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Monster Chef

Monster Chef for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Coconut Island Games located at Room 305, Building A, No.1339, Chang De Road, Shanghai, China. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a really charming game with some of the most delightful characters and animations. The act of capturing monsters and discovering new dishes is so fun and makes this really stand out among other similar games. Micro transactions and ads are minimal/optional - this game really does just want to be fun and enjoyed <3
It's very creative, I really love all the little details and descriptions. The achievement system is also very good. My only complain is that for some reason I can't play it offline.
Was really enjoying MC for many months-very fun and original-that I invested money in it. There's an option to log in via FB (from Mainland China lol); I don't do FB but didn't lose out on anything. Yesterday, first time I get a prompt stating that if I don't sign in via FB devs can't guarantee saved data but I'm welcome to continue as a guest. Really? Screwing over those who know better than to touch FB, -3* Still love the game but won't be so ready to invest money now. Devs: stop peddling FB.
Cute little tap and click cooking game. It's got an adventuring mode to off set some of the upgrade wait times and in-game payouts are very generous. It's a good game! The nice thing is you are not bombarded by ads and can chose when to watch them for rewards. I guarantee that I watch more ads when I control it than not. If you don't want to watch ads you never have too!!! Also its fairly price as far as I'm app purchases go. Overall very fun game!
its a good game the graphics are good, everything is good. Its fun and addicting but i see that the game seems to be allowed to play offline if u stop the online purchase and notification. If it allows offline then it will become a better game.
Super fun and creative. Lots to do, so it's difficult to get bored of it. The only criticism I would have is that, since there's a lot going on on the screen, it takes a day or two to get used to - which probably minimizes the people willing to stick out gameplay. But all in all, great game.
Nice cute and unique game! You get to explore areas, collect ingredients and cook whatever you like. It's not like those generic repetitive games out there, I definitely recommend this game. Also there's not a lot of ads, which is great. Kudos to the devs 👍
The tutorials are a tiny bit janky, so let it go slow and watch out! Overall it's pretty fun play, once you get things going. It has idler aspects and things to play in the mean time. There is space to explore and a mystery to go through.
Love the graphics and the storyline, kind of confusing at first but eventually i get the hang of it. Very funn
I love the graphics, i only downloaded it a couple of days ago but im pretty sure im going to keep this game for a very long time
This looks like a wonderful game and I've been really exited to play all day, but when trying to load it, it gets stuck on the title screen saying "connecting to server". No matter how long I wait, it doesn't do anything. I've tried everything, and unfortunately received no support. Help!
Unique, fleshed out game. The art style definitely stands apart. It might not be for everybody, but you can see the time and effort that went into this. Worth a look if it caught your attention. Dropped some stars because it drains a ridiculous amount of battery, crashes regularly, and continues running even after you've closed it. Wouldn't be surprised if it was leaking memory. I'm still playing it, but there are too many bugs for my liking.
great game, loveing playing it, but needs a few small improvements. 1) When hunting monsters, you need to be able to swipe, tapping over and over is very annoying. 2) The sound controls are not very good; if you turn down 'Sound effects', a lot of background noise still plays when you click things, like the farms and octo chef. It's probably just mapped to the wrong sound channel, and should be easy to fix
It's really rare to find an app that's fun and challenging with decent gameplay that isn't just an obnoxious ad farm! I love the monster designs and the amount of things you can work towards in this, even when you've finished the level there's a lot of fun in hunting down eggs and finishing quests between new areas. The monster designs are so cute too! I'd absolutely buy plushes if there was merch!
Not been playing this long, only 2days but so far it's a brilliant game. There's so much to do but can't quite work out some of it yet... Been playing a while now and I absolutely love this game!
I love this game and everything about, BUT ever since the last update on 27/4 it's been so laggy, it freezes all the time, please fix the bugs.
I am ashamed of myself...first thing's first, it don't make a difference but I DON'T write reviews, only a FEW games, have I written for. I'm ashamed, I kept passing this game up as "just another cooking game" but MAN was I wrong. The rare currency isn't ridiculously rare, you can skip ads and reap benefits, no ads (optional only), and it's not ENTIRELY about cooking. I think I'm in love, and I doubt I'll get rid of it! Please, keep it up! And thank you for the wonderful experience. C:
Very amusing characters. Great game! This game is so seamless and entertaining that I'm surprised it's free! I love that it's highly playable without needing to pay to win or watch endless amounts of ads!
I'm impressed with this game. First I love the graphics and audio. Second it starts out easy then you need to put your thinking cap on to create different recipes. Third I just love the monsters! I did get a msg from my security app that my personal data is being gathered and used. This makes me very uneasy. Not sure if o should delete the game.
While I really like the game itself, there is this weird bug when I upgraded my shop to lv 4. Now after I connect to server, I get a black screen.
Has a lot of potential, the main problem is that the game can be quite confusing at points. Theres a whole friends system with some sort of renting mechanic thats never explained. That along with certain UI textures not loading every once in a while.
Too many things going on. Can't scroll back up thru explanations of you tap to have spotscoot say it faster (text progresses infuriatingly slowly). It also fails to send friend requests to suggested players. Every time. It's visually unique and stunning, and it's very interesting to look for every detail for the first week or so. And then it very quickly becomes an idle game.
Fun game just wish they hadn't removed all my progress when it disappeared from the Google store. Months of progress gone
Very detailed, interesting game so far. The only thing I'd prefer is if the dialogue boxes were scrollable: the text moves too slowly, so I click to speed it up, but if there are multiple lines, it just skips to the bottom.
Fun and simple game, beautiful graphics and interesting characters.Though, it requires internet connections and isn't available offline. It is overall an enjoyable game, and it is worth trying
I am really into this. The creatures are cute/interesting/cool, the music is awesome, it's easy to understand, and I keep coming back for more. Now if only other players were as diligent as I with daily soy drops, then it would be the perfect game to me. Update: After playing every day for the past 4 or 5 months, yesterday my game would crash as soon as I opened it. There was no update. I had to unintall and reinstall to get it to work. I got no responce from devs. I was offline for 1d11h. Yikes
The screen is black after the logos at the beginning, it's a pity because it looks like a great game... I hope this can be fixed so I can actually try it! EDIT: I reinstalled and after starting it loads of times it finally worked. This game is amazing! It has so many features and different things to do. However it crashes repeatedly when I start it so I have to try a couple times before it actually starts.
I love this game, it is super cute and fun. I have only 1 small issue - if it can be resolved, I'll change this to a 5 star review. When selecting recipes to cook, I wish it can have the option of sorting the list alphabetically because it can be a pain to sort through the recipes when looking for a specific one.
Brilliant! Love the graphics! Still early on but the gameplay is good so far.. Keep up the good work!
Very interesting story, lovely graphics and goog gameplay. Don't need to cash in to enjoy the game and items are not pricy to buy
enjoy playing the game but keeps cashing on me when I downloaded it the second time. Please fix this bug
I'm digging the hell out of this game so far. Thank y'all for making ads a choice - I'll actually watch them that way. The game play itself is quirky and fun but not over bearing and the music keeps getting stuck in my head.
I like this game it's wacky has Monsters of food and yeah I just feel like I could use more monsters like a chickadilla it could be a quesadilla that's a chick and you can make stuff out of that kiss Adia
Monster chef is one of the most unique restaurant games I've tried. It ties in a nice aesthetic and carries out the monster theme throughout. I love it!
I think it would be a good game but it kicks me of when I try to get on the app so please fix my problem
dis app games is so great!! graphic kinda cute & adorable especially the "Octopus Monster Chef" ❤, the gameplay overall is great too, I love & addicted to play dis game day & nite time. i'll give it 5stars 😍. Thumbs up! Hopefully dis game will be more better in future.
A great game, has ads but they are almost always optional, plus usually get good rewards from watching at 30 second ad. The art style is what's up, super neat.
Surorisingly great game! Deep, fun, great art and design. Haa idle mechanics but not a cookoe cutter, boring idle game where you simply watch numbers go up. Has real gameplay and strategy, closer to a shopkeep game than an idle game. I almost took off a star for asking for a monthly sub in the cash shop, but the game has been so good so far without it, Im going full ratings. Just hope I dont hit a paywall! (no pvp so P2W is not present, but pay to accelerate is, but its not egregious for F2P)
i install it couple hours ago and when i tried to opwn it just say that its connecting to sever but it didnt get connected after 15 min why??
I really like the game. My only problem is that I can't find where to change my avatar and name. But I hope I will find it soon. Thank you!
I came for the Gumballs & Dungeons collab, stayed for the charm and gameplay. This is part idle-party active, it just depends on how you want to play. Progression is effort-intensive but the game isn't particularly greedy, it's easy to earn potions playing the game. Don't let the first exploration area fool you, the others are not easy!
I like it because of the variety weeks later still finding something new. though, I do wish it could be on a console and then further developed or revamped for console use....I'd enjoy being on that beta team. Eh I like it. give it one day.
im loving the game, a single note. the scrolling text speed is slow AF but when tapping to see the entire text, it doesn't fit in the box. so the tutorial was half blind for me. but im impatient so... otherwise 5stars!! love the individual floors! the monsters! the soysauce! love it!
Hello,I stuck many times when hitting 'start exploration' button,no way to solve the issue but quit and restart the game.This is a good game,I don't want the issues to ruin it.Pls fix it asap,thanks.
One of the most engaging and cool games I ever played on mobile. The art is purely amazing, wish more games had such a cool design concept. Also, there's so many things to do, and it's not stressing you out to do them!
Addicting! The monsters are unique and I love the story line. It kinda reminds me of the old favorite Monster Petshop
I played this game over 120 hours and had to delete it for some reason. Now I'm installing for the music. Well done guys! I appreciate your game artists❤️
Fun game but....why can't the player bring back the bags from exploration and discard from home which one they don't want instead of being told they are full when that is literally the only bag they have on them. The same bag the player has to bring back if they have space. Does not make sense.
The art style is truly unique and the playstyle is not boring at all. Loving the game and more importantly loving the concept!
Lost month's worth of progress and my game file due to server being unable to find it. Now have to restart. Other than that, it is a great game. Update: after about a week, my account was brought back by the help of the helpful staff. Again, I would like to say thank you and give the game the stars it deserves.
I really do love this game. The going is slow, but I feel like can go at my own pace, without it seeming like I'm lagging behind expectations. The monster variety is great, the art is fun and quirky, and the central gameplay loop is complex without having too many things to do. Just a fun, chill idle game that doesn't feel oppressive in asking for money.
Beautiful game! Unique concept with charming artwork and original monster designs. Some of the mechanics are hard to understand , but the game encourages exploration so that's okay. There are premium features but they are optional, and no ads. My only concern is that advancing the speed of the text boxes makes the top unreadable. Consider adding a scroll bar? Otherwise I love it!
Falls into the broad category of "idle resource management game" along with Tiny Tower and Idle Apocalypse, but its world is wonderfully detailed, with descriptions of every one of the many ingredients, dishes, monsters etc., all suffused with a unique, oddball sense of humor (and a few interesting real-world facts). That, plus the excellent soundtrack, makes it a fun place just to spend time in, even though you're still doing the same old busywork that all these games are built on.
One of the only mobile games that have kept me playing. Doesn't rely on ads and actually feels like you are progressing. Awesome art style and when you upgrade and progress through there are new things to see not like other mobile games that expect you to restart over and over.
The new hunt mode is great. Occasional lag but not too bad. Overall nice addition to the game. Waiting for new maps update.
Better than expected! It's impressive that it's a free game! I love it. The graphics are pretty, and the mechanic is complete! This game have all the points of a great complete game, and it's free ( pay with ads ) CON: this game ask permission to access the Android storage.
I love cooking, and business. So, this game really shines upon that! 😂 Only issue that I have so far is that it's just a little too cluttered up, that's all. Aside from that, definitely love the recipe research section. 😍
so many games that I've played reference this game, and i see why. first they music is amazing, and it is cool that the monsters have there own sounds. the art syle is beautiful, and the story may be short but sure does get you sucked in.
I only have one problem with this game: missions you need to pay real money for to complete. So far there has been one, but my level is low so idk if I'll get more. I don't want to pay real money to satisfy the completionist in me.
Fun, awesome aesthetic. But PLEASE give us a non-Facebook login option. No way I'll ever log in with Facebook.
I really like the game but ever since the recent update my game crashes constantly at random intervals.
This game is great. The style is adorable and there is so much to do in the game. It's the perfect amount of things to do so you aren't confused but you aren't bored either. I love the part where you can research the food to make new recipes. Definitely plan on playing a while bunch more!
i really do like the art style, though. but also upgrading your monster farm things makes it so that specific resource isnt being produced. it's part where you go out to search for monsters is actually a good idea, if you want to spend time doing something mindlessly for a while. but the time components, such as not producing resources whilst upgrading, or only receiving resources while harvesting, and stopping after a set amount of time actually quite discouraged me. overall, i am ambivalent.
i love this game its great for kids one thing thoue it takes a loooooogn time to load plz fix it other than that keep up the good work
Love the Game, hate the fact that it's a mobile game, idle style thing, hate them, hate being encouraged to spend real money in game. Would always rather pay for a game once than basically need to pay to make the game workable. That being said excellent concept.
My fav game this year! So much to it, very entertaining. Such a moody awesome art style, very atmospheric. & You don't have to spend ANY cash to feel satisfaction of seeing the game in its entirety without feeling like you lost half of the fun by not getting $$ items. Everyone who I've recommended this game to has come back to play again & again :)
Update: If no more ads about three kingdom-theme will be better. Too much already, I still can accept other ads. 希望能夠减少/移除关于三国主題的廣告,这类广告过于泛滥了。其他广告我都能接受。 Fun to play, good game to play with to relax your mind.
It was going well. But when i unlocked the order sets, everytime i had an A or S class set the game freezes or i cannot click collect.. When it refreshes I just lose the whole quest. Getting pretty annoying.
Still trying to get the game concept down. But i like that there is so many different tasks that have different goals and rewards. Very cool idea and entertaining with new age stradegy concept
I don't often leave reviews but this game is criminally overlooked. While not revolutionary by any means when it comes to the semi-idle genre, the great, moody artwork and surprisingly layered systems at work here are commendable. I haven't hit any sort of paywall (at least not yet), and other than a slightly iffy translation it has some good humor and a surprisingly compelling world. Would recommend if you are looking for a good time waster.
I'm actually addicted. This game is amazing. I love the animations and the art style. The game play is fun and not too repetitive. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who just has some extra time to kill. Best part is, you can keep playing even when you're waiting for stuff to finish.
It's a funny take on the Chinese saying "Dark cuisine", which means recipes using unusual ingredients. In this case, your ingredients are harvested from monsters. Being an idle game, the game itself is addictive and the reward system is good, but it's a bit too complicated for a mobile game. Graphic is crude but still looks good. I'm actually quite impressed with the translation work! Suggestion: put an option for language before the tutorial.
i really like it. i wish it wasn't so difficult to find a farming game with a little to it. one thing i will say is, when i try to accept a friend request, i get the error "pick a name before going further". i know i need an ID but can't find where i can change it
it's a nice game. Keeps me awake in classes 😂 I like how there's a lot in this game and I like food. But may I suggest that we will be able to cancel the auto exploration? Because sometimes I tapped on it when I actually want to tap on something else... 😅
This game is addicting! The artwork is so cute and different and it's simple enough that it doesn't stress me out. I also love that I am not forced to watch ads every other second. Don't get me wrong there is still ads but I love this game so much that I honestly don't mind
Fun so far, and the lack of ads is refreshing. My only complaint is the reliance on internet; I believe the game could run just as well without a connection.
I'm addicted to this game. Seriously, it's a fun game and the best is that it doesn't shove ads in your face whenever you do something. It's one of the few games that's like this nowadays. The mechanics of the game is really fun. The animations are amazing, sometimes I just keep watching it and admiring the time and effort that the devs put in this game. When it comes to premium currency, it exists but you can easily get a decent amount every day. I highly recommend this game!!!
The game is crowded with bugs and freezes, and later on capturing monsters basically demand you to watch ads. It's not a very fluid game
The new hunt mode is great, but the constant lag throughout the game kinda ruin the experience. Overall nice addition to the game.
I LOVE THIS! a Game about monsters and food seemed a little weird until I started playing. its fun! this game is far diffrent from most games on moble. you don't have to really throw money at it to get anywhere. the artstyle is amazing and I wish more game were like this!
I totally love this game BUT it's has been months since I could login. The server don't connect. My internet is fine, I tried to reinstall the app multiple times, even tried others sources of internet, it still won't load. Solve this please.
It's pretty good game and i love the idea. But the menu is way too much and confusing. It makes me less enjoy the game, cause i still have to think what to do. But 5/5 for graphic.
Great game with very unique art direction polished to the max, there's even different room designs for each monsters with thier own animation. Really stands out apart from the sea of poorly made cashgrab mobile games.
Great app, easy to understand get into, has some originality to it and the art style is neat. Kind of like Pokèmon meets Cooking Mama with a spooky aesthetic. I'd reccomend this.
this is a really fun and creative way. I like how you can go out and explore abd bring back stuff to cook. very cool. if I have any negative things to say about it, id have to play a lot longer to find anything that makes me stop playing.
Excelent tunes. Menues are too noisey and item clutter, im not a big fan of cooldown times they are waaay too long. the art direction is easily the best part of this game but theres not much else going on from a gameplay perspective, treasure hunting and crafting should be more rewarding but you never really feel like youve made any significant progress there needs to be a ballance so people dont feel like they are wasting time waiting. wish more mobil games were as beatifull as this one
Love this game. It's so creative and fun and cute. Not too complicated but definitely has layers. The creatures are fantastic!
Very fun with so many to do. Cute art style. Ads are not shoved into your face but at the same time they're very rewarding to watch.
Such an amazing idle game to pass the time, the gameplay is fun and not too complicated and the character designs are nice!
Very engaging game. This is the first game I've seem in which the ads aren't annoying. Doesn't occupy much time but is pretty addictive. Very creative. Highly recommended :)
I have this love-hate relationship with the ads tickets I think this game demand too much to squeeze your wallet dry, even if you pay some time you still have to watch ads if you want a bit more bonus, kinda sad and a little disappointed for a good game
is a nice game, but there's a few bug with the egg soul collect achievement. i try to report them on fb with photo... hoping they can notice the problem, but they didn't catch my point and explain to me some random stuff... few days later the bug is solved, not sure is it lagging or what... anyway i will continue play it . love the graphics
I really like this game the creatures, dishes, areas ect. but there is one giant problem, this game requires way too much attendance. whether its collecting magic eyes, starting up cooking or collecting ingredients, the upgrades should be to the benifit of how the game works, like bonuses not how much time i have to keep track of. i dont like games that dont progress unless you keep tabs on it. i have other games to play. still though this game is amazing and i recommend it
Very unique, Props to the artists that worked on this game i really appreciate how much time and effort it took to make this game as visually appealing as it is. The Pixel Art style they made has so much detail in everything from the environment of the game, to each individual character and ingredient. As for the Gameplay, it is enjoyable and has a great amount of content to explore and expand with Game events, Different maps, and Hundreds of characters and Avatars. Overall A Very Solid Game
This game is wayy better than the average idle game, and I haven't really played another like it. The quests are not hard to complete, nothing is really paywall locked and the exploring feature gives it more depth than what most games that would consider themselves similar( like the cat game for example) don't even attempt. It feels as immersive as a console game and that's what we love to see
The exploration mode is fun, the extra currencies can be easily obtained for free and the artstyle is great. Would definitely recommend to my friends if I stayed in contact with them.
This game is so cute. I love the art and the music and the monsters are so creative! I like how it doesn't move too fast and it actually takes work to level up and get better. There are so many different aspects of game as well. Also no intrusive ads! I like how you can choose to watch ads to get things rather than have them popping up every two minutes like most the games out there these days.
Great game with minimal MTX. I've been playing this game F2P for a month or so now and I've probably made it to what might be considered the late game stages of this game. All you need to invest in this game is a bit of time. It's incredibly addicting and rewarding. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a time sink that they don't have to pay for.
Amazing. I love every aspect. It's fun, it's able to be played while working and you don't have to pay to win!
Love it!!!! So addictive, I can spend time in this fame for hour!!! And I can leave them to run by them self for a while too! So GOOD!!!!
Super fun! Very creative and innovative with missions and quests, but also the fun/addictiveness of a clicker game. Love the art and characters. My only critique was some things really weren't obvious or clear in how to do them, or what they were.
lost everything, ive been playing every day for at least a month, and today there was a login issue and i lost EVERYTHING. im supper upset. this is a really fun game but not fun enough to start from the begining again.
Fun game great concept, so its a shame that it lags a lot and is buggy. Every advert is a gamble as to whether the game will resume or crash afterward. Sometimes I have to watch adverts twice for it to register. It has also rolled back my progress on several occassions after crashing.
Absolutely love the game and its many layers! Love the fact that players can level up even without purchases. Graphics are amazing, bg music is engaging, very minimal bugs. Excellent work and kudos to the developers!
This is one fantastic game. The art is amazing, the story is intriguing, and it's just flat out addictive. It's a good game if your looking for adventure/action/cooking/collector type game, and would recommend top almost anyone. great job guys!
Interesting game mechanics. Genuinely can be ported from mobile at some point. Actually has good gameplay and mechanics that are dynamic to continue intrigue. Well done.
Love the game so far. The artstyle is amazing, the way of getting the ingredients is really creative and it's surprisingly easy to understand everything, despite it looking like a lot
lovely,i love the beat of the background music,the sound effects and all the characters.Unique indead.
My child is favorite game he can cook and control is easy sometimes my child would even hatch eggs ❤❤❤
Great game, a lot going on, I'm still unsure of certain aspects but im learning and enjoying it. Magic eyeballs are hard to come by and that is holding me back. GREAT ADVICE ...level up pots... 💙💙💙 I LOVE THIS GAME!!! THANK YOU!!
best cooking game out of all the ones I tried so far. only thing is that it drain battery a little fast
The art style is fantastic. Very reminiscent of "Aaahh! Real Monsters" and "Duckman." It's great that there's more than just the cooking sim party of the game. We'll see how well it holds up last on.
It's pretty interesting and cool to look at. It makes you want to keep on developing what you have. I like it a lot!
i love this game, but i think finding new monsters shouldn't be so rare. i have an idea to fix this. one idea i have is add an item to make the chance of finding a new monster a bit higher
I haven't gotten very far, but so far I believe this game is very imaginative and entertaining. The quirky weirdness of all the monsters is one of the best parts, but I also really enjoy the wonky method of finding recipes.
Very creative, with unique characters and story concept. truly addictive and fun to play. but the receipe is not easy for me to figure it out. would have given 5 stars if there are hints to the receipe since there are too many ingredients combo possibilities.
Love this game! It's cute and quirky and doesn't try to be like other games. You don't have to spend real money unless you want to. No forced microtransactions! Exploring areas is fun and relaxing. I find myself being sucked into it, trying to find new monsters and recipes. The devs did a great job with this gem!
I was really enjoying it; but randomly I just lost all my progress. It's not the kind of game you start over. Just because I don't want to connect to a facebook account should not mean I lose everything?
Cute and relaxing game. I appreciate all the tiny details that go into it. There is a lot of levels/upgrades needed for everything which can get confusing at first.
Really cool game, so we'll thought out and so many different activities and goals to reach. The game is a bit more complex than others tend to be but that's what makes it so worth while. Check out the wiki for hints to get a head start.