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Monster Castle

Monster Castle for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lemix game located at 6F, Building B8, Tianfu Software Park, No. 99, Tianhua First Road, Hi-Tech Zone Chengdu , Sichuan. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I played this before and a lot of other players played it and it was good, now I can't log in and it's stuck in verify account screen (so I ask you the creators of the game to please fix this bug and also please fix the bug about watching the replay video, I really want to see how good I did destroing these players.)
This game is still the most addictive game that i have played. new game has bought a few changes,one of which is the inability to upgrade heroes with blood stones :( Compensation offered to old players was petty. Also very difficult for new players/smaller castles to grow especially when established alliances don't have space to accommodate them like in earlier version. Bring something for newer players, so they stick around to grow and this game can have more competition like before. Thanks.
It was fun I just think it is a wanna be castle doombad. Ever since that game has been taken off the app store I have been soooooo bored. But if ur going to make a game like this make it with adult swim or make a second with perms.
I only put it at one star due to the fact that i cant get past the loading screen at the part where it says "account verification" or something like that.
It was fun but like the song was still on when I wasn't on it then when I deleted the app it stops please fix it then I will change it to 5 stars
I HAVE SPENT MONEY WITH THIS GAME BECAUSE IT IS GOOD. THEY HAVE A HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT TEAM. UNEXCEPTABLE!! It one thing you are having issues with server or what ever it is another you don't communicate with your customers.
it is amazing all around, but i do have one problem,to buy the goblin workers you have to have 300 GEMS, so if you can please lower the cost
What happen lemix? Your game is dead. Make new update, or new event. Merges both server, then all players playing in 1 server and having fun. If you want money, I spend in your game to alive. Monster castle is best game.
I came back to this game after years i could not get my old acc back which is sad but i started over and i still love this game but sadly it seems the dev's of this game stopped working on this game which is a great shame this game is really underrated and has alot of potential for it become a success.Please come back and work on this game again. I truly love this game.
War tourney not fair. Too much unreasonable cencored. Fail Facebook login, fail cross platform.. it is well game but sadly it is ignored by developer.
There needs to be a restore purchuse i played this game along time ago and put in probably $200 and i just got a decent phone back. Ive lost everything
really fun game with unique and interesting base setup i love this game and have been playing it since it first came out.
I just spent money this week and now all it does is say verifying account but never fully loads. Will come back and change review if gets fixed. So i see people saying its a glitch? Can it not be fixed? I JUST SPENT MONEY DAYS AGO...I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR GAME FIXED!!!
Almost Dead gameI am not able log in for last 6 days it is showing verifing account only on screen.Fix this bug.
First bad reveiw I have ever given a game, but I feel I need to because I've been playing for a couple weeks and the game all of a sudden kicked me out and now just gets stuck on the last little portion of the loading bar that says "verifying account" and won't load past that, I even left my phone on to let the game try to load over night, 7 hours in total, and when I woke up and checked it was still at the exact same screen, it was a good game while I was able to play, but not now
I played this game when it first came out and thought it was amazing and it still is just wish i could get my account back and there were more active people.
Best game I've ever played, I used to play it back in 2019 but I got new phone Today trying find the game found it. Keep up the good work!
pay to win... not like old times where you can actually farm crystals... do not download this game if you don't have money to spend on. Plain stupid devs always money hungry
This game is the nest i love it but now this game is not good because 1.We cant buy heros 2.In the box of keys they never let you have an epic hero 3.make mor events I will be very great full to you if you fix these problmes.thanks .
it's a good game with very cool concept and graphics. it's kinda like clash of clans base builder but the vertical castle is a nice twist. players who are f2p will find it difficult to unlock epic heroes (approx 3 months for 1) you gotta gave patience. once you unlock them, getting dread badges is not very difficult. cons - base UI is very cluttered unfair matchups due to relatively small playerbase. sometimes screen freezes during replays and alliance pages. facebook login won't work.
takes time a well based game in all so far seems to need more players keep battling the same ppl it seems review update to come
Man, what a fall from grace. This used to hands-down be my favorite game. This new rerelease has gotteb rid of features and made getting scrolls, etc. near impossible, if at all. keys,...etc. are all basically removed. pretty much pay-to-win. on top of that, the game doesnt even load after the update. Easy pass.
This game is good even now. I played this year's ago and it still is a pretty good game not gonna lie. Everything is smooth and the visual with gameplay are also very good. I love that this game is hand drawn the art looks nice. I have no issues with it and I would recommend
I used to play this game when I was on Windows but then idk what Happened its gone I had throne level 17 and maxed troops and spells but it's all gone btw I don't care but I am bit disappointed the games good like it used to be and you guys have removed lot of things I need those things back the way it used to be before
This is a great game! but when it came back to Play Store, I can't bind my Account from Google Play Games.
Gets stuck on "verify account" for days or weeks with no updates or reasons given. Claims to be in beta, but no development is happening.
Very cool game with nice graphics, music and ambience. I really like it. But I am disappointed.. Not much people compared with other games play it. Anyways a five stars for the developer(s)!
This game is very fun it looks like it's back in the past and a set of heroes in humans that which will be you the tables have turned and now you're the monster hero kill and slavery over monsters and now love this game I recommend everyone on playing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😃😃😃😃😃
Played the game and it won't connect to anymore. I played it a month ago with a new device and now the game has kicked me out
I like the concept, and accept the limitations if you are not going to spend on weapons etc, but once your castle is equipped it's great fun.
I came back after 5 years it has the same spark with some changes and..... The most awesome thing us that you don't have to train your troops again if they aren't dead in a battle.... And very minimal hero training time.... Just one problem that i faced was that i wasn't able to logon with Facebook.... Rest all is awesome... 😍☺✌
I like this game but for some days it's gone stop loading resource only showing verifying account its took 1 hour but it didnt fully loaded what happen I want to play this game my dragon is 0 meat i think now
5 Star for me. Please, maintain this game. I love it so much. Keep it up. And fix some bugs. Update more. I hope I can switch to another account.
This is a very underappreciated game that deserves more attention. The graphics are a little blocky, but in a charming way, and the monsters look so cool.
gets repetitive and boring. almost as if they dont want you to play, just like clash of clans upgrading things take days near mid game to do 1 upgrade and loot is usually scarce even when getting high level still find poor beginners for most attacks in pvp.
This was the best game 2 years ago but now it's dead. Lost my account which was too ranked in country.
I played this game back when it first came out till the game was discontinued for my old phone I finally bought a new phone and was suprised to see this game in the appstore. I lost my old progress but don't mind because the game is as amazing as I remember, 5/5 stars from me.
Unplayable after a month. I do not recommend wasting your time. Heroes can't be earned, only bought. You can't fight your way to enough resources to upgrade your castle unless you want to be online 24 hours, but the server is very spotty, so you probably couldn't stay online even if you wanted. The game allows and encourages very high levels to attack very low levels. The developers need to implement some game balancing. I like the graphics and the campaign story, but PvP is way too uneven.
The game was great for me, untill I've changed my device, then when logging back in, all my data was gone and my castle was level 1 again. There is no support to talk with. Too bad.
Used to be a fun game. I had level 45 heroes and an almost maxed account. Unfortunately it is all gone. Do not play this game, they only care about taking your money.
epic heroes 3200 crystal and magic books impossible. players have to struggle to gain their old castle back man.this game was but nowis not cool.
was a great game back when it came out but then the game dissappearer from me and now i try downloading it and it doesn't work and none of the troubleshooting options work . so plz tell me how i can get ths great game back
There is a issue where I can't find my own alliance. Y don't u make a feature where a player can find a alliance by name or Id. Thank u
This game is fun but I feel the spring trap needs some changes. Like heros get immune to spring traps and springs can launch a limited troop capacity that increases with upgrading.