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Monster evolution: hit & smash

Monster evolution: hit & smash for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by PlayPops located at 633009 Новосибирская область г. Бердск ул. Лунная д. 10А кв. 47 [email protected]. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was wondering if that next year you can do a customize a kaiju/monster and get like more limbs and change head shape because I made a kaiju oc and I would like if it could be in the game and add a flight ability and add a dragon monster also... the game is AMAZING I love it just AMAZING..
its really fun but my probloms are that one you have to pay to get your power ups back because its way to hard to get them by playing and please add more kaiju such as gigan and king ghidorah and i know you cant really add them because of coperight resons but make simular characters
Great Game!!! Definitely has a lot of potential. One problem though... the game shuts down on insane mode levels 6-8. Please help. Thx. Keep on Addin' Kaiju & Levels... both Skull & Monster Islands would be Amazin'!!!👍😎
I love this there are many monster like kong king ghidorah and godzilla 2014 and many godzilla i want i love this game from india🇮🇳😉😊😊
I Really Love The Game Has A Lot Of Work Put Into It Just The Charaters / Kaijus / Titans Look A Little Off Maybe Copyright But Incridable Game 10/10 Best Game 2nd Place With My Other Fav Game Roblox
This is a great game, you can destroy entire citys with a perfect level of ease, I only wish their were more monsters to unlock Monsters are Godzilla, King Kong, MeachaGodzilla, and King Ghidorah (who looks like Smoug from the Hobbit) along with two other monsters who are unike in their own respect. Allso there is a new monster coming out that looks like it will be a yeti or sasquach
I have to make a review. The best and most complete Titan game I have EVER played on mobile, honestly it even competes with console games. So to the creators, you have blessed us with GREATNESS! Thank you, only thing is add more Titans and bosses. Otherwise absolutely Perfect.. 🐲🦍
i like this Game You Can add hydra and Two headed Dragon And new Godzilla And add new map Pls👍🤩
Pretty good game there are missions that you can do in the game I give it 4 stars because of the ads but it's not big problem I recommend getting this game
Great, simple, uncomplicated fun game (very therapeutic to smash all those buildings, trees, fences and cars) The best 'Godzilla' game (Highly Recommended) A+
I love this game but I would like if the future levels can be cities but big ones like Tokyo, Hong kong, Boston and more. But I give this game 5 star because it's AWSOME.
This game is so much fun and I can't wait for new levels to be added in the future because it's so much fun and I just LOVE fighting the bosses.
I like it so much but can yopls make the graphics better and and joystick and simulation a first person
Mindless, money grabbing garbage. An inane, long advertisement after every round. I hope developers received 0 cents from the 10 minutes I had it installed.
This Game Is Very Fun! You Should Add A Joystick And Add A Feature That Allows You To Move Your Screen That Would Be Fun!
Zilla, godzila, muto, mechagodzila, Kong, rodan, so many cool😎 monsters and the awesome boss battle mode but maybe add the ghridah and the behemoth and can you developer's make the boss any one we want but in general your game is soooooooo cool
Do not ever install this game, because when i started to play my monster is invisible but still everything is destroying . so it is a waste of storage! Warning: download it at your own risk!
Not a bad game but if you add better graphics that would be nice i already have all monsters and all upgrades maxed out and i enjoyed it but im still waiting for the new leveland it would be so nice if you put more action into it.but beside all that you have a good game👌
Hope there's mothra :)🐝 and new maps🗽🗼🌉🎡🎢🌋 and online pvp modes⚔ so rate the game 5 stars got it boomer⚄🇺🇳😎
Just saying good job adding kong now add a giant snake, a sludge monster, and king ghidorah but it has arms and legs, and finally add a giant freaking turtle that could extend its neck and flys around so pls add them and also the real final one add siren head and make it like different game modes like online where you have to fight people online and also you can be a kaiju or a human and there can be a another game mode in online by making everyone a kaiju and They all fight each other
Awsome game you can upgrade from the classic Godzilla to God monsters if the graphics improve I'll rate full 5 stars
its a good game its fun you get to destroy everything in your way so play it and give good responds they tried hardly to make thisgame so play it and do it they madeit for us
It's fun smashing the things but when I was fighting the tanks it keep trying to smash but it's a super game I recommend this game
My son absolutely loves this game. It's very easy to play but isn't overtly violent. Monster mash content but family friendly.
This game is so so so good that I could play this game for a hour. I played this game for the first time I believe like in 2019 around there and it was boring in that time but now you stepped the game up like a lot. When godzilla vs king kong came out I was trying to find a game that has godzilla and I remembered about this game and I was like I need to play this game again so then I downloaded this game again and now I am not deleting this game no more.btw can you add gigan and king ghidorah
The best game of being a monster It almost has no problems but you should a training mode a online fighting mode and make your own OC (BTW I BORROWED THE IDEA FROM SOMEONE FOR MAKING AN OC) and a story mode, plus instead of 2 moves it should be 3, also since I'm suggesting to make an online mode you should name yourself(also pls name the monsters they have no names) so that's all I'm suggesting an amazing game
Great game, its not very violent, you have godzilla, kong and other monsters. But I gave it 4 stars because the graphics aren't as good as other games, such as godzilla defense force. Please fix the graphics 🙏.
I am a godzilla fan and I love this godzilla game not bad good monster map boss fight but can bring out a Godzilla game by which you can fight all the monster just like the Godzilla movie can there be attack button mode map ok 😁😁😁
Hard and fun game we can take Monsters collect awesome powers and unlock and upgrade kaiju in monsterum
I have been playing this game for a year and this is the best Godzilla game of all time! Even though it's fake but I still love it!
I like the game its crazy fight the dragon.can you make more bosses,more kaiju and map. I like the map moon because kaiju stay at moon
Love this game! Completed all levels & unlockables farely quickly so would love some additional levels & more Kaiju!
This game is pretty good.it has many kaiju like Godzilla mechagodzilla cyborg kong and I guess I can say zilla.the controls are not as good though.you can't stop walking and you can't upgradeanything.i give it a 3 star for the attacks,models,creativity,and the fact that you get to be popular monsters reemagined.
Game is Pay Play, You have to either whatch a add which freezes your game to get a power up, or spend $8 just to get 20.
Amazing update, In the next update can you add fighting mode where you choose two monsters and make then fight or. A mode that tells us the story of the monsters and is there a godzilla reference in your game?(in the movie building there is a sign of monsters) and thank you for the update.