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Bingo Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
WHAT HAPPENED?!? The Monopoly theme was so much fun and you ruined it with this awful update!!!!! WHAT A SHAME!!!!
I like playing this game. But, I'm giving only 2 stars reason because of inappropriately lengthy Ads that I have to deal with. I understand this is ads based app, but dumping in so much of ads with 35S to 40S videos completely ruined the fun part.
This is definitely nothing like Clue bingo. The game is very glitchy and none of the ads for free dice will work. :(
Having fun in the bingo game though still learning it as never played this one before. It looks easy to play and you get through the levels quickly at the start.
*Player Beware!*Don't be fool by the 5 star rating. They are for the older verison of this game. This is a horrible replacement for Monopoly Bingo & Clue Bingo. Which other players, like myself loved purely for Nostalgic reasons. This newer verison is an insult & I hate it
Absolutely unplayable. In the first place, I was supposed to have the Clue Bingo info transferred to this game. I had over 1000 dice in Clue, had only 28 in this game. After every game, you have to watch a commercial, no way to X out of it. And for me, after every second ad, it does not load and will not reconnect to the game. I'm done.
I love monopoly bingo . I would work my way to own houses and hotels. This new one just has stars. You collect 5 stars instead of houses and hotel. What fun is that?
This game always manages to rob me of gems, dice , keys and BOOSTS all at once.... never let's me earn the free extra dice or gems by watching a video because its ALWAYS "Unavailable".... then I'm stuck not being able to play the game at all or finish tournaments and daily tasks... smh
I used to enjoy playing this game when it was monopoly bingo. But this new version is not an improvement. The video to watch for prizes will not give me my items after watching. Contacted tech support, they don't support this game anymore. They did NOTHING. They still sell in-app purchases and will gladly take your money, but no service if a problem. The street names are just dumb. Go back to Monopoly Bingo!!!! I for one am deleting this app.
Like most people I am very disappointed I have been playing all 3 storm 8 bingo games for years I dont understand what happened to the monopoly bingo it's just gone.i had so many points and gems why couldn't they transfer all that to one of the other games. Sad face
Loved the monopoly bingo. I have watched so many ads since the update with no rewards, it always say something went wrong after the ad is over. It has way more ads that you have to watch with no reward offered. I also had over 1,000 gems and lost all of them
Would be 5 stars if I could restart my progress. Kids got onto my game and spent most of my dice and I can't start again. Now I can only play 1 or 2 games in a row before I've got no tokens when before I had 300+ built up so I could get decent play time in. Such a shame I can't begin again, I've lost my excitement for the game.
After watching a video, it'll just keep saying processing and then it says an error occurred. This is very irritating and needs to be fixed.
Bad game app . Please reimburse my game dice after several attempts to play the game crashes and my game dice is gone. A loyal player and customer of several purchases I'm very disappointed
Since they took away the Monopoly aspect, the game is full of bugs. Bingo cards are not showing so I'm basically wasting my time looking at a blank screen.
No matter what you do you CONSTANTLY get thrown off my WiFi saying no Internet.. Its a joke.. It would be a great game if it wasn't for that issue.. Its a shame as I kept playing but it's just too frustrating..
This is a great game the only thing that needs to be fixed is the ability for 2 people to play on the same device like candy crush does on your game two people cannot play separately without having to use the same credits please fix this issue!
Update.. Videos arent working AGAIN... Fix! 5 days now. Going to fix? 7 days now. Videos seem to work just peachy when they interrupt the game so how about a fix so they work towards something good.
Great game but every time the Candy Crush ad plays, it never records that I've viewed it even after watching all the way through; it just says that it failed to load and doesn't give the rewards.
I like the fast pace and rewards in the game. Money is not really needed to enjoy long play sessions.
I have played clue and monopoly bingo for years. Thay were amazing. Filling up the houses and hotels along with the pawns. The graffics were amazing so were the sounds. Each room with its 3 levels of colectables. You guys ruined soming that has been a big help to my survival. The clue and monopoly bingos were life savers. If i felt suicidal or like i wantes to selfharm it wose those games. If you dont give them back i hope your company goes out of buisness. Shame on you.
Gets worse, the longer you play. Ads begin to pop up after every two games played so more time is spent watching ads than actually playing bingo.
I did like the game at first but game kept laggin and freezin up after playing around of cards or getting bingos. Not worth the time getting aggravated when it suppose to be for fun. New update cause a lot of problems. Also Too many long ads and Game keeps crashing off the server. If you want people to play these games and enjoy themselves Please fix the game
I've had this game for years but the update ruined everything. I'm uninstalling after this review. Too many games out there to be stucked to one that is full of bugs. It's a shame because it was a nice game.
The game is fun, but I've been experiencing some technical difficulties. Not enough free dice given out.
I like the game but it's vero greedy when it comes to dice, the "currency" you need to play. Some rooms are really expensive, you quickly run out of dice and then you need to wait forever to get more. You cannot really buy them: 5 dice cost 20 diamonds - a fortune! - and you'd need a lot to play properly. I'd like it more if I could play more.
Monopoly bingo and clue bingo where great. I love the themed games better then regular games and this bingo game looks similar to all the non themed games.
Was one of the good ones I enjoyed to play.. game update ruined everything, now I'm removing from my phone..dang it maybe they will figure out they screwed up
love this game, best bingo app in my opinion! only issue, (which in reading other reviews seems to be a common issue) is that I paid for ads to be removed, thinking it would stop the ad play in between games, but it's taken away the watch ad for 30 dice and now is replaced with only 5 dice. if I had known that was going to happen, I would have never done it, because now I have to wait a long while before I can even play because i don't have enough dice and it's unnecessarily hard to earn more!
nice to play ... just too many commercial ads and the game as usual, you need to really spend with REAL MONEY in order to get faster upgrade
This bingo game and the a Clue game made by the same people are cool with some fun quest/goal options. Yes you have to deal with a lot of ads to gain stuff. Or else pay to help gain stuff. But these two games are cool versions of Bingo.
Updated app recently and now every time I open it up and start a game it goes black and shuts down. I've played this games for many, many years, my morning coffee game and this is disappointing.
I see I'm not alone in disappointment with the change to Tycoon. I gave it a chance even though I missed the Monopoly feel, but there seems to be more and longer commercials and you don't even get the reward because of tech problems. Not worth it which is saying a lot for a free game.
I loved playing monopoly bingo until it changed to bingo tycoon, i also loved cluedo bingo which has also now vanished aswell, bring them back they were 2 of the best games played by everyone
Update is horrible. Got this game because of the monopoly ties. Taking that away completely changed the game. Uninstalling.
Love this game very addictive. So many levels to conquer and they give free dice everyday so you don't miss the game even for a day.
Too many crashes! I liked the game, it was fun while I could. The new tournament crashed on me twice, once on a reward and once on entering round 2. It also crashed on me when I first started playing. I tried restarting the game and that's when the second tournament crash happened. Please fix these issues.
started being really buggy, I'll watch an ad to get a reward, and I'll watch the entire thing and then it'll say the ad wouldn't load and i don't get a reward even though I've just watched the whole ad. this is really frustrating and it happens more than half the time
The latest update is SUPER buggy, and doesn't even show the cards, so you can't actually play. And "reimagining" the Monopoly theme - STUPID! Just admit it's because you didn't want to pay the royalties anymore...
Been playing Clue Bingo for years. Loved the art and music. It was just a very nice way to relax. This version is not! Too loud, and bright. Not relaxing at all. Very disappointed.
Itd be nice if could win dice a lil more often with how the amount of dice to play goes up more every new property.
Monopoly aspect removed and I played this game for YEARS because of that. I am uninstalling. The entire thing is buggy and doesn't work for a hoot, plus the graphics are now abysmal.
it's a pretty fun game albeit, confusing with all the rooms and all they different tournaments and such. you don't know where to start playing when you don't if you're playing with dice or you're playing with Monopoly money it's little confusing but I would give it full Stars if I could navigate it receive all the benefits it has to offer
How disappointing. I now know why the icon for app was unrecognizable. It's because it is no longer Monopoly Bingo. After reading other reviews it looks like you're losing many long time players. Me included. You took away what made us download the app in the first place, and that is the Monopoly aspect. Monopoly is my absolute favorite game my collection of Monopoly versions will attest to that fact.
I love your game. just wish there was a way to claim a bingo after the last ball drops. ive lost several bingos because I would have to buy more balls just to push the bingo button.
I have this installed on 2 devices and signed into Facebook. But it doesn't keep your same levels or points. I thought the whole idea of signing in to Facebook was so it keeps your levels and points on all devices. So I can only play on the old device or go thru a stupid pain in the butt email. You have to get a number some how. Why can't they just do it right the first time with the Facebook sign in like every one else does? I love the game. But I would really love to have it on my new device.
Like the game. But when you don't get enough time to switch between cards. I have missed so many wins. Also takes to long to win a bingo piece.
Previously is fun, but now ads everywhere, and when you close the ads the whole screen becomes huge and you have to reopen the game
Really frustrated is they say download these games you install them and you never get the diamonds so I think I need to fix that or the rubies cause it just takes time out of my day
Honestly I was off this app for a while and I didn't recognize the symbol on my phone only to realize that it's no longer Monopoly bingo. I mean That was kind of the appeal. Tried giving it a chance and it just was not the same feeling. I'm just going to be deleting this and the clue version.
I love playing the game , but got irked whenever I play the videos to get dice , it always sorry , for there was a problem in playing videos while in fact , two to three videos had been played but I was not able to claim my dice because of what they said . I can rate it higher if the problems won't exist anymore. One more thing , they keep on saying that the game is not responding , if I do get out of the so many of my dice is lost , almost a hundred of it , which already happened many times.
SCAM ALERT!!! Storm 8 Studios are the ultimate scam artists! I quit playing over a month ago because there was a bug that they refused to fix, I thought I'd come back and see if it's been fixed, NOPE!! Stay away from Storm 8 games, these thieves don't care about their apps and especially their customers. Google needs to take action against storm 8 and shut them down. Storm 8 has been reported to Google, how much money have they scammed people out of? STORM 8 THIEVES AND SCAM ARTISTS!
Got all glitchy and I went to the app store to check if there was an update and saw theres a new update erasing all the monopoly things about the game. I played the updated game on my phone but on my tablet I'm not even going to get the new update, all the glitches where in the updated version anyway and the new guy looks weird, I liked it how it was before the update and the monopoly was the only thing making the app memorable
Unhappy that I updated and now both my clue bingo and monopoly bingo are gone and this new bingo tycoon doesnt have a way to play. I get into a area and get a picture of a computer n a cup of coffee n a pencil. No play screen though. What's up with that.
Awesome bingo... You get chances for more dice throughout the day.. you don't get that with other bingo games. Five ***** stars.
Finally a perfect Bingo game that lets you use your game cash to buy more boosts or whatever you need not real cash.
I really like this game, but lately none of the videos work to gain extra balls or extra dice. None of those videos work at all. It's a bummer. Takes away from the fun. It's the same with the other Storm 8 Bingo games.
I don't like the font, and the new guy is creepy happy... his extreme cheer weirds me out. I played because it was Monopoly. No idea why you'd want to change years of a game that was super solid. Ok, no, it was prob $ based. Most things are. Uninstalled.
For the last few weeks the game is taking dice and not loading cards. I loce this game but don't cheat me. If it keeps happening I will have to delete it.
I use to like this game until the change in the format. Once the change was done there has been multiple problems with this game, screen freezing, changing size and fonts. I have uninstalled this game 3 times with the same results. This is why I will not be playing this game anymore.
I have this on my phone and my tablet, the phone version takes twice as many dice as my tablet version and it's pointless to ask the developer why, I'm not filling out a form.....
Don't like the fact that it's no longer CLUE bingo. I liked the graphics in the clue game. The ones in this r childish looking. But I do like the fact that they changed the game challenges from 14 to 7. I'm sure the change to this new bingo is due to the royalties they might have to pay for monopoly and clue names
I was playing both Monopoly and Clue. It appears the update changed them both to Tycoon in the Monopoly game.
The recent update has screwed up... New update causes volume to start up and plays sound even if we have blocked the in app music... Too many bugs to be fixed... Every ad leads to mobile phone crashing down on other apps...
Not Boring..its really lots of fun. So many different challenges.๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– Great foy the hearing impaired . love the way the numbers light up.
I love this game... I install it on every device I get. If I get a new phone this is the first thing I do after I finish setting up my phone. I can not go a day without playing monopoly bingo. This is my all time favoriate game besides gin rummy. It is a tie between the two. Nope monopoly bingo is number one........ Keep the fun coming.......
Great game, fast and easy play. Just difficult to complete tasks if you don't buy diamonds. However they're not overly expensive. So not too bad.
This is my favorite game of Bingo!!!! AND, I play plenty daily, like 9 or 10 of them. These bingos that use the red gems, need to bring then back and more affordable, because I just lost 8 chests, due to not having 8 gems! So I guess I lost the contents of my 8 chests. I had to push "skip"
When ever I play in one of the tournaments, say I play with 3 cards & 2 of the cards using different number combinations come up bingo, I keep getting the jail card for bad call!!!!! Very frustrating, don't get this when playing classic. . If it errors through a game I lose all the awards I've won but it remembers to keep the dice I used to start the game off!!!!
I really do enjoy Monopoly Bingo! One of the best bingo games I have played, and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoy playing bingo!
I like the game for the most part, it's the support help I don't appreciate. When I had issues & questions with/about the game I messaged support for help and received 2 different responses. (1st Response- Your request has been deleted. There is no need to respond to this email, as your ticket has been canceled and deleted.) (2nd Response- We apologize for the last email response. We will check into the issues and get back with you as soon as possible.) I have waited forever and no one has ever contacted me back, tried to fix any of the issues, or answered any of my questions.
The game constantly freezes when you try to use the auto daub and 2 extra balls features!...I am wasting my dice because the game won't load and I have to cancel!..PLEASE FIX!!!!
What happened to the "Monopoly" part of this bingo game?? And you can't even play the game now.... There are so many glitches that you can't get through a single game..
ok many games we play they put us in positions that would require us to spend money to progress. This game does have adds, some are so you can get what you need in the game that only cost 30 seconds of your time; others sure you can spend money if you want to. This game is by far the best free game there is.
i haven't been able to watch videos for extra dice, extra balls.. nor for extra diamonds. however, the commercials still play with no problems between bingo games. **for over a week now**
They have alot of different rooms with different wins & prizes more options than any other bingo game I have experience. But they also have just as many ads in between games and sometimes that slows down getting the next game or winnings quicker. I especially like the new options of getting more dice. I just wish it was quicker.
I loved this game for years because of the monopoly theme. Now, out of nowhere, they completely change that perfectly good and fun theme for no reason. Another update ruined game. Uninstalling and I don't recommend anyone even bothering with this app.
so disappointed.... the only reason i played this game for years was because it combined my 2 fave games, monopoly and bingo. without monopoly this game isnt worth the time or effort. its not the same without the brand name monopoly pieces and properties. just so disappointed. i dont know how it plays cause as soon as i opened it i closed it and uninstalled immediately. not worth it if you like monopoly
What a great and fun way too play Monopoly!!!!! Just wish it didnt coat so much to play some of the games!!ยกยก! BUT it is still fun, and a great way to pass the time and learn how too play Bingo.
The game freezes up and sometimes switch to a different screen, smaller, skinner, or larger. If it were not for that I would give it maybe four, I do enjoy it.
It makes me so angry that anytime money is spent on your games you take away something else. I used to get Four Diamonds if I watched a video. I spent money I no longer got diamonds anymore it was 5 tickets or dice as I have more than one of your games downloaded. So I downloaded two of your games on a friend's phone so I can play Bingo on his phone and then I got 30 dice if I watch the video the second I spent money it went down to five dice when I watch a video I won't spend any more money.
It would be nice if when playing the game a person could have the choice of using paper money instead of dice. The reason an option should be given for playing the game using dice or using some other form of paying for your bingo cards is because winning extra dice is very limited in this game. A person usually only wins about 2 dice per game challenge. Hope this comment helps with prizes given to players when playing a challenge in this game. Thank you.
I switched devices and logged in with same Facebook account but it didn't bring my profile up and is making me start all over from the beginning. I've been playing this game for years but if I can't get back to where I was on my old device I'll delete it.
I don't like the font, and the new guy is creepy happy... his extreme cheer weirds me out. I don't know if I'll keep the game, I played because it was Monopoly. No idea why you'd want to change years of a game that was super solid. Ok, no, it was prob $ based. Most things are.
I can't believe you changed the theme of this game. I played because it was monopoly related. Now it just feels generic. Graphics are child like. Also having problems with game loading. Gonna be uninstalling. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!
What jappened to the "Monopoly" theme. The graphics suck and Monopoly is gone. Extremely disappointing
Love the game but to many ads .. Lately they have been it will stop the game right in the middle of it..
I have a couple of bingo games downloaded and this is the 1 I play most. The cards are set up where you can scan really fast and you don't ALWAYS have to pay boost or extra balls.
I've only play this game for about a month and it has frozen up on me numerous times. Losing money and making you spend more to play.๐Ÿ˜
I love this bingo game, but for some time now it won't let me earn my free rewards with videos, but the videos and ads work after a game, it doesn't make much sense. Please don't offer free rewards if they are not going to be paid out. This is how I build up my dice because it requires to many gems to buy them and requires too much money for very little amount of gems, especially since the amount of dice that gems buy are gone in one game, and the amount of gems bought with money are as well.
Buggy as hell and has one of the worst ratios of premium currency to stuff you use in-game I've seen. 20 diamonds for 5 dice which isn't even a drop in the bucket for most full games?? And don't get me started on if you want to open chests with keys because those cost "cash" and that can be hard to get enough of to not constantly run out of keys for the chests. Also the tournament prizes are a JOKE. Uninstalling.
I honestly wish that they kept the app the same with the mr. monopoly ๐Ÿ˜ญ. Like many other people, the game was with my to fave games, monopoly and bingo. but now with no monopoly man or monopoly anything, it's completely lost its touch.
Gives you a fighting chance to earn bingo credits if you cant spend money on the game; compared to bingo blitz...........Update!!!.....Scratch That!!!......Its just like all the other Bingo games!!!
Could be better if cards were bigger when playing four or more cards and better hourly bonuses please
Totally hooked on this game!!!! It's not like the other bingo games where they dont give you enough credits to play more. You get more options and different games within the game to earn those credits.
Haven't you heard if it isn't broken don't fix it? This latest update is terrible and is no longer Monopoly related! Very misleading now to those who install it. The developers decided to remove all aspects of the Monopoly IP from the game without warning. Yet the Google Play Store advertises this as Monopoly related which is false advertising which is against the law here in the states. The redesign is a complete eye sore. The graphics look like a 2 year old designed them! 0/20 score.
Like everyone else reviewing, I LOVED the Monopoly version. That's why I downloaded it, not for a generic "tycoon" game. The new update isn't horrible but it's NOT Monopoly anymore so I don't want to play. With regret, I too, am uninstalling this. I changed my stars review from 5 stars to one.
Love this game but have lots of problems with it freezing up and videos to earn more dice don't download so I have to quit the game and wait until the next day to play again.
I'm used to playing this with little to no issues, but after this last update, every time you have an ad to get free turns or free dice or whatever, it goes back to the main screen but kind of distorted so you can't actually play, ehich kind of defeats the purpose. Please fix this!!
Great game. Only had one problem I paid for no ad's. But have been through several phones and every time I download it again I get the ads even when I log in with my old account. And have had to start from level 1 again every time. Otherwise a great game and highly recommend. I'm just over starting all over again.
Horrible experience everytime I watch the videos I don't receive the gems also when I log in to play I don't receive the available gems that are offered
Downloaded this because it was fun Monopoly bingo. This morning, all Monopoly aspects have been removed and the bingo rates have plummeted. It isn't very fun to play anymore.
It takes a while to build up credit so that you can play, but once you have you can play without spending. Great take on the classic Monopoly game. Great graphics and gameplay.
Videos keep failing, don't get free gifts at beginning and during game This game is worse than ever, videos freeze everyday, which causes loss of free gems and dice. Contacting them does no good at all. Time to find a new game ๐Ÿค”
I'm angry about 1st: you deleted 2 FUN GAMES FOR "ONE" GAME THAT DOESN'T COMPARE!! 2nd - it didn't pick up from where I was at in either game, as I've been playing both games FOREVER!! It not only didn't pick up where one ended; it sure didn't pick up where both ended! It started me out from the beginning & I had a lot stored in Credits & jewels which you can't win like you used too. You want me to come back? Then give me my inventory that I had for both games & across all my devices! Not nice
I've been waiting a month for my account transfer. I keep getting emails that they're busy. its been a month. Come on now. It's ridiculous. Don't waste your time because you'll loose all your progress when you switch phones. So frustrating!!!
i would give higher stars if the videos for the rewards would work. I haven't been able to watch videos for 4 days now. No gems, no dice, no extras because the videos won't play! fix the bugs please
I really loved this game for the longest time, years in fact, but now suddenly theyve decreased the rewards at the end of the property tour which upsets me. Especially as i regularly spend money buying the items they use for rewards. So now i feel like im being penalized for spending cash on this game!!!!
It's my favorite game!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ But last update sucks, keep resetting game over & over again. It's very frustrating!! Please fix this bug so I can play my game. Please!!!
The game was fine as Clue Bingo. This game is FULL of porn ads and "mature" game ads and there's no way to flag the ads as inappropriate. So I'm uninstalling.
The game is fun to play but being new to the app it gets confusing on what I'm doing. I like the different Bingo games they are fun!
Definitely love the game BUT to get dice and be able to play more than a card or 2 is the problem because it uses all of your dice ๐Ÿ˜”
After reading reviews and seeing I'm not the only one with customer support issues I've decided this game is stinks. Not sure how the problems could be a bug seeing as how it started mid way through levels. Missing gems, puzzle pieces etc. Seems to me you are purposely manipulating the game in order to get people to purchase things. Glad I realized this and will not be purchasing anything and will be uninstalling the app. Play fair if you want to make money.
Warning!!! I've had issues and it still hasn't been resolved. The game will take your dice and gems then not load the cards properly so you have no choice but to leave the game and lose the dice and gems you spent.
What's with the double ads? Uninstalling I tried one more time to play because I like the game Too many ads & freezing up
Just a gimmick to get you to install other apps. They pester you to do install them and it does nothing for you
Love this game, but since switching over Clue Bingo to be included with Bingo Tycoon, I am unable to play. The bingo cards are not appearing on any of the properties.
love this game! Well I did. Now again a snag. No longer updates your bingos when you get "collectables". Again. Please consider another update. ๐Ÿ˜’
Addictive game... but dices should renew every 5 minutes... only 26 in 1 day.. its very less. Please make it one every 5 minutes. Thanks
I HATE the latest update!!! The screen is SMALLER,all the cards DON'T fit the whole screen,it's IMPOSSIBLE to hit the correct box for the number called. FIX THIS ASAP!!! I have spent a LOT of money on this game and I can't even play it anymore!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this game and can't even play it!!!
love this Bingo, its fun and familiar at the same time, remembering good times from my childhood, times with my children, and now times with my grandchildren!!
tech support is horrendous. I opened a ticket to let them know that when I purchased my cards the screen would go blank and I would lose the dice that I spent to get the cards. all I got back was a response saying that the ticket was closed and I could not recover my dice. the biggest issue of the blacked out screen was not even mentioned. what a shame that players are treated this way!
This game just sucks now. No monopoly, the stupid bingo cards aren't even showing up on the screen even though the bingo game is going on...Over it. Done dealing with the bugs and deleting.
Not liking this new version ๐Ÿ‘Ž I've been playing Monopoly Bingo for 5 years. This version sucks. Would give 0 โญ if I could. Uninstalled ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž
Great game but most of the time gifts aren't being given after videos are watched all the way through. It says that the video failed to load even though it loaded fine and played all the way through.
Really enjoyable! Usually enough ads so you don't have to pay for anything. Wide variety of bingo type games!
Changed from Monopoly Bingo to a boring regular bingo. The whole point in downloading it was to play the Monopoly version . I'll be uninstalling this from my phone.
You have to spend 100 dollars a day in order to level up in this game..thisbis a rip off...you get 33 dice credits a day it takes 52 dice to play one round of 4 card game ..they should be ashamed of themselves...you can buy keys and powerups with cash however you have to play 100 rounds to ha e enough cash to purchase them...BIG RIPOFF GREEDY GREEDY
This so happens to be my favorite of all the available bingo games online. there is plenty of substance and differentiation to keep from getting bored. it's super fun and addicting. thank you storm 8.
I loved this game and played for years. I dont even mind the new game all that much. My problem is since it merged with clue bingo if I enter a room any room I cant play anything. At all.. please fix!!!!!!
love the game but towards the end of the first round I lose everything & it goes blank then back to the beginning again . Wish there was more dice to collect . I don't like to play just one game . I have to keep collecting till there's enough to play several . Hey banker don't be such a tightwad & give us more to play with . I've had to download other games to play when I usually don't get to play this except every 3 or 4 days .
I love this game! The only reason im withholding the 5th star is because it can be difficult to receive dice if I cant afford to buy them. Ill give the 5th star & change my rating when this gets addressed. Great game!
Very disappointed that once I updated the app it's no longer monopoly, everything has changed. Don't fix whats not broken.
Fun games but full of bugs...everyone is having the same problem. Not connecting to internet and the game creators aren't saying a thing. EVERYONE can't have the same problem! I even sent an email and no one responded. I guess it's time to uninstall and play something else.
I like the game a lot but the only thing is when ask to watch an add for extra balls it booted me out and add won't load ended up having 0 for the entire round because I have to close the page. I've checked some other players on the leaderboard and saw having the same scores as 0 even if they used 24 cards or 8 cards. Please fix. Thanks.
I like this game and play it pretty often. I'd rate 5 stars, but it hasn't been working correctly in the past few days. If you try to watch a video for any sort of reward, it will say the video failed to load almost every time. Yet the video ads you're forced to watch between games - which I don't mind in a free game, there is actually a reasonable amount of ads - load with no problem at all.
I love this game. My only suggestion on making the game better, is making a minimum amount for the scratch cards... If we can watch a video and get 30 dice, i feel the scratch cards should have a minimum of 30 dice, like at least $100, minimum of 4 gems, etc. I dont see why i watch a video for a free scratcher and only win 1 dice, when i can tap somewhere else and watch another video for 30 dice. Otherwise i love this game.
Fun game but full of bugs. I have emailed and get no response. I've sent screen shots, still no response. Game freezes, or cards dont load, you lose your dice because you have to exit and reload.
First, this took away my monopoly bingo. Second, when watching video for extra balls and it switches orientation it doesn't switch back after video so you can not see your cards and can do nothing while your time is wasted LOSING. Thanks for ruining a great game in monopoly bingo. I'm done with this. I would give you stars in the negative if it was an option...
I do NOT like this version of bingo!!!! PLEASE give me back my monopoly bingo!!!!! When you have to watch the videos just to get 4 gems, it plays then want give you the gems. You have to watch about 4 or 5 videos just get 4 gems. Vickie
Fun ! I'd have given it 5 stars if it didn't have the constant arrow moving (on the top right hand of the screen) to try to get you to spend your monopoly money for boosters.
Used to be a really fun game, now the game freezes up every time you finish a round. Unplayable. Shame...