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Monster! for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Brain Vault located at 9900 SPECTRUM DR AUSTIN, TX 78717-4555. The game is suitable for Everyone (Violent References) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So sad. Used to love the game, now I literally cant load it. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling, restarting my phone, nothing. They havent fixed it at all, what a bummer :\
I played it before and the same thing happened to me as the other reviewers it takes half of my screen & it does not even load so I recommend not to install this game
I couldn't play the game because it's say checking version everytime and sometimes the screen is half
I believe this is a fair rating. Ive been playing for 10 mins and so far i enjoy the concept. Needs many feature/ UI fixes that are key to making a "good game" playable. To much clutter, menu surfing is clunky (to many load points). Really my only issue thus far. Not too sure you will be able to progress at a steady rate though. I can feel the dificulty curve. It is getting slow early and it seems using these scarab things to raid a mission 10x is the main grind feature why the limit?
After downloading, the game got stuck on the load screen of "checking version" for 10 minutes before i lost patience and uninstalled it.
the little I played of it was ok but well getting through the start up screen was a pain and the introduction just kept saying the first paragraph over and over I guess the way that you control the monsters just wasn't for me
I can't play. I was stuck at the loading screen. Im mad and angry.And this is a warning if someone sees this sentence and stuck do what the sentences says.if your stuck then get out.if this fails then get it out.
The opening cutscene just says the exact same line over and over again. The tutorial is also glitched to make me select a monster that hasn't yet maxed out its level cap for evolution, to where I can't advance. Skipping the tutorial wasnt made for my phone, too, since my interface would come up, making me have to go out of the app and back in, but that part isn't as much of a problem.
I like to game, it's a great time killer but it freezes way too much. This game freezes at least 1 to 3 times every time I play it. Please fix this problem. I'm deleting another star because the game takes levels away from my monsters after I get done feeding them. My monster was level 81 after I got done feeding him then all the sudden a few minutes later he went down to level 78 another problem you people need to fix πŸ˜’
Can't get pass the title screen all it says is "checking version..." Waited a hour on that screen to see if it would pass it but to my surpirse nope so 1 * till that is fixed
Terrible game, I can't even play the dang game cause its stuck on a loading screen, iv restarted the game over and over again same with my phone its been loading for at least 3hrs now and Im Trying to be patient with it but I'm not waiting any longer imma just delete the game at this point
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Won't get past the checking version. V1.2.04 opens at a quarter screen. Closing to home and reclicking app makes it full screen. Unplayable still. Hope to see its fixed. Sounds like it could be a good game.
Good game. Unexpected that it could be played as normal or can be just opened for raking in rewards from the free stuff and ads. Very generous and can be strong in a shorter span of time relatively versus games of similar genre. Liking it so far and will continue to play it.
Fast pace fun and exciting. Hatch eggs, Absorb the ones you dont want into your team. Increase your team, evolve and Continue. I like this game. 4STARS.
This game used to be really fun, but now I think it sucks. The game doesn't even load for me, and better yet it only takes up half the screen. I had this game a while ago and I had no problems like this. Please put the game back to the way it was back then, because people won't want a game that you never get to experience.
Great game lots of different monster to combo for high damage,Ads let you double your rewards,only problem is game is dead,no post for over a year in the facebook community
Please fix...this problem: 1.screen display be small..and i install this twice (using Redmi 8) 2.waiting really long for install other data. (About 3 hour and i give up waiting) This actually a fun & great game but..this creator never reply any of our comment. Why that??? Its play store just ignore this tiny comment from us?
I downloaded the game, but it just wouldn't load the game. It would constantly say checking version.... In addition to that, the game would only take up half of my screen.
The best game l ever got! I loved every monster l had collected. The battles were fun because they were hard but accomplishable. A good choice of game😁😁😁
The game is exellent . But I gave it only 2stars because, it was struck on signing in and checking version page for almost 5 hours the first time I opened it.I was patient enough not to delete it
It is a fun game, i came back too it after a couple of years and am struggeling to remember how to do everything. The thing that I like most about this game is that the story and concept is JUST monsters, doing MONSTER stuff. NO HUMANITY INVOLVED. Seriously not enough games do this.
This is one of the coolest game of all time i dont have any more words kπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘but the bad thing is sometimes you get stuck on the loading screen.
The game is good, except the daily adventure limit. Either get rid of it, or expand it. But until then, it's a 4 star.
This idea of wild monsters fighting other monsters without a human guilding them is really unique,and the start is really cool,and the animation is brilliant!My sister played it before the update and it looked really cool!So an update would make this game even better!
I used to love this game. Wanted to come back to it after a long period of not playing, and it's just stuck on the, "Checking version" screen.
Had to kill the tutorial at "Evolve" you are targeting a monster that isn't capped at 99 so the warning about must be capped at 99 to evolve comes up and blocks any choices except End Tutorial. Now back to monsters, no tutorial, the monster with the 99 cap won't produce an Evolve button...... gluck
It could have been a good game, but you dont get to control your monsters in battle. You just watch them automatically fight exactly like 90% of the other games on the market these days.
So simply put i give it 3 stars cuz it is always stuck on "checking version" and i can't actually play the game. I have tried several ways to "fix" it but to no avail. This game caught my attention and I'd like to play it.
The game design is messed up on my screen the elements move on top of each other(I'm using Oppo A3s). The background story has only ONE REAPEATING SUBTITLE. The tutorial points to something you can't click so you'll be force to skip it.
For those who look at the more RECENT reviews. Ignore the fake a$$ people who say this is a good game. Its forever on checking version. And they do nothing to fix it. And never will. Don't bother installing and just find a better game thats not full of ads and not Pay to win.
Game used to be great when I played before, tried to get back into it and can't even get passed the checking version screen. Was a big disappointment considering how great the game was
It wouldn't open and kept looking for latest version the same day I got it for 12 hours straight and wouldn't load the game or main menu. All I could see was looking for latest version but no downloading latest version or installing. Just looking for it for 12 hours straight, and not just once but 4 days in a row. And got the same results every day. But it looks realy neat. Just needs the bugs fixed and I would redownload it again but as it stands right now it won't even play.
I'm still on the opening page, keeps on loading and saying, checking version... it's been 10 min and still can't open it. won't change my rating unless this is fixed
This game is kind'a cool. I just started and it was kind of confusing because I skip the tutorial lol, but once I understood it became interesting.
Its a good game its buggy from time to time but i think its alright other then that i think there should not be a limit on the world chat, be able to add players as friends, send gifts, and update the gift codes everything is from last year there are new players like myself looking for them and when we do find them there out of date its overall a good game just needs a few tweaks here and there
What happened to this game I used to play a lot but now I can't even get passed the first screen it just goes to a half page and says to accept the permissions but I cant click next and the permissions don't pop up
I like the game so far. All kinds of neat lil creatures too fight with.. and evolve them. I think this game is better than world of Warcraft by long shot.. 😁
I played it before and now after the new update it's completely broken. It stays at checking game version screen and wont progress and farther but it was good and I want to play again but first it needs to be fixed
The tutorial i only came up with one sentence so when I started to paly I had no idea what to do. Other than that its a great game and once you start you cant stop!
Its very good the graphics are top notch 60fps all the time and very entertaning i only eish that u could bring up little tip screens on certaint parts of the game to make it a bit easier to play.
I was not even able to play the game because it said checking version for so long. I kept the app because I really hope it can be fixed. I am eager to try the game, so please fix it.
I wanted to give it half a star but there was no option like that becoz whaen i started playing it was just buffering the was not even starting