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Halloween Farm: Monster Family

Halloween Farm: Monster Family for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by foranj located at Russian Federation Moscow City, 119435 Maly Savinsky per. d5 office 3. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I only gave only three stars because of the constant advertisements and some videos I've watched to get rewards I didn't even get the rewards because the app malfunctioned. This game has a limit of entertainment and gets boring rather quickly. This game is a bordom killer and nothing more. In gameplay you're struggling the whole time you're playing it because of the lack of space and resources. I couldn't give this five stars because of this problematic gameplay.
I have this game and Farm Snow. I like games with holiday themes and these two are good for that. Want to request one with an Easter theme. Great games! Please keep up the good work.
Personally the ads didn't bother me, this is a free game, developer needs money too! But I'm curious if developer knows which ads will come out. Cuz I saw mature ads pop out, that's ridiculous! Because this looks like a kids friendly app and even is not, why would a farming cartoon game will pop out sexual adolescent ads? Hope this will get attention by the developer as I think this is a quite serious problem...Thank you! By the way, I like the concept of the game, Halloween is my favourite ~
Love the game but... every since this new update watching adds for rewards I only get the rewards sometimes. Especially watching adds for speed ups on farms... otherwise a very fun game
Pass. Its actually a cute game but unless you're willing to sink a bunch of $$$ right off the bat, then you have to watch commercials to get needed item. Oh and that's 10 items to upgrade storage so, thats 10 dumb commercials in a row. Then..... Your "upgrade" is laughable. So, to continue, its now 20 dumb commercials in a row.... Nope. Nope. Nope. Shame on yall. You made a cool game. Too bad it's going to flop.
I just downloaded this game yesterday&just started playing it today this morning,but so far it's VERY CUTE!!& Just fun 2 build& create ur cute little spooky world!!I stumbled upon it on accident,going thru Google Play Halloween coloring games/app's & it seemed pretty cute& fitting 4 Halloween season!!So far,so good!!*DEFF RECOMMEND 4 YOUNGER KIDS AS WELL,IT'S EASY ENOUGH 2 FIGURE OUT&WOULD KEEP THEM BUSY!!*All in All-VERY CUTE GAME!!
I can not can any free videos anymore since the update!? Is it just me or is anyone else have the same problem!? Just wants me to pay all the time now for any extras!? ***UPDATE.... everything is working perfectly again!!! *** THANK YOU!
Play back videos not working to earn extra materials. Placed complaint a week ago still no update. Was fun while it lasted.
Very cute game! Kinda bummed because I had this game a couple years ago and didn't Facebook it before I deleted it and I had gotten a long way and now gotta start it over because I wanted it again. But i love the game!
After the last update, the machines no longer show when a product is ready. You just have to tap on them and see what you get, if anything. Please fix.
Love this game. You dont have to pay pay pay like most games. You can watch an ad and get what you need.
I love this game, but I randomly lost my rubies. I had more than 80 and when I re-opened the app, I was down to 8. I'm not sure what happened and now ads won't work on some things. I wish I knew what happened.
This game has a lot of glitches. You will plant items, load machines and by the time you log back in it has been erased. You will continue to start over. I do not recommend this game.
Just started to play and I'm enjoying it so far. I haven't run into any issues. It would be nice to be able to relocate a growing plot. I placed it in a spot that I don't like and now it's stuck in the way of somethig else.
Love this game, characters are cute, like the products that come from the machines! I just wish it was easier to buy land. Not everyone can spend real money on games and when we don't it takes us so much longer to earn things in the game we may tire and quit playing like so many others we have played before.
It's great I love this game you can do so much in this game so I suggest you get this you won't regret it but that's my opinion try for yourself and see how you feel
Just another farm game. It's a nice app. I really like the animation and graphics. Its a shame you get forced to watch an ad within a minute of opening the game....everytime! You are forced to buy a fountain...that I didn't want, with no holding place or sell/delete option. It really is just another farm game.... visitors and orders will forever be there with new products taking longer and longer to produce. Good luck, though.
It's a good game and fairly simple as most farm games go, I love how I can watch adds for a spin and to fill the tap speed metre instead of using gems. Brilliant for f2p players like myself :)
Great! I love that there were plenty of opportunities to get ahead without spending money. The characters are great. Very unique game.
I was enjoying this game until recently when i go to log in all i get is the prize screen. Ive tried uninstalling andnreinstalling and still nothing. Can not even contact support since I can t get past that screen. Very frustrating! Now, i did the test version and lost All my stuff!! Even after,logging into facebook.
I love Halloween and this game is right up my alley. It satisfies my urge for Fall & spooky things. Lol
Very cute, nice graphics. It would be nice to have a little more variety in the tasks, but I haven't been playing that long so I will see after playing a little longer how it goes.
I'm totally addicted and have been on this game non stop since Halloween. I Love it. Just wish the VIP wasnt a weekly payment subscription otherwise I would subscribe to the game also. But it's still amazing without being a VIP so 5 stars for the free version from me. :)
Game is good graphics good, but there are stalling times because of production times on items in the game which becomes a bit boring. Also my girlfriend is playing same game on her phone and were on the same level and she has car and I don't. It just says coming soon on mine. It makes it difficult to get tools to expand. I've looked for update on this game but none found. I've only been playing for a week, seems I have an older version can you please resolve this issue
I luv it great game easy fun until I had to transfer devices and I lost everything the game transfered but I had to totally start over
This is a very good halloween πŸŽƒ game not just halloween if you like farm games I'm not usually into farm games too much resources are needed ect but this one is very different it's rewarding and fun and I love the sounds give try it's not filled with ads either the graphics are really cute too.
Love this game. However, I have encountered the issue. When I head back to the game, I have to keep logging on Facebook and it keeps asking account with older version. This is kind of annoying. Please resolve this problem soon! I really don't wanna lose my current game progress.
Fun and fast at least in the begining. Like i can get the rewards by watching ads not just spending rl dollars.
I like Monster farm because i use to play it when i was 12 years old monster farm is my game that i like to play because it tells me that it is a happy game for me. From Ignacio Fitipol
Love the game, just wish I could get more storage faster. Obviously without spending money. I dont mind watching some ads but 10 or more to get access to something faster is a bit much for me.
It pains me to give such a low rating because the game is really cute. But this developer is insanely greedy. If you want to clear a new area, you need around 17 rakes and 16 clippers. These are either paid for with diamonds (real money, because the amount you get awarded in game are piddly) or by watching a video. But you only get 1 item per video watched, so you have to watch 33 videos just to open up one little area if you don't want to spend TONS of money all the time. Gimme a break, guys.
Its a fun game so far. You can watch ads to get extra stuff that ypu need to finish what ypir workin on
Not bad, time management sucks..but overall good game for now..crop figures also disappear but plot continue to grow..maleficent magic only works online at the cost of many videos..customers are scarce..otherwise, not bad..ads,ads an more ads..
Not a clue what to do.. i have read everything the screen has given me to read and I am so confused!!! X.... looks good - but at this moment time it is confusing and I have no idea what is happening or going on
the last update is not good and have so many bugs. Like on the plastic crusher, my level of plastic crusher is 5 and it says that the rubber duck is +1 but when the time ends, i only get 1 only but last time i always get 2. and also on other machine. Please qa first all the feature before you go live. Thank you!
Very nice game ,i am playing this farm type game near about 3 months,and it is awesome;updated version is give u more & more diamond.only advice is add more & more rake & cutter in shop so we expand land easily. Thank u
Could've been so much more!! Great graphics & quirky gameplay...however, the lack of any long term goals combined with no interaction with other players just makes this (unfortunately) an inferior version of "Hayday".
Love the characters, love the game play. Just what I needed to help take my mind off of these times and breath. Please give more opportunity to earn diamonds as you will make money and I will keep playing. Most of us don't have free money for gameplay.
I guess i should not invest much on the farm when growing crops and the animals since the silo is too small for the supplies.but its fun.
So far i like the game but the subscription cost for a week is outragous, thats not even the price of some for a month...but i do like it so far
I love the game. But you cannot connect it to Facebook. On my new phone I don't understand why. But I still love the game
I love the game. But some important products take so much time to produce. To reduce the time you have to watch video or pay. For expansion you can't get important tools.to get those tools easily you have to subscribe VIP. What!!??? That means this game is only for VIP?? I have one more issue that if you mistakenly buy a decorative thing then you can't delete or remove it. Enough storage and it's also rare to get tools for upgrade.
This is so good app I'm always looking it here science I'm 6 years old I used to play this game and i realy enjoy playing😊😊now I'm 13 years old I found it again and download it and I didn't regret it to play it again for me I realy enjoy playing this!😊😊
The ads pop up every three minutes, and when you click the x to close the app it doesn't close. It opens up the Google play store every time. I have to close the app and reopen to play but then a dumb ad does the same thing again. Such a shake because I was going to recommend my friends that live spooky stuff to get it but this is so annoying.
This is a awesome game, love the Good graphics ,an it is Halloween everyday, just love it ,5 stars indeed ,many thanks to the developers for making this game
My daughter loves this game so much, well she is 6, so I can't let her play it all the time I give her 30 minutes/day, she is sooo happy. I kind of enjoy it too. So πŸ‘πŸ‘ it's a YES from us.
I love the game ...got hooked ONLY issue I'm having and disappointed about is I finally found a game I like but when I came upon my first "factory upgrade" every single time we it freezes up the game ..Doesn't let me upgrade the factory or even exit out of the game...I have to completely get out through my phone by clearing the whole app...
This Game Are The Best Farming Game I Played This Game Every Day I Love This Game Monster Farm Are The Best Choice Of Farm
I loved the game until the last update... Now I can't see anything. The whole game is glitched out. So, I uninstalled it. If y'all fix the issue, I'll happily reinstall the game!
Not letting me watch the ads even though I have updated the game. I'm thinking of uninstall the app. Not happy with the game. Would be fun if you can sort out the problem I might keep playing the game. That's why I'm only giving 2 Star.
Cute Game. I like the graphics. Only issue is you have to continually spend money to increase storage. Other than that I like the game.
It's cute and it could be fun but somehow storage is ALWAYS full even after upgrading multiple times. You play for 30 seconds before you need to watch an ad (25-30 seconds long each time) to do anything. Play 30 seconds, watch an ad, play 30 secs, watch an add and on and on or you can pay 7.99 a WEEK 😐 for items that are pretty impossible to get. That's a lot of money for an app period. Seems after my review i cant even watch ads for items now how coincidental.
Fun, but annoying to many pop in ads that freeze game with repeated restarting. Game also never updates.
It's ridiculously expensive. I'm going to unsubscribe. I'm updating my review. I still think it's super expensive but I can't resist this addictive game. Moving to 4 stars.
Speed-ups aren't working; I watch the videos & it immediately pops up with gem/coin purchase store afterward, then I close the popup & it goes back to game without giving me any speed-ups.
Thank you for your help 😊. Game is loaded and running fine. The upgrade did the trick. Chgd rating from 1 to 5. Cute game!
It was very good but after playing for a few hours the game wants me to improve the production factory but when I tried to tap on it following what the arrow wants me to do, I just can't like the whole game is stuck with it and I can't press on other things.
Fun but.....why is when I watch an ad to speed up production is it now all of a sudden taking my diamonds as well. If it's going to take my diamonds I do t wanna see any freaking ads. And vice versa if I'm gonna spendy time watching ads I better not see my diamonds being used. May quit this game now.
Near impossible to advance if you don't purchase stuff. Pop ups constantly about purchasing. Its a cute game, but im getting bored already with it
Would give it a 5 but the storage is always getting full way to quick please fix that but I know ye want other than that I like it
I lost track of time playing! Although I'm fairly new to this game, love the graphics, music, tasks, expansions. Very enjoyable, im glad I found this!β™₯οΈπŸŽƒ πŸ‘»
I absolutely love this game It's a great game I love how cute the little vampires are and everything I love the scarecrows and the Witches and the little Frankenstein
It's a very busy game, fun and addicting! Love the characters and the graphics... I play it for hours!
The game is fun. I would give 5 stars but the storage of game items fills up ridiculously quickly. It's frustrating having to hold up game play to wait to use up resources in order to make space.
I love this game I've been playing this for 6months already.. and so far so good.. but at least ad some other costomer
I have been playing this game since October 2019❀️. I love the graphics and the theme of the game. So far I haven't had many issues except for running out of storage so often I have to sell things I need at the market to make room in storage. If you could make it easier to upgrade storage without having to spend real money I would totally give it a five star rating!πŸ’œ For me the storage is the only real issue I have had with this wonderful game. UPDATE 4/5/2021 ADD New Stuff It's getting boring!
Desappointing . The amount of object you purchase or create is not credited on the account. Frustrating. I reached out but no response. Too bad because the graphic are awsome for all Halloween fans.
Just started playing and enjoying the great graphics and storyline so far. Always fun quests that roll smoothly.
You said i could save my game on my facebook account. That's a lie. No it did not! The game was laggy because it needed to be up dated so i uninstalled it and then reinstalled it just to be safe. Now after being at level 22 i now have to start over again BS No, do not think so, not happing. Get you stuff straight. Im not startig over.
It's such a good app! I live the fact that you can play offline and it never really gives a lot of ads. The animations are amazing and would reccoment to a friend! I connected to fb which helped me save my data and think it's a great way to save my stuff! One thing I would add though is not to bombard me with different tasks or events. That's all, thank you!
HALLOWEEN farming town edition... very different but so far nothing to fix. If u don't like playing with "neighbours" that takes up friends spots and don't send u anything: this game is perfect.
Fun but there is a problem with the storage it counts more than the actual produce. Overall it's fun and enjoyable
Such a cute game. Perfect for thos who just want to play a Halloween themed game year round. So fun. Graphics are pretty good.
I love this game. It would be even better if it where easier if building up of storage could be built-up faster as you go.
Seams to be glitch at start of game where u send gifts the board ain't loading right so restarted game then it kicks me off. Pls fix ive just d.loaded it and was getting into the game.
If you want me to play this game. I cant run out of storage space every few minutes with no easy way to get the rocks and slabs I need to increase the storage. It just makes it boring
Love the graphics, characters, gameplay and even the sound effects. Great detail. Love the option to watch a video for a reward. Love the "tap option" Very generous game. Not greedy or unfair at all. Unlike 90% of other games in its category. Wish i could sign in through google play. Wish i could chat/trade with other players. Needs events. Fantastic game!
I keep playing it, besides I love Halloween. It can be a interactive game. You grow things make items to sell
I have to restart the game all the time because it either blacks out or goes to the play store. When you hit the free trial selections to watch a video you end up with nothing and all the free trials wasted. Up grade items are hard to get when you want to expand or up grade a machine. Storage is small. Some of the processes take to long to make and do. I don't mind spending hours on a game if I have something to constantly do. I don't spend $ on games because you don't get much in return for it.
So nice and good game my favourite game because it is so nice and cool game my farm game favourite and I am love monstar happy came so nice I love it so much and I am love ghostand my favourite game is monster farm is and nice my favourite games it is very helpful from the farm and it's very nice game πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
love this game hands down this is the best game ever, its fun to play in so many ways, just love how they made this game is GREAT :) i ask my friends from facebook to play this amazing game.
I really love this game! The graphics are great and the characters are adorable. There are many opportunities to earn in game gems, which is rare in most games, a d makes this game a joy to play!
I can not can any free videos anymore since the update!? Is it just me or is anyone else have the same problem!? Just wants me to pay all the time now for any extras!? UPDATE.... everything is working perfectly again!!!
It's not working is is been said that app not found the game is not opening the level was above 30 it's gone all wasted After a year I again install the game I like the new features hope u will being more new features just the game should not become like last year
Amazing graphics! I love the garden items!! Very creative. However this game can go further! It has so much potential other then just filling orders. It does have a room for you to complete in the mansion, but that's as far as it goes. Not much to do in this game, but I do enjoy it.
The graphics are great but game play is extremely slow. I don't even mind the ads, the game is "free" after all. I just wish watching an ad was worth a little more. It make the game more enjoyable.
Love the game but been waiting for almost a month for a new hotel room only got to complete 2 rooms now been waiting for the new one. All in all I love the game
Love the game. love the graphics, its not tiring on the eyes. Its a nice farm game but instead tomatoes you get googly eyes lol I love the theme. Ads don't bother me. 4 stars because it needs missions, a goal to get somewhere or win stuff also. Cause just by leveling up it kinda gets boring .im level 23. Waiting to see on lvl 24. Hope it gets better.
This game is nice as compare to other farm simulator games . This game has another fruit and vegetables growing ideas .
What a fun game to play for Halloween I love this game thank you so much it's a fun farm game thank you it's relaxing and fun no problems here
I wouldn't recommend to spend money on any game that doesn't have protective posters that pop up when you touch ,by mistake or on purpose, items like rubies in this game. In my experience half of the rubies gone for things I never expected them to be spend on. I hope it could be fixed us bugs that shoot of game after advertisements. Design is pleasant, almost perfect.
Not bad time killer music is annoying and repetitive graphics are OK. Once you get higher on levels the game picks up speed.
This is an edit. I had to uninstall and reinstall the game and it actually works!!! Yay i really like this game I am totally addicted. I love the style if the game. Thank you
It's a fun game to play i love the monster's they are so cute, the only negative thing is that when you run out of gem's they are a bit dear to purchase.
I love the animation and the concept. However, I wish it was more involved and easier to get supplies to garden and create recipes. It would be fun to play a monster themed game along with the builder type aspect of it.
Lots of ads. $7.99 per week subscription to play effectively. Ridiculously priced. I've given this game a week and paid the week's $7.99 fee to see if that helps. Storage fills up so quickly that you have to do a lot of purchasing just to play. Graphics are cute but game play is a huge thumbs down. Gets boring after a few days. Watching videos to get an item needed gets old. Good luck. Hope you guys figure it out. I'll revisit if you do some major tweaking. Not paying 32+/month.
I dont like having to watch ads. If to many start showing I will delete the game. It's a cute game but not worth ad watching.
I love the game i got to level.26! But now its updated & ive lost everything! Its gone back to level 1! So annoyed! Ok update! I got to level 6 when it suddenly went back to begining! Uninstalled now! Sadly. Not much good if its going to do that each time!
When I first started playing it I thought ok just another one of "them" games.. and I kept playing it, and now I can't keep my nose out of it. I'm addicted to this game. And with halloween around the corner it's great! I love it!
Great fun. I really like the way there are various ways to earn the items you need to upgrade without ridiculously expensive packs. Granted they take some time so you may prefer to just buy what you need. The graphics are fun and I love the scarecrows.
I just got this game because....well Halloween lol. It is miserable. So far all I've been trying to do is "farm" items and no matter how many times I've upgraded storage it's full. Then to even collect ONE item, 25 second ad. So in a span of playing for 3 minutes trying to just farm (the only thing you can do) ove literally had to watch over 15, 25 second ads. That's for like 3 minutes play. Everytime you need to to anything, oops inventory is full watch an ad. I wanted to like this game but...
It's fun, but is anyone else having issues with the add play ever since the update? The game gives me the option to play a video for more time, or for bonus gems but I always get the same error and I can't play the adds, it then defaults to nothing or asking me to pay in gems. It's so annoying. I've tried full restarts and turning my wifi and LTE off and on but they don't seem to help.
I love the game its very easy to get diamonds and it doesn't need ur bank account to play if u don't want to, which I like. The only issue I've had is the garage stop working since I hit level 22. But I love the game
I really like this game so far. I'm not very far along, so I may change my rating. I li the fact that if yo need an item we can watch an ad & get the item. It give you a chance to keep the game going. The characters are really cute. So I'm off to continue playing the game now.
I really love this game but I had to do a factory reset and before that I liked and followed on facebook but it did not save anything and I spent money to advance and get what I want so I am upset it was not saved. Be careful.
Its a great game, love the arts and colours i like the way you do it but its hard to get seeds could you make a way to get seeds easier so we would produce more candies
Don't know if it's just glitched or broken. But the game just freezes on the upgrade food processor quest(I've already done it twice before receiving the quest). It keeps telling me to improve but wont let me click improve or do anything else. Also got the deal for making a purchase for no more adds....yet I still get adds for speed ups or needed items. So whats the point? Im forced to improve the food processor each time I open the game