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MONOPOLY Bingo!: World Edition

MONOPOLY Bingo!: World Edition for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the original monopoly bingo which is why I was excited to play the world edition. I open the game and it gets stuck on opening game assets everytime. Won't even open.. That's why I gave only 1 star. Fix it and I am sure it will get 5 stars
Was good until the app maker stopped supporting the game. I was a stupid person and actually had money tied up in this game. They could have rolled the tokens, coins, keys, and gems over magnifying glasses, to the regular Monopoly bingo so that it was throwing people's money away without advanced notice.
Keep on telling me I have no internet connection or WiFi we do have internet services and we have wifiit won't play
I have this game as well as the Storm8 Clue & regular monopoly games on my phone. Today while playing regular monopoly, it cut off in the middle of a game while I was playing 4 cards and just now, this game cut off right after 5 numbers were called! What is the problem with this. It used to do it all the time on my older HTC One phone and LG tablet but now it is doing it on my new Samsung Galaxy. What was once a fun game is becoming a headache
I had to lower a star on this because the ratio of money to keys to dice needs to be changed up a bit. Why is first bingo money the same as every amount won't Why is it if you win more than 1 bingo on a card u don't get more money from that one card. There is a lot here that needs some updating. Stop adding more levels if the ratio of dice keys and money don't help. Finally your offers are way too much even your "specials offers"
Really enjoy this game, could play for hours if i had enough cash and dice without having to pay real money... The daily bonus only gets u so far b4 u gotta give em cash. Not keen on spending all my money on a game...
Can't send lives to friends or receive any. Can't connect to FB, takes tooooo long to level up. Doesn't give back dice when game is interrupted. I'm not buying dice, gems or anything else. Tournaments suck too
I do not appreciate it closing on me in the middle of a game. And a really good game, at that! "Oh. This person is doing really good and is about to win lots of stuff. Better shut down the app so they lose everything!" And EVERY version of Bingo does this. I'm done!
More daily dice should be provided so you can play longer. OR have more bonuses daily.. I will not pay for dice to play, if I was going too pay I'd be playing real bingo for a chance to win real money...I think that would be my only issue
A cash grab. I guess after all those years of Bob giving free sponsored cash and prizes you think we owe you. Have you ever awarded a cash prize to any of us regulars? You have a nice game but you are not worthy of the TPIR label. Bob has to be disgusted with you.
Play with 4 bingo cards be waiting for that bingo don't happen and no way of pausing the game if it is where or how do YOU,this game I play on my phone need to pause it at times.....
I enjoy playing the game a lot but have had increasing difficulty getting it to open. Now it's freezing my phone. I've uninstalled and re installed 3 times today so I am over it. Hope the rest of you have better luck!
Hi my real name is Queen Elsa from the new movie frozen 2! and I am twenty two years old! Today is Wednesday May 20th 2020! Happy First Day of Spring Everyone!
It takes WAY too long to earn more dice so you can only play a short time each day. Probably trying to force people to spend money. I uninstalled because there are other bingos without this issue.
Nice game to pass the time. But too few dices. Had to stop playing for days just so I could save all the free dice so i could play longer. Then have to stop again. And no, i will not spend money on this kind of game.
If it links straight to Monopoly Bingo ect, ect like all the reviews have been saying. I'm going to boycott and uninstall your games. Because your the lead programmers right now and Editors Choice recommended. Your making bank I imagine considering the downloads and to the in game purchases. Its saddening to me that their are a lot of different developers/programmers that have great imaginations and not just change a title of an existing game to fool the consumer of
Because not only was I penalized for my bingo, I couldn't even take a screenshot to prove it. Sounds like you've become ever more so corrupt overs the years. Shame on me for giving you another chance. In fact, I actually am going to report you to Google Play this time.
Hate that you have to pay to play. No real way to win cash or gems to really keep the game going. I'll probably uninstall by end of summer. Change the rewards and I'd stay because I enjoy but to many down sides.
This game is super fun! The only downside is if you use up your dice you can't play again until the following day bonus, unless you purchase additional packages that include dice. I did buy extra dice cuz it's a fun game but I won't be doing it often. Also, it would be nice if the game can connect to Facebook or Google +.
I started collecting tickets daily for a while just so I can play till I'm done, instead of till I run out of them and I've really enjoyed it alot more! I've never had any issues with this game and I've been playing it for years including the older versions of coarse!
I absolutely love this game! Helps me when I need to de-stress.. the bad part is for some reason this game likes to freeze a lot which causes me to lose dice... Altogether I've lost at least 200 dice from it freezing in the middle of the game... if they would fix that, it would be perfect!
The game is designed so you need various items but they rarely come...you have to buy them. Even if you manage to get three or four bingos in a round... the rewards are very weak so you must buy gems with real cash or wait a day. Even if you wait a day you rarely get what you need to win. You are almost always in need of something that's not free. So you either play with nothing and lose or pay real money and win but not enough to keep playing for very long. You must spend real money often. It's designed.
When the game is done. You dont get all the cash that you won. Lots of the time its says your out of founds but then you go back and look you have $3000 in funds so how am i out of funds. Dont get all the keys that you win. The game clue you win more and better.
I like the game but not good enough to spend real money on it... rewards suck... up prizes so people can play a lil longer. I will get bored n uninstall because not long enough play.
When I open this game it tells me this version is no longer supported and to download the newest version. I tap okay and it takes me to download Monopoly Bingo (not world ed.) by the same game developers. If this app is no longer supported or playable it should be removed grom the Play Store.
no longer supported. will not allow any play and force closes and redirects to download a different game. just remove it from the app store
It says no longer supported I uninstalled the other one because it wasn't fun and u never win. I understand it's a game of Chance but I refuse to pay actual money to play
All of storm 8s bingo games are connected!! To bloody pricey to buy anything deleting them all as wanted to carry on playing but in can't as I have no dice in the original game so disappointed
I really enjoyed playing. However I will not buy dice. I do not think people should have to wait 21 hours to be able to play again. Plus none of my friends play so that doesn't help me. Speed up the timer and I may consider it again. Idk if anyone else feels this way too.