please do this 🥺🥺. Request!
This game is fun I've been playing it for a year but when I downloaded it again it started to glitch where I couldn't do anything it wouldn't let me swipe or cut. So if you do not like any of these glitches then don't download this game. And I do not know if it is just my phone or the game. Btw creator of this game I hope the don't download cause of glitch thing doesn't make you mad. And it is a fun game! 😀😄
Like psyco glitch said not a huge fan of monster high but this game is great. But this is a suggestion maybe u should have friends so u can view their spooky grams so u can like their photos. Overall great game.
I Love this game! But the problem is that you get only two monsters; Franke and Lagoona. I wish I could have got all the monsters😡😡😡😡. Then, I rated the game five stars. What I wanted to do was I couldn't imagine if I had only like one monster; Lagoona. see ya tomorrow morning I love this game to foxy!! And then there's this game called geometry dash world and I beat the whole entire game!!!! I love you everyone!!!!! BYE😄😄😄😄😄😄❤!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love this game but the reason why I gave it three stars is because like all of the characters are locked and why don't you make up skin color for your skin like whatever color and you know like all of the accessories that I want to use and the people that I want to use or should I say monsters they're like so locked and I can't get them so please fix this please. 😔😔☹️☹️🧐😢📲
I love this game so much I love you so much it's fun if you can you can do her hair you can dress her up you can do her nails and you can get a new ones
It's so fun awesome game sometimes you have to wait but you usually never do I love the game I love the characters and it's like just like the movie. 👍👍
Hey guys (Crazy Labs)I love it and thanks.but 2 problems!!: 1-everyone can play with this I am 11 and I know under 12 years can play this too.2-●●Why u just put Lagoona and Frankie????please put more characters free or just unlock Cleo and Drsculaoura .please .at all it's great
This is a great game i really like it my sisters like it but i dont like how you cant unlock any of the players and all the players are locked you only get 2 NOT FAIR you have to pay to get them so thats way its 4 stars bye.
I love this game so much I have been playing it ever since I wake up in the "am" 7 o 'clock I play it all the time I get bored or when I go on road trips. Keep on makin these games you can get five stars all over the world 😁😁😉. This is a great quilty!!
Im 7 too and if you didn't know that monster are evil? Thats like a dark side but i don't like it this is not cool DON'T PLAY IT!!! YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT AT ALL DON'T YOU WILL DIE DON'T DO IT AND DO YOU LOVE GOD?? I LOVE GOD
The game is great for your kid to customize the characters. But I wish not all of them would cost money.
i really like the game but i think most of the characters should be free beacause im getting tired of always using lagona blue and frankenstine
Wish at least 4 characters should be free. Lagoona blue and Frankenstein are too common. The price was very expensive also. So yes three stars
I love this game but the only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the price of the stuff can you make some of the characters free but great game :)
😐 it keeps on taking me back to the stupid ad it. May just be for me but it's really annoying I can't even play the game🤬😤
I really love this game. It's the only monster high game that is not weird. I wish they still hade minis mania. But this is so fun I love the outfits and makeup. Just wish you could make more monster high games for kids/adults to install. Stay safe
So this game is coll but u basically have to buy everything and you can only do two characters.it would be more fun if u got coins and could buy different characters with the coins honestly.
Its an amazing game but the only thing is there are only two characters like make us get money in the game and make a a few characters like cleo and clawdeen and a few other characters and that will make the game better than all the games in the world so if u want to get more players you better do what i told you
Because I like this game but a problem is that I can not buy any thing and we have to pay for it for beauty and girl we have two girls when we can't buy any any other girl without paying for it please open all the girls and beauty salon otherwise that this game is nice I like this came if you open all the things I will let you hold 5 stars please open all the things of monster high beauty salon otherwise I leave it like this only 2 stars
I love this game it is just i wish it would give make options of people to do because i play this game everyday and i can only do two unless i pay money and i dont want pay money to only do two people but i do love this game but that is my only concern of this app but over all i do love this game and will continue to use this app but if you could maybe change that then i will be more than happy to do more characters in this game and it is very entertaining to play. If you change it i will do 5 ⭐
I like this game because you can do their own hair and chose their clothing! But just there are to people unloked why don't the unlock everyone especially for little kids. They also have a lot of ads which is getting boring. And little kids dont like that kind of stuff. Other than that it's a great game I recommend this game if you haven't played it before. 🦋
I love the game but there's one problem I only get two characters in that's Frankie and Lagoona I wish there was more characters to unlock but overall I still like it and when you get prizes and when you take pictures and nothing is locked when you dress it your monster up and I like when you do the fashion show it's like really cute and I really like it in the music I give it a four-star review
This game is so much fun and it is like a makeover to people but it 8s not people it is monster high person
I like it but it's so annoying that you have to pay to get more charcters and the only two that you can dress up are: frankestein and lagoona blue and i wait for it to load and it just kicks me and i have to start again.
It kept giving me this really stupid add and I dint like you have to pay for other girls 🙄😑🙄😑🤬🤬🤬🤬🤦‍♀️
It's ok but you can only use 2 characters so thats annoying and it take ages to download it's so SLOW! 👎Dont like game much...
I loved this game very much in this game there are many dresses many shoes many make up ect. 😍😍 i loved this GAME !!!!!!VERY MUCH. 😘😘
Great Game! Although the reason I have it four stars is because whenever I dress up Lagoons Blue, and get her all ready for the last stage, it just randomly kicks me out of the game and says "Monster High has stopped working" and the options say 'Restart app' or 'Cancel' no matter how many times I try it keeps saying that for only her. Franky works completely fine. It just makes me sad that I worked so hard to make her look pretty and then I can't even finish her. Please fix this glitch!
I hate to say it but the other characters needed to be free like I can't only use 2 characters. The game is great but the problem is about the characters. Please fix it
I like the game very much but I have one request for the game I really want it to have free monsters other than that it's the perfect game for when your bored.
Everytime I click on an add to get a hair color it turns my phone black and says monster high isn't responding it gets really annoying. But otherwise it's a really good game.
This game is fantastic! I really really like this game but, the thing is that please add more things then this will be the best game so ya that's why I am giving it 4 stars so please add more things. Thanks for making this wonderful game!
I want this game is the best game. anyone could ever have and I just love all the beauty things in it so it's just unexplainable I mean I love it so much they're Soo many things you can pick from the Deuter though cause you can do so many things to their hay or you can I mean the show so many things it's worth this is one of the best things I've ever had Blake is the best game did it's possible so I'm giving it 5 stars.
This is the best game I've ever played! It's amazing on the hair salon, I love them all. But why are Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue only unlocked? Edit: I would have given this 5 stars if all the characters were unlocked. I changed my rating from 4 stars to 3 stars (View my edit history to see that it's true), because when you do curly hair, it goes in her eyes. 1. Make all characters unlocked. 2. Make the curls thinner. As thin as the straight hair.
I like this app but there is only 2 available to dress up and I really hate that please make some changes that will be more better I wish I could give it a 5 Star but it locked everything and only two is open for dressing so make some changes then only I will give it five star but still I love this app because it's so interesting to play I play it everyday I like to dress up the girls and there is to makeover them i realy love that 😃😃😃😁😁😘😚
I really love this game but there is one thing I don't like that you only get 2 characters, if you want more characters you have to buy them with real money, this is really disappointing. Overall its a good game 🙏👍👏👏
Honestly it's disappointing its only two monsters you can choose and only limited hair couplers I love monster high and hair games but it's very limited as in hair coulers you either pay for it or watch ads and it's such a wait to load and over all pls stop all the ads so annoying and pls add more monsters to us Ive been playing this app for so long I've never seen a big update but I love spooksagram and dress up and cutting hair I do love this app but there's loads of things you have to buy
I really like this game,but what really bothers me is,and I know u can just do the hairspray,but when u want the curls,it always covers their eyes. Also,I have some suggestions. 1:Add more styles for the curls. 2. Put up more characters for free,or add a currency so u can buy them.
This is the most popular and best game I have ever seen in my life and I love it so so so much because I love monsters and this game is for girls who like monsters and I love it because this game have Fashion, fun, and exciting and this game is so great because it never needs internet and I am really requesting the girls who like monsters download this game today and thank you for reading my rating. 😘😊
Great character art, lots of items to use and give a makeover. My only issue is the ads that interrupt the gameplay.
It is the best but i stoped plauing it then when i tried to get back on it would not lrt me so i redownloaded it
Monster High is sooo fun but you hsve to buy the other characters and some people can not and it is not as fun with two characters please make it so it is not just two charaters.
The game is good but lots of things locked and we have to pay so if all the items were free we don't have to pay and I'm only a kid and i don't have PayPal so please change that even the characters are locked so please change that
Wow I love thiis game but the reason I gave it 4 stars because it has only 2 characters unlocked and then there you have to pay 😥...... But the best part is that u can dressup the characters various styles ❤️👍🏻😀😀
Do the hair, makeup, nails, outfit and everything inbetween! But the problem I had was that everything is locked, you have to pay for almost everything, you get about 2 characters out of a possibly 10 or 12 to choose from? Unlock more things and I'll rate 5 stars!
Ok so this game is upsetting you only get two Character's decorate i wouldn't waste £7.99 on this game for more Character's to decorate
I love this game, but i rated 4 stars cu'z there is only 2 Monsters, maybe you could make it one more or two more monsters so it could be more fun, if you put more monsters i would put 5 stars
The game is great but the thing is,You have to pay to get every thing,somethings you ern,like nail polish,lipsticks and other hair sprays.
The app is cool because you get to do the make overs on people but you only get to give the make overs to 2 people and the rest of them you have to pay for. You get to do their hair, nails, clothes and make - up and you get to take pictures of them with claudin wolf and francanstien. So all in all it is a great app but if you want all of it you have to pay £8.